Saturday, 2013-10-19

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simanaamaubuntu 13.04 and i'm using sailfishSDK05:23
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ericccdo you  witre code  for  sailfish?05:45
simanaamayes i do05:45
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simanaamaso i'm building and running for mer05:46
ericccme  too05:51
ericccwhere  are u  from05:52
ericccare  u  work  in  jolla?05:55
simanaamanope i'm not05:56
ericcci  am  win 7 64b and  sdk is  32b05:56
ericccwhich  type  do you desgin06:01
simanaamajust a little training project06:06
ericccstudy together06:41
simanaamaokay i got it working06:42
simanaamathe problem was that the emulator is missing /usr/lib/qt5/plugins/mediaservice folder and its content06:43
simanaamato add qt5-qtmultimedia to sailfish emulator do this:06:43
simanaama[nemo@SailfishEmul]$ sudo zypper in gstreamer*06:45
simanaama[nemo@SailfishEmul plugins]$ sudo zypper in qt5-qtmultimedia qt5-qtmultimedia-plugin-mediaservice-gstmediaplayer06:45
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ericcchow  about  on win7?06:47
simanaamait's the same06:58
simanaamajust ssh -p 2223 nemo@localhost06:58
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simanaamaHow do I login into the emulator or build engine?07:02
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ericcc thank  you07:36
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simanaamanext question: how can i play mp3-files in emulator? i assume i need ffmpeg codecs but how can i install them ? or is there some other codecs that gstreamer can use for decoding audio/mpeg08:00
Stskeepssimanaama: i think you can get away with gst-av and libav08:02
Stskeepsnot sure if those packages are in the sdk repositories or not08:02
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BloobQAudioDeviceInfo::supportedCodecs() seems to return an empty list, is there really no audio codecs in the emulator or am I missing something?08:41
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Stskeepsthat may be entirely right08:42
Stskeepsthough i'd expect to be able to play wav and ogg08:42
BloobI've been having problems with playing a wav file, which why I came upon this in the first place :P08:43
Stskeepsit might be that this is sorted in next sdk release08:43
Stskeeps / update08:43
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Bloobyeah, let's hope so :)08:46
JonniBloob: and you have remembered to enable audio on virtual image as by default its disabled?08:54
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Bloob(actually seems I have at some point, but had forgotten about it)08:57
BloobI don't think it should affect whether codecs are found or not08:58
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simanaamaStskeeps: okay, i'll try with those, thanks09:52
simanaamaso if those packages are not in the SDK repos i have to build them from source in merSDK and then copy the builded binaries to sailfish emulator or so?09:54
simanaamayeah, thanks, i try09:54
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simanaamaokay, i got libav compiled. What should i copy (the whole libav is 200mb) and where should i copy it? libavcodec folder to /usr/lib/ in emulator and thats it?10:15
simanaamasorry for my noobish questions :-)10:15
artemmaSent a message to a dev list about possibility of Silica controls port to Desktop/Android. Small hopes for somebody telling, sure, it's a very easy thing to do - Silica is 99% pure QML :)10:17
spider-mariowould they have the same beautiful appearance as in Sailfish OS?10:18
locusfwe in Glacier UX effort are also considering Silica compatibility10:18
artemmaI laid out arguments in the email, but basically even if they will be just OK, that would already enable a lot of things10:19
artemmamost notably super-fast desktop development (for mostly QML projects I am fancy for) and Android demos for ppl not having Jolla device10:20
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ericcc:-1: 错误:Could not connect to MerSDK Virtual Machine. Server rejected key.10:35
ericcchow  to rebuild key?10:36
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lbthey ericcc ...10:39
lbtfrom Options... Mer there is a "generate key" button. Does that help ?10:39
ericccno user   putty?10:40
ericcctoday   i  use  puty build the  key10:41
lbtah, no10:41
lbtyou can connect to ssh using putty but it's not 100% compatible10:42
