Wednesday, 2024-06-05

T42_<Tailsthefoz> ok well I'm not sure what the right kernel version is (re @Tailsthefoz: they do, it's just i...)00:13
tohaturokelros: I run zcat /proc/config.gz | grep -i configfs_rndis and got CONFIG_USB_CONFIGFS_RNDIS=y09:39
T42_<elros34> have you tried with only "configfs" to see if you have also these RMNET_BAM or even MASS_STORAGE?10:05
T42_<elros34> maybe you have some kernel modules which are needed?10:05
tohaturokNo, I haven't, gonna do that10:25
T42_<Tailsthefoz> is there any way to disable CFI11:56
T42_<Tailsthefoz> so I can properly modify the kernel module11:56
T42_<Tailsthefoz> I'm probably just not doing it right11:56
T42_<Lukapanio> Hi, sorry for a little bit of OT, bt seems like mal is here, and he largely contributed to vulkan on libhybris. I am not running SailfishOS, but i am running debian based OS with libhybris, and specifically having issues with figuring out vulkan. Test failes like:21:15
T42_<Lukapanio> ~$ test_vulkan21:15
T42_<Lukapanio> Failed to find compositor or shell21:15
T42_<Lukapanio> 21:15
T42_<Lukapanio> after editing some json's around it seems like i got vulkaninfo to load hybris lib but it still failes
T42_<Tailsthefoz> after enough patching of mali_kbase.ko, I have UI!21:48
T42_<Tailsthefoz> WiFi works right out of the box!21:50
T42_<Tailsthefoz> @NotKit (re @Tailsthefoz: after enough patchin...)21:53
T42_<Tailsthefoz> A lot of stuff isn't working though21:56
T42_<Tailsthefoz> like audio21:56
T42_<NotKit> yay, sounds like progress (re @Tailsthefoz: after enough patchin...)21:57
T42_<NotKit> I can help you to make a proper build later so don't need to rely on X23 image21:58
T42_<Tailsthefoz> (basically just made the offending function a stub) (re @Tailsthefoz: after enough patchin...)21:58
T42_<Tailsthefoz> also power button nor double tap gesture works to wake it up21:58
T42_<Tailsthefoz> sounds good (re @NotKit: I can help you to ma...)21:59
T42_<Tailsthefoz> Oh also, is the android app support thing available on community ports? Waydroid doesn't support halium 12 yet so22:00
T42_<NotKit> not officially, no22:01
T42_<NotKit> (the latest released AppSupport is Android 11, so you won't be able to use that unofficially either)22:02
T42_<Tailsthefoz> oh lol22:02
T42_<Tailsthefoz> is there a workaround to use either on 12?22:02
T42_<Tailsthefoz> oh alright cool22:04
T42_<Tailsthefoz> should I wait to get a more proper build to start fixing anything else?22:05
T42_<NotKit> as long as you document/keep the changes somewhere, it probably won't matter much, as the involved components are not device-speicifc22:06
T42_<Tailsthefoz> Hm ok, good point, first thing I'll do is make a bindiff for the mali_kbase patch22:07
T42_<Tailsthefoz> Alright here's the diff file for anyone that might need it, it's a bsdiff file, so patch using bspatch :
T42_<Tailsthefoz> And here's the already patched ko :
mal@Lukapanio need to check that a bit tomorrow22:12
T42_<NotKit> @Tailsthefoz but regarding the builds, do the following:22:16
T42_<NotKit> 1. Go through and (create sfos-aarch64 target)22:16
T42_<NotKit> 22:16
T42_<NotKit> 2. Fork and adapt it to your device (you can drop lots of MTK-specific hacks), or also see Compile it with `mb2 --target sfos-aarch64 build`22:16
T42_<NotKit> 22:16
T42_<NotKit> 3. Do the same for
T42_<NotKit> 22:17
T42_<NotKit> 4. After you have the RPMs, you can use createrepo tool from SDK to create a local RPM repo structure.22:17
T42_<NotKit> 22:17
T42_<NotKit> 5. Follow HADK on how to create the rootfs from .ks file using mic and make it use the packages from and your local RPM repo22:17
T42_<Tailsthefoz> alright22:17
T42_<Tailsthefoz> @NotKit real quick, how do I get rid of this spam
T42_<NotKit> which sensors HAL does the device have?22:56
T42_<Tailsthefoz> wdym23:07
T42_<Tailsthefoz> oh wait 2.123:07
T42_<Tailsthefoz> @NotKit I get this when trying to build on step 2

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