Thursday, 2013-03-14

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Elleojake9xx: hi, I'm the chap who's been fiddling around with Ogre3D stuff, just saw your email :)10:58
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Sfiet_Konstantinhi everybody !11:35
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sledgeshi Sfiet_Konstantin ! :)11:38
sledgeshi Elleo, nice work!11:38
Sfiet_Konstantinsledges: o/11:39
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sledgesI'm really confused. Jolla's Sailfish Alliance implies an open development platform. If we want to attract more developers, who is to do the advertising? Jolla or Sailfish community?11:44
sledgesI bet Jolla has nice graphics/video designers ;) but they might be too busy at the moment. Pity our community here does not have graphics people who would like to step up at this crucially critical moment11:45
sledgesand I hope Jolla is not thinking: "we have enough people at the moment" or "it's about quality, not about quantity" (<- the latter is backed by number of Jolla's employees -- small but strong)11:46
sledgess/we have enough people at the moment/we have sufficient amount of people in the community at the moment/11:46
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cybettesledges: I'd say Jolla will have to do the advertising and outreach, at least initially11:52
sledgescybette, have you seen my tweeted humble suggestion? :)11:53
cybettesledges: checking it out now11:55
sledgesthanks :}11:55
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cybettesledges: nice ideas. something similar have been discussed before (great minds think alike :)) I'll take it to the right persons to look at / work on it.12:01
cybetteif community is willing to pitch in that'll be even better12:01
sledgeswell, I guess then the best pitching in could be done via mailing list12:01
sledges(if it has many members)12:01
sledgesor retweeting with #sailfishos my tweet (forgot this hashtag sadly :))12:01
sledgesthanks cybette ;)12:02
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sledgesalso, another deal-breaker is hardware to be run, so I better go back and finalise pandaboard's nemo port ;)12:02
sledges(as in, people can try out a 85%-full-blown mobile experience with Sailfish's sibling Nemo only if they got N9(x0)12:03
sledgesfor the time being12:03
cybettesledges: thanks for bringing it up. we'll call for pitching/participation once we kickstart it :)12:04
sledgesbut they should still be able to sense the great potential in the force :)) and go ahead with emulator, even when they can't send texts(SMSs) out of it :D12:04
sledgesgreat, cheers cybette, we'll make this happen \o/12:05
sledgesregarding my sentence about the "force" - the advertising campain could bring this up, too12:05
cybette\o/ the force is strong with this one12:06
sledgeslast I've seen was:
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Elleosledges: thanks :)14:26
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StskeepsElleo: btw, any further development on tizmee?14:26
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ElleoStskeeps: not really, I did get some stuff vaguely working towards webgl support in it; but then sviox started taking a similar approach for tizen specific calls in his html5 widget platform so I figured it probably wasn't worth duplicating effort so much and haven't done much with it since14:28
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Elleoalthough his widget platform doesn't seem to be open source14:28
Stskeepsyeah, it's not14:28
Elleoso I might revive Tizmee for sailfish14:29
Stskeepsi'd be curious to see it at least14:29
Elleoshouldn't take too long to get a version at least vaguely running on sailfish14:29
ElleoI'll have a hack around with it when I have some more time14:29
Elleois qtwebkit on sailfish built with webgl support by default?14:30
Stskeepsthat's a valid question and i'm not so sure14:30
Elleobecause that'd make life much easier than on meego14:30
Stskeepsi'm happy to take patches though14:30
Elleookay, cool14:31
Elleoiirc it builds pretty easily with webgl support for meego, mostly just a matter of adding a few configure flags at compile time14:31
Stskeepscontribute to mer, it gets into sailfish14:31
Elleobut it was going to be a bit of a pain having to ship my own version of qtwebkit bundled up with tizmee14:31
Elleookay, well after next wednesday I should have a bit of free time, so I'll see what the state of things are and if I can knock together a quick patch to the .spec to make it build with webgl (if it doesn't already)14:32
