Saturday, 2024-07-06

T42_<vilez0> i was building the droid-hal but it gives invalid for CONFIG_SUNRPC, CONFIG_UEVENT_HELPER_PATH, and CONFIG_LOCKD although they are defined in the defconfig it does not build the package10:25
T42_<elros34> sunrpc/lockd for sure it's warning/optional and i would say even more not recommended as other optional network filesystems11:01
T42_<elros34> what excatly you got for ueven_helper_path?11:02
T42_<vilez0> @elros34 it gives unset11:20
T42_<elros34> did you set it to "" or =y/n?11:21
T42_<vilez0> ""11:21
T42_<vilez0> empty string11:21
T42_<elros34> show your whole defconfig then (use some pastebin service)11:22
T42_<elros34> did you run make hybris-hal after changing defconfig/11:23
T42_<vilez0> (re @elros34: show your whole defc...)11:26
T42_<vilez0> @elros34 i executed make hybris-boot and make hybris-recovery after changing defconfig11:27
T42_<elros34> remove # from defconfig lines11:31
T42_<elros34> CONFIG_UEVENT_HELPER is  not even enabled. I woudn't change that then11:33
T42_<vilez0> lemme try11:36
T42_<vilez0> @elros34` `uevent solved but it still doesnt build11:58
T42_<elros34> there is no error in this log  see second to last line  for  full log with reall  error12:00
T42_<vilez0> that file doesnt exists12:01
T42_<elros34> it really must be there,  run 'cat <path to  that file>' in platform sdk12:03
T42_<elros34> must be in your $ANDROID_ROOT/12:04
T42_<vilez0> @elros34
T42_<vilez0> as you see, the file doesnt exists12:15
T42_<elros34> strange, nothing similar: droid-hal*.log?12:16
T42_<vilez0> in $ANROID_ROOT there is nothing similar12:17
T42_<elros34> try adding 'bash -x ' when you run  script12:18
T42_<vilez0> okay12:18
T42_<vilez0> @elros34 i did a reboot for the server, after the reboot i re executed the command then the file appeared 😳12:31
T42_<vilez0> ok i solved the errors13:13
T42_<vilez0> now we have another build error13:13
T42_<vilez0> `RPM build errors:13:13
T42_<vilez0>     absolute symlink: /etc/udev/rules.d/60-persistent-v4l.rules -> /dev/null13:13
T42_<vilez0>     absolute symlink: /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/linker -> /apex/
T42_<vilez0>     absolute symlink: /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/linker64 -> /apex/
T42_<vilez0>     absolute symlink: /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/linker_asan -> /apex/
T42_<vilez0>     absolute symlink: /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/linker_asan64 -> /apex/
T42_<vilez0>     File listed twice: /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/etc/init/apexd.rc13:13
T42_<vilez0>     Installed (but unpackaged) file(s) found:13:13
T42_<vilez0>    /bugreports13:13
T42_<vilez0>    /d13:13
T42_<vilez0>    /sdcard13:13
T42_<vilez0> `13:13
T42_<vilez0> full log:
malread about straggler files13:14
malan example you of course only need the file that are listed in that "Installed (but unpackaged) file(s) found"13:15
T42_<vilez0> okay13:19
T42_<vilez0> `File /etc/ofono/binder.conf13:51
T42_<vilez0>   from install of13:51
T42_<vilez0>      droid-config-sweet_k6a-1-202407061327.aarch64 (dir:/home/edip/hadk/hybris/droid-hal-version-sweet_k6a/.mb2/filtered-output-dir)13:51
T42_<vilez0>   conflicts with file from package13:51
T42_<vilez0>      ofono-configs-binder-1.1.11-1.5.1.jolla.aarch64 (@System)`13:51
T42_<vilez0> file conflicts13:51
T42_<vilez0> i guess the link that present in the wiki ( indicates wrong lines (re @elros34: https://sailfishos.w...)14:27
T42_<elros34> yeah last commit added few lines, obviously you need these related to ofono14:28
T42_<vilez0> 👍14:29
T42_<vilez0> it stuck in bootloader (no bootloop, just waiting on redmi logo)15:17
T42_<vilez0> *rebooted now15:18
malany usb interface visible on host?15:18
T42_<vilez0> no15:19
T42_<vilez0> while i was porting postmarketos (mainline kernel), it was necessary to erase dtbo before boot (because bootloader will append dtb in the end of the kernel and corrupt the kernel)15:23
T42_<vilez0> is there something similar there?15:23
T42_<elros34> you got reboot after 1 minute?15:24
T42_<vilez0> after ~1-2 minutes15:24
T42_<elros34> quiet significant difference 1minute or 1-2 minutes15:24
T42_<elros34> did you check init.log?15:26
malcheck the usb kernel configs15:26
T42_<vilez0> its exactly 1 minute and 15 second15:27
malso could be that usb interface cannot be enabled15:27
T42_<vilez0> lemme check15:28
T42_<vilez0> where is it located? (re @elros34: did you check init.l...)15:29
T42_<elros34> check hadk-hot, you can find it via recovery15:30
T42_<vilez0> there is no init.log :D15:37
T42_<vilez0> so it doesnt even start15:38
T42_<vilez0> *this means15:38
T42_<elros34> are you sure you have all of these set correctly in generated .config (not defconfig)
T42_<vilez0> yes,
T42_<vilez0> CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED and CONFIG_DUMMY are not set15:43
T42_<elros34> then I guess is mount issue? Anyway did you enabled  CONFIG_USB_CONFIGFS_*RNDIS?15:46
T42_<vilez0> `$ cat out/target/product/sweet_k6a/obj/KERNEL_OBJ/.config | grep -i CONFIG_USB_CONFIGFS_*RNDIS15:47
T42_<vilez0> # CONFIG_USB_CONFIGFS_RNDIS is not set15:47
T42_<vilez0> 15:47
T42_<vilez0> `no its not enabled15:47
T42_<vilez0> i will recheck the partitions again (re @elros34: then I guess is moun...)15:47
T42_<vilez0> from fixup-mountpoints15:48
T42_<vilez0> btw there was "failed to mount /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/userdata at /data: device or resource busy" error while flashing sailfishos15:50
T42_<vilez0> could it be the problem?15:50
T42_<vilez0> /bootdevice15:50
T42_<elros34> no because /data was already mounted15:50
T42_<elros34> enable rndis and try top get telnet, it will be faster15:51
T42_<vilez0> okay15:51
T42_<vilez0> @elros34 i did it but still doesnt boot (no log file)17:14
T42_<vilez0> the device isnt shown in lsusb also/no telnet connection17:14
T42_<vilez0> do hybris use pstore like all other android do?17:15
T42_<elros34> everything hybris-boot.img uses is in init-script in hybris-boot repo17:16
T42_<elros34> did you format data partition before flashing hybris-boot.img?17:17
T42_<vilez0> yes, i did17:17
T42_<vilez0> i checked it 2 times also, there is no problem with data part17:17
T42_<vilez0> im looking into pstore and looks like there is a kernel panic :
T42_<vilez0> oops, sent screenshot by mistake17:19
T42_<vilez0> i was looking into pstore and looks like there is a kernel panic17:19
T42_<elros34> hard to tell from this few lines17:21
T42_<vilez0> its corrupted mostly17:21
T42_<elros34> anything change if you increase/decrease  'sleep 60'  in init-script?17:22
T42_<vilez0> lemme try17:22
T42_<elros34> I hope you are booting hybris-boot not hybris-recovery17:23
T42_<vilez0> i flashed the zip (generated by build_script) from recovery17:24
T42_<vilez0> i flashed the zip (generated by build_script) from ofox recovery (edited)17:24
T42_<elros34> but after you enabled rndis?17:25
T42_<vilez0> yes, i enabled rndis17:26
T42_<vilez0> then executed make hybris-boot (which will rebuild the kernel also)17:26
T42_<vilez0> then repackaged droid-hal and recreated the .zip via build_script --mic17:26
T42_<vilez0> and then reflashed17:28
T42_<elros34> to much work, you should flash directly hybris-boot.img and wathc host dmesg and boot time at first boot. That way you also can avoid switching slots or some other isssues17:28
T42_<vilez0> okay17:30
T42_<elros34> add 'DBG_REASON=""'  before 'if ! [ "$DBG_REASON" = "" ] ; then' in init script17:30
T42_<vilez0> ok17:31
T42_<elros34> then you may have init.log17:31
T42_<b100dian> SDEMAGPIE, curious what phone was this?17:34
T42_<vilez0> *SDMMAGPIE,17:35
T42_<vilez0> its redmi note 12 pro 4g (re @b100dian: SDEMAGPIE, curious w...)17:35
T42_<vilez0> sweet_k6a17:35
T42_<vilez0> there is only 1 sdmmagpie device(xiaomi davinci, redmi k20) in libhybris wiki17:36
T42_<vilez0> which seems its unmaintained17:36
T42_<b100dian> I think the same codename was for Mi Note 10 (tucana) but the chipset is slightly different
T42_<vilez0> yes, there is also poco x3 (nfc), pixel 4a, redmi note 10 pro 4g, mi 11 lite 4g17:41
T42_<b100dian> Are you using the xiaomi or the lineage kernel out of curiosity?17:42
T42_<vilez0> lineage kernel (re @b100dian: Are you using the xi...)17:47
T42_<vilez0> this one17:47
T42_<elros34> this is lineage 21 kernel, di you test it on lineage 20?18:08
T42_<vilez0> not me directly, but other developers did (re @elros34: this is lineage 21 k...)18:13
T42_<vilez0> changing this made it appears in lsusb18:24
T42_<vilez0> `Bus 002 Device 046: ID 18d1:d001 Google Inc. Nexus 4 (fastboot)` (re @elros34: add 'DBG_REASON=""' ...)18:24
T42_<elros34> check init.log18:25
T42_<elros34> and create init_enter_debug2 file in sfos rootfs18:25
T42_<vilez0> there is not init.log18:28
T42_<vilez0> data and system are mounted from recovery18:28
T42_<vilez0> the folder exists but there is no such file18:28
T42_<vilez0> *there is no18:28
T42_<elros34> did you check correct place? /data/.stowaways/sailfishos/init.log?18:30
T42_<vilez0> yes18:30
T42_<elros34> did you check this sleep 60 thing we were talking about?18:31
T42_<vilez0> tbh, i did it with DBG_REASON=""18:34
T42_<vilez0> i changed it but i forgot to test18:34
T42_<vilez0> .d18:34
T42_<elros34> can you touch some debug file here and it appears in recovery? This way you can at least create some debug info18:34
T42_<vilez0> ok18:35
T42_<elros34> comment out this one too
T42_<elros34> or whole function18:36
T42_<vilez0> @elros34 it created my file19:20
T42_<vilez0> i still didnt understand why it doesnt create init.log19:32
T42_<elros34> replace this line with 'cp /init.log /target/initramfs.log; sync'. Not sure it will work like that. You can also redirect dmesg to file.  Do you get enaything in DBG_REASON before you clear it up?19:38
T42_<vilez0> @elros3420:02
T42_<vilez0> DBG_REASON: Refusing to boot. See /diagnosis.log20:02
T42_<vilez0> `+ echo 'CONFIG_DUMMY=y found in /proc/config.gz, must be disabled'20:03
T42_<vilez0> `wtf20:03
T42_<elros34> I was pretty sure it must be in correct20:03
T42_<vilez0> CONFIG_DUMMY is unset20:04
T42_<vilez0> i guess now i should copy the diagnosis.log :d (re @vilez0: DBG_REASON: Refusing...)20:05
T42_<elros34> not really20:05
T42_<vilez0> btw
T42_<vilez0> dme`sg`20:06
T42_<vilez0> btw
T42_<vilez0> dmesg (edited)20:06
T42_<elros34> zcat  /proc/config.gz > /target/kernel_config20:07
T42_<elros34> then compare with your .config, for sure it's different20:08
T42_<vilez0> but, why?20:10
T42_<elros34> that is good question. I can see you have disabled CONFIG_AUTOFS4_FS according to initramfs.log. Is it enabled in generated .config file?20:11
T42_<elros34> you are booting 4.14.336-KewL kernel is it same you are building?20:12
T42_<vilez0> CONFIG_AUTOFS4_FS is enabled in my .config file20:22
T42_<vilez0> and yes, the kernel that im building is kewl kernel20:22
T42_<vilez0> is there a way to force rebuild the kernel20:24
T42_<vilez0> maybe it can solve it20:24
T42_<vilez0> *force rebuild entire kernel20:24
T42_<elros34> make some random change and run make hybris-hal, see whether it finish without error20:25

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