Sunday, 2013-03-10

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zetazhello everybody11:40
zetazI manage to install Sailfish on a PackardBell Butterfly Touch laptop/tablet PC convertible11:41
zetazfollowing the instruction from ExoPC on the wiki11:41
zetazHowever, I wonder how you managed to install applications on it from QtCreator, due to the known issue of the SSH port reverting to 65535 automatically...11:42
dm8tbryou can probably let it package an RPM and then just deploy that manually11:43
zetazSfiet_Konstantin, I have seen you made it with a Iconia Tab. Did you compile the files and sent them manually on the target ?11:43
Sfiet_Konstantinzetaz: I use the meego COBS for the dirty work11:43
Sfiet_Konstantinbut the iconia tab image do not seems to be HW accelerated11:44
zetazI still have some things to fix (the interface seems to reboot every x minutes, with a bunch of Qt segfaults), so I still don't know if it is accelerated11:45
zetazputting an app in it will surely answer this question11:45
zetazabout the meego COBS, I didn't heard this name before (I'm quite new to meego/sailfish hacking...)11:45
Sfiet_Konstantinzetaz: not better :D11:47
Sfiet_Konstantinzetaz: meego cobs is an open build service instance that makes cross compilation easy11:47
Sfiet_Konstantinzetaz: it is nice, but a bit overkilling for most of the stuff11:47
zetazSfiet_Konstantin, thanks. I am trying to find how to build the rpm stuff from within QtCreator, but the issue list gives : "Applications are not built and deployed as rpm packages. " (
Sfiet_Konstantinzetaz: did you installed the MER platform SDK ?11:51
Sfiet_Konstantinyou can use it to built rpm, since it ships all the tools11:51
Sfiet_Konstantinyou can use obs inside11:51
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zetazSfiet_Konstantin: I install the Sailfish SDK, containg the emulator and MER virtual machine.11:52
zetazIs there something else, or the MER platform SDK you are talking is the virtual machine shipped with the Sailfish SDK ?11:53
Sfiet_Konstantinit is very overkilling, a bit like OBS11:53
Sfiet_Konstantinbut at least, your work is done with it11:53
zetazSfiet_Konstantin: thanks for the link. I think I have a lot to read !11:57
vgradeSfiet_Konstantin: do you have libdrm_radeon in /usr/lib/dri12:08
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Sfiet_Konstantinvgrade: well, I have quite a lot of mess right now, need to clean it12:11
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zetazI just discovered that having converted the image after some tests in the emulator virtual machine, the silica component gallery files are already on the image12:29
zetazit is strange that its icon is not shown in the application list but anyway, it is possible to launch it from the terminal to the X server.12:30
zetazThe app is shown (but turned 90 degrees, it may be ok since I am on a computer), and if it try to click anywhere it crashes12:31
zetazbut it is a new step forward!12:31
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zetazI put all the information I have written while porting the sailfish image to the butterfly touch on the wiki :
zetazthere is also a screen capture, showing how it looks currently14:17
zetazand a list of all the issues I have already found (quite a lot...)14:17
Stskeepsjust remember to write on twitter/blog posts, etc, that it's a X8614:17
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vgradezetaz: can you rm libEGL* libGLES* libGL* and reinstall the mesa package14:40
vgradezetaz: I'm wondering if there is some libs left over from the original llvmpipe installation14:41
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zetazI just upload a (really bad...) video :
Stskeepsmr blurrycam?14:41
zetazvgrade, yes I can try that14:41
vgradeah i96514:42
zetazStskeeps, yes...14:42
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zetazStskeeps, I always complain about other people doing this... it seems it is not that easy finally, when you try to do it yourself ;)14:44
vgradezetaz: yea either the camera is shaky or the device14:45
zetazvgrade, did the "ah i965" means that your previous request doesn't hold anymore ?14:45
vgradeno just noted it was different to Exopc14:45
zetazso when you say rm libEGL* ...14:46
zetazdo you mean manually or through zypper ?14:46
zetazvgrade, by the way, thanks for your original tutorial, I just seen by looking at the history you wrote it !14:47
vgradeall my fault !14:48
zetazit seems I don't have any libGL* file ?14:50
zetazI found the libEGL* and libGLES* in /usr/lib14:50
zetazvgrade, if I tell zypper to install mesa-x86-generic again, it returns saying it is already installed14:55
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zetazis there a parameter to give it to force reinstallation, or do I have to remove/install it ?14:56
