Tuesday, 2013-04-02

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GentSirMorpog_Mobile, hey professor02:55
GentSirStill find that funny?02:55
GentSirIt's a shame nobody can make mistakes about me02:56
Morpog_MobileLast 3 hours i tried to draw a cute fox in inkscape02:56
GentSirA vector fox?02:57
Morpog_MobileThose were the most disgustinf foxes u can imagine :-)02:57
GentSirI have zero artistic talent02:57
GentSirI can barely design a webpage02:57
Morpog_MobileYap for an app icon02:57
covoxwhat's the app?02:57
GentSirI know lots of girls from high school that are great artists, I'd ask one of them if I needed some original work02:58
Morpog_MobileI just sux with vector graphics02:59
GentSirUs programmers aren't a very artsy bunch to begin with02:59
GentSirNo offense to those of you that are good artists03:02
iekkubeing developer or being artist is in one way similar: both needs to have creative thinking03:17
iekkuit's just bit different kind of :P03:17
GentSirYes, I just can barely draw a stick figure :p03:18
iekkui think i know only one good developer who is also artistic person03:20
iekkuhe is ui development chief in jolla :)03:22
GentSirI believe those two skills just rarely manifest in the same person, they're almost polar opposites.03:22
lpotterdefine 'artistic'03:23
covoxthis is why most geniuses are insane03:23
iekkulpotter, person who can make visual art i like :P03:23
GentSirlpotter, I'm talking about the drawing/visual creativity03:23
lpotterahh ok03:24
covoxwhat about music03:24
iekkui think being musical talent and developer is more common03:24
covoxor interpretive dance03:24
iekkucovox, about dancing you need to ask lbt, he does tango03:25
covoxI reckon there'd be a much better crossover of talented developers who can pull some interpretive dance03:25
GentSirI'm not very creative at all, just very logical and design oriented. Very good with math and related stuff, but I just can't do anything artistic.03:25
* iekku has ad background03:25
iekkuand i have been in art school03:26
iekkubut i'm definately not a developer03:26
iekkueven i was almost forced to be one03:26
covoxthe horror03:26
iekkuwhen i started as a test engineer trainee i had to do same development practises than newbies in that company, and my group manager tried to get me to be a developer as i finished my tasks fast and wrote nice code03:28
iekkuif you can say that symbian is nice03:29
GentSiriekku, I can say the E72 is nice03:30
covoxiekku: that sounds genuinely frightening03:30
iekkucovox, many people think i'm frightening :P03:30
GentSirWomen in the tech industry are frequently intimidating for many guys03:31
iekkuGentSir, i speak in general. usually if i met new people they don't even think i have job :P03:31
covoxthere are few things more intimidating than the idea of fulltime symbian development03:32
GentSirSo you look like an actual art school graduate iekku?03:32
covoxthough fulltime objective C development comes close03:32
iekkuGentSir, no, i look like a old punk03:32
iekkucovox, hope i didn't give you nightmares :)03:33
GentSirHaha, sounds like a good image for someone working PR for a startup03:33
covoxiekku: I'll be sure to send jolla the therapy bill03:34
covox:P plenty of other stuff to lose sleep over right now03:36
iekkuGentSir, http://sphotos-c.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/563542_10151268764100686_2053135883_n.jpg :P03:40
* iekku is the one with purple hair03:41
GentSirLooks like typical fins03:41
iekkuyeah, there was lot of them in mwc :P03:41
GentSirI look like a stereotypical american: http://i.imgur.com/Q3sWzOa.jpg03:42
GentSirLoud, badly educated, obnoxious in a foreign country, and generally bad mannered03:43
iekkuthere's actually one other sailor ( cybette in the left ) then there's couple of bloggers and myriam03:43
iekkuGentSir, you could be easily finn03:43
GentSirMostly scandanavian and a tinge of scottish. But us americans are all ethnic mutts03:44
GentSirIf anything, I'll have to head to the next mwc for the freshest Jolla gossip03:46
iekkuit's a huge circus03:47
covoxI don't have any photos, so you'll just have to imagine an australian with a coiff and superfly-style muttonchops who hasn't shaven (or slept) for a couple of days03:47
iekkuunfortunately i didn't have any time to go around in mwc03:48
GentSircovox, sounds like you'd fit in03:48
iekkuor it was good for jolla, but i hope next time i go there i would have a bit time03:49
