Tuesday, 2013-03-12

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edgars_is it a day closer to the day of 1st phone? :)10:37
sledgeswe all hope so :) btw, edgars_ sveiki braliukai, Lithuania here ;)10:38
edgars_sledges: sveiki sveiki braliukai :>10:39
sledgeshow is Latvian community doing? :)10:40
edgars_well, i dont know anyone whi is interested in it :D10:40
edgars_except me10:40
sledges:D so you are not conjoined10:40
sledgesjust have to re-unite ;)10:40
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edgars_maybe :/10:41
sledgesI believe we had big maemo community, some evangelisation over here is also required lol10:41
edgars_but don't know where to look for that community10:41
sledgesjust look for keywords in your .lv sites, and then read comments. Finally, pursue the people with positive comments ;)10:43
sledgesgoogle for Sailfish OS site:lv10:43
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edgars_sledges: i already looked for that10:48
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edgars_sledges: well, that's just about what is jolla and sailfish :)10:49
sledgesyup, and in comments section - how they are received :) I barely understand Latvian though (I know you understand Lithuanian way better ;))10:49
sledgesand also it's worth waking up from winter sleep the Latvian N900/950/9 Maemo/Meego/Nemo users - writing around android/ubuntu forums lol10:50
sledgesI think I'll do this for Lithuanian ones10:51
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ahiemstrahi guys, how would I go about installing packages for a target in the sdk from command line?10:56
sledgesahiemstra, `zypper in <package_name>`10:59
lbtnot quite10:59
ahiemstrayeah, was just going to say that :)10:59
sledgesargh missed this one :))10:59
lbtlet me check10:59
ahiemstralbt: cheers :)10:59
lbtyeah, use sdk-manage11:01
lbtsdk-manage -h11:01
ahiemstradidn't know that existed, cheers11:01
lbtsdk-manage --target --list   gives a list of targets11:01
lbtit's not a real user cli tool11:02
lbtsdk-manage --devel --instal list SailfishOS-i486-x86 <pkgs>11:02
lbtthe thing is, that does some magic to copy any qml headers to where QtCreator can see them - for autocomplete etc11:03
lbtspess --install right though ^^^11:03
lbtffs it's cold here ... fingers numb11:04
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ahiemstralbt: ok, managed to figure out how to add a repo and install packages from there onto the target, cheers11:14
lbtah, you didn't mention repo :)11:15
lbtglad you found it, next version of sdk-manage will have that11:15
lbtpatches welcome11:15
ahiemstrayeah, I was trying to install packages from an obs repo11:16
* lbt makes no promises why next version needs 'add repo' :D11:17
ahiemstranot sure if my bash foo is good enough to make a patch, but I'll have a look :)11:17
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RajaRaviVarmaHi I'm Raja, from India. I have a set of questions about Sailfish OS can somebody help me?12:48
Nicd-you can just ask, someone may respond if they know the answer12:50
RajaRaviVarmaHow does Sailfish supports customisation to the core?12:51
RajaRaviVarmaFor e.g I don't want to get Operator notifications when I'm chatting with someone, through SMS. Instead I would like to have it stored and retrieve them later or just want to disable it whenever I can.12:51
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RajaRaviVarmaAnother feature I would like to see is. Whenever we select some text, esp. a word, are we providing any interface to do anything that we can do more than just copy, cut, paste. The extra interface can be used to pass that text to a dictionary application and get the meanings of the selected word.12:58
RajaRaviVarmaOne more thing is, can people create pull requests for sailfish ?13:01
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lbtRajaRaviVarma: so, SailfishOS is built on top of Mer and Nemo projects13:06
lbtMer contains a lot of core packages13:06
lbtNemo has more middleware13:06
lbtThese are both full opensource projects13:06
lbtso yes, here you can make pull requests etc13:07
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lbtcurrently the sailfish code itself is not available - there will be more information on this in due course.13:07
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lbtso the specifics of handling SMS operator notifications would be handled in sailfish applications/logic13:08
lbtIt is certainly worth raising issues like that on the mailing list13:09
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lbtThe same goes for the highlighting - although that's more of a Qt/QML technical query13:10
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RajaRaviVarmaThank you  jluisn.13:19
RajaRaviVarmaI think I got enough information. Will raise feature requests in mailing lists for sure. So that let it be a true open source project.13:21
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rozhkov_QtC can't deploy compiled project to emulator: "Upload of file... failed. The server said: 'Permission denied'"14:49
rozhkov_unsetting SSH_AUTH_SOCK doesn't help14:50
rozhkov_is there a cure for this error?14:50
veskuhrozhkov_, access rights14:54
veskuhit deploys as user14:54
veskuhso if you want deploy somewhere else than /opt then it fails. Manually giving access rights to dirs works.14:55
rozhkov_veskuh: thanks! this was permission issue indeed14:59
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pipouldHello all, my Sailfish SDK was working fine so far but now I get a ":-1: error: Could not connect to host: Timeout waiting for reply from server.17:44
pipouldDid the emulator fail to start?" error, I tried everything on the support page but can't resolv this bug, anyone has an idea ?17:44
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pipouldeven "ssh -p 2222 -i ~/.ssh/mer-qt-creator-rsa root@localhost" returns me the following error:17:46
pipouldAgent admitted failure to sign using the key.17:47
pipouldPermission denied (publickey).17:47
lbtpipould: not good17:47
lbtthere's a couple of things may be at play here17:47
lbtyou've seen:  https://sailfishos.org//wiki/SDK_Alpha_Known_Issues   ?17:48
