Wednesday, 2013-05-01

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braccianohow are you sailors09:41
Stskeepsgood, thanks09:42
Stskeepsmay day09:42
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braccianoI am experimenting on the published sdk10:05
braccianoI am trying to make a simple app using the silica library10:05
lbtyou are in the right place10:05
braccianogood :)10:05
lbtlet us know of any issues you face - check on the FAQ and known issues links in the topic too10:06
braccianogood idea10:06
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braccianowell, after having done some research10:45
braccianoi stil lcan't find the answer to my problem10:46
braccianowhich must be really silly10:46
lbtnp - just ask. It's an alpha and is missing much documentation10:50
braccianosure thanx :)10:51
braccianoI am calling pageStack.openDialog with a url as an argument10:52
braccianowhen I run the app and try to open the dialog I get this:10:53
braccianoError: Error while loading dialog: file:///opt/sdk/share/Notes/dialogs/CreateDialog.qml:28 Non-existent attached object10:53
braccianocalling openDialog like this:10:53
braccianopageStack.openDialog(Qt.resolvedUrl("../dialogs/CreateDialog.qml"), {})10:53
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lbtI'll take a look when I get the sdk up again :)11:04
Sfiet_Konstantinbracciano: try having a flat hiearchy for QML files ?11:04
lbtI'd suspect the path11:04
braccianook i'll try that11:04
braccianothanx everyone11:04
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braccianosame with flat hierarchy11:26
braccianoplus when I remove resolvedUrl I get a file not found error11:27
Sfiet_Konstantinis your CreateDialog.qml valid qml file11:31
Sfiet_Konstantintry with a "dummy page" ?11:31
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Sfiet_Konstantinbracciano: give us a pastebin11:33
braccianoyes the dummy page with just a dialog component seems to work fine11:33
Sfiet_Konstantinso there is a bug in the CreateDialog.qml file11:33
braccianoyes probably :P11:33
Sfiet_Konstantinabout your error I found that11:33
braccianoyes, I had found that too when googling the error11:34
braccianoI'll build the dialog piece by piece again and hopefully it will work11:35
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Morpog_PCSfietKonstantin, I don't get your bug with latest cutefox build on SDK emulator12:09
SfietKonstantinMorpog_PC: ok12:09
SfietKonstantinwill see12:10
Morpog_PCmust be your hw adaption then12:12
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paviJust installed the SDK . But the VM is not starting14:28
paviIt says MER SDK connecton refused14:28
paviis it because of some port issue ?14:28
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ice3186hey guys anyone feel like answering a few questions?14:31
paviice3186, so no ones here ?14:32
paviI thought this is a proper type for europe buddies ?14:32
pavilbt, ping14:33
Stskeepsit is, but it's a holiday in many countries14:33
paviStskeep. :)s, yeah its May Day14:33
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ice3186i wish americans got that holiday14:34
* lbt a bit busy - server down :)14:35
pavilbt, ohh ok . I did check out the but I didnt find a solution , even googled up to read which was about Mac OS14:37
paviI am running it on Open Suse 12.314:37
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paviI went to the options where if I ran a test . It says SSH connection failure: Connection refused14:42
paviVBoxManage: error: Could not launch a process for the machine 'MerSDK' (VERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND)14:42
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