covoxGentSir: sif03:49
GentSirEvery event I've been to since high school I was either on management or speaking03:49
iekkui think this is most famous picture of me: http://sphotos-a.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/555065_10150989547793051_2016061341_n.jpg03:51
iekkuGentSir, that's how it usually goes03:52
GentSirA spiked leather jacket? Oh lord03:52
iekkuGentSir, with a punk snoopy on the back and my political statement written03:53
iekku"open source"03:53
GentSirI'm only nineteen, but I went to a business voc school for two years while doing community college. We had to run a lot of events, and I found most of my peers to be inept. So I took on a lot of responsibility03:53
GentSirJust now getting around to University this fall, but voc school was excellent and worth the delay03:53
iekkui assume it will pay back later03:55
iekku+ you had one year more to think what you want to study03:56
GentSirI'm certainly going to a Computer Sciences or Computer Engineering degree03:56
GentSirNice high level math and logic for me, very soothing03:56
GentSirDon't know how familiar you are with the states, but I'm probably going to Michigan Tech. Situated at the top of the upper peninsula of Michigan. It's like its own Nordic country.03:58
iekkuhave been in states only once at meego conference (SF 2011)03:59
GentSirHere's the area it's in: https://maps.google.com/maps?oe=utf-8&client=iceweasel-a&q=houghton+county+michigan&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x4d513b64feb9f34d:0x272b5d7bedba6e58,Houghton+County,+MI&gl=us&ei=0VdaUb-iM4qC8ASE04BI&ved=0CIsBELYD04:00
iekkui think lots of nordic people moved to michigan area ages ago?04:00
GentSirVery remote and sparsely population04:00
GentSirWould not surprise me, northern michigan is very similar to Iceland04:01
iekkuwhat you call that area? great lakes?04:01
GentSirThat's the upper section of Michigan04:02
GentSirI grew up down in the lower section, down in the same county flint is in on the map04:02
iekkui don't remember anymore what document i was watching but there was something really familiar in the nature and i got confused :P04:02
GentSirI'm actually currently residing way down south in Florida, much too hot for me04:02
* lpotter lived in the UP/ marquette for a few years04:03
iekkulpotter, and now you are without snow04:03
lpotterone of the years that Lake Superiour froze over04:03
GentSirlpotter, you familiar with Michigan Tech?04:03
lpotteriekku: yes :(04:03
GentSirI know it's a huge employer up there04:03
lpotterGentSir: not really04:04
iekkulpotter, should i send you some :P04:04
lpotterok. my kids would love that04:04
GentSirI'm well used to the cold, though I heard the UP just gets a lot more snow04:04
GentSirI can deal with that though, I know how to drive on ice04:04
lpotterya, that lake effect snow is awesome sometimes04:04
covoxlpotter: make your own! just crank your freezer up to the maximum setting04:05
GentSirI wish I could live in my freezer here04:05
iekkui just realized i hate spring.. it's -10 c now and in day ot's going to be +3 and it's icy and slippery and wet04:06
GentSirIt was 27C out today04:06
iekkuot's ??? it's04:06
covoxit's only 31C here, it's fantastic04:07
covoxmost of the last two months were pushing 3804:07
GentSircovox, too hot04:08
lpottertwo words: a. c. :)04:08
GentSirlpotter, amen04:08
iekkulpotter, http://sphotos-b.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-frc3/306026_10151416766658051_1713950268_n.jpg <- i spent 4,5h outdoors yesterday, here's picture of one place i visited04:11
GentSirOh I can't wait to get back to the cold04:12
iekkulpotter, about +3 and sunny, no wind04:16
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Sfiet_Konstantinhello everybody !08:39
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chriadamSfiet_Konstantin: good evening08:42
Yanielor morning08:42
Yanielwell, it is noon here08:43
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Sfiet_Konstantinnot for chriadam08:44
chriadamin irc-land, I think it's usually morning, no matter how dark it is outside for me ;-)08:46
w00tUGT says so ;)08:47
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sledgeshappy afterholidays! :)09:30
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GentSiriekku, you were right about the Finns and Michigan: http://i.imgur.com/ktSzS.jpg11:28
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tj____many finnish communists migrated to michigan in 1910's and 20's.. and many moved to the newly established ussr.. eventually, they'd become comrades within the same utopian worker's state after the world revolution they were dreaming of.. of course it didn't quite work like that.. by end of the 30's, the people who choose the east were murdered during stalin's purges..11:41
GentSirtj____, I did not know that11:43
GentSirI grew up in southern Michigan and have only been away for a few months, we don't hear too much about the UP. It's almost its own state.11:43
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rcgsledges, happy "afterholidays" as well :)12:28
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sledges:) feeling good rcg ?12:29
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rcgweather is getting better finally, so yeah, feeling better :)12:35
rcgalso anticipated birth date of our son is coming closer, so things are getting more exciting ;)12:35
rcgwhat about you?12:35
GentSirWhat is this afterholiday you speak of?12:35
rcgi think he refers to the days after the holidays? :)12:36
GentSirSo, the days you pretend it's still the holidays but it's not the holidays? That sounds brilliant12:38
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iekkuGentSir, i'm interested in history..13:49
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GentSiriekku, history was one of my favorite subjects. Always had awful teachers though. You'd be amazed at what US History books leave out15:01
iekkuGentSir, we finns have also some parts left out from books...15:03
GentSirI asked a teacher about the japanese "interment camps" during WWII and why they weren't in the book or mentioned in any clas15:04
GentSirShe said "Shhh, we don't talk about that"15:04
iekkuwell, in finland germans just burned lappland, no mention about finns being working together with germany at start of the war15:06
GentSirI did not know that15:07
iekkubeginning of the war15:07
iekkui think it was 1942 when finns decided to change side15:07
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GentSirDon't worry, I can read past English grammar errors with ease :)15:07
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GentSirWe don't learn much of WWII before the Pearl Harbor attack15:08
iekkuit started there, didn't it :P15:08
GentSirMost people my age don't WANT to learn, so omitting stuff from history is very easy...15:08
iekkuit's easier to understand current if you know past15:09
iekkuin finland it helps also if one knows something about church history15:09
GentSirExactly, past events give perspective to current ones15:09
Sfiet_Konstantiniekku, GentSir reminds me of the theme of our philosophy course in L215:11
Sfiet_Konstantiniekku: o/15:11
GentSirSfiet_Konstantin, what was the theme?15:11
iekkuSfiet_Konstantin, ahoy there cub15:11
Sfiet_Konstantin"penser l'histoire"15:12
Sfiet_Konstantin"thinking history"15:12
Sfiet_Konstantinthere were a book by Marx15:12
Sfiet_Konstantinsupporting the thesis that History repeats itself15:13
GentSirSfiet_Konstantin, We don't like Marx here :)15:13
Sfiet_Konstantinbut first as a great tragedy15:13
GentSirThis is 'Murica15:13
Sfiet_Konstantinbut then as a comedy15:13
Sfiet_KonstantinGentSir: :D yeah15:13
Sfiet_Konstantinbut Marx got some nice ideas about history15:13
Sfiet_Konstantin(let's put communism aside for a minute)15:13
GentSirI'll try :)15:14
iekkupolitics and religion can stay away anyway15:14
GentSirSfiet_Konstantin, http://i.imgur.com/OHtrSLc.jpg15:17
GentSirScratch that Sfiet_Konstantin, this isn' political: http://images.cheezburger.com/completestore/2010/4/16/129159115177195926.jpg15:17
Sfiet_KonstantinGentSir: if you say so :D15:17
Sfiet_KonstantinI don't care about french army15:18
Sfiet_Konstantinbut funnily, you in america thinks that french are bad at war15:18
Sfiet_Konstantintrue, we lost WW215:18
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GentSirBut they saved our arse back in the day?15:18
Sfiet_Konstantinwell, you have the most power army in the world15:19
Sfiet_Konstantinno need to save your arse :D15:19
Sfiet_KonstantinI mean, french army is ok15:19
GentSirThe French supplied the colonies during our revolutionary war15:19
iekkuboys boys15:19
GentSiriekku, boys love war15:19
GentSirAlways will15:19
iekkuGentSir, not all15:20
Sfiet_Konstantinwell, my favourite is about mobile OS :O15:20
Sfiet_Konstantinwell, actually I'm not in this war anymore15:20
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GentSirSfiet_Konstantin, as long as we can bash iOS mobile wars are cool15:20
Sfiet_KonstantinGentSir: not true15:20
Sfiet_Konstantinit is not about bashing something15:20
GentSirI kid15:21
iekkucompetition (health one) gives more space to innovations15:21
GentSirYes, and the mobile space needs competition15:21
GentSirThat's hard here in the states though15:21
iekkuit's not so easy for foreign companies to come to states to make competition15:22
Sfiet_KonstantinGentSir: get your sailfish device, and show them to hardcore iOS / Android fan15:22
Sfiet_KonstantinI would love to see how they react :)15:22
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Sfiet_Konstantinit reminds me about something I blogged before Jolla launched15:23
*** jluisn has joined #sailfishos15:23
Sfiet_Konstantininnovation in mobile space now is about efficiency and intuitivity15:23
Sfiet_Konstantinsomething iOS and Android forgot to take in account15:24
GentSirSfiet_Konstantin, I plan to get one15:25
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GentSirBut most people here get a phone through their carrier, and don't even realize it's possible to outright buy their own devices. So really the only way to release a phone here is with carrier backing15:25
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Sfiet_Konstantinsomething pretty touc15:26
Sfiet_Konstantinespecially for small new players15:27
Sfiet_KonstantinI'm more concerned about how china will react to Sailfish though15:27
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xmlich02Hi guys, I am looking for someone who is able to arrange an talk about SailfishOS on our Openmobility conference in Bratislava this weekend. One of speakers canceled it. lbt, vgrade, zchydem, Stskeeps?15:40
iekkuthis weekend? huh15:41
aardall expenses paid? :p15:41
iekkuxmlich02, out of curiosity, who was about to talk?15:42
*** zhxt_ has quit IRC15:42
iekkuaard, you know, there needs to be talk, not only writing to irc :P15:42
* aard can do talks15:43
Stskeepsxmlich02: not an option for me, sorry15:43
Stskeepsxmlich02: wife would kill me after me being gone for a week to HK15:43
iekkuStskeeps, if we only had that working cloning machine15:43
xmlich02iekku, We are looking for someone instead of thp .15:44
iekkuxmlich02, ok15:45
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xmlich02In case, anyone else interested. The webpage of conference is http://www.openmobility.eu/15:56
lbtxmlich02: hey, we discussed a while back and I can't make it15:58
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sledgesI was in Czech Rep this time last year, but not this year, shame..16:11
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morpogSfiet_Konstantin, new qmlmozbrowser build available for your tablet ;)16:26
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sledgesMorpog_PC, amazing job, just launched it on nemo on panda16:47
Morpog_PCnot by me, I just created some artwork for it. romaxa, coderus, qwazis and freemongardon are doing the coding work16:48
*** jluisn has quit IRC16:49
Morpog_PCbut yeah, it works quite well :-)16:49
*** jluisn has joined #sailfishos16:49
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Morpog_PCoh and rozhkov did the mer builds16:52
sledgesrozhkov_, on pandaboard armv7hl qmlmozbrowser user-agent indicates it's armv7l build, just saying :) great work \o/16:54
sledgesnice to hear qwazix has been up for it Morpog_PC ;)16:55
Morpog_PCi probably forgot to mention some other comitters :)16:56
Stskeepsmeh, i was doing gecko on meego when you guys were in your diapers16:57
Morpog_PC:) You must be working on Gecko then way long before Netscape did open source it :-)16:58
Stskeepsi got fennec to work for meego 1.2 handset release16:58
Stskeepsor 1.1, i forget16:58
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sledgesfennec (or fennek) is a bad word in Hungarian17:01
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GentSirSfiet_Konstantin, http://i.imgur.com/G2oW35m.jpg18:09
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vgradeMorpog_PC: moz working well on Exopc19:02
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Morpog_PClol, i did read "not well"19:09
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Sfiet_Konstantinthanks Morpog_PC19:56
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nicolake città21:29
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