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vgrade_how are others approaching porting from harmattan/nemo apps?  Starting with meego components and then replacing piecemeal or replacing in one go?14:58
veskuhFor smaller projects just one go by replacing import and then fixing issues.15:00
veskuhFor bigger ones I tend to do couple of main views first and then dive in more.15:01
ajalkaneI like the approach thp outlined
vgrade_ajalkane: yes, having an abstraction layer is good but I'm a little disappointed there is so much difference between the component sets, and thats not counting ubuntu, plasma, bb10 ones15:06
ajalkanevgrade_: well me too. An annoyance for the app dev.15:07
vgrade_but I suppose each platform has to differenciate in some way15:07
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Stskeepsso, anybody here ever played with remote desktop (RDP)?15:19
* aard <-15:26
aardmy home server offers X sessions via rdp15:26
Stskeepsright, somebody who's not a jolla employee..15:26
aardthat's discrimination!15:27
crevetorStskeeps: as in program an application that uses RDP ?15:27
Stskeepscrevetor: yeah - as you know, our emulator is actually a virtualbox machine. the virtualbox UI uses RDP to communicate with the virtual machine itself. but virtualbox UI kinda sucks for let's say, emulator rotation15:27
Stskeepscrevetor: or UIs for sensors and so on15:28
Stskeepsso an idea could be to start up the virtualbox in headless mode and an app that connects to it with all nice UI bits for that15:28
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Stskeepsusing for example freerdp15:28
aardStskeeps: back when kvm sucked and I was still forced to touch virtualbox I had a setup like this :p15:29
crevetorI see15:29
crevetorI was doing that some time ago, my VMs were running headless and I would use and RDP client to connect to them15:29
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ahiemstraStskeeps: i've used krdc for connecting to rdp servers16:07
ahiemstraStskeeps: what would you use to actually send a rotate command though? ssh -c "rotate"? :p16:09
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Stskeepsahiemstra: not impossible ;)16:14
Stskeepsbut framebuffer rotation could happen client side16:14
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ajalkanew00t: folderlist pull request... do I understand correcly your comment, that you'd prefer the "reverse mapping" to be built in function "buildRoleNames" ?16:28
w00tajalkane: => #nemomobile, but yes16:28
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hexostupid question, how much javascript is involved in actual running UI, please?20:53
Yanielfor the UI itself probably close to none20:53
Yanielthat is QML20:54
hexoso the QML is used just for defining UI elements and styling?20:54
Yanielmostly yes20:54
hexothat's great20:54
Yanielthink of QML like a more sophisticated HTML20:54
lbtjs is used for some things20:55
ajalkaneJavaScript/C++ for control. QML for presentation.20:55
lbtit's mainly obvious in event handling20:55
hexowell, that makes sense partly :)20:55
Stskeepsrest is pretty hardcore C++ engines20:56
lbtQML is probably best thought of as a way to describe layout20:56
Stskeepsand backends to QML20:56
lbtand javascript is used in the UI layer to allow the UI itself to be controlled20:57
hexoi've used related things in gtk20:57
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hexoI had enough of android so I started thinking of proper design, and then I've found this project :)20:58
hexowhich (mostly) shares my view of how things should be done20:58
lbtWhen you do :::      width: parent.width / 2     that parent.width / 2 is js20:59
lbt(but don't worry, it's often optimised away)20:59
YanielI love that part21:02
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Yanielbeing able to have js statements in QML to set properties21:02
lbtand when people tell you how cool and new this binding stuff is ... just ask them innocently about tk/tcl ...21:03
hexoam I able to create application without using it at all? (QML/QtQuick/JS)21:06
lbtso that's a deeper question21:07
lbtthe answer is yes21:07
lbtbut then we look at things like APIs on devices and ...21:07
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lbtThe majority of sailfish apps will be Qt/QML and will use C++ for the business logic/middleware21:08
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Yanieli.e. the "real work"21:09
lbtyes, but a lot of that is already available in the underlying frameworks21:09
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M4rtinKor Python (as PySide is available :)21:54
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