Friday, 2024-06-07

T42_<Tailsthefoz> I genuinely forgot what I did to fix it lol00:57
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ook well if anybody has any idea on what I might've done to fix it lmk01:00
T42_<Pachof> Hello, I have a question, I found a github of a 4.14 kernel, in the github it clarifies that it is compatible with Android 9, but I investigated and Android 11 supports the 4.14 kernel, but not if it will work,Because I am going to install an android 11 vendor01:15
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T42_<Tailsthefoz> @NotKit any ideas? (re @Tailsthefoz: ook well if anybody ...)10:56
T42_<elros34> maybe read your own chat messages
T42_<Tailsthefoz> I tried all of that though (re @elros34: maybe read your own ...)11:01
T42_<Tailsthefoz> none of it fixed it11:01
T42_<elros34> do you get some errors in journal/logcat when you wakeup?11:02
T42_<Tailsthefoz> nope11:02
T42_<elros34> double events? "evdev_trace -t"11:02
T42_<Tailsthefoz> alright just gimme a second to trace11:02
T42_<Tailsthefoz> alright just gimme a second to look (edited)11:02
T42_<elros34> do you use correct mce version?11:04
T42_<Tailsthefoz> what's the correct version11:04
T42_<elros34> don't remember particular version (should be in sfos changelog) but depends on which sfos version do you build and whether you use these hwc start/stop changes:
T42_<elros34> didn't you use this patch
T42_<Tailsthefoz> I did (re @elros34: didn't you use this ...)11:13
T42_<elros34> are you sure you still have mce with this change?11:20
T42_<Tailsthefoz> I tried applying the change and it didn't do anything, although I may have just done it incorrectly11:21
T42_<elros34> are you on sfos 4.5 or 4.6?11:21
T42_<Tailsthefoz> 4.511:25
T42_<Tailsthefoz> there's no packages for halium on 4.6 yet11:25
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ok I've tried reinstalling the patched mce11:28
T42_<Tailsthefoz> let me try rebooting no11:28
T42_<Tailsthefoz> let me try rebooting now (edited)11:28
T42_<Tailsthefoz> it does nothing whatsoever lol11:36
T42_<Tailsthefoz> like mce doesn't even seem to start11:36
T42_<Tailsthefoz> yeah no it didn't fix it11:43
T42_<Tailsthefoz> just tried rebooting11:43
T42_<Tailsthefoz> @elros34 yes there is a double event I think11:48
T42_<Tailsthefoz> ```11:48
T42_<Tailsthefoz> /dev/input/event0: 1717760878.304 - 0x01/EV_KEY - 0x074/KEY_POWER - 111:48
T42_<Tailsthefoz> /dev/input/event0: 1717760878.304 - 0x00/EV_SYN - 0x000/SYN_REPORT - 011:48
T42_<Tailsthefoz> /dev/input/event0: 1717760878.457 - 0x01/EV_KEY - 0x074/KEY_POWER - 011:48
T42_<Tailsthefoz> /dev/input/event0: 1717760878.457 - 0x00/EV_SYN - 0x000/SYN_REPORT - 0```11:48
T42_<Tailsthefoz> (when I pres once)11:48
T42_<adampigg> i havnt got round to halium 4.6 yet .. busy the next 2 days too11:50
T42_<Tailsthefoz> found the issue, I disabled the brightness sensor and now it works (re @Tailsthefoz: @elros34 yes there i...)13:10
T42_<Tailsthefoz> @elros34 new issue, as soon as it tries to vibrate, it vibrates at max intensity indefinitely14:03
T42_<Tailsthefoz> well until I try to vibrate again where it stops for a second14:03
malyou need to update ngfd-plugin-native-vibrator (
T42_<Tailsthefoz> oh alright14:28
T42_<Tailsthefoz> do I use HAL or the native one?14:31
T42_<Tailsthefoz> alright14:37
T42_<Tailsthefoz> that did indeed fix it14:41
T42_<Tailsthefoz> Ok, so I've got bluetooth working now22:31
T42_<Tailsthefoz> but audio does not work at all22:31
T42_<Tailsthefoz> and cpboot-daemon fails to boot the modem22:31

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