Friday, 2024-07-05

T42_<vilez0> it gives error for a line that doesnt exist :|19:37
malvery odd19:58
malremove that line19:59
malalthough no idea why you get such strange errors19:59
T42_<vilez0> there is no such a line :d (re @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot: <mal>remove that lin...)20:00
T42_<vilez0> the file is about 1 line20:01
T42_<vilez0> but it gives an error in the 3rd line 😂20:01
T42_<TheVancedGamer> it's the combined sepolicy20:02
T42_<TheVancedGamer> so it's coming from your device tree20:02
T42_<vilez0> lemme see20:04
T42_<vilez0> FINALLY20:48

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