pipouldyes, I tried the echo no success17:48
pipouldi'm running ubuntu 12.10 with Nokia SDK + Sailfish SDK next to each other but all was working so far, the one change was maybe due to a new wifi network card17:49
lbtwe know there is an issue in resolv around here17:49
lbtso .. Tools->options->Mer .... Test Connection17:49
lbtalso ... command line:  SSH_AUTH_SOCK= ssh -p 2222 -i ~/.ssh/mer-qt-creator-rsa root@localhost17:50
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pipouldtest connection returns me : SSH connection failure: Timeout waiting for reply from server.17:51
pipouldDevice test failed.17:51
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pipouldSSH_AUTH_SOCK= ssh -p 2222 -i ~/.ssh/mer-qt-creator-rsa root@localhost > Success17:51
pipouldI'm well logged into the mer sdk now17:51
pipouldhmm still "test connection" returns me error17:53
lbtOK, we can try a different thing17:54
lbtare you OK with vi  ?17:54
pipouldmore or less, i'm using nano but vi also ^17:55
lbtvim /etc/ssh/sshd_config   then make #UseDNS yes   into :   UseDNS no17:55
lbtyou'll need to do that on both SDK and emulator17:55
lbtthen reboot them both17:57
pipould(doing it now)17:58
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pipouldstrange : [root@SailfishSDK ~]# vi17:59
pipould-bash: vi: command not found17:59
pipould o_O17:59
pipouldha thx :)18:00
pipouldvi on the emulator worked18:00
pipouldobvious vim... sry18:00
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pipouldrebooting now18:02
lbtwe need an alias for vi=vim in vi packaging in mer18:03
pipouldConnecting to host...18:03
pipouldChecking kernel version...18:03
pipouldLinux 3.6.11-8.1 i68618:03
pipouldChecking if specified ports are available...18:03
pipouldAll specified ports are available.18:03
pipouldDevice test finished successfully.18:03
pipouldso forcing dns to no solved the problem18:03
pipouldchecking the project deployement now18:03
lbtcool = nb ... >3 lines, use pastebin18:03
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pipouldthat's working now18:06
pipouldbut, what would be the consequences to force dns use to know from an emulator pov ?18:06
lbtthis is simply reverse DNS for sshd for logging18:06
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lbtwe need to ensure the emulator uses host resolver ... there's a tweak for that in virtualbox settings ... it's an Ubuntu-ism18:07
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pipould"ism" ?18:09
lbtit kinda means 'specific'18:10
pipouldwell, the only "change" on my machine was the add of a usb network card & some wifi connection over tunneled tls hotspot18:10
pipouldit was working fine before18:10
lbtyep - that makes sense18:10
lbtthe other fix is to set the resolver proxy in virtualbox18:11
pipouldShould I/we write some sort of tutorial if something happens again ?18:12
lbthttps://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Platform_SDK_on_VirtualBox#Ubuntu_12.10_DNSthe other fix is to set the resolver proxy in virtualbox18:12
lbtfound it18:12
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pipouldhmm yes but this mer, even if sailfish is based on maybe it would be good to refer to the procedure on known issues page18:18
pipouldI still go not get why it what could have triggered this dns issue18:18
lbtso I'm trying to keep the Known Issues fixes as simple as possible18:19
lbtwe'll have a fair few new users18:19
lbtI've not had time to root-cause the bug yet so I don't fully understand what's going on18:20
pipouldyes, really strange indeed18:22
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lbtinside your emulator and/or SDK ... can you resolv DNS18:23
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lbterm, cat attack18:26
pipouldwhat do you mean ?18:26
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lbtcat on keyboard == "00000000000000"18:26
pipould    [root@SailfishSDK ~]# more /etc/resolv.conf18:27
pipould    # Generated by Connection Manager18:27
pipould    nameserver
lbtyep, that's OK18:27
pipould[root@SailfishSDK ~]# more /etc/resolv.conf18:27
pipould# Generated by Connection Manager18:27
lbtconnman should now talk to DHCP designated resolver18:27
pipouldblin, my pastebin doesn't seem to work :/18:27
lbtso does "ping google.com" work?18:28
pipouldon emulator no18:28
pipouldon mersdk yes18:28
lbtOK, on host run : VBoxManage modifyvm "SailfishOS Emulator" --natdnsproxy1 on18:29
lbtVBoxManage modifyvm "SailfishOS Emulator" --natdnshostresolver1 on18:30
lbtthen try on emulator - if it doesn't work, tell me, then power down and power on emulator (not reboot)18:31
pipouldboth of this commands only work when emulator is shutdown18:33
pipouldworking fine now :)18:34
lbtfun eh?18:38
pipouldso, that's surely my lab wifi access which changed my default dns (if i'm right) and triggered the issue18:38
pipouldI'm writing something about18:39
lbtso not sure why it worked before18:39
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pipouldthat's the weirdest18:41
pipouldhän on "perkele" effect x_x18:42
pipouldthe bug hides, and then pops up18:42
pipouldDo the "VBoxManage" can solve the problem alone or the UseDNS line changes are required to solve the problem ?18:45
lbt99% sure the VBoxManage is the correct solution18:47
lbtI'll use NoDNS too since it will prevent any issues with ssh in odd situations such as a network outage that makes DNS available but very slow18:47
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pipouldindeed :)18:51
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pipould@lbt: wrote a article about : http://www.twistit.fr/2013/03/communication-issues-between-sailfish-qtcreator-mer-sdk-emulator-on-ubuntu-12-10/19:01
pipouldyou can check if it's more or less right :)19:01
lbtthat's fine19:02
pipould@nsuffys If you want to translate it for jollaFr19:04
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nsuffysWhy not, but I hate Ubuntu :p cc pipould19:04
nsuffysOr, I can create an account for you on JollaFr.org :)19:05
pipouldwith pleasure :)19:05
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pipouldWell, thanks a lot lbt :)19:13
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