Monday, 2013-04-08

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MFaro-Tusinohello everyone04:17
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wowericwho  know  the  mer roor  password?05:29
dm8tbrlbt / Stskeeps - wiki down? 50305:31
Stskeepsdm8tbr: think there was some nagios warnings last night05:34
wowericThe server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.05:34
wowericit  looks  like apache05:35
dm8tbrI'd guess the real server behind the reverse-proxy has died05:36
dm8tbrI can get to irc logs that are on a different server behind it05:37
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wowericyou  can  go to
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GentSirmorning guys06:14
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GentSirmorning mate07:11
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lbtmer wiki is back dm8tbr - puppet was sucking too much RAM and took it down08:21
lbtI half fixed it last night but needed to sleep08:22
* dm8tbr knows that feeling08:23
lbtI need to give nagios some tlc08:24
dm8tbrnagios? not using icinga?08:25
lbtI am actually :)08:27
lbtbut I forget what it's called08:27
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* dm8tbr is quite happy with icinga08:36
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dm8tbrI have a irc bot for status updates and also integrated it with XMPP for status, querying and alerts08:36
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dm8tbractually it looks like I'll be maintaining the XMPP thingy08:37
dm8tbrCSW is no longer using nagios, so he asked for someone to step up08:38
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lbtmorning Yaniel10:30
Yanielmy virtualbox broke :(10:30
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woweis  good pic?
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Yanielheh, looks like the windows and osx sdk release caused a bit of a storm :)14:57
darshakYaniel: maybe they were watching the homepage all along!14:58
Yanielor twitter14:59
darshaksecond that! :)14:59
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darshakBTW that reminds me, I can't get the login button on the wiki to work. I click it and it does nothing. Anyone knows what's the prob? I'm using (a fork of) Firefox 19.15:02
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John24hey guys :)17:22
John24wanted to ask could someone explain how the mailing list works? I saw on Sailfish website written this : "We have a mailing list where you can have discussions and ask technical questions."17:24
John24So I subscribed but not sure how it works, Sorry for being  a noob17:24
Yanielyou can send mail to the list17:24
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Yanielit is then forwarded to everyone who is subscribed17:25
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John24So If i send an email to everyone subscribed gets it?17:26
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John24And I assume these emails are also archived ?17:27
Yanielprobably yes17:27
John24I see, Well I got an issue with Windows version of the Sailfish SDK so my best move would be then send a email to ?17:28
Yanieleither that, or ask here17:30
John24ok should the emulator close the already open version of my app when i sned a new one for deployment? I am new to mobile development17:31
John24I get an error saying that I need to close the app before deploying, that's just time consuming17:31
YanielAFAIK it should17:33
Yanielthere just was someone asking about the same thing last night17:33
John24was there a solution?17:35
Yaniellemme check the backlog17:38
Yaniel< Jonni> Mariusmssj: you can always add custom run step in creator, like "killall /opt/sdk/bin/Test" and move that step before the upload files via scp.17:38
John24would you be able to help me where to put that line?17:39
John24and "test" is the name of my project right?17:40
Yaniel< Jonni> run settings, deployment, under the start emulator if needed tab17:44
Yaniel< Jonni> and on top of "Upload files via SFTP" tab17:44
JonniProjects->Run->Run Settings->Add deploy step->run custom remote command->"killall...." and move that step in right place.17:45
John24great I shall try now :)17:45
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John24IT WORKS :D17:46
John24Thank you Yaniel and Jonni17:47
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John24is there any way to find out what images are stored in the emulator image?  image://theme/icon-cover-next image://theme/icon-cover-play18:05
John24but I can't find previous18:05
John24image://theme/icon-cover-previous is not there i guess18:05
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