Sunday, 2024-06-09

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T42_<edp_17> I've applied these two: (re @Walid: i remember there is ...)09:13
T42_<edp_17> fs/proc/fd.c -
T42_<edp_17> fs/statfs.c  -
T42_<edp_17> For fixing some sailjail issue on the hammerhead (Nexus5) I also had to add these two:09:17
T42_<edp_17> fs/statfs.c -
T42_<edp_17> fs/stat.c -
T42_<edp_17> Here is my repo for these two changes:
T42_<Walid> thankyou very much, its work , now all application start, also i have applied this patch for NET_SN10:42
T42_<Walid> now pulseaudio want start, which config must change and how ? etc/pulse?10:58
T42_<elros34> so NET_NS was required to get clone() working in firejail?11:00
T42_<Walid> i think so,11:01
T42_<elros34> about pulseaudio, usually you shoudn't need to change anything, you may add "-v" to /etc/sysconfig/pulseaudio to increase logging. How it fails/11:32
T42_<Walid> fix it, there is missing audio.primary*.so file (i must rebuild vendor.img to add it)20:17
T42_<Walid> now there is no audio when make call.20:17
T42_<Walid> Audio record work . Only audio call !!!23:00

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