Wednesday, 2013-03-06

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crevetor_sorry about that01:31
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starsoccerany update on when the first device will come out02:28
covoxstarsoccer: launch/release window is pre-christmas 201302:50
covoxso it could be like the N900 with a launch in sep, sales in early dec02:51
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starsoccercovox okay cool02:56
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khertan__crevetor, oh no, worse than that a little town in Picardie, to Issy les moulineaux05:31
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lbt_morning niqt07:43
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rcghey Elleo08:37
rcgsorry for no response for the last few days08:37
rcgi was completely out of order due to flue or something :/08:38
rcgam recovering bit by bit right now08:38
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Elleorcg: err, what was I waiting for a response about? ;)09:45
rcghehe :)09:46
rcgwas just saying as i offered you some help with cobs and then disappeared for about 4 days09:47
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sardinihello all11:51
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sardinineed little advice, ubuntu or debian or fedora or opensuse for sailfishsdk out of the box ?11:58
Nicd-works fine on ubuntu at least11:59
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gabriel9i am on arch and it works12:07
thpsardini: any of them should work fine, cross-compiler (mer sdk) and emulator are in separate sdks, and qt creator stuff is self-contained afaiui12:07
gabriel9i think you should not have problems on any distro(if it can run vb)12:07
gabriel9thp is right12:08
thpsardini: in fact, after you've extracted the sdk, you can copy the VMs to OS X or Windows (if you don't need the Qt Creator integration for now)12:08
sardiniok nice, thank you12:09
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rcgsardini, running fedora here and everything's nice as well, jfyi ;)12:33
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crevetorkhertan__: what town ? I was born in Compiegne14:22
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faenil /o\17:24
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mikhasI see a Tie Fighter in the room.17:29
mikhasNot sure what that other bird is.17:29
fk_lxO_O -> X_X -> x_x -> fx_lx -> fk_lx17:30
rcgbeware of deep flying tie fighters :D17:31
rcgfk_lx, :D17:31
* rcg wonders how to do ymca in single line ascii emoticons17:32
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stephgYMCA ? hth, hand etc. ;)17:35
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mikhashm, so let's see … "porting" a Harmattan thingy with QML frontend to Silicia Components should be straightforward, yes?19:42
mikhasis there perhaps a list of what to replace?19:43
Stskeepsthp did a nice document recently at least19:43
mikhashmph, got link?19:43
mikhasno thp online19:44
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crevetorwin 219:56
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thpmikhas: here20:03
mikhassigh, I still dont get used to letting the IDE run make for me20:05
mikhasit's so cumbersome to find out what's failing20:05
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mikhashow odd, I have to remove the SDK's public SSH key before I can log in20:31
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mikhasI forgot … trying to build libraries with Madde was nigh impossible and it seems it's not much easier with this SDK either :-)21:04
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thpmikhas: SSH_AUTH_SOCK= ssh -i ~/.ssh/mer-qt-creator-rsa -p 2223 nemo@localhost should work for ssh'ing into the emulator21:13
thp(i.e. preventing the ssh-agent from providing authentication information when you have a normal ssh key)21:13
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mikhasthp, something for the FAQ21:16
