Tuesday, 2013-04-30

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Morpog_Any linux distro recommondation where sailfishos SDK runs without using every workaround available?11:27
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_: every linux distro should work11:27
Morpog_I don't want to go for Ubuntu again11:27
Sfiet_Konstantinit works here on fedora11:27
Morpog_well in Ubuntu you need to use every workaround in sailfishos FAQ to get it running11:28
Morpog_so fedora or debian11:28
Morpog_even the website of debian looks conservative :-)11:30
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yuntaI'd vote for fedora11:36
stephgI'm surprised you had so much trouble with Ubuntu, I had no issues on two computers with 12.10 and just now with 13.0411:36
Morpog_dunno why, it was a fresh installation back then11:37
Morpog_I'll have a go with fedora, never used it before :-)11:40
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Morpog_there we go, so many choices, 32/64bit, gnome, kde, lxde, xfce :-)11:41
GentSirMorpog_, I use Crunchbang11:49
GentSirBut probably any "vanilla" debian setup will work fine11:49
GentSirI've never had any trouble with the SDK11:49
GentSiror the VM11:49
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valdur55iekku: hey!14:53
iekkui started my vacation, now i have more time to spend in here :P14:56
nsuffys\o/ Hello :)14:58
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mikhasiekku, so erm how is your vacation different from your work?15:03
phakonot distracted by company mails15:07
phakomore productive15:07
mhall119how does the Sailfish SDK handle running an app on different sized screens?15:09
mhall119or different orientations15:09
mhall119like, running on a 4" screen in portrait, then running on a 7" screen in landscape15:10
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iekkumikhas, i haven't had time to talk with community, so it's totally different15:22
iekkui have been missing time with you guys :)15:23
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Sfiet_Konstantiniekku: o/15:26
Sfiet_Konstantinhave a good vacation :):)15:27
iekkui will :)15:27
iekkuhmph, just heard that i should go downstairs. we have had visitor 4 hours now and i have been working most of the time15:27
stephg it's better at work ;)15:28
iekkuwhile having coffee i was talking about mer, nemo and sailfish os to visitor :P15:28
rcgiekku, well, it is actually very nice to have you around here. but i guess we wouldn't be mad at you if you spent your vacation somewhere offline :)15:28
iekkustephg, i have been working today from home office15:28
iekkurcg, oh :( i will take my offline time too, no worries. going to forest and planning to do some other outdoor activities like fishing etc15:29
iekkuand trying to get some nice photos too15:29
stephgsounds like a nice vacation15:29
rcgiekku, am just saying because i also have the tendency to work much too much in my freetime ;)15:29
iekkurcg, free what? :P15:30
rcgiekku, cool :) wish you a great vacation :)15:30
rcgiekku, yeah, you get the idea :D15:30
iekkurcg, my neighbours asked do i have any idea how to spend my waking hours if i don't work...15:31
rcgwell, i think my fiancee asked the same once too xD15:32
rcgbut today i actually have a day off15:32
rcgwhich, uhm, well... kinda reminds me that i shoulda listen better to my own advice xD15:32
rcgat least i wasn't programming too much today.. most of the time i was busy solving some ikea puzzles15:33
iekkuok, now ->15:34
iekkuit's a labor day eve15:34
rcgbtw. iekku, wasn't meant bad, it's just that we usually have the tendency to work/code/hack too much and forget about cool offline things like family, nature etc.15:35
rcgmikhas, yeah, things like this15:36
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* rcg just notices the bunch of un-assembled ikea furniture he's sitting in and heads back to work15:37
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iekkurcg, i know. luckily my "wife" is taking care to get me often to nature. We used to have coffee / dinner at campfire or similar even during winter almost weekly basis16:56
rcgiekku, :)17:02
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morpog_ah so much stuff to fiddle around in fedora till you have something running :-)17:04
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rcgiekku, so, to put a long talk short: i wish you a nice vacation :)17:09
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morpogstskeeps BUG: cutefox works fine on linux SDK, but crashes on windows SDK. You can try by adding rozhkov's repository and install cutefox17:36
Stskeepsmorpog: it might be more insane than that17:37
Stskeepsmorpog: is there any code that looks for AVX in cutefox?17:37
morpoguuuuh, i just tried it, not coding it. Maybe rozhkov can answer that to you.17:38
Stskeepslong story short: there is a bug in virtualbox where cpuid shows one thing and /proc/cpuinfo17:39
Stskeepsthe other17:39
Stskeepsand virtualbox doesn't support AVX and one other extension17:39
Stskeepsso a program sees cpuid happily, starts using AVX instructions, and gets a SIGILL17:39
Stskeepsis that what you see?17:40
morpogso if my CPU doesn't support AVX it should work?17:40
morpognut why it works on linux then?17:40
morpognut = but17:40
Stskeepsi think it matters if you have VT enabled or not17:40
morpogit's enabled17:40
morpogon both17:41
morpogand in BIOS17:41
morpogbut I could try to disable it in virtualbox on windows and have a try again17:42
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Morpog_PCwhat the hell, this time it runs17:52
Morpog_PCfresh install of sdk again17:53
Morpog_PClast time I did zypper refresh and zypper update before I did zypper in cutefox, could this be the difference?17:53
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shmerlMorpog_PC: Hi. Will cutefox provide some UI for managing Mozilla Sync (or will it use Sync at all)?17:59
Morpog_PCthats up to coderus and the other coders.17:59
Morpog_PCBut why not, it's a great feature.18:00
Morpog_PCBut I think priorities are not there atm.18:00
shmerlI think it's in the gecko code by default, but you need some UI to enable it.18:00
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Morpog_PCshould be in gecko code (xulrunner) already18:01
shmerlYep. I use it mostly for bookmarks.18:02
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Morpog_PCyou should join #embedlite on irc.mozilla.org18:02
shmerlI was planning to ask some questions there actually. Thanks for reminding.18:09
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jake9xxr3d: ping, what's the status of the qa tool ?19:21
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r3dhi jake9xx. installed on both my personal & qa laptops19:39
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frecelI have some questions about the handset that is supposed to get revealed next month21:16
Morpog_PCI don't think anybody cann tell you those yet.21:17
frecelthat kidna sucks21:18
Morpog_PCAlso #jollamobile would be the place for that questions21:18
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