Friday, 2013-06-07

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dossailfishos has suport for html5?00:12
dosGentSir , thanks I did not see when read the page of wiki :(00:19
GentSirNo worries mate00:22
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blebDo we know if Sailfish will allow root access? Will it have a terminal?04:56
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dm8tbrgiven the track record of these guys I'd be _very_ surprised if we wouldn't get that04:57
blebThat's great to hear, where can I read up on the "guys" you're talking about?04:58
blebThanks. Anyone know about the boot loader for the Jolla? Can I install something else if I want?05:01
dm8tbrsurprise, I know all of them personally :-o05:01
dm8tbrNo hardware details have surfaced yet, so I guess we'll have to wait to see that.05:02
GentSirdm8tbr, I'll make the trip to a conference Jolla is at to meet them all eventually05:02
dm8tbrBut again I expect that for developers the device will be wide open to foster platform improvement05:02
dm8tbrGentSir: 14/15, here in tampere :)05:03
blebAlright. Thanks for the info, looks very promising!05:04
GentSirdm8tbr, sadly, I just exhausted my spare money on an emergency trip to my native land of Michigan05:04
GentSirI also do not speak a shred of Finnish05:04
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dm8tbrGentSir: no need to, everybody speaks very good english around here.05:05
GentSirdm8tbr, is Finland mostly bilingual in English?05:06
GentSirI've really been wanting to move to a Scandinavian/Nordic country after college05:06
dm8tbrnot as in native speaking, but mots people have good command of the english language05:08
dm8tbrtv series are mostly subtitled, not dubbed (like in e.g. germany)05:08
GentSirI would obviously make a serious attempt to learn the native language of a country I moved to and planned a permanent stay in05:08
GentSirI've heard it's much more civilized there, and better job opportunities05:09
dm8tbrit's hard. I've been here for a couple of years now and due to everyone speaking so good english I haven't made much progress on my finncrypt05:09
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blebThis is funny, turns out I'm going to Finland from USA in 10 days, completely unrelated to Sailfish.05:09
dm8tbrbleb: well if you don't have plans for saturday 15th, now you have05:10
blebI arrive the 18th :( is there a Sailfish conference or something that day?05:10
GentSirbleb, may I ask where you live in the US?05:11
GentSirI'm in florida05:11
GentSirBorn and raised in Michigan though05:11
blebAh nice. I have an uncle and some cousins that grew up in Flint05:12
dm8tbrWe'll have a Keynote from Jolla05:12
GentSirI grew up very close to there, Davison05:12
GentSirI know there were a lot of finnish communists that moved to the UP in the 20-30's05:12
GentSirUpper Peninsula05:13
GentSirThe northern part of michigan05:13
GentSirI was told there was a mass exodus of finnish communists there by someone in this channel05:16
blebdm8tbr: thanks for the link! wish I could be there. I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise to me that Finland has such a strong free/open software culture. Awesome!05:16
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blebnice talking guys, I'm off to bed!05:30
* dm8tbr is off to the office05:32
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thraexI'd say most finns are tri-lingual: two official languages in school which you must study and most take 3rd/4th as optional09:34
GentSirthraex, what are the usual second and third languages?09:35
thraex3rd being most often the world's most spoken language: bad english ;)09:35
thraexFinland has finnish and swedish as official languages, then almost all take english09:35
thraexTHen some take french, german, spanish, russian or such09:35
thraexI myself took german as 3rd09:36
thraexBut of course for most people the languages are in "school condition" meaning don't expect to get long answers09:36
Nicd-I wouldn't call most finns trilingual as a lot of people don't really know anything about swedish09:36
Nicd-they just know enough to pass the test and the forget after that09:36
thraexOkay I admit, let me put it "trilingual in theory"09:36