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thpactually they added it at some point21:20
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mikhasoh true, known issues: 'If you get "Agent admitted failure to sign using the key" when using ssh, try setting SSH_AUTH_SOCK='21:22
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fk_lxSfiet_Konstantin: seen your tweets, nice :-)21:30
* stephg fires up sdk21:31
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Morpog_PCshutdown and reboot into ubuntu21:39
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stephghey Sfiet_Konstantin it no run :(21:45
Sfiet_Konstantinstephg: what do you mean ?21:45
Sfiet_Konstantindid you compiled it with SDK ?21:45
Sfiet_Konstantinmaybe a file is missing21:45
Sfiet_Konstantintell me the error21:45
stephgyeah, installed sudo, running by hand on tty2 as root it throws:21:45
stephg(excuse typos): ASSERT failure in QList<T> at 'index out of rainge' file /usr/include/qt4/QtCore/qlist.h on line 46921:46
stephgthat's me running by hand as I say so that might not be why the sdk can't run it21:47
stephgall I get in the UX is the warning about adding the line to sudoers21:47
Sfiet_Konstantinstephg: add the line to sudoers21:48
Sfiet_Konstantinyou need it21:48
stephgI did21:48
stephgI'm 99% sure it's right, but there's no visudo here to tell me I'm wrong :)21:48
Sfiet_Konstantindid you tried to sudo /opt/sdk/bin/ambiancechanger-helper --ping21:49
stephgno not yet21:49
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stephgon tty2 in the vm I get Pong ! back21:50
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Sfiet_Konstantinrun again ambiance changer21:51
Sfiet_Konstantinlaunch it from sdk21:51
stephgnope, still throwing the sudo rule21:51
stephghow weird21:51
stephg*sudo rule error21:52
Sfiet_Konstantinhum ?21:52
stephglet me give nemo full everything just to make sure it's not me being an idiot with sudo21:53
Sfiet_Konstantindid you need to enter pw during sudo ?21:53
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stephgeww the emulator has an American keyboard ;)21:53
Sfiet_Konstantinvery strange21:54
Sfiet_Konstantingive all to nemo :P21:54
Sfiet_Konstantinand actually, my sudo test is not that reliable ...21:54
stephgthat works :)21:54
Sfiet_Konstantinwhat the hell ...21:54
Sfiet_Konstantinif I package it with RPM, everything will be less painful, don't worry21:54
stephgalso I like the warning ' This operation will damage the SDK, kill kittens, destroy the world etc.'21:55
Sfiet_Konstantinjust in case21:55
Yanielor maight21:55
Sfiet_Konstantinwell, it overrides the beauriful sailfish bg21:55
Sfiet_Konstantinso it destroys parts of the sdk21:55
Sfiet_Konstantinnot essential ones though21:56
stephgwell it works :)21:56
morpogshould I add that specific sudo rule to get helper launched? :-)21:56
Sfiet_Konstantinmorpog: yes21:56
morpogdamn, lol21:56
Sfiet_KonstantinI overrides files as root21:56
Sfiet_Konstantinso ...21:56
stephgjust so you know the SDK (well QT creator) just threw a warning at me about gdb21:57
morpoggood tehre is no aegis :-)21:57
stephgeveryone *hearts* aegis21:57
Sfiet_Konstantinbest SDK ambiance ever is using the "field" KDE background21:57
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fk_lxmvogt: best wishes to Qt people from Brisbane21:58
mikhasstephg, yeah, looks as if you can either disable the debugging option or try to install gdb packages to the SDK21:58
Sfiet_Konstantinstephg: did you tried to relax the sudo rights ? :D21:58
morpogcant read the whole line21:58
stephgyeah nemo can do whatever he likes21:59
Sfiet_Konstantinmorpog: I should write a blog post21:59
Sfiet_Konstantinmaybe tomorrow21:59
*** mjones__ has joined #sailfishos21:59
morpogis it ambiancedhelper or ambianceohelper =21:59
mvogtfk_lx: thanks :) Sailfish people now21:59
Sfiet_Konstantinnemo ALL= NOPASSWD:/opt/sdk/bin/ambiancechanger-helper21:59
stephgSfiet_Konstantin: I now see the problem21:59
morpogthat text is cut in emulator21:59
Sfiet_Konstantinstephg: :(21:59
