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rawtazGentSir: thanks for chiming in00:00
rawtazi mailed info@00:00
rawtaztime to sleep00:01
* rawtaz &00:01
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lbtrawtaz and GentSir - it's the source code that must be in your home directory, not the SDK itself08:22
lbtand that's not a hard requirement - we just didn't have time to put together a UI that would let people map locations to the build engine08:24
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wowerici  use  vbox08:35
wowericand  open  mer sdk  sailfish sdk08:36
wowericbut  i  can`t  connect  (mer  sdk  ip
wowerici  put right-crtrl-f2, but noting...08:37
wowericsory  my  vbox is  use is  ok  now08:39
wowericbut  i  dont  konw  the root `s  password08:39
dm8tbrcheck the website08:46
lbtwoweric: typically you don't connect to the sdk's IP address - we use NAT for ssh08:49
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wowericwhat is  the time09:25
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rawtazlbt: sweet. i suspect it will come with time then :)14:46
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dsadi love  sailfish15:30
Stskeepsthanks, it's a joy to develop it too15:32
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kshitijproblem in installation on ubuntu 10.04 machine , what to do ?17:43
kshitijError:  Error during installation process (org.merproject.mersdk): Execution failed(Unexpected exit code: 1): "/usr/bin/VBoxManage storagectl MerSDK --name SATA --add sata --controller IntelAhci --bootable on --sataportcount 1"17:43
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Mariusmssjhello :)18:24
MariusmssjAm I at the right place to discuss issues/bug with the SailfishOS SKD?18:24
MariusmssjI am not sure if it's a bug but I can't deploy if the app is already open18:27
Mariusmssjon endroid when I deploy it will auto close the app and open my chnaged app18:27
MariusmssjI found myself closing the app more than anything in order to deploy to see the changes i made18:28
Stskeepshmm, it should be able to start on top18:40
Stskeepsplease mail this to the mailing list, then we will look at the bug :)18:40
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Mariusmssjahh i see and the error is this: :-1: error: Upload of file 'C:\Users\Mariusmssj\Test\Test' failed. The server said: 'Failure'. If '/opt/sdk/bin/Test' is currently running on the remote host, you might need to stop it first.18:44
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JonniMariusmssj: you can always add custom run step in creator, like "killall /opt/sdk/bin/Test" and move that step before the upload files via scp.19:15
Jonnithat way you dont need to remember closing old instance first19:15
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Jonniatleast thats how solved that feature19:16
MariusmssjThanks I will try19:17
JonniI solved even :)19:17
Mariusmssjwould it go in qmake or make step?19:18
Jonnirun settings, deployment, under the start emulator if needed tab19:19
Jonniand on top of "Upload files via SFTP" tab19:19
Mariusmssjsorry I might need more help I am really new to Qt Creator19:23
MariusmssjI foudn the run settings19:23
Mariusmssjfoudn the "Upload files via SFTP" is above sart emulator if necessary19:24
Mariusmssjwhere woul I enter the "killall /opt/sdk/bin/Test" ?19:24
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