ericccdid  new key collision  the  old  key10:42
lbtusing the sdk's internal generate is best10:42
lbtthen 'test connection' and see if you get Status: connected10:43
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ericccyes  now  i generater the  mer sdk  and  sailfishos sdk,  so  i can  run  .3q10:44
lbt(if you can manage it you may want to switch the SDK language to english whilst we debug this - Tools->options then Environment10:44
lbtis it working?10:44
ericccyes   working ,  now  i want  to ssh  to  can i do10:45
ericccwebsite  havenot  detail   documnet10:46
ericccuss  putty?10:47
lbtsadly I don't know of any _easy_ instructions. It's supposed to work but putty is fussy (and honestly I think Qt generates slightly bad keys)10:48
lbtyou could try this:
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lbtif anyone knows how to get putty to use the SDK ssh key then please tell me and I'll get it up on the wiki10:53
Yanielalthough I guess that is more like ssh-agent10:55
locusfone should be able to export/import a putty ssh key and then use it10:56
lbtlocusf: *should* being the key word10:56
lbtlocusf: I was actually relying on that .. ya know... *working* :D10:57
* artemma sort of surprised that ListItem doesn't use sensible margins/sizes by default10:57
lbtit turns out Qt makes slightly dodgy keys10:57
lbtI think that's fixed - but not sure it's in the public SDK yet10:57
lbtmaybe soon10:57
artemmaor is the default list item margin just zero?10:59
ericcci connect the  emulater with  ssh ,now  which the  root  passwd?11:00
Yanieldon't connect as root11:00
Yanieluse the username nemo11:01
Yanielwith the password nemo11:01
ericccthank you  ,it is ok11:02
ericccnow  use $ ssh -p 2223 nemo@localhost11:02
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ericccssh: connect to host localhost port 2223: Connection refused11:04
Yanielit might not accept connections without the key11:06
lbtso you need to do the equivalent using putty11:11
lbtI don't have a windows machine here so I can't look how11:11
ericccthank you11:13
Yanielbooting my win711:15
Yaniel"this might take a while"11:16
ericcc:) thankyou  Yaniel11:17
ericcc sudo zypper in gstreamer*,  what is  the  gstramer?11:17
artemmaericcc: gstreamer is a *nix multimedia framework11:18
artemmaso, say, audio-video codes could plug into common engines11:18
ericccso  i play  a  multime app,must  install gstreamer?11:19
Yanielfound the key thing in putty11:20
artemmaI worked only a little with streamer and to me it looked like quite a low level stuff. Say if you want to build an efficient pipeline capturing camera video, recoloring it on the fly and then repackaging for a network, then gstreamer could be the right tool11:20
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artemmaif you just want to say "play this video file", there might be easier higher level abstractions11:20
artemmathough it's possible with gstreamer too11:21
Yanielso on the left side of the putty window go to Connection->SSH->Auth11:21
Yanielthere is a box for selecting the private key file11:21
artemmaI even remember there was some QML package with gstreamer interface so that you could have a QML control  where you output video. A year ago it was sorta working11:21
ericcc private key file?where ?C:\SailfishOS\emulator\1\ssh\nemo\authorized_keys11:23
ericcclike  this?11:23
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artemmaI'd like to display one of the SilicaListView ListItems as selected (when opening a language selection dialog).. can't see a built-in way to display something as selected :/11:24
artemmaah, stupid me, a quick dive to source code shown undocumented highlighted property11:26
Yanielericcc: no not that one11:26
lbtYaniel: does that work? I seem to recall that it needed importing/converting11:26
lbtand it was the import step that had issues11:27
Yaniellbt: ah11:27
ericcchoho  so  here11:30
Yanielokay so open puttygen11:30
Yanielthere Conversions->import key11:30
ericcctwo  tools!11:30
lbtericcc: you should switch to running debian on your laptop :D11:31
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ericccsorry  my work must  use  win711:33
Yanielericcc: they come in the same installer so is it that bad?11:34
ericccit is my  first  use ssh11:37
ericccso  have  some stupid   problem11:38
Yanielnow let's see if this key conversion worked as it should...11:40
Yanielyup works fien11:42