stephglet me try one last time21:59
fk_lxmvogt: yep, good work and thanks for answer regarding pushExtra/pushAttached :-)22:00
morpogcommand not found :-(22:00
Sfiet_Konstantinmorpog: command not found what ?22:02
stephgSfiet_Konstantin your instructions are good, and it was a typo with sudo on my part (I got the command wrong)22:02
Sfiet_Konstantincd /etc/sudoers.d22:02
morpog[root@SailfishEmul ~]# nemo ALL=NOPASSWD:/opt/sdk/bin/ambiancechanger-helper22:02
morpog-bash: nemo: command not found22:02
Sfiet_Konstantinecho "nemo ALL= NOPASSWD:/opt/sdk/bin/ambiancechanger-helper" > ambiancechanger-helper22:02
stephgbut morpog is right, it'd be helpful if the font were smaller in the UX so the text didn't wrap22:03
Sfiet_Konstantinstephg: will improve that, the name is too long to be displayed in simu :D22:03
Sfiet_Konstantinstephg: will definitely fix that22:03
Sfiet_Konstantinso, share your ambiances guy !22:03
morpogwith echo it worked22:04
morpoggreat its launched :-)22:04
stephgdunno quite what you're going to do about the ssh/gdb error on the reboot22:04
stephgI guess not needing the reboot would help22:04
morpogyeah looks cool with changed ambiance :-)22:05
Sfiet_Konstantinstephg: cannot do that without reboot22:05
Sfiet_Konstantinor maybe I can22:05
Sfiet_Konstantinby relaunching lipstick22:05
Sfiet_Konstantinstephg: will try22:06
stephgyeah it's the UX that just needs the restart22:06
Sfiet_Konstantinmy favourite >
stephgI need to get some pictures onto the emulator22:07
*** Pat_o has quit IRC22:08
stephgoh that's how ssh works22:08
stephgwas wondering22:08
Sfiet_Konstantinstephg: :D22:09
Sfiet_Konstantinor for the lazy ones, use KDE dolphin and fish://nemo@localhost:222322:09
morpoghmm did it kill the emulator? cannot deploy again?22:09
stephgmorpog the ssh session gets messed up on the reboot22:10
stephgyou need to shut the emulator vm down via your window manager then relaunch via qt creator22:10
mikhasstephg, there might not be aegis but reading "Successfully resolved MeeGo graphics system: /usr/lib/qt4/plugins/graphicssystems/" in the application output sends shivers down my spine22:11
stephgI think I messed with aegis precisely once on my n9, broke it and never messed with it again22:12
mikhascant we just have Wayland already and remove all those hacks that have lived for far too long? ;-)22:12
mikhasyeah aegis doesn't take it easy when poked22:12
mikhas*didn't* -- let's leave it in the past!22:12
Sfiet_Konstantinalright, without reboot it works22:12
morpognow installing new build of qmlmozbrowser on sailfish22:12
Sfiet_Konstantinhowever, the old backgrounds stays on launched apps22:13
stephgwoo niceone Sfiet_Konstantin22:13
Sfiet_KonstantinI'm a bit sad22:13
stephgI see22:13
Sfiet_Konstantinstill no screens :D ?22:13
morpogwill post a screen with running firefox as tile and ambiance changed ;)22:13
Sfiet_Konstantinstephg: I'm gonna do better22:14
Sfiet_Konstantinrestart X22:14
*** mikhas has quit IRC22:20
*** andreibechet has quit IRC22:20
morpogSfiet_Konstantin, check twitter ;)22:23
Sfiet_Konstantinrestarting X was not a good idea22:23
Sfiet_Konstantinha, working better right now :)22:28
Sfiet_Konstantinwanna pull from my git repo ?22:29
Sfiet_Konstantinwait 2 min22:29
Sfiet_Konstantinpushed the commit :)22:30
stephgand there we go22:33
stephgvery nice!22:33
morpogwhats the git command to overwrite?22:35
stephgmorpog: git pull22:35
stephgunless you modified files22:35
stephgin which case you also need to22:36
morpogah heck, i just delete the directory and clone again :-)22:36
stephggit checkout filename22:36
stephggit status will tell you what's going on22:36
morpoghmm, still cannot deploy anymore .-(22:39
stephgwhat's your error?22:39
morpoghmm ssh fails too22:39
morpogah no connectzed22:40
morpogbut no deployment22:41
morpogtimeout waiting22:41
morpogfor reply from emulator22:41
yuntaah, known problem22:41
morpognameserver thing is already done22:42
morpogon emulator22:42
stephgand the emulator is running and you can see it in its window etc. right?22:42
