Saturday, 2013-03-23

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GentSirI see europe is waking up07:02
dm8tbrgood moaning07:02
Stskeepsif this is awake, i don't want to be alive07:02
suosaaskiWaking up to yet another day without Sailfish on my phone :(07:03
GentSirsuosaaski, amen07:04
Stskeepsyou can get your fix from the emulator07:05
GentSirI can't wait to get a Jolla phone, though it'll likely be very expensive for me07:05
darshakI have loved Android, but I do have this same urge to get Sailfish as suosaaki and GentSir.07:06
suosaaskiStskeeps: it's out for windows 8 64-bit? ;)07:06
Stskeepssuosaaski: i think there's guides, but i'm unsure07:07
GentSirdarshak, I use an Android phone just because I consider it the most "open", but it's a right pain to actually develop for. From what I've seen so far with Qt/QML and Sailfish Silica, it's very developer friendly.07:08
suosaaskiGentSir: N9 ;)07:08
dm8tbrwindows should be similar to what you can do on OSX07:09
GentSirI've owned a G1, Droid 1, Atrix 2, N9, and an e72 as far as smartphones go07:09
GentSirI currently use the Atrix 2 as my everyday device07:09
darshakAgreed! I'd rather say Android is the least closed than most open! :)07:10
GentSirFair enough07:10
GentSirI thinking of a Blackberry q10 to hold me over until the first Sailfish phone07:10
GentSirand who knows, the "community" might just make a port for the q1007:10
suosaaskiI currently use N9, but am really tempted to get a new phone. Too bad Jolla phone is not out, so now I am considering between iPhone and Lumia... :o07:11
GentSirMy mate up north has been using my N9 for the last year, he asked to borrow it after I started using the Atrix and I never bothered to ask for it back07:13
darshakHow's N9? They never released it here in India.07:13
suosaaskiN9 is too small for my taste, and it has a few bugs that never got fixed, so I really do want a new phone...07:14
GentSirThe N9 was the perfect example of what a touchscreen phone should be07:14
suosaaskiso, iPhone is the same size, which means that might not be the best option to replace it.07:14
GentSirI'm on at&t here in the US and they carry the Blackberry z10 already for $200, so the q10 will likely be the same when it's released in the next couple months07:15
suosaaskiLumia 920 is available nowhere. 820 might be ok. And I don't like Samsungs cos they are made of the same material as buckets.07:15
suosaaskihtc might be ok, but that is not available, either. At least the models I'd want.07:16
GentSirsuosaaski, samsung manufactures plastic buckets as well?07:17
suosaaskiGentSir: probably, that would explain why their phones feel like plastic buckets.07:17
GentSirI have a friend that had a samsung windows phone, kept it in a rubber slip-cover because he hated the feel of it07:18
suosaaskimaybe they do feel better with some sort of protective case/cover, don't know, but at least without they do not feel as pricey as they are...07:18
GentSirI know the old nokias and blackberries felt great07:19
GentSirThe e72 had that 'gentleman executive' look to it07:19
GentSirand the q10 looks great as well07:19
GentSirIt's better than another slab of cheap plastic with a touchscreen07:19
suosaaskiI do like the look and feel of N9. Just not the size. Lumia 920 would be ok, but it is out of stock everywhere. And if they eventually get it in stock some day, it will probably be outdated by then.07:20
GentSirI'm just saddened at the lack of phones with a hw keyboard07:22
suosaaskiLumia 920 is 20e/month, iPhone 5 16GB is 22e/month, Galaxy S4 is 27e/month.07:22
GentSirsuosaaski, are you saying your contract price changes by phone?07:22
suosaaskino, that is the phone price07:22
GentSirSo those prices are added onto your contract if you want to buy that phone?07:23
suosaaskithen the contract price changes by what I want from it. For example around 600mins of talk time, 250sms and unlimited 4G at 21Mbps is 25e/month. About.07:23
GentSirHere in the US the contract price never changes, you just pay a "down payment" on the phone. Some are $50, though mostly in the $100-200 range.07:24
suosaaskiThe contract thingy is very different to that in the us where you might pay like 99 dollars for a phone and then the contract only by month.07:25
