Wednesday, 2013-04-03

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Sfiet_Konstantinhello sledges09:19
lbthey guys09:21
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GentSirI finally found another school to go to09:22
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Sfiet_KonstantinGentSir: nice !09:28
GentSirSfiet_Konstantin, yes! Michigan Tech09:28
Sfiet_Konstantincool :)09:28
GentSirApparently all the Finns settled up theree09:28
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sledges:) lol GentSir, a place full of Finns is a good place ;)10:00
Yanielthere are finns and finns...10:01
sledgesand puns ;)10:02
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GentSirsledges, apparently a lot of the cultural and language differences stuck around. It'll be a good run for when I actually cross the pond :)15:32
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sledgesoh yes, they're crazy :))) right iekku ? ;)16:11
GentSirthe UP is like a mini Nordic country16:12
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iekkusledges, finns crazy? no, we aren't we don't eat polar bears17:11
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sledgesreindeers yes ;) and some other bits you do :)))17:12
Stskeepsmm, reindeer kebab17:13
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YanielI'm tempted to say 'morning'19:05
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Yanielbut it is 10pm here...19:05
sardini1 hour less here19:06
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GentSirspider-mario, I speak French19:16
GentSirI surrender!19:16
spider-mariodo you? :D19:16
GentSirYes, and just gave a fine example of it19:17
spider-mariooh, nice. :D19:17
spider-marioI didn’t get it right away19:17
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lbtspider-mario: GentSir is from "the land of the free" <giggle>19:18
spider-mariooh, you mean that place where they can’t drink in public places?19:19
spider-mario(oops, repetition of “place”)19:19
lbtyeah,  I think they get to have alcohol at 21 or something19:19
GentSirYep, 2119:20
spider-mariohere, it’s 1819:20
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GentSirBut really, it's insanely easy to get it under 2119:20
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