morpogand its icon in qtcreator is red22:42
yuntalbt_: ^22:42
stephgand if you press that button again?22:42
morpogwhich button?22:42
stephgthe red icon in qt creator22:42
morpogthem ulator gets closed and it turns green22:43
morpogthen emulator*22:43
yuntamorpog: you're running ubuntu right?22:43
morpogI could deploy before ambiance-changer did reboot my emulator VM22:43
yuntaheh, any chance emulator's /etc/resolv.conf changed on reboot?22:44
Sfiet_Konstantinmorpog: :(22:44
morpogSfiet_Konstantin:  it was worth it ;)22:45
stephgworst case you can shut the emulator down with the poweroff22:45
stephgand then start it again22:45
yuntamorpog: can you ping from emu?22:45
morpognever could, only if I change network adapter in VM from NAT to bridge22:46
yuntahm, sounds weird, I think I have to install emu to check what mine does.....22:47
morpogand need to put it back again to NAT to being able to deploy22:48
stephglet me try mine22:48
stephgso I can ping google with the emu on this box, though I did have to go through the nameserver shenanigans on my work laptop22:49
stephgSfiet_Konstantin: is it by design now that you don't get the sudo warning any more? I've just reinstalled everything and your latest version now dies only with an error in qtcreator (which I guess is good!)22:50
Sfiet_Konstantinstephg: strange22:51
Sfiet_Konstantinhow it dies ?22:51
stephgon a completely new emulator it builds and deploys but fails to run now with: SSERT failure in QList<T>::at: "index out of range", file /usr/include/qt4/QtCore/qlist.h, line 46922:52
yuntamorpog: what's your ubuntu/virtualbox version? is your vbox or network config unusual in any way?22:52
Sfiet_Konstantinstephg: can you get me a debug trace ?22:52
stephgSfiet_Konstantin the full error in qtcreator is
stephglet me start the debug dance22:54
morpogyunta: 4.1.18_Ubuntu22:54
morpognetwork config = dhcp ethernet22:54
Sfiet_Konstantinstephg: what about running with gdb ?22:55
Sfiet_Konstantindebug mode ?22:55
morpogneeded to do ssh_auth_sock= and nameserver in emu22:55
stephgyeah just running it debug mode in qtcreator now22:55
yuntamorpog: can you check your route -n in emu? what does it say?22:55
*** Morpog_ has quit IRC22:56
morpogwhat you wnat to know, cannot copy+paste from tehre :(22:56
morpog(or can I?)22:57
stephgdo you have a line that has in it22:57
morpogas destination?22:57
stephgin the destination column22:57
stephgcan you ping
morpogcan ping both22:58
stephgso your netowrking works22:58
stephgSfiet_Konstantin: it's getting sigabrt from the OS and that happens on line 15 of main.cpp. I have no idea how to copy and paste the trace from qtcreator though22:59
Sfiet_Konstantini see22:59
Sfiet_Konstantinand that's strange23:00
stephgit will almost certainly be because this emulator doesn't have sudo yet23:00
stephgbut before it warned23:00
yuntamorpog: so you can ping but not ?23:00
Sfiet_Konstantinwell, it seems to be able to run it23:00
Sfiet_Konstantinstephg: will try in my side23:01
stephginstalling sudo and it still fails23:01
stephgso now I'll add the sudoers line23:01
*** meegoexperts has joined #sailfishos23:01
morpogwhen i change network adapter to bridged in vm settings, then it works, but then i couldn't deploy at all or ssh into it anymore23:01
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC23:01
yuntamorpog: when you run in NAT mode (not bridged) then can you ping anything? and what is your route -n in that mode?23:02
morpogit works = can ping google, seems to be some strange dns error23:02
morpognono, in NAT i can only ping by IP23:03
stephgwhat's in your /etc/resolv.conf right now?23:03
yuntaand which mode do you have right now?23:03
Sfiet_Konstantinstephg: clean and recompile ?23:03
stephgone sec!23:03
Sfiet_Konstantini see where it fails23:03
Sfiet_Konstantinbut dunno why23:03
stephgmorpog: that's what I have here23:04
morpogdid change it to namerver now23:05
morpogdeploy works23:05
morpogbut how got that reset? i changed it already23:05
morpogdoes that get lost every reboot of vm?23:05