thraexWell, more than zero anyway09:37
Nicd-also 3rd language (english) was not optional at my school09:37
Nicd-4th was09:37
thraexYou may be right, so long since I was in school, back in last millenium :)09:37
Nicd-I studied french as 4th language, complete waste of time :P09:38
thraexWell I can't have a discussion in german anymore but sometimes it's handy to pick up a word or two when abroad, compared to possibly not studying the language.09:39
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GentSirNicd-, so I should use needlessly complex English with Finns for giggles?09:45
Nicd-if you want to look like a snob, sure ;)09:45
GentSirI would never do that :)09:45
thraexJust pop the old "how are you" and you'll get a finn explaining details how his morning was :)09:46
thraexMost mistake it as a literal question.09:46
GentSirHere in the states the standard response is to say "fine, how about you? then they reply with "fine"09:47
Nicd-I think that's just needless overhead09:47
GentSirIt is kinda silly when you think about it09:47
Nicd-don't ask me how I'm doing if you don't want to hear it :P09:47
thraexYeah, no damn small talk!09:48
GentSirAs long as you don't tell me every detail of your morning :)09:48
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Nicd-it's hard for me to actually remember to ask people how they are doing09:53
Nicd-I can invite my friend over for a movie and sauna, later my wife will ask me "oh how is he doing?" and I'm "err, I don't know, didn't ask"09:54
cybettewhen i first moved to the states (from asia) i had trouble dealing with "how are you" qns. then i moved to finland and had to un-learn the whole "how are you" "fine, you" "fine" sequence09:54
Nicd-oh dammit09:55
cybettealthough nowadays when i travel to US, it comes back quite naturally09:55
Nicd-Maemo CSSU has bricked my N90009:55
Nicd-it seems09:55
GentSirI'll probably be seen as very rude when I go to Finland or the such and reply with "fine" to that question on reflex09:56
Nicd-nah, people do that here too09:56
Nicd-if they don't feel like telling too much09:56
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GentSirI hope to eventually move to that area of the world09:57
GentSirI know taxes are high, but the quality of life seems great09:58
cybettehere it's more like ::grunt::09:58
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cybette(if they don't feel like talking)09:58
GentSirWhere is "here"?09:58
cybettesorry, finland09:58
GentSirOh. I thought Finns were polite, gentle folk09:58
Nicd-that all depends09:58
thraexBasically they are, but words are used sparingly.09:58
Nicd-we're not homogenous09:59
thraexAn old joke is, if you walk on a street and someone is smiling to you, he's either drunk or crazy.  That's not a rule but an amusing stereotypicalization of the social behaviour.10:00
cybetteor he's a foreigner10:00
t7or thinks you're hot ?10:01
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cybetteif he thinks you're hot, he'll get drunk first and then smile at you10:02
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GentSirOf course not, I doubt there's a population in the world that's perfectly homogeneous10:02
Nicd-oh, my N900 is dead and Jolla phone is still miles away10:03
GentSirEvery time I left the US there were tons of foreigners everywhere...10:03
thraexI forget the % of people with foreign origin in finland, but the number was significantly lower than e.g. sweden. Most finns don't realize how homogenous we are. And majority of foreigners in finland are located at capital area.10:03
Nicd-yeah, I meant smaller differences like outgoingness10:04
Nicd-we are slowly getting more extrovert10:04
GentSirIs it really that hard for a foreigner to move to Finland, or is it just that nobody wants to?10:05
Nicd-I've heard it may be hard to get a job10:06
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GentSirWhy is that?10:06
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thraexIf you're a specialist like a biochemist or it-guy then it might be more easy, but foreign education is not always credited accordingly. E.g. there are african bus drivers who used to be engineers in their country.10:07
