Friday, 2013-04-05

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merlin1991Morpog_PC: qt creator uses a different key format than openssh (I think openssh can conver it though), and puttygen only understands openssh and its own format so qtcreator -> openssh -> puttygen -> putty should work01:33
mr0wlis sailfishos going to be offically called "sailfish" or "sailfish os"01:52
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Sfiet_Konstantinhello everybody !06:56
Sfiet_KonstantinJolla people, did the Linux Sailfish OS SDK got updated in the process or only the Mac and Windows version were released ?06:56
Stskeepsno, it's just extra versions06:58
Stskeepsmade sense06:58
Sfiet_KonstantinStskeeps: thanks :)06:59
Sfiet_Konstantinis there an auto update feature like on the QtSDK ?06:59
Sfiet_Konstantinor we will need to download the beta once again ?06:59
Nicd-the OS X version was released? :O06:59
Nicd-need to download it today07:00
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YanielSfiet_Konstantin: the sdk maintenance tool is not yet in use07:32
Yanieland the osx version seems to work nicely07:32
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Yanielanyone around who would know about this?07:37
Yaniel< mr0wl> is sailfishos going to be offically called "sailfish" or "sailfish os"07:37
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jukkaeklundYaniel, check and you have your answer07:40
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auri__Although I did subscribe to the mailing list on , I havent got any confirmation email yet.. List admin, kindly check.. thanks08:04
dm8tbrauri__: (I'm not listmaster) did you receive the initial address verification email?08:04
auri__nope, not that even..08:05
dm8tbrchecked your spam folders?08:05
auri__:) I am sure I did.. I just subscribed again, let me check08:07
lbtSfiet_Konstantin: we're not planning to use the QtCreator update feature to update the first alpha08:10
auri__nope, no luck .. no confirmation emails yet08:10
dm8tbrlbt: that's a case for you08:11
lbtwill look at it08:12
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Stskeepslbt: feel free to adjust topic08:21
*** lbt changes topic to " - alpha SDK out now for linux/mac/win - MD5s: See too"08:23
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auri__lbt: No confirmation email as yet08:44
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k00pawhat language is used to develop for the sailfisher?08:49
k00paaah c++08:50
YanielC/C++ with Qt, JS + QML, AFAIK python works too08:51
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k00pac++ with qt is officially supported?08:51
k00paand not like in c++ in android..08:51
k00payeh this looks pretty nice08:52
Yanielfor UI code, QML is kind of recommended08:52
k00payah that doesn't look that bad08:52
k00paI really hope this thing gets of, I am tired of androids and iphones.. :P08:52
Yanielmany are08:52
k00paany idea when the phones are coming out with this?08:53
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Yanielthey said they aim for the christmas market or so08:54
k00pasounds good08:58
lbtauri__: looking - I don't see information about subscribe attempts09:02
Nicd-oh hi k00pa09:08
k00paNicd-: o/09:08
k00paNicd-: saw a tweet about sdk installers and now I am here :P09:09
lbtk00pa: c++ for logic, QML for UI (QML is ~ data used by C++ code with embedded javascript for more complex UI-specific logic)09:11
k00pathat sounds nice, java or c# :D09:11
k00pa* no java c#09:11
k00paor obj-c09:11
Sfiet_Konstantinwell, beware09:12
Sfiet_Konstantinif you don't like "high level" language, then you might not like QML09:13
Sfiet_Konstantinit is very high level (but optimized though)09:13
k00paUI stuff is good on high level, but something like application logic is good to run in c++09:13
Sfiet_Konstantinyeah, but wrapped around Qt09:14
k00pahmm yeh09:14
k00pawell I try it out09:14
Sfiet_Konstantinand Qt is way easier to use than plain C++09:14
k00pathen I see if I like it09:14
Sfiet_Konstantinyou will see it is easy and fun09:14
Nicd-well, it's hard to decide between C++ and Python09:14
Sfiet_KonstantinI feel that both are good, but some specific things can only be done with C++09:15
k00panot at all for me :D I dont like python at all09:15
k00paany ideas about supporting other more sane scripting languages?09:15
Sfiet_Konstantinlike ?09:16
k00pawell I cant think about any sane scripting languages..09:17
Sfiet_Konstantinnever tried ruby. Some says it is nice09:17
Nicd-what's wrong with python? I find it ok09:18
Sfiet_Konstantinpython is not only ok it is quite good09:18
lbtit's good - and nowadays you can barely see the frothing around the mouth as the beard hides it so well and the mad stare from the eyes distract you09:18
lbtMer has python and ruby09:18