stephgwill happen on boot23:06
stephgmay even happen changing netowking mode in virtualbox23:06
stephgSfiet_Konstantin: clean all and build still fails23:06
yuntastephg: what are you building?23:06
Sfiet_Konstantintry with newer commit23:06
Sfiet_Konstantinwait sec23:07
morpogso now I get compilation errors, but thats Sfiet_Konstantin cause now :-)23:07
Sfiet_Konstantinstephg: get it now23:07
Sfiet_Konstantinmorpog: :P23:07
morpogyunta: ambiance-changer23:07
*** jjarven has quit IRC23:08
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #sailfishos23:08
stephgSfiet_Konstantin okies23:08
Sfiet_Konstantindunno if it will be any useful23:08
yuntalbt_: forget about previous call, it was resolv.conf after all. we have to mention in wiki that resolv.conf trick may need to be repeated after reboot.23:08
Sfiet_Konstantinat least it will not die23:08
*** meegoexperts is now known as Ash78623:09
Sfiet_Konstantinhello meegoexperts Ash78623:09
Ash786Hi :-)23:11
stephgSfiet_Konstantin now getting wrong number of arguments23:11
Ash786Thanks for the Hello :-)23:11
Sfiet_Konstantinstephg: what is the exact output ?23:11
Sfiet_Konstantintechnically, that is expected23:11
Sfiet_Konstantinthat's strage23:11
Sfiet_Konstantinso, you get that when launched ?23:12
Sfiet_Konstantinreboot the simu23:12
Sfiet_Konstantinreally strange actually23:13
morpogshall I try too?23:13
Sfiet_Konstantinit _should never_ happen :S23:13
morpogdeploayed and works23:14
Sfiet_Konstantinmorpog: did you tried the newer commits ?23:14
Sfiet_Konstantingit pull ?23:14
morpogwhich directory it looks for pictures?23:14
Sfiet_Konstantinbecause there are goodies like no reboot23:15
morpogno i renamed old folder and did a fresh clone23:15
Sfiet_Konstantinwell, I think tracker indexes /home/nemo/Images23:15
Sfiet_Konstantini see23:15
stephgSfiet_Konstantin: well it's definitely not sudoers as with the global nemo can break everything it still won't start23:18
Sfiet_Konstantinstephg: and reboot didn't help ?23:18
Sfiet_Konstantinthe problem is that arguments are not being provided to the helper23:18
Sfiet_Konstantinwhile it should happen23:18
stephgclean still leaves a handful of files23:18
Sfiet_KonstantinI mean it happen everywhere23:18
Sfiet_Konstantindid you removed install in /opt/sdk/ ...23:19
stephgshouldn't have been there as I uninstalled the SDK and reinstalled it, which I think also nukes the emulators but let me checl23:19
Sfiet_Konstantinwoow :S23:20
stephgyep that doesn't help either23:20
Sfiet_Konstantinbug to be reported ...23:20
Sfiet_Konstantinit should not be in my side ...23:20
Sfiet_Konstantinsorry stephg, you will have to keep your themechangr a bit broken23:21
Sfiet_Konstantinand try to make a bug report from that23:21
stephghaha is ok23:21
Sfiet_Konstantinwell, that's unfair23:21
Sfiet_Konstantinothers are enjoying23:21
stephglet me uninstall, nuke and reinstall again23:22
stephgbut after that I'm going to bed!23:22
morpogsometimes linux terminal drives me crazy, as im only used to windows cmd :-)23:23
stephgright sdk gone, and now reinstalling23:23
morpogwow. blue background rocks23:24
*** jjarven has joined #sailfishos23:25
stephgjust won't run23:27
stephg(though haven't done the sudo stuff yet)23:28
stephgjust dies with Wrong number of arguments23:28
stephgSfiet_Konstantin it's bed time23:28
stephghope you find someone else to reproduce, I shall catch up in the morning!23:28
Sfiet_Konstantinsee you stephg23:28
*** stephg has left #sailfishos23:29
*** kjokinie has quit IRC23:37
*** fk_lx has quit IRC23:37
*** fk_lx has joined #sailfishos23:37
*** kjokinie has joined #sailfishos23:38
*** arcean has quit IRC23:38
*** chriadam|away is now known as chriadam23:42
morpogwell, enough screenshots for tonight :-)23:43
*** Rantwolf_ has joined #sailfishos23:50
*** Rantwolf has quit IRC23:50
*** morpog has quit IRC23:51
*** spider-mario has quit IRC23:51
*** halXI has joined #sailfishos23:53
*** sardini has quit IRC23:53

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