Saturday, 2013-04-06

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Xruxaare there some shortcut keys assigned to gestures? Bit tedious to use in the emulator with mouse :(06:10
Stskeepsare you using mouse or trackpad, out of curiousity?06:11
Stskeepslike, a real mouse :)06:11
Xruxamouse. RU using a *real* mouse? :)06:16
* Xruxa checking calendar, not 1.4. anymore06:16
Stskeepsyes, i'm actually using a real mouse :P06:18
Stskeepsit's the peek gesture that causes most issues?06:18
Stskeepsor any of the other ones06:18
Xruxaany that starts at the screen borders06:18
Xruxaendlessly resizing the emulator window :(06:19
Stskeepsyeah, that's naturally not good06:19
Stskeepsi'll make a note about it on my whiteboard and talk to some people about it06:19
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ishancwoohoo.. im downloading the SDK for linux now :)06:24
ishanci have an N9, will my test apps work there?06:24
Stskeepsone of the solutions can be to move the emulator out from virtualbox UI into one of it's one06:24
Stskeepsishanc: currently the emulator in the SDK is the only target06:24
Stskeepsit's own, that is06:25
ishancah okay, thats fine :)06:25
* ishanc loves meego!06:25
StskeepsXruxa: besides the gesture issue, any other issues you found?06:25
Stskeeps(and the DNS/timeout problem)06:26
Xruxathere are no apps (except the Components) installed in the emulator, right?06:26
Stskeepsright, it's pretty bare06:26
Stskeepsthere might be more in future as to assist in testing sharing methods or whichever06:27
XruxaAs the app does not seem to "install" on the emulator when run (I do not see its launcher icon afterwards) - I guess all the section on icons&packaging is not released yet (?)06:29
Stskeepsi'd have to have lbt fill in on that, but there's a packaging step that's not done in alpha sdk i think06:30
Stskeepsso that's why it doesn't appear, it just deploys to a temp directory06:30
XruxaBTW good job guys, IMHO much better than BB10 SDK06:30
Stskeepsllvmpipe is damn awesome.. when you get it to work sanely06:30
Stskeepsit turned out that on some setups virtualbox slips through CPUID so it claims AVX instructions.. and then gives a illegal instruction when you try to actually use them06:31
Stskeepswe have to lobotomize llvm/mesa for that06:31
covoxheh, I thought I detected a bit of dribble on my screen06:42
* dm8tbr needs to have a look at the existing open source apps for sailfish06:45
dm8tbrI need some inspiration to understand notifications better06:46
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Nicd-yay, SDK works on my laptop :)10:06
Nicd-though pretty laggy10:06
Stskeepswhat specs of laptop?10:06
Nicd-MacBook2,1 - 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (4MB L2) - 2GB 667MHz DDR2 - Intel GMA 950 64MB shared10:08
Nicd-so not that hot10:08
Stskeepswhat's laggy, the sdk, or emulator/build?10:09
Nicd-the emulator10:09
Stskeepshmm, ok10:09
Stskeepsassign some more cores to it?10:09
Nicd-it doesn't fit on the screen anyway :P10:09
Nicd-yeah, I didn't look into the settings10:09
Nicd-it died of a kernel panic with APIC the first time10:10
Nicd-but the next runs were fine10:10
Nicd-can the VM resample the screen to a smaller size?10:11
Nicd-I know it's ugly but I could at least see it all10:11
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kontioNicd-: -> " How do I scale it to the window size?"10:14
rcgNicd-, you can scale the window10:17
rcgkontio, :D10:17
Nicd-kontio: ooh, thanks10:17
kontio:-) my laptop is also to narrow :-)10:17
rcgdidn't knew there was even an faq entry for this.. stumbled across that totally by accident :)10:22
rcgshoulda remind myself to read faqs more often10:22
Nicd- -- hehe :)10:26
kontioyeah the FAQ are not that easy to find, somehow... lbt, see rcg comment ^10:26
lbtkontio: agreed - we'd planned a site redesign but then decided to just do mac/win installers10:27
lbtaslani may know where we are on the site side10:28
kontioyeah even I knew that there are FAQ's now and was searching them, I had problems to find them, but agree the Win and Mac installer have higher prio :-) was just meant as a general feedback10:29
rcgaye, ic10:31
rcgwell, i think i even found the faq but failed to read the scaling thing :)10:31
rcgbut nvm ;)10:32
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Nicd-yaay scale mode: :D10:36
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k00pais it possible to use the os normally?12:59
k00paor just the apps?12:59
k00paalso, it thinks that my emulator is down :/13:00
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k00paaah the build machine is different13:01
k00pashould have read the documentation before I started dicking around :P13:02
hkjhhello   how  i can   changer   home   folder  for  sailfishsdk?13:18
k00pahkjh: installion folder?13:20
k00pamost likely the easiest way to do that is to remove the sdk and reinstall13:22
k00paand change the folder during the installion13:22
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lbtk00pa: np - it's for playing with13:29
lbthkjh: ah, good to see you're on here - I don't check #jollamobile so much13:29
lbtplus it's sunny here so I was outside13:30
lbtvery strange experience :D13:30
hkjh  tools-option-mer   home  folder13:33
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hkjhi cant  chang it13:34
MorpogI heard that was a limitation of alpha sdk13:35
hkjhyep  beta.13:36
k00paI have issue, my qml files seem not to do anything13:40
k00palike I change them but the application doesn't change13:40
Morpogclosed the application?13:40
k00payeah and recompiled and reran13:40
k00paif I made mistakes in qml, does it give me compiler error or something?13:40
Morpogreally closed, not just pushed away?13:40