GentSirI'm young(20) and don't have a professional career, any halfway decent non-labor employment is fine with me10:09
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GentSirapologies for rambling, very late night10:11
Nicd-no need to apologize10:12
Nicd-not much else going on here anyway10:12
thraexFriday afternoon here, getting ready to leave early from work so possibly similar mental state10:12
GentSirIt's 6 am for me10:12
GentSirI've been up 30+ hours now10:12
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cybettethe job thing is true. while people generally speak and understand english well here in Finland, to get a job without knowing Finnish is difficult.10:33
cybetteand finnish being difficult to learn doesn't help things... :P10:33
GentSirI'll find a rich heiress that wants a cool foreign husband10:34
GentSirBingo, problem solved10:35
Nicd-mervi tapola is still available10:36
GentSirYou know what, I really don't mind sleeping in a gutter and eating ramen noodles...10:37
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cybetteGentSir: you might change your mind in Finnish winter :P13:28
Hartziwhat's wrong with finnish winter? ;/13:29
* dm8tbr likes finnish winter :)13:29
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cybette13:37 < GentSir> You know what, I really don't mind sleeping in a gutter and eating ramen noodles...13:38
tj_____i guess a guy raised in michigan shouldn't find the finnish winter that peculiar13:38
cybettemaybe you don't mind it, but you'll get frozen in the gutter13:39
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Hartziwhy sleep in a gutter when you can dig a hole into snow and sleep there? A leeping bag required ofc.13:41
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ericcc   the  homepage is  change lol14:48
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Sfiet_Konstantinyou are late ericcc14:49
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ericccyep  it  looks nice14:51
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GentSircybette, better than the alternative19:07
*** phaeron has joined #sailfishos19:18
GentSirWhen will the Jolla be available to purchase in China, any hard news on that yet?19:19
GentSirBecause I'm either going to have a friend of mine in Germany source it, or family in Bejing19:19
Morpog_PCRelease was aimed for chinese new year, afair19:20
cybetteyeap that's the plan19:21
GentSirNew year in China is like ten Christmases combined here in the states, you guys are really looking to rake in the holiday sales19:21
* cybette hears chinese new year songs in her head now19:22
Morpog_PCcybette, is that comparable to christmas songs?19:23
*** Master-Passeli has quit IRC19:23
GentSirThat works out well then :) My uncle invited me to stay with them in Bejing a few weeks around new year. As awful as it sounds, I've really been wanting to go check out counterfeit electronics markets.19:24
cybetteI prefer christmas songs because I know more of them (so it's not the same one that gets stuck in my head) and my name relates to them :D19:24
cybetteGentSir: I hope you get a genuine jolla not a counterfeit one :P19:25
*** Master-Passeli has joined #sailfishos19:25
GentSircybette, Oh no, I'll be getting the real thing!19:25
GentSirI just want to see what wacky stuff the counterfeit vendors have19:26
GentSirOne thing I've really been curious about19:26
Morpog_PCWould love to see some chinese vendors jump on the sailfishos wagon. Like Meizu, Xiaomi or Oppo.19:27
GentSirI know you guys can't go into any detail, but are there Other Half prototypes or the such at Jolla that aren't just cases that change the aesthetics of the device?19:27
GentSirMorpog_PC, that might be a double edge sword. There'd be more devices floating around, but nothing of the quality Jolla would design or make19:28
Morpog_PCOppo Find5 looks kinda good if you ask me.19:28
GentSirI know most of Jolla is ex-nokia guys that made some insanely cool stuff back in the day and are clamoring to do it again19:28
cybetteeverything in due time, other halves make exiting times in jolla ;)19:29
cybettei think some of the chinese companies make quite decent quality stuff19:29
GentSirThat's enough of an answer, thank you19:29
cybetteit would be cool to work with some of those companies19:30
