Tuesday, 2013-04-09

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MFaro-TusinoWho's good with QtC ?11:45
phakowhat of the 5 possible things that QtC means do you mean?11:45
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niweberthe most logical meaning would be QtCreator11:50
phakojust ask :)11:51
niweberfor the Queensland Treasury Corporation you would choose a diffferent channel, I'd wager11:51
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MFaro-TusinoGetting a "directory not found for option '-F/Application/Qt/5.0.1/clang_64/qtbase/lib'11:52
MFaro-Tusino"directory not found for option '-F/Application/Qt/5.0.1/clang_64/qtscript/lib'11:52
MFaro-Tusino"directory not found for option '-F/Application/Qt/5.0.1/clang_64/qtxmlbasepattern/lib'11:52
niweberdo you have an /Application/... and is it accessible?11:53
MFaro-TusinoYes, its on mac11:53
MFaro-TusinoI think i should just revert to using QtC on Ubuntu, less dramas haha11:53
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niweberauri__: ^ any idea?11:54
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MFaro-TusinoWell, It seems I just did a reboot of QtC and did a fresh open of the project (hello world) and now it works haha11:55
MFaro-TusinoAlso, how can I get various Qt Components into the SDK? (Intention is to use Sailfish, Harmattan, BB10 and Symbian in the one SDK)11:56
niweberosx is a bit weird sometimes11:56
MFaro-TusinoSometimes! hahah11:57
auri__MFaro-Tusino: which version of Qtc are you using?11:57
auri__Harmattan and BB10 is supported11:57
auri__I think we dropped Symbian support11:57
auri__from 2.6 onwards.11:57
auri__or was it 2.7 onwards.11:58
MFaro-Tusinothats cool, it was just to save space11:58
auri__Sailfish is not yet supported on stock QtC11:58
MFaro-Tusinookay okay, so still, harmattan and BB!011:58
auri__maybe from 2.8 onwards (still some work to do)11:58
MFaro-Tusino2/4 is better than nothing11:58
auri__MFaro-Tusino: for sailfish you can use the sailfish sdk for osx12:02
auri__it has QtC which is based on 2.6.2 with the sailfish plugin12:03
MFaro-TusinoI use the Ubuntu version, was my intent to just save space on OSX12:03
MFaro-Tusinoby removing three sdks, and putting it into one QtC12:03
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Sfiet_Konstantinhello :)12:45
Sfiet_Konstantinback again !12:45
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MFaro-Tusinoheyyy Lucien15:00
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Sfiet_Konstantinhello wowerc :)15:32
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MFaro-Tusinowhats everybody up to?15:51
sledgesIm up with Nemo on Pandaboard ES :)15:59
sledgeswould be great to know, what else is going on16:00
sledgesMFaro-Tusino, what are you up to?16:08
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MFaro-Tusinojava assignment for uni16:12
MFaro-TusinoI really can't be bothered, would rather be building a sailfish app16:12
sledgesI think it was you who tweeted recently, that uni needs to assess students based on showcases of their own projects, and not professor's assigned ones :)16:12
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MFaro-Tusinoyes it was16:14
MFaro-TusinoThis is why16:14
MFaro-TusinoI hate Java! Plus the task is stupid!16:14
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GentSirMFaro-Tusino, java does suck18:43
GentSirsledges, and that's exactly what I've been told by a mate that actually does some hiring. He assesses 90% based on a fresh graduates portfolio of side projects. He couldn't care less about their degree.18:43
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sledges+1 GentSir :)21:14
GentSirsledges, which needs I need to get back in gear and work on some personal projects :)21:16
GentSir*which means I need21:16
sledgessounds bril :) and gives max satisfaction too ;) That's how I switched my profession from web developer to embedded systems just because the extracurricular hobby became too overwhelming with rest of life's free time :)21:18
sledges"follow your dream" is the motto21:18
GentSirI'm a young single guy, I can afford to follow my dreams and do what I feel like. I do have a Sailfish app I've been working on, but it got shunted on the back burner for the last week or so21:19
specialfollow your dream and you'll end up getting paid for it :p21:21
* special loves his job21:21
* sledges is still following his dream, even though is already getting paid for a somewhat version of that dream ;)21:22
GentSirspecial, what is your job?21:22
specialJolla :)21:22
GentSirLucky you :)21:23
sledges+1 :))21:23
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covox /whois special21:51
covoxdang, caught out :P21:51
GentSirJohn Brooks is special21:54
GentSirSounds like an underling of Sherlock Holmes21:54
* covox is at a remote mine site several hundred km away from his dream, but is inches away from resigning21:55
GentSircovox, what kind of mine are we talking about?21:56
covoxGentSir: iron ore, I'm with a construction group right now21:57
GentSircovox, sounds dreadful21:58
covoxGentSir: you don't know the half of it22:00
covoxthere's not even any engineering left to it, so just imagine the most endless, banal data entry job you can, only for 11 hours a day in the middle of the desert22:01
GentSirI would never, ever do something that awful22:06
covoxmy sentiments exactly22:08
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ljpdont you hate when things start working and you dont know why23:54

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