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T42_<Pachof> Hello, a question, I am repairing the camera in a Port for Redmi Note 8, the native Sailfish OS camera does not work but in Waydroid the camera does work, what could be done?00:46
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Crabstermorning rainemak , wrong channel :)07:01
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rainemakCrabster, oops07:01
T42_<b100dian> Yeah, something is happening with the telegram bridge, it bridges the #sailfishos meeting now too:)07:02
rainemakNope, it was my fault07:02
T42_<b100dian> Oh, it was indeed wrong channel:)07:02
T42_<vilez0> @mal i executed repo sync again but the test folder (and other folders) didnt appear14:01
T42_<vilez0> `14:02
T42_<vilez0> Fetching: 100% (1200/1200), done in 12m5.527s14:02
T42_<vilez0> Checking out: 100% (1200/1200), done in 2m31.220s14:02
T42_<vilez0> repo sync has finished successfully.`14:02
malremove that one folder and sync again14:07
T42_<vilez0> okay, solved now14:15
T42_<vilez0> `[ 88% 516/585] including hybris/hybris-boot/ ...15:03
T42_<vilez0> FAILED:15:03
T42_<vilez0> hybris/hybris-boot/ warning: ********************* /boot appears to live on /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/boot15:03
T42_<vilez0> hybris/hybris-boot/ warning: ********************* /data appears to live on /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/userdata15:03
T42_<vilez0> In file included from hardware/synaptics/wlan/synadhd/
T42_<vilez0> hybris/hybris-boot/ error: Multiple power_profile.xml files.15:03
T42_<vilez0> 14:58:59 ckati failed with: exit status 115:03
T42_<vilez0> 15:03
T42_<vilez0> #### failed to build some targets (14:37 (mm:ss)) ####`15:03
T42_<vilez0> `$ find . -name "power_profile.xml"15:04
T42_<vilez0> ./device/google/cuttlefish/shared/overlays/core/res/xml/power_profile.xml15:04
T42_<vilez0> ./device/xiaomi/sweet_k6a/overlay/Frameworks/res/xml/power_profile.xml15:04
T42_<vilez0> ./frameworks/base/core/res/res/xml/power_profile.xml15:04
T42_<vilez0> ./frameworks/base/tools/powermodel/test-resource/power_profile.xml`15:04
T42_<vilez0> so, which file should i delete? or what should i do?15:04
malyou can also manually hack the hybris/hybris-boot/ to disable that stuff15:15
T42_<vilez0> okay15:16
T42_<vilez0> `FAILED:  build/make/core/ warning:  device/xiaomi/sweet_k6a/ includes non-existent modules in PRODUCT_PACKAGES15:41
T42_<vilez0> Offending entries:15:41
T42_<vilez0> SimpleSettingsConfig15:41
T42_<vilez0> libprotobuf-cpp-full-3.9.1-vendorcompat15:41
T42_<vilez0> libprotobuf-cpp-lite-3.9.1-vendorcompat15:41
T42_<vilez0> build/make/core/ error: Build failed.15:41
T42_<vilez0> 15:33:55 ckati failed with: exit status 1`15:41
maland you have added all needed repos to local manifests?16:12
T42_<vilez0> yes but for some reason repo didnt sync them properly17:05
T42_<vilez0> `FAILED: ninja: 'libui_compat_layer', needed by 'hybris-hal', missing and no known rule to make it18:38
T42_<vilez0> 18:24:27 ninja failed with: exit status 118:38
T42_<vilez0> 18:38
T42_<vilez0> `18:38
T42_<vilez0> `#### failed to build some targets (15:56 (mm:ss)) ####`18:38
malbtw, did you apply patches correctly?18:47
maland check other things in faq?18:47
mal that says how to clone the missing libhybris, and how to apply patches, also check the stuff in 17.1 part for selinux stuff and how to add the version to droid-configs spec18:50
T42_<vilez0> @mal i didnt apply any patch, just following HADK from the website18:55
malwell then no wonder you have problems18:57
malthose patches change quite many things18:57
T42_<vilez0> i applied them now18:57
malalso clone the libhybris18:57
T42_<vilez0> i did it also18:58
T42_<vilez0> `FAILED: //system/sepolicy:recovery_sepolicy.cil Building cil for recovery_sepolicy.cil [common]20:21
T42_<vilez0> Outputs: out/soong/.intermediates/system/sepolicy/recovery_sepolicy.cil/android_common/recovery_sepolicy.cil20:21
T42_<vilez0> Error: exited with code: 120:21
T42_<vilez0> Command: out/host/linux-x86/bin/checkpolicy -C -M -c 30 -o out/soong/.intermediates/system/sepolicy/recovery_sepolicy.cil/android_common/recove`20:21
T42_<vilez0> `ry_sepolicy.cil out/soong/.intermediates/system/sepolicy/recovery_sepolicy.conf/android_common/recovery_sepolicy.conf # hash of input list: a316674d1dc0868a105f79e687a4b6449e6a8801cfa3253b9c426787c1c40d0920:21
T42_<vilez0> Output:20:21
T42_<vilez0> device/xiaomi/sweet_k6a/sepolicy/vendor/vendor_hal_citsensorservice_xiaomi_default.te:21:ERROR 'unknown type vendor_sensors_dbg_prop' at token `20:21
T42_<vilez0> `';' on line 94701:20:21
T42_<vilez0> #line 2120:21
T42_<vilez0> allow vendor_hal_citsensorservice_xiaomi_default vendor_sensors_dbg_prop:file { getattr open read map };20:21
T42_<vilez0> checkpolicy:  error(s) encountered while parsing configuration20:21
T42_<vilez0> 20:21
T42_<vilez0> `should i delete it from sepolicy?20:21
T42_<b100dian> Is libui_compat_layer now built by default? :D21:02
T42_<vilez0> @b100dian (re @vilez0: FAILED: ninja: 'libu...)21:02
T42_<b100dian> Yeah, just noticed that. The question was for mal. I had to manually include that before. You were havimg the error because of the missing hadk-faq manual, with patches to apply I guess.21:04
T42_<b100dian> *having21:05
mal@b100dian yeah, we enabled libui_compat_layet build by default because newer android bases need it for gralloc21:13
T42_<b100dian> great. One thing I seem to remember was that some previous ports were needing nulling out some default gralloc so (by mount binding /dev/null over). That still needs to be manually "detected" and "fixed" on a case by case basis I guess?21:18
malwe changed the order of things, no need for nulling that anymore21:20
malit tries libui first, then gralloc hw module21:20
T42_<b100dian> That sounds very good, thank you!21:21

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