Saturday, 2024-06-08

T42_<Walid> Please help. I work on devine Nexus 5x . Wifi, bt and ril d├ętected. But when open SMS or telephony application its crash20:51
malanything in logs?20:55
T42_<Walid> her logs22:02
T42_<Walid> and this when open sms application22:04
malcould you test starting the app from terminal as defaultuser?22:18
T42_<Walid> will try, but i think the pb is from pulseaudio not loaded22:31
T42_<Walid> yes application start22:39
malok, so that suggest it might be something to do with sandboxing or boosters otherwise22:40
T42_<elros34> do you have namespace configs  enabled in kernel?22:42
T42_<Walid> root@Nexus5X defaultuser]# zcat /proc/config.gz |grep _NS22:44
T42_<Walid> CONFIG_UTS_NS=y22:44
T42_<Walid> CONFIG_IPC_NS=y22:44
T42_<Walid> CONFIG_USER_NS=y22:44
T42_<Walid> CONFIG_PID_NS=y22:44
T42_<Walid> # CONFIG_NET_NS is not set22:44
T42_<Walid> # CONFIG_NS83820 is not set22:44
T42_<Walid> also CONFIG_NAMESPACES=y22:45
T42_<Walid> btw CONFIG_NET_NS make phone reboot , thats why i disabled it22:47
T42_<elros34> do you use some old kernel?22:48
T42_<elros34> ah 3.1022:49
T42_<Walid> yes 3.1022:50
T42_<elros34> something is probably missing for fire/sailjail22:50
T42_<Walid> i remember there is patch for kernel but i forget it22:51
T42_<elros34> check edp17 changes, related to firejail: There was also patch for stat.c and statfs.c22:51
T42_<elros34> could be also this missing NET_NS if this failing clone() requires it, you would have to strace it (if its possible)23:18
T42_<elros34> or get rid of sailjail, there is some hack script for it23:18

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