Sunday, 2013-06-16

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ericcc_how  can  i find the version  for   sailfish?13:58
ericcc_cat /etc/os-release  for  mer?13:58
GentSirericcc_, usually I use 'uname -a' to get the os version13:59
Sfiet_KonstantinGentSir: that's the kernel version14:01
ericcc_it  just  to  me the kernel version ,  not   mer  version14:01
GentSirMy apologies14:02
Sfiet_Konstantinericcc_, GentSir:
ericcc_thank  you  all14:04
GentSirthank Sfiet_Konstantin, that might be useful later14:05
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locusfis it possible to have separate pull down menus per sub page via pagestack navigation?14:37
Sfiet_Konstantinlocusf: what do you mnea ?14:44
Sfiet_Konstantinone specific pulley menu oper page ?14:44
locusfSfiet_Konstantin: yes14:45
locusfI can't activate it as I have tested it14:45
locusfits in SilicaListView14:45
locusfumm no, SilicaFlickable14:46
locusfits SilicaListView (main page) -> SilicaFlickable (sub page)14:46
locusfah now it works14:46
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Malinuxis it possible to install sailfishOS on the N9 ?14:54
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ibinssecond last entry15:07
Malinuxibins: thanx15:12
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locusfhow do I dynamically fill a ComboBox element?18:20
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MrPopinjayHello all19:27
Nicd-hello MrPopinjay19:27
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MrPopinjaySo, Sailfish OS. If I want a phone running it is the Jolla currently my only option?19:28
MrPopinjayOr is it possible to get something like the Nokia N9 and stick it on there?19:28
Nicd-it is highly likely that it will be possible19:28
Nicd-but it is up to the community19:28
MrPopinjayI couldn't find any examples of people running it yet19:29
detroutI think I saw claims the biggest issue is the gps unit in the N919:29
MrPopinjayOn anything19:29
Nicd-MrPopinjay: it's not released yet19:29
MrPopinjayAh. That would do it.19:29
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MrPopinjayI assumed the development was more open19:29
Nicd-it is open, in the Mer and Nemo projects19:30
Nicd-the Sailfish UI part is closed at the moment19:30
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MrPopinjayBut not in future?19:30
Nicd-they have not announced that19:30
Nicd-but have said some of it will stay closed19:30
MrPopinjayThat's disappointing.19:31
detroutwell some of the N900/N9 was closed too19:32
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detroutthere's going to be the device driver problem at least?19:32
MrPopinjayI'm in a rather annoying position at the moment where I want a new phone, yet I'm not really a fan for anything on the market (that I'm aware of)19:32
MrPopinjayOh well. I'll probably just find a second hand android phone to keep me going until Sailfish (or some other OS) has matured a little19:33
Nicd-I have the same problem as my N900 broke19:34
Nicd-I'm stuck on a Lumia19:34
Nicd-but I preordered the Jolla so I'll just wait for that19:34
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MrPopinjayI like the Nokia hardware but I've no interest in that MS OS19:35
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Nicd-this is a WP7 phone so it's even more terrible19:36
MrPopinjayWould anyone recommend a Nokia N9?19:36
MrPopinjayThey are ~£165 new, which seems decent19:36
MrPopinjayBut I've never used the OS and it's rather unloved so I'm a little apprehensive19:37
detroutI like my N919:38
detroutjust as long as you don't really care about having a variety of apps19:38
MrPopinjayOh wait, no SD card slot19:38
MrPopinjayThat rules that out19:38
detroutyeah the fad has been to strip those out19:38
MrPopinjayI noticed. I would have a Nexus 4 if it had one19:39
MrPopinjayIt's stupid. These devices have nowhere near enough internal storage to give up expandable storage19:40
MrPopinjayStill kinda tempted to get one19:41
detroutIs the 64GB N9 still available?19:42
detroutThere's also bluetooth "NAS" widgets19:42
MrPopinjayThey are *a lot* more expensive :/19:43
MrPopinjayI suppose I could buy a walkman or something19:44
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