GentSirSo it's actually beneficial to pay that price and let them subsidize a new phone for you every 2 years07:25
suosaaskiHow much a similar contract be monthly in the us? or how are they priced?07:26
GentSirI'm still on my parents contract, and I pay $40 a month07:26
wmarone_US contracts are very expensive07:26
darshakwmarone_, indeed07:26
suosaaskimost contracts in here have a "package" of a set amount for call time/sms monthly, and then what goes over that is priced separately, for example 0,1e/min07:27
wmarone_my minimalist service with AT&T is still $55/mo07:27
GentSirOne minute, I'll price up an at&t contract that'll show how much I'd pay if I was on my own contract07:27
suosaaskiyeah, that's what I though.07:27
GentSirMy price on my own contract would be $110 a month07:28
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suosaaskiwhat would that contain?07:29
suosaaski(110 dollars is around 85 eur)07:30
GentSir500 monthly minutes, 3gb of data(I have 2gb but it's changed for new customers), and unlimited texting07:30
GentSirBut since I'm on a line added to my parents contract I pay $40 a month07:30
suosaaskiok... so for example if I were to buy a Lumia 920 for 20e/month, then get that 600min/250sms/4G with unlimited data, that would make it a total of 45e month.07:31
suosaaskior 1200min/1000sms/unlimited 4G at 21Mbps that would be 50e/month.07:32
GentSirsuosaaski, that plan includes getting a brand new blackberry z10, that I'd pay $200 up front for and is "subsidized" by the contract price07:33
GentSirBut the thing is, even if I continued with that phone after the 2 year lock-in I'd still be paying the $110 a month price07:33
suosaaskiBut I currently do not need such, so my contract is 13e/month with 250min/100sms/1GB limited.07:33
GentSirI barely ever hit 512mb of data a month, but the only option below 2gb was 200mb at $15 a month07:34
GentSirUS cell pricing is absurd07:35
suosaaskithe same for me, which is why I am just fine with my 1GB limit... :)07:35
suosaaskilast month I got 170MB or so.07:35
suosaaskiAnd it doesn't matter if it goes past that limit, it just gets slower. No extra cost.07:35
GentSir200mb was $15 a month with $10 per 200mb if I went over. While 2gb was $25 a month and $10 per GB if I went over07:36
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GentSirThe data is slightly old in this, but it shows just how freaking much US carriers overcharge for texting:
suosaaskihere when that 24month contract (or whatever you choose, 24 is the most common), the monthly charge of the phone stops and what remains is just the calls/sms/data payment.07:44
GentSirsuosaaski, the price in the US stays the same after the 24 months is up07:45
GentSirA lot of familes actually bunch up on a "family" plan that includes extended relatives to offset the contract price. Most carriers limit it to 10 lines though07:46
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GentSirAs for texting. It's $20 unlimited for the entire plan and we have 4 lines. That means my portion is $5 a month. I've used 3100 text messages this month, which is a tad over 0.41 megabytes of data07:49
suosaaskihere you can just opt to get a fitting contract for everyone. Some carriers used to have some contracts that had quite a bit of mins (like 3000) and sms (3000) for like 4e/month, but those were only for calls or sms made to numbers that were customers of the same carriers. So just selecting that sort of contract and all relatives getting the same carriers contract would reduce the costs quite a bit.07:51
GentSirNow what would be really cool, is if Jolla implemented common messaging protocols right into the standard texting app...07:51
Stskeepsheh, n9 did that07:52
GentSirSimilar to the iPhone messenger07:52
GentSirStskeeps, what does the Old Guard have to say about that?07:52
Stskeepsi still don't understand what you mean by the 'old guard'07:52
GentSirIt means a veteran, someone with wisdom and experience07:53
Stskeepsright, that's a lot of people here, :P07:53
GentSirExactly, that's why I use the term07:53
GentSirIt's respectful07:54
Stskeepsand i don't know if they have any common opinions ;)07:54
darshakGreat minds think alike?07:54
GentSirIs that your way of saying "We have ideas but I can't tell you them"?07:54
