Sunday, 2013-10-20

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artemmamodule "QtQuick.LocalStorage" is not installed...14:55
artemmaoh.. got to dive into how to install modules again..14:56
artemmavia RPM sure so that final users would get it installed to14:56
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artemmahmm, SailfishOS tab in creator tells that package qt5-qtdeclarative-import-localstorageplugin is installed already14:58
artemmaWhy can't I use it from the app then? :/14:58
artemmaoh is it installed to Mer, but not to the Sailfish emulator?14:59
faenilI guess so ;)14:59
faenilif you need it you should "Requires:" it in your .spec14:59
artemmaHooray, I learned one more deployment step!14:59
artemmaor actually not..15:00
artemmajust tried the same. studying logs..15:00
artemmaInstalling: qt5-qtdeclarative-import-localstorageplugin-5.0.2git4653.b1ee75d-1.7.3 [.....done]15:00
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artemmaYet ReferenceError: openDatabaseSync is not defined :/15:01
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artemmaHow do I figure out what package to BuildRequre for a given QML class?15:04
artemmaI mean there should be some sort of procedure how you figure which package contain this or that type15:04
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faenilno official tutorial afaik15:05
artemmaright now I see no LocalStorage folder in SailfishOS-i486-x86 target, so *maybe* it's the package missing in the mer build machine that is the problem15:06
artemmathough code compiles.. only at runtime I try calling LocalStorage 2.015:06
faenilif it says localstorage not installed it's an emulator issue, not build one15:07
faenilartemma, could it be that you're porting code from Qt4 without checking if it needs changing for Qt5? :)15:07
artemmaThat is strange.. I saw installation message when RPM was installed15:07
artemmaI am porting my old Qt4 stuff indeed, but this particular API seems to stay unchanged15:08
artemmayou just need to import import QtQuick.LocalStorage 2.015:08
artemmaas in
faenilit's just that I remember having similar issues15:09
faenilanyway, check /usr/lib/qt5/qml/imports/QtQuick in emulator15:09
faenilzypper se *localstorage*