GentSirThe Find5 looks like a pretty generic Android phone to me19:30
GentSirNothing special about it, but not a piece of junk either19:30
cybettealthough our current and first priority is to get Jolla product out19:30
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Morpog_PCWell GeneralAntilles, best times of Symbian where when it was multi vendor (Samsung, Nokia, Sony, etc.)19:31
GentSirMorpog_PC, I'm using a Symbian phone right now actually...19:31
cybetteafter that we can extend the other half concept to include those vendors19:31
cybetteGentSir: which one?19:31
GentSircybette, Nokia E7119:31
cybetteoooh my fav for a long time19:31
GentSirI know it's ancient, but it does what I need and has great battery life19:31
Morpog_PCMy old N8 is resting in my dads hands ;)19:31
* Stskeeps ponders if cybette did any code for the e7119:32
cybetteStskeeps: video engine19:32
cybetteMorpog_PC: N8 was the last phone i worked on19:32
GentSirMy best friend has had my N9 for over a year now, I doubt I'll ever get it back...19:32
* cybette has a soft spot for symbian19:32
GentSirI just love the keyboard on the E7119:32
*** Master-Passeli has joined #sailfishos19:32
cybetteme too19:32
GentSirSuch great tactile feedback19:32
cybettei had different nokia phone every few months due to the work i did, but i used E71 for at least 2 years19:33
Morpog_PCcybette, nice! it was a great phone, still does great photos and I loved the FM transmitter for in car use.19:34
GentSirMy only real gripe about the phone is the 2.5mm audio jack19:34
cybetteyeah I had gotten a few 3.5 -> 2.5 adapters for phones from that era19:36
GentSirI have an actual male 2.5 to male 3.5 cable for hooking it to my car stereo19:37
cybetteonce i left my e71 on a late night bus (when the phone was just announced, i.e. brand new on the market) - got it back next day from bus company. only in finland.19:37
GentSirYeah, in most of the US someone would have pocketed that19:38
GentSirWeren't they like $400 or so new?19:38
cybetteprobably 400€19:38
GentSirSo closer to $46019:38
cybettebut yeah i was so sure it was gone19:38
GentSirThat would've been awful19:39
GentSirI got mine off a friend, as consolation for still using my N919:39
GentSirAlong with like 20 1500mAh BP-4L batteries19:39
GentSirI get literally 4-5 days of battery life off a fresh battery19:40
GentSirI love it19:40
cybetteI miss fondling that keyboard19:41
GentSirI'm texting with mine right now. Wonderful keyboard19:41
cybettedamn you.19:42
* cybette finds solace in her N95019:42
GentSirWhat I would do for a reboot of the e71 style19:42
GentSirI am jealous of you though, I've always wanted an n95019:43
cybetteone thing for sure, we all love a good gadget :)19:44
cybettebut now i should head home19:47
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DrIDKhello! There are several  mistake in the documation! How Can I help you to fix it ?21:45
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yuntaDrIDK: tell us about it I guess22:10
DrIDKyunta, from mailing list ?22:11
yuntayeah, whatever works for you :)22:14
DrIDKyunta, no bug tracker avaible yet  ?22:15
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos22:15
DrIDKand I can fix them myself22:15
yuntasailfish specific? I don't think so22:15
DrIDKso, last question... can I run sailfish on n950 .22:16
yuntaif it's mer or nemo docs - there is bugzilla22:16
DrIDKit's sailfish specific22:16
yuntathen just mail it in22:16
yuntaafaik the only sailfish we released till now is x86 vm22:17
yuntaso it's rather incompatible with n950 :D22:18
DrIDKyunta, ok,  thanks ! I m gonna port my maemo apps to jolla :D22:19
yuntacool :)22:19
yuntawhat are they, if I may know?22:19
DrIDKyunta, I made vlc remote and an ftp manager22:20
yuntaoh, vlc remote, that'll be useful22:20
yuntafor me :)22:21
DrIDKyunta, I hope you will get success in the futur22:22
yuntathx, we're doing our best22:23
yuntaI think we can make it really cool with the help of people like you22:23
DrIDKyunta, you know, after looking your design, I think rich people who was using Nokia Vertu will love it !22:24
DrIDKSo good luck ! I m supporting you at my best ! see ya +22:26
yuntasee ya o/22:26
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