lbtk00pa: are you using the green arrow on the left toolbar?13:40
k00paand I really closed, hold and pressed the X13:41
lbtthe red 'stop' button should work (below the editor pane)13:41
lbtcheck to make sure your QML is deployed13:41
k00payeah but do I really need to stop the emulator just to recompile the app?13:41
lbtno :)13:43
k00pawell how can I know if my qml is bad, or how to even reflect the changes on the application13:44
hkjhsailfish  is  use   QtQuick 1.1? qtq2.0 is  ok?13:45
lbthkjh: no, 1.1 only13:45
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lbtk00pa: so I'm not sure what code you're runnign13:45
k00pajust the basic hello world app13:45
lbtnormally you edit the qml, redploy and it works13:45
k00pabut changed some qml13:45
k00pabut how I can spot if I make mistake in qml13:45
k00padoes it give errors about those?13:46
lbtyes it will13:46
lbtboth in the editor - highlights13:46
lbtand in the application output window13:46
lbt(Alt+3 )13:47
k00paif I make invalid code13:50
k00pain qml, it doesn't report it at all13:51
k00pawell okey if I messup the tokens then13:51
k00payeeeh now I get it13:52
lbtwhat was confusing?13:52
k00paqml :D13:54
hkjhProject ERROR: Could not connect to Mer SDK Virtual Machine. The remote host closed the connection13:54
hkjhwhat  happen13:54
k00paand the fact that it didn't update it correctly or something13:54
k00pabut that could be just because my qml was so baad... :P need to read the docs more next time13:55
lbtk00pa: try making a simple change first - just to verify that your redeploy works13:56
lbtchange a text string13:56
hkjhme too13:56
hkjhi  change  the   a text string13:56
k00palbt: yeh, I think I went too far when I rebuild the whole interface :D13:57
k00pais there a way to test the interface before deploying?13:57
lbthkjh: so are your emulator and build engines running13:57
hkjhbut the application doesn't change13:57
lbtk00pa: no, deploying is the test13:57
k00paallright, going slower next time13:58
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hkjhlbt  emulator and build engines running  yes13:58
lbthkjh: there are 2 green 'run' buttons - one big and one small13:58
lbtwhich do you use?13:58
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hkjhyes   one  button is  run   one  gree button  is  debug14:00
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hkjhfirst  button14:01
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hkjhi  reboot  mer sdk and sailfis sdk   ,it  is  okl14:15
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lbthkjh: that's not expected and shouldn't be needed14:23
hkjhqtq 2.0 is  perfect!:)14:29
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karalainehi, could someone help with following error in sdk in windows:16:34
karalaineSOFT ASSERT: "!path.isEmpty()" in file ..\..\..\..\src\libs\virtualbox\vboxmanager.cpp, line 3916:34
karalainewhen trying to run first project16:35
karalaineand after that "MerSDK is not running" althou it is16:35
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karalainenvm, got it running by letting virtualbox running and restarting qtcreator17:02
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miksuhhmm looks like Sailfish sdk for the windows and osx has been released.17:57
miksuhwas any updates to linux version released at the same time?17:58
MSameeri don't think there is an updated linux version but i am not sure. lbt would know more17:59
MSameerbut yeah, windows and mac are there now :-)17:59
lbtcorrect; no linux update18:00
lbtkaralaine: could you report that to the mailing list please :)18:00
karalainelbt: sure thing18:03
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miksuhJollain täytyy olla hiukka yli,äärästä rahaa, jos tämmösen hommaa:18:26
miksuhaika älytöndamn18:27
miksuhwrong channel18:27
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ahiemstrabuh, crap18:40
miksuhif you saw that link, sorry, I pasted to wrong channel :)18:48
miksuhand then my internet connection stopped to work :P18:48
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rawtazi installed and fired up the SDK (Qt Creator) and the gallery example project. it doesnt run. this is on os x23:30
rawtazi installed the SDK in /Applications/SailfishOS and the error i get when clicking the run button in with that example project is "Project is outside of shared home '/Users/rawtaz'"23:31
rawtazsurely i mustn't relocate/install the SDK under my home folder? that would be silly, at least in OS X23:32
rawtazit's very common to have applications in /Applications23:32
rawtazi did google around but havent found much on this error23:32
GentSirrawtaz, I'm fairly certain it does have to be under your home folder. It does on Linux, so I'd assume so on OSX as well23:50
rawtazGentSir: do you know a practial reason for that? i dont think i have ever encountered an app before that requires you install it under your home dir23:51
rawtazi mean seriously..23:52
rawtazand if it is just about the project location, then that too shouldnt matter23:52
rawtazif i want to place them on an external harddrive i should be able to do so23:52
GentSirIt IS an alpha release. I'm just small fry around here, but that's the impression I got. The SDK actually mounts your home directory and all your projects have to be on it23:52
GentSirJust blame me, I had nothing to do with that :/23:52
GentSir*don't blame me23:53
rawtazyeah i blame you for this. totallt :-)23:53
rawtazwell i htink i will mail them and see :)23:53
GentSirWell, I believe everything has to be under your home directory23:53
GentSirIt isn't exactly a final product, so some issues like that are to be expected23:53
rawtazits fine, im in no hurry23:54
rawtazso they will have time to fix this :)23:54

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