Friday, 2013-03-15

jake9xxElleo: right on, nice to meet you. I'll ping you better on office hours :)00:03
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raggedywhere do I start learning qt?01:04
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chriadamerr, actually, ignore that01:11
chriadamI linked the wrong version docs01:12
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jake9xxElleo: ping, are you here?12:15
Elleojake9xx: hey :)12:15
jake9xxElleo: hey!12:16
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Elleojake9xx: so what I've been doing recently is attempting to put together a template for qt creator which provides a basic QT based application with Ogre rendering into a QGLWidget12:19
Elleowith the hopes that I can release that, possible along with a simple script to enable my repository with ogre-devel in it on the simulator and build environment, so people can instantly jump in to creating ogre based applications that still interact properly with all the global swiping gestures12:20
ElleoI haven't quite managed to get ogre rendering properly inside a QGLWidget yet though, but I think I'm close12:21
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Elleothere's also some bugs with certain textures that I need to take a look at in the current build of ogre12:21
jake9xxElleo: that sounds just about awesome.12:23
ElleoI did also take a quick look at trying to create an ogre qml widget, but I don't think that's really possible12:24
Elleobut people can probably still embed the QOgreWidget I'm writing inside a QML app via the QGraphicsProxy stuff12:24
Elleobut I expect for most use cases that won't really come up12:25
Elleosince ogre applications are likely to be mostly fullscreen and doing their own thing12:25
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jake9xxElleo: I agree, tradeoff there is not worth it, really. Like you said, most ogre(game engine client) apps are fullscreen and usually implement their own ui components12:27
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lbtElleo: cover support would be nice ...12:52
Yanieldoes that need more interaction than "enter the app" though?12:53
Elleolbt: well I'll see what I can do on that front, right now I'll be happy just to get more than the viewport background colour rendering correctly :P12:53
lbtYaniel: screengrab to cover image?12:55
* lbt goes to check if there's a 'cover activated' signal too == default pause handler12:56
Yanielyeah why not?12:56
Yanielshould be enough most of the time12:57
Elleosounds good12:57
Yanielpreferrably take a screengrab first13:00
Yanielthen notify the app to pause itself13:00
YanielIMHO that would be cool13:00
edgars_is THAT DAY closer?13:43
edgars_any date?13:43
Yanielnone I'm aware of13:43
edgars_maybe month?13:44
Yanielinfo is said to come before summer, a device for christmas13:45
Yanielor something along those lines13:45
edgars_ohhhh my god :/13:45
edgars_ any info about phone wendor?13:45
Yanielthat will probably be revealed along with other info about the device13:46
edgars_and what to do now?13:49
Yanielplay with the SDK?13:49
edgars_mmm im not a developer :)13:51
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jake9xxElleo: ok, back on the subject18:09
jake9xxElleo: we need the zziplib from rzr's repo, doing it atm18:23
Elleojake9xx: okay18:23
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jake9xxElleo: seems you nick'd it already from there but it fails to build on arm. I'll look at it in sb2 target separetely18:41
RzRjake9xx, can i help ?18:52
Elleodon't think I imported from rzr's version, iirc that's the upstream version with a few bits modified slightly to stop the building of doc packages and such18:53
Elleoso rzr's version might work on arm (whereas mine doesn't seem to)18:53
jake9xxElleo: yes, it compiles at least. The packaging is off somehow right now18:53
RzRdoing rpm from deb patch should be possible18:54
Elleomy knowledge of rpm stuff is pretty sketchy, so any .specs for packages in my repos are probably somewhat hastily bodged together at the moment ;)19:01
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