zetazsorry for the question I am used to yum, and didn't found the answer in the zypper --help ...14:56
zetazah found it !14:58
zetazvgrade, I thinks some help would be needed...15:03
zetazI reinstalled the two packages listed, but none provided the libGLES*15:03
vgradethere should have been a number of packages to install15:04
zetazso after some searching, I discovered the "wp" command of zypper. It tells me that several packets provide the file that I just deleted manually15:04
zetazthere is mesa-x86├Ęgeneric-libGLESv2, mesa-llvmpipe-libGLESv2 from repository jolla-ha-sdk and from mer-core-sdk15:05
vgradeyou need these
zetazok, thanks15:08
zetazI think it would be better to remove the mesa-llvmpipe-libGLESv2 first15:08
zetazit is written it is arch i486 by the way, where the x86-generic is i58615:09
vgradeI think if you try that it removes dependent packages15:09
zetazI just tried, no other package is listed to be removed, but it will install mesa-x86-generic-libGLESv2 at its place15:10
zetazok, so I will try, we will see if it was a good idea...15:11
zetazif I search for mesa* packages, there are a bunch of mesa-llvmpipe-* packages that are installed.15:13
zetazFrom what I understand, it is something I should replace with mesa-x86-generic-*15:14
zetazOr can they be installed at the same time ?15:14
vgradeyes they need to be removed, but by doing the rm /usr/lib/lib*** we removed their contents15:14
vgradeas we don't have access to the sailfish packages all this is a big hack.  Normally we would build an image which includes the right mesa from the start15:16
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zetazI am in the process of installing all the list of x86-generic-*15:17
zetazok, done.15:19
zetazI now have the following mesa-* packages installed :15:19
zetaz mesa-llvmpipe15:19
zetaz mesa-llvmpipe-dri-swrast-driver15:19
zetaz mesa-llvmpipe-libEGL15:19
zetaz mesa-llvmpipe-libglapi15:19
zetaz mesa-x86-generic15:19
zetaz mesa-x86-generic-dri-i915-driver15:19
zetaz mesa-x86-generic-dri-i965-driver15:19
zetaz mesa-x86-generic-libEGL15:19
zetaz mesa-x86-generic-libEGL-compat15:19
zetaz mesa-x86-generic-libGL15:19
zetaz mesa-x86-generic-libGLESv115:19
zetaz mesa-x86-generic-libGLESv215:19
zetaz mesa-x86-generic-libGLESv2-compat15:19
zetaz mesa-x86-generic-libglapi15:19
Stskeepspaastiiebiin, dude15:19
zetazstskeeps, sorry that list wasn't long enough for me to think of pastebin. I will not do it again.... :(15:20
Stskeepsno problem, we're laid back here15:20
zetazI removed mesa-llvmpipe, which remove the other, so now I only have mesa-x86-generic packages installed.15:22
zetazGoing to reboot to see how it goes15:22
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zetazvgrade, I don't really see a difference15:26
zetazno errors in Xorg15:27
zetazbut the same issues in the display15:27
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zetazin fact there is a warning : [    22.496] (WW) intel(0): Option "AccelMathod" is not used15:29
zetazit seems there is a typo here : AccelMethod vs AccelMathod15:30
zetazIt comes from this change :
zetazI will make a test on my computer and if it corrects it, I will correct the wiki page15:31
zetazno more warning, but nothing better15:37
vgradezetaz: can you do a ls -l of /usr/lib/libEGL* , libGL* and /usr/lib/dri15:38
vgradezetaz: and pastbin them?15:38
vgradezetaz: I have that type here also :)15:39
zetazvgrade, sure, in a minute, I am rebooting...15:40
zetazI discovered the sna acceleration seem to be for newer sandy bridges, uxa is the older option15:41
zetazso I am giving it a try15:41
zetaznope, always the same15:42
zetazvgrade :
zetazI remembered that I installed the i915 driver first, but it was a mistake, as it was the i965 driver that was requiered by Xorg. So I installed the i965 driver then, but did not removed the first15:46
zetazshouldn't change anything though, as shown in Xorg output15:46
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vgradezetaz: will compare with my setup and ping back16:04
vgradetime for mothers day dinner16:04
vgradebye all16:04
zetazvgrade, enjoy your meal. Will probably still be around when you come back16:16
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rsequeirthe right guy in Jolla to speak about HW partnership ?22:27
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vgradeloving the sdk, just found why meespot was faulting, would have taken ages to track down on device22:33
vgradeit was trying to write into /home/user22:33
vgradersequeir: ping Stskeeps on here he will be able to pass you on to the right person22:35
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lbtvgrade: feedback on stuff to fix/enhance for beta too22:48
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