Nicd-anyway, since this is linux adding support for other scripting languages shouldn't be difficult09:18
k00paNicd-: I highly dislike the syntax, also some overhead on it..09:18
k00pabut yeah its fine09:18
k00papersonal issues mostly09:18
Nicd-PHP 4 Sailfish anyone? ;)09:18
* Stskeeps twitches09:18
k00paeww :D09:18
lbtI built rails in the SDK for fun the other day - all I needed was nodejs09:19
lbtNicd-: just "no"09:19
Sfiet_KonstantinNicd-: what about no ?09:19
Nicd-I won't accept no for an answer09:20
lbtMer and Sailfish welcome anyone, even those with .... problems :D09:20
lbtwe can help09:21
Nicd-I won't sleep until I can run my multiprocessing PHP IRC bot on Sailfish09:22
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jake9xxauri__: ping10:06
auri__jake9xx: pong10:06
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Sfiet_Konstantinsledges: :)10:31
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bogginsCan I use QtMobility/Sensors with the Sailfish SDK at the moment? In which case how do I set up the .pro file to include this?11:38
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Sfiet_Konstantinboggins: I think you can11:42
Sfiet_Konstantinbut you have to install qt mobility dev from the control center11:42
Sfiet_Konstantin(the sailfish icon in the SDK)11:42
jake9xxboggins: sure, qtm is supported to some extent currently, but like Sfiet_Konstantin says, you need qtm headers installed11:43
Sfiet_Konstantineven if qtm do not really make sense in a simu11:44
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bogginsaha.. ok thanks, I have only recently installed the SDK and did not yet explore the control centre. Thanks for the tips! I will investigate.11:47
jake9xxboggins: start sdk vm -> click the sailfishos icon on qtc's toolbar -> manage targets: select your sysroot + click 'manage' -> select packages to install11:48
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bogginsjake9xx: thanks, I'm doing this right now.11:49
jake9xxboggins: if you need additional stuff you need to manually zypper them in but then it gets complicated (need to do some magic to emulator as wll)11:49
bogginsthanks jake9xx. It's doing what I need now anyway - I can build with Sensor support. :)11:51
jake9xxgood :)11:54
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Xruxahi guys. Any other fix available for "Could not connect to host: Timeout waiting for reply from server." other than setting the nameserver to
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kaltsiXruxa: hi sorry I don't know a fix for that, but could you tell more about your environment.. linux/win/mac, firewall, corporate network?13:27
Xruxakaltsi: Ubuntu Quantal, 32-bit SDK package, home network, no firewall13:28
kaltsihow about virtualbox version?13:29
Xruxakaltsi: BTW, I changed the resolv.conf on the merSDK as root, could not change it on the SailfishOS under nemo user13:29
kaltsiXruxa: I haven't seen this problem my self but I've heard of it.. is it a problem connecting to the merSDK or the emulator?13:30
kaltsithey are two separate virtual machines13:31
Xruxakaltsi: solved :)13:31
Xruxakaltsi: I changed it on MerSDK, not on the SailfishOS. Someone could note the different root/rootme/nemo users/password combinations on those two :)13:32
kaltsiyeah surely.. but you should not be able to give a password when using ssh, it uses the key authentication13:33
Xruxakaltsi: I logged from the console on the VM, not ssh. Thanks.13:35
kaltsioh right13:35
kaltsi(I wasn't aware that I can do a console login with the emulator) :)13:36
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sledgesXruxa, wb ;)13:50
Xruxasledges: hi again. Been loong time13:50
sledgestoo true :) good to see you around13:56
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marcello_NAi've installed the sdk on a linux pc18:03
marcello_NAi get an error running hallo word example18:03
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lbt_awaymarcello_NA: hey  - I'm just on my way out - but explain what your problem is18:05
marcello_NA20:10:17: Running steps for project untitled... 20:10:17: Starting: "/home/marbru/SailfishOS/share/qtcreator/MerProject/mer-sdk-tools/MerSDK/SailfishOS-i486-x86/qmake" /home/marbru/untitled/ -r -spec linux-g++ -after OBJECTS_DIR=obj MOC_DIR=moc UI_DIR=ui RCC_DIR=rcc Connection Error. 'Timeout waiting for reply from server.' 20:10:27: The process "/home/marbru/SailfishOS/share/qtcreator18:05
marcello_NAi've already installed virtualbox18:06
marcello_NAthe virtual machine start18:08
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lbt_awayback - just making food :)18:13
lbt_awayright check the known issues page in the topic18:14
lbt_awayits a silly issue with DNS resolving18:15
lbt_awayyou could try this first:18:15
lbt_awaybut you'd need to stop and restart the emulator18:15
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