Yaniel(I made a key on my laptop, moved to windows, converted and used it to connect to the laptop)11:43
Yanielso in puttygen Conversions->Import key11:43
Yanielchoose the private key file11:43
Yanielthen hit [Generate]11:43
Yanieljust [Save private key]11:44
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Yanielthen use that .ppk when connecting11:44
ericccso  cool11:45
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ericccuse the   sailfish  qtcraeate  can  not Import key11:46
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ericccso  must  use  puttygen?right?11:47
Yanielah so ´the problem is that qt creates bad keys that puttygen can't open?11:47
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ericccmaybe  he is  working12:02
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* lbt has been making coffee for his wife ... in return she'll tell you how to make putty work :)12:10
r3dericcc: Yaniel i'll run through the putty steps that work for me :-)12:12
r3dputtygen, conversion, import key12:13
r3dchoose C:\SailfishOS\vmshare\ssh\private keys\engine\root12:13
Yanieldoes it work with the nemo key?12:13
r3dit should do12:14
r3di can boot into windows in a while and try it -  i just need to restore it first12:15
r3dif you have a problem i'll try it12:15
r3dso the next step is to save the key as a .ppk file (careful not to overwrite the original key, i've done that once!)12:17
r3dnext, open putty, Host name:; Port: 2222; SSH->Auth; Private key file: C:\Users\User\<yourfile>.ppk12:18
Yanielthat is not the emulator12:21
ericccchoose C:\SailfishOS\vmshare\ssh\private keys\engine\  =choose C:\SailfishOS\vmshare\ssh\private keys\engine\1   ????12:27
r3dericcc: yes, ../engine/1 is the emulator. also engine uses port 2222, emu;ator uses port 222312:29
lbtdon't laugh!!! I picked those ports :)12:32
artemmavery serious looking ports to my taste12:32
artemmanot like laughable 808012:32
lbtartemma: wait until you read the VM MAC addresses ... I tried...12:36
artemmadon't know how to read it right away12:37
lbtwe need septadecimal to get an 'H' though....12:37
artemmaI believe it's full of good humor though :)12:37
lbtI wanted 5A11F15H12:38
artemmathat'd look cool12:38
artemmaif H was in hex :)12:38
Yaniel4 is almost as good as H12:39
artemmalbt: hey, if you worked on emulator, maybe you know about its development :)12:39
artemmathere are some hardware features that I'd love to use and emulator, well, doesn't have them12:40
lbta bit12:40
lbtsuch as?12:40
artemmamost interesting: camera flash and simulation of connecting-disconnecting otherhalves12:40
lbtyeah - adding simulation of HW to emulation is something we have in the pipeline12:40
artemmawould be cool to save-load and close-reopen app when user connects his private otherhalf instead of the work one12:40
lbtyes - I suggest you go play in #nemomobile for that ... sec12:41
artemmaoh, it's possible there already? cool12:41
artemmaI guess sailfish will use same apis12:42
lbtI don't know if that is being used for the things you mention though12:42
lbtand the ToH API isn't published yet either12:43
lbtThe Other Half12:43
lbt(essentially publishing it freezes it)12:43
artemmaoh well, Alphas and Betas can exist for APIs too12:43
artemmaI thought that's the Qt way even12:44
lbtyeah - I'd certainly ask about this on the ml12:44
lbtthere's an SDK release in the oven right now12:44
lbt(I'm actually on another project so I'm not up-to-date with SDK progress)12:44
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artemmashould do. I've sent there two mails today already, got to take a pause for having a chance for answers12:45
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artemmaOkay now my wikipedia for sailfish has primitive runtime language switch13:05
artemmanext step to make it storable permanently13:05
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ericccluch time13:37
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simanaamaI'm trying to create a rpm package with merSDK so i can install the rpm in sailfish emulator. Is there any guides available on how to do this..? this seems to be down:
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Jonnisimanaama: why not just use sailfish sdk, in there you can set deploy as rpm in run settings?19:30
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simanaamaJonni: ahhh, found it, thanks!21:35
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