Stskeepsnah, as in, "we're not the borg'07:55
GentSirAn easy to use and "open" messaging standard that worked over data would be great. I would love to drop texting and use all data, far cheaper07:56
suosaaskiBy the way, what does that "dna" deal in Finland mean... does it mean I can only get a Jolla phone from dna when it arrives, or will it be available through other carriers, too?07:56
GentSirI hope they're offered to buy directly, or I'll never be able to get one07:57
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suosaaskithey are usually cheaper via contract in here. For example, iPhone 5 16GB is 22e x 24 = 528e. If you buy it directly it is 680e.07:59
GentSirIt's much more so here, since the contract price is the same anyway08:00
GentSirIf Jolla doesn't offer a way to directly buy their phone, I'll probably stick with getting a Blackberry q1008:01
suosaaskiI think it was said there will be ways to buy the phones in other countries than China and Finland, so probably there is a way to directly buy their phone. :)08:02
GentSirI'll get myself a subsidized q10 as well, I can sell it to finance getting a Sailfish phone :)08:02
GentSirOr just keep it08:02
GentSirBut it's a waste to not subsidize a new phone08:03
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Morpog_MobileSubsidize is always a bad idea10:56
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GentSirMorpog_Mobile, it's a waste of money not to11:41
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Morpog_MobileGentsir: in germany it's the opposite, just most ppl don't understand it16:30
GentSirMorpog_Mobile, most people just love to waste money16:31
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m4g0gI have some questions about sailfish sdk.20:58
vgradem4g0g: ask awy20:58
m4g0gI need to install latest version of qjson from git. How I can do this?20:59
Yanielm4g0g: to the sdk?21:00
Yanieland/or to the emulator21:00
m4g0gI think "and"21:00
Yanielthere are two VMs, one for building and one for running21:00
Yaniel(or so I understood)21:00
m4g0gI try to create application for sailfish and I need latest qjson21:00
m4g0gyep. One - build and one - emulator21:01
Yanielyour safest bet would probably be to21:01
Yanielpackage it and put it into a repo21:01
Yanielso you can install it with zypper21:01
Yanielor rather, via the sdk tab in qt creator21:01
YanielIIRC there are some people around here who have done that21:02
vgradem4g0g: what version do you need, looks like mer has 0.8.121:02
m4g0gi need from git21:03
m4g0gbecause 0.8.1 has problem with cyrillca21:03
m4g0g>Everything is working fine with latest version of qjson (from master),  - this is answer of developer of the library.21:04
vgradeshows hot to upgrade the version of a mer package21:04
m4g0gthe main problem in this:
m4g0gcyrillic symbols become bold and I can't change this (21:06
vgradem4g0g: if you follwing the instructions above you can upgrade the version of qjson in Mer21:07
m4g0ghw. Is there any way to do this? Less complex.21:10
vgradem4g0g: I don't think so21:14
m4g0gmay be I don't need this21:17
m4g0gbecause I have 0.8.1 on desktop and it works fine.21:17
m4g0gproblem only in emulator21:17
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m4g0gmay be I should use codec for text?21:22
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m4g0gWhat encoding does POSIX equal?21:27
lbtm4g0g: could it be the font we use21:28
m4g0gmay be21:28
m4g0gbut i am not sure21:28
m4g0gwhen I do qDebug () << data on desktop I get valid text in cyrillic but if I launch app in emulator I got empty strings in cyrillic in qDebug and bold text in list view21:30
lbtso we use Source Sans Pro21:30
lbtdo you know if that displays the characters correctly elsewhere21:31
lbt :/21:32
m4g0gi don't know21:32
m4g0gcan I change font in emulator or no?21:33
lbtnot really - however you can assume that we'll include cyrillic as soon as it's available21:34
lbtI'm a bit surprised that qDebug isn't working21:36
m4g0gI am glad that the problem is not on my side.21:37
lbtdo you have any reason to think qjson has an issue?21:37
m4g0gno. On my desktop all works fine.21:38
lbtOK, good21:38
lbtI suggest a quick post to the mailing list too21:38
m4g0git's good idea.21:40
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