Friday, 2013-03-22

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GentSirI see it's quiet in here when us young folks aren't around04:01
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specialtoo early for europe ;)04:09
GentSirspecial: Good point. Are you an American as well, or just enjoy being up this early?04:11
GentSirYou're a couple hours behind me, I'm in Florida04:12
specialyup, good stalking :p04:13
GentSirIt really isn't that difficult04:13
specialthese are prime work hours for me04:14
GentSirI work best in the middle of the night as well, quiet and peaceful04:14
specialwhat are you working on?04:17
GentSirI hope nobody copies me for saying it in this channel04:18
GentSirBut i'm working on an api client for EVE Online04:18
GentSirThis is one of the most used apps on my Android phone:
GentSirI've never made a mobile app on my own before, and I've never used Qt/QML or done much GUI stuff. So this is a pretty big learning experience for me.04:19
specialmm, fun04:24
GentSirI know, it's a niche project and I likely won't see much use04:26
GentSirA few of the EU guys were trying to convince me to study in Europe if I really want to learn04:27
specialbut at least by you, and as a learning experience04:27
specialheh, study?04:27
GentSirGo to University there04:27
specialat least for programming, real-world experience means far more, I think04:29
specialI learned almost everything I know by writing things for myself and as OSS04:29
GentSiri'm entirely self-taught04:29
GentSirI'm nineteen, so my only educational experience is high school, a business vocational school I attended junior/senior year, and a little community college04:30
GentSirI've taken about 5-6 programming classes, they were all a joke to me04:30
specialpersonally I'd hire the self-taught people first04:33
GentSirHere's where they pointed me to earlier:
GentSirThe thing is. I had a 2.4 HS gpa. But I had a perfect 4.0 at the business school I went to, and a 3.8 in my year in college04:34
GentSirThat 2.4 is seen by their automated gpa filter and my application isn't even looked at by a person04:34
specialthose numbers don't matter for very long, at least04:37
GentSirI'm going to enroll in a private university here in Florida04:41
GentSirspend a couple years there, then take a look at my transfer options04:41
GentSirI love to code, it gives me a thrill that I can't describe. Maybe if I go get some insanely good grades at a couple years of university here and take the time to learn German then RWTH Aachen could be a good fit for me04:43
GentSirI like the self directed style of study a lot more than the hand holding here04:43
chriadamGentSir: have you seen Qt3D?  if CCP allow developers to use low-res models of their ships, you could have a pretty sweet QML app in no time at all04:52
chriadambut I dunno what CCP allow or don't allow.04:52
GentSirchriadam, CCP is actually really friendly to 3rd party app designers04:54
chriadamsounds like a match made in heaven, then.04:54
GentSirI'm working on just getting to to display skills, currently training skill, basic wallet data04:55
GentSirI'll expand from there04:55
GentSirBut my main focus is getting it to really integrate with the look and feel of Sailfish04:55
GentSirchriadam, but I think the idea of displaying actual 3d ship models is a little useless in a mobile app.CPP already makes them available for your viewing pleasure on their website:
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chriadamGentSir: fair enough04:59
GentSirBut it's certainly possible to extract the models from the client, and I've seen them used in some desktop apps such as EveHQ05:00
GentSirBut I'm just working on the basics, don't want to overextend myself. Better to start simple and leave room for expansion05:01
GentSirsitu, morning mate05:17
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GentSirI see europe is waking up07:09
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niqti waking up at 5:3007:13
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GentSirI've been going to bed at 5 or so my time and getting up at midnight for awhile now07:14
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GentSirFor all you Europeans, this is how University works in 'Murica:
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GentSirmikhas, o/08:55
GentSirTake a look at this:
GentSirIt's a parody, but it might show why I was dumbfounded at the idea of free University08:56
GentSirYou see tons of students graduating University with $50,000 or more in debt and moving back in with their parents because they "can't find a job"09:00
GentSirThough, that's mostly because they major in stuff like philosophy, or art, or dance, liberal arts, etc...09:01
GentSirNot Computer Sciences like people who want jobs09:07
Yanielwhat is liberal arts actually?09:10
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GentSirYou know the "General Ed" classes you take? Basic language, humanities, creative writing, stuff that's generally added to make you more cultured? Think of getting a degree that consists of taking only those classes.09:12
GentSirNot saying those classes are worthless or anything like that09:14
Yanielone can get a degree in common sense? interesting09:14
GentSirCommon sense isn't so common among America's youth09:14
GentSirThere's a serious entitlement culture09:15
GentSirBringing this more on topic, it's often the same for how programming is taught here at the high/secondary school level. It's a complete joke, and the vast majority of freshman CompSci students have never written a line of code in their life.09:17
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tj____who should you know programming when you enter a compsci program? you've come to learn about algorithms, data structures etc. not to code. of course you'll have to learn some coding in the process, but compsci isn't an engineering degree09:58
GentSirtj____, I won't argue, that's a perfectly good point10:01
Yanielthere is coding and then there is programming10:01
tj____at my school previous programming habits were actually not much valued during the first freshman courses, the introduction to programming course followed the SICP book and all exercises were done in scheme i doubt not many mastered that when starting the course10:02
tj____many 19 year old freshman may have mad asm optimization skillz due to demo scene background since age of 9 around here but that won't help you to pass a course like that at all10:04
GentSirMy point is that someone who has prior programming experience would be more passionate and interested in their studies10:04
tj____sure if you're engineering/real world job oriented10:05
tj____but it's a valid reason to enter a compsci program to become a "useless" academic and still be passionate about it ;)10:06
GentSirI wasn't talking about people who wanted to be academics their entire lives!10:07
GentSirTeaching is a noble and admirable profession, but at that level it should be done by someone with experience in the field10:07
tj____sure it's sad for you if you struggle through the education and still can't do shit in the real world, i guess10:08
tj____and staying at the uni isn't an option either10:08
GentSirFair enough10:09
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