Thursday, 2013-04-04

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dcthang_why you need 2 virtual machines for emulator?:-)10:28
auri__hmdcthang_: there is only one VM for emulator10:31
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Yanieldcthang_: the other VM is for building11:14
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Morpog_PCam I late, or am I the first who notices that Win and MacOS SDK is out?16:28
GentSirMorpog_PC, Nobody else cared :)16:28
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StskeepsMorpog_PC: first on this channel, congrats, you win a cookie :)16:32
Yanielthey are16:34
Yanielyay \o/16:35
Yanielthe sailfishos page could use a little css love around the dl links though16:35
Morpog_PCno more SSD hotswapping to boot Ubuntu :-)16:35
GentSirMorpog_PC, you use a mac?16:35
Yaniel*_PC does not exactly imply that IMO :D16:36
GentSirI thought he had least had some self respect :/16:36
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GentSirI like how the site says "Using" Windows, as if it's implying you don't have a choice in the matter.16:37
Morpog_PCNah, Windows, just because I'm used to it.... shame on me ;)16:39
GentSirA moment of silence for our fallen brother16:39
Yanielwell, I have found win7 quite usable...16:39
Yaniel...for gaming16:39
Morpog_PCand surfing and video editing and photo editing....16:40
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Morpog_PCIf I could use all my favorites applications on any Linux, I would change instant.16:41
Morpog_PCUbuntu was really a pain to use and so slow and laggy compared to Win7. But I'm sure that was Ubuntu's fault.16:42
Morpog_PCand Nvidia's16:42
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GentSirI can't stand ubuntu16:43
GentSirI use Crunchbang16:43
GentSirDebian + Openbox, it's beautiful16:43
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lbtYaniel: we're supposed to be updating the site entirely. patches welcome though :)17:27
lbtMorpog_PC: Congrats on noticing btw :D17:27
YanielI'm practically drowning in schoolwork atm so can't really do anything about that17:28
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Morpog_hmm, MerSDK and emulator VM don't start when clicking the icons in QT Creator19:39
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Morpog_I feel kinda being spyed on by stkeeps, lbt and co., because my my webcam starts when opening the emulator :-)19:53
lbtdoes it?19:53
Morpog_yeah, did on ubuntu as well btw19:53
GentSirIt's to get demographic information19:54
lbtMorpog_: how much RAM do you have?19:54
lbthmm - tight then....19:55
fk_lxso the camera turns on because of excess of RAM, it's a feature to check who is so insane to have so much memory :-D19:55
* lbt wants an mb that can take 16Gb19:56
lbtstuck on 8Gb and in swap hell19:56
Morpog_rofl, I could need more when doing video editing and doing photoshop parallel19:56
Morpog_HD video cut eats RAM for breakfast19:56
* lbt sets up another package build worker in anticipation of many, many apps being built ;)19:58
Yanielwhy would anyone photoshop and edit video in parallel19:58
Morpog_any clue why the mer sdk and emulator VMs do't start when clicking the icons in QTCreator on Windows?19:59
lbtimport images into a video?19:59
lbtMorpog_: no - and sadly I don't have a windows test box yet19:59
Yanielwell I guess you can eat ram with some VST plugins and midi too19:59
lbtcan you start them manually ?19:59
Morpog_mmmkay, will try to figure out, maybe I shouldn't have changed default installation path19:59
Morpog_yep manually works, thats why I felt spyed on ;)20:00
lbtYaniel: the real question is what's wrong with gimp and avidemux !20:00
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Morpog_lbt, also doesn't work with default installation path.20:29
Morpog_damn, shouldn't have formated my SSD with Ubuntu and running SDK on that quick :-)20:31
lbtMorpog_: in what way?20:33
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Morpog_that I cannot start emu and SDK from QTCreator20:34
Morpog_also can't build from it20:34
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lbtMorpog_: not good20:36
lbtso you can start the VMs manually ?20:37
lbtand even when you do, you can't build ?20:37
Morpog_from virtualbox20:37
lbtdo the QtC tests work?20:37
Morpog_tells me VM isn't running20:37
lbtI knew windows support was a bad idea ;)20:38
* lbt feels completely useless :/20:38
Morpog_searching that tests, where were they again?20:38
lbttools options mer/devices20:39
Yanielhmm maybe I should really give the osx sdk a try20:39
lbtYaniel: please do - if we can identify any issues that would help20:39
lbtobviously we tested internally but equally obviously it worked there :)20:39
Morpog_there is no tools menu :-)20:40
