Thursday, 2013-03-07

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sardiniboot error on MerSdk, Sailfish emulator is ok01:07
sardinion opensuse01:07
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Sfiet_Konstantinmorning fk_lx09:23
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fk_lxSfiet_Konstantin: hi09:33
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* b0unc3 good morning09:36
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Sfiet_Konstantinhello !12:45
Sfiet_Konstantinbtw, Morpog_Mobile, package for ambiancechanger being built12:45
sledgesSfiet_Konstantin, \o/ Sfiet_Konstantin !13:00
Sfiet_Konstantindon't work yet13:02
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sledgesbut the POC is there ;)13:02
Sfiet_Konstantin:) well, it is rather an ugly one13:03
Sfiet_Konstantinand I don't call that POC13:03
Sfiet_KonstantinI call that reimplementing a feature that is already implemented in a better way :P13:03
sledgesah, ok lol so you were chasing the tail-lights ;)13:03
sledgesjust like 95% of cases of any opensource activity (sadly) :)13:04
sledgesanyway, I think it looks great :)13:04
Sfiet_Konstantinsledges: not as great as ambiance itself13:06
Sfiet_Konstantinit is sooo pretty13:06
Sfiet_KonstantinI tried with all the colorful KDE wallpapers13:06
Sfiet_Konstantinit makes so much awesome stuff13:06
Sfiet_Konstantinwhat provides booster ?13:07
Sfiet_KonstantinStskeeps: thanks :)13:07
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Sfiet_KonstantinStskeeps: is it in mer core ?13:10
Sfiet_Konstantindo not seems to be13:10
markotorHello there. I tried to test my BT dongle with the emulator (alpha sdk). hciconfig shows the device but it is down. Do you know whether BT should work with the emulator?13:13
Stskeepsmarkotor: creative - i don't think we have control panels along in the sdk13:13
Stskeepsbut you can probably hciconfig hci0 up ?13:14
markotortried that13:14
Stskeepsdoesn't work?13:14
Stskeepsinstall the package connman-test and /usr/lib/connman/test-connman enable bluetooth13:15
Stskeepsmight be called connman-tests13:15
markotorOk. thanks I'll try that.13:15
Stskeepschances are the interface is rfkilled13:16
Stskeepspower conversation etc13:16
Stskeepsconnman takes care of that13:16
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markotortried test-connman enable bluetooth... now hciconfig hci0 up --> connection timed out (110)13:48
markotorEarlier I got ... RF-kill (132)13:48
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phaeronmaybe some firmware is needed ?13:50
phaeronanything in dmesg ?13:50
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markotorI didn't notice anything in dmesg.14:01
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areversatahoy sailors14:05
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* sledges just understood, why it was called Sail+fish ;DDD14:05
crevetor_sledges: why ?14:05
sledgesbecause of Jolla SAILors ;)14:06
sledgesthey just had to have a fish name with a deeper reference :)14:06
sledgesall thanks to elopalypse burning platform :)14:06
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Sfiet_Konstantinsledges: ...14:14
Sfiet_Konstantinbut don't forget those wise words14:14
Sfiet_Konstantinunlike most platforms, sailfish is not likely to catch fire14:14
Sfiet_Konstantinthat's why :D14:14
sledgeswho said that? :DDD nice14:14
Sfiet_Konstantinit was on Stskeeps's teeshirt at Slush14:15
Sfiet_Konstantinand was on zzste's slide at Slush as well14:15
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sledges+1 lol14:21
sledgesand #unlike also there ;P nice!14:22
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Stskeepsafternoon all16:12
stephgare you still travelling ?16:12
Stskeepswhole work week @JollaHQ16:13
stephghackathontastic or yawn yawn meetings :)16:13
Stskeepsi work 3 weeks from home, 1 week in office, practically16:14
Stskeepseach month we plan16:14
stephgah that makes more sense16:14
stephg4 week sprint?16:14
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crevetor_Stskeeps: vgrade_:did you see this ?16:21
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vgrade_crevetor_: nice one. freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedreno16:22
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sledgeshello zchydem17:37
sledgeshow's life?17:37
zchydemsledges: thanks for asking. It's fine, except my kid is sick17:38
zchydemsledges: how about you?17:38
zchydemI'm also wondering where to find time for my private projects17:38
sledgeszchydem, hope health will come back soon to your kid17:39
sledgesI'm working on my private projects from work :)17:40
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sledgeshope to persuade my boss that Mer/Nemo/Sailfish is not a pile of .. that he thinks it is17:40
zchydemah ok, have you shown him SDK part or are you playing with the lower level stuff?17:41
sledgesI've been showing how lipstick was maturing for over a year already17:41
sledgeshe keeps telling that it has not traction and man hours to make all system apps productised/sellable (otherwise it's too much effort for our company to stabilise even most important bits)17:42
sledgesand his famous statement "MeeGo is dead", brings me into despair at times :)17:43
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sledgesbut I'm not giving up. At least learning a great deal about everything, every day :)17:44
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zchydemit's nice when you can do stuff at work, which you're interested in.. The problem is the drawing a line between work and spare time doings17:45
sledgesit's good we're not busy at the moment, so I try to do as much to change boss' attitude17:45
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sledgesand come up with something that could actually keep us busy. it's my dream, to do my passion things and get paid for..17:46
zchydemjust make him to think that everything was his idea, then it's easier:)17:46
sledgeslol yea, I thought about that lately as well. not that easy with him, as you've noticed already :)17:46
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abun880007hi all18:47
abun880007is there any news on sailfish arm sources for creating images for the N9 yet18:48
dm8tbryou won't miss it once there is18:49
abun880007dont suppose Jolla would let us have the m950 image they were using at mwc so it could be ported, just an idea for all us eager N9 users lol18:49
dm8tbryou didn't discover america there. no.18:50
abun880007lets hope they can get the sources out soon , looks like the best phone os ever, keep up the good work Jolla18:51
crevetor_pretty sure they have their own n9 image anyways...18:52
abun880007would not be much different to the n950 one so you are probably right, shame they dont want beta testers , i would jump at the chance18:53
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abun880007lets hope they want to use n9 and n950 users as testers at some point and they release images :-)19:05
Yanielthey won't release images for N919:05
Yanielthat is up to the community19:05
abun880007so just wait for some arm rofs images and then wait for the community to port it to N919:07
abun880007thanks for the info19:08
abun880007will also be nice to see how Jolla hardware will differ from N9 and what they will bring to the industry19:11
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