lbtMorpog_: are you on VisualStudio ?20:40
Morpog_errr no, qtcreator20:40
lbtOK, do any menus have 'options' ?20:41
lbtwhat menus are there?20:41
Morpog_all german, i try to translate :-)20:41
Morpog_file, edit, create, debugging, analyze, extras, windows, help20:42
lbtextras sounds good20:42
lbtbottom one there?20:42
Yanielalmost 1GB at "only" 1MB/s :(20:42
lbtMorpog_: that'll do20:42
Morpog_there is mer20:43
Morpog_but no tests20:43
lbtYaniel: it's a CDN so it should get *much* quicker20:43
lbtMorpog_: 2 buttons - authorize/test ?20:43
lbtah, and the button at the top right ?20:45
lbtdoesn't work and so won't let you test the connection ...20:45
Morpog_was it maybe only tested on x86 hosts?20:46
lbtmmm ?20:46
Morpog_x86-64 = 64bit20:46
lbtoh, it's supposed to work on both20:47
Morpog_supposed ;)20:47
lbtyep - I'm afraid I don't do windows20:47
lbtthis is part of the downside of being open with early developement stuff20:48
Morpog_lets see if others fail too20:49
Morpog_maybe it's an localization problem with my german Win720:50
Morpog_but such problems should be gone since vista20:50
*** jjarven has joined #sailfishos20:50
lbtthere's a tool called merssh included with it20:51
lbtsee if you can find that20:51
lbtalso check to see what the shared folder settings are20:51
Morpog_ah great, I tried to ssh in with putty, but it didn't accepted the ssh key20:51
lbtthe ssh key is in the SailfishOSSDK folder20:51
Morpog_i know, but it didn't accept it20:52
Morpog_wanted a ppk key20:52
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lbtah, putty may use diffeerent filenames20:53
Morpog_hmm that merssh.exe doesn't give that many options which help20:55
lbtit's an internal ssh tool20:55
lbtwrapper around Qt ssh code20:56
Morpog_C:\SailfishOS\bin>merssh -help20:57
Morpog_merssh usage:20:57
Morpog_merssh <options> <command>20:57
Morpog_   -sdktoolsdir   directory with Qt Creator's target helpers20:57
Morpog_   -mertarget        the mer target name20:57
Morpog_   -commandtype      ['standard'|'sb2']20:57
Morpog_All options are mandatory.20:57
*** rem has joined #sailfishos20:57
lbtyeah - pastebin :)20:58
remguys, really, QT SDK complains that my project is outside of home folder in Windows. What is that ?20:58
Morpog_rem, can you start the mer sdk and emulator VM from inside QTCreator?20:59
Morpog_home folder should be your users directory20:59
lbtrem: yes, that's a limitation at the moment - we will fix it20:59
remyes, I can start VM from QT creator20:59
Morpog_english windows?21:00
Morpog_which virtualbox version?21:00
lbtrem: actually - it's not so much a limitation as we haven't written the ui to manage the setup for you21:00
Morpog_need to find something that differs here21:00
remenglish windows, Oracle VM21:00
Morpog_from Oracle VM?21:00
Morpog_i got 4.2.621:01
Morpog_hmm will try to get a newer one then21:02
*** lizardo has quit IRC21:02
Morpog_rem, thx for info21:03
remNP, I can also start emulator from QT Creator21:03
lbtrem and does build work ?21:03 says, minimum required is 4.18, maye that counts for linux only21:04
remno building fails in example app for the home folder issue, I wonder how I can overcome that21:04
Morpog_move example app to your user folder?21:04
*** Morpog_ has quit IRC21:08
*** Morpog_PC has joined #sailfishos21:09
remCompilation goes fine after I moved to home folder21:09
Morpog_PClbt, you should change the prerequisites on With latest Virtualbox version it works21:10
remDeployment to emulator fails first time, but then goes fine after second try, Looking good so far21:10
lbtMorpog_PC: excellent, ty21:10
lbtrem: OK, good to know that21:10
Morpog_PChmm, but it doesn't see the emulator running21:12
Morpog_PCbuilding fails then :-(21:12
remit fails, the first time, second time succeeds. Might be some out of sync with VM21:13
Morpog_PCnow it works21:14
Morpog_PCi tested connection to emulator in preferences21:14
remI wonder if you have some default apps in the emulator, at least a browser ?21:14
Morpog_PCafter that the icon got red, which shows that it sees the emulator running21:15
Morpog_PCyou can get QMLMozBrowser21:15
Morpog_PCmozilla based QML browser21:15
remhow ?21:15
Morpog_PCyou need to get all rpm files for it and install the rpm21:16
Morpog_PCembedlite-components, nspr, nss, qmlmozbrowser, qtmozembed and xulrunner21:17
remsounds good, need to try over the weekend21:17
Morpog_PCafter all are installed you got a new icon on home screen21:17
remBTW the SDK fails when trying to update it over Help menu21:17
Morpog_PCon ubuntu i scp'ed em all to the emulator and installed it via ssh with zypper in *.rpm21:18
Morpog_PCnot sure how to do it now in windows :-)21:18
vgradeMorpog_PC: zypper ar <qmlmoz_location>.repo then zypper in qmlmoz*21:20
Morpog_PCwill try that, but first i try to get winscp and putty to work. need to convert the rsa key21:21
Morpog_PCok, puttygen cannot import the key :-(21:22
remso when u say you copy the rpms to emulator, you need console to that VM21:23
Yanielsdk on osx works nicely :321:23
Morpog_PCyep, via ssh21:24
Morpog_PCbut I fail to do that on windows atm, was easy on linux21:24
remI wonder why we need a VM for Mer and VM for emulator ?21:25
Morpog_PCmer builds21:26
Morpog_PCmaybe easier to debug?21:27
Morpog_PComg, no copy paste to emulators console21:27
Morpog_PCthat repo path is damn long :(21:27
remyep, I guess was safer to guarantee that all developers would have same environment21:27
lbtMorpog_PC: you'd rarely use the console, ssh makes more sense21:31
Morpog_PCcan't get ssh to work :(21:31
Morpog_PCat least not with putty21:31
lbtI'm sure it's doable somehow :)21:31
Morpog_PCwill try openssh21:32
lbtrem the build engine is a minimal copy of the exact same build environment we run on our servers and internally - it supports building for a range of arm and even MIPS ports21:32
lbtas well as having numerous tools that can be used by OEMs and advanced hackers21:33
remlbt: cool stuff21:33
lbtit's also pretty much identical on every single platform that supports virtualisation21:33
lbtwhich is most of them nowadays21:34
remhow do I get to home screen in emulator ?21:35
lbthave you seen:
lbt to21:36
lbtor is there a problem?21:36
*** gabriel9 has joined #sailfishos21:37
remwell yes, I pressed CTRL+F121:37
remand I got to terminal mode, but do not know how to get back to Graphical21:38
lbtctrt+f2 ?21:38
Morpog_PCctrl+f1 should be graphical and ctrl+f2 terminal21:38
*** jstaniek has quit IRC21:38
lbterr, yes, that's the right way round21:39
remperfect, thanks21:39
*** rem has quit IRC21:40
Morpog_PCopenssh, tells me i got too much rights on the private key feile :-(21:41
lbton windows side?21:41
Morpog_PCyep, but it tells me that in a unix way21:42
Morpog_PCpermissions 064421:42
Morpog_PCcygwin based21:42
lbtyep, good system that21:43
Morpog_PChmm, gave the directory ready only rights for all users, still complains :(21:44
lbtyes, it must not be readable by others21:45
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos21:45
Morpog_PChmm, i can't give myself less rights now, or i won't be able to see or read the file21:46
Morpog_PCis that a correct repo format?21:49
lbtyes, should work with : zypper ar21:50
Morpog_PCtellms its not found on medium21:52
Morpog_PCtells me*21:52
lbtdid you type that by hand?21:58
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC21:58
lbtapps:/latest should be apps/latest21:59
Morpog_PComg, I tripple checked it and didn't see it :(21:59
lbtthe : are the obs project structure ... ie his home and a branch of a main repo22:00
lbtthen /latest_i486 is the target (ie latest mer, generic x86)22:00
Morpog_PCi'm relatively new to all that linux stuff, but your explanation helps understanding22:02
vgradeMorpog_PC: done that som many times, I ssh in to devices not so I can copy paste22:02
lbtvgrade: we need to find out how to do that with putty and cygwin ssh clients22:02
vgradethose repo addys are a nightmare to type22:02
Morpog_PCvgrade, thats why I tried to get ssh to work in windows22:02
vgradeah, sry, missed you were on W$Doze22:03
Morpog_PCyeah, on ubuntu it was easy to scp or ssh in22:03
*** jpetersen_ has quit IRC22:04
vgradeI'm using putty here fine for work access22:04
vgradefrom work laptop22:04
lbtvgrade: did you miss  ?22:04
Morpog_PCah qmlmozbrowser works great :-)22:04
lbtwe kinda didn't announce it ... :)22:04
Morpog_PCvgrade, how do you use putty with ssh keys from linux?22:05
vgradeah windows and mac support cool22:05
vgradeMorpog_PC: not using keys22:05
Morpog_PCwell, not an option here :-)22:06
vgradeconnection->ssh->Auto gives option for private key22:07
Morpog_PCon putty or qtcreator?22:09
Morpog_PCauto or auth? :-)22:09
vgradeauth not auto, sry22:09
Morpog_PCthat only supports ppk keys22:09
vgradeyou've lost me now22:10
Morpog_PCtried to convert the keys from sdk via puttygen, but it doesn't recognize the key format22:11
*** M4rtinK has joined #sailfishos22:12
Morpog_PCi also tried to use openssh, which complains my key files are not secure, as they have too much permissions. Reduced NTFS rights till readonly and only my own user, but that still failed22:13
rcgMorpog_PC, with respect to permissions22:14
rcgtry to also reduce the permissions on the dir the keys are in22:14
Morpog_PCdid that22:14
rcgmay sound silly but iirc there was something related to that22:14
rcghmm ic22:15
rcganyway, gotta get off22:16
rcggood luck with your experiments :)22:16
*** rcg has quit IRC22:16
Morpog_PCwill also continue on weekend, need to stay up in 5 hours :(22:17
*** mvogt has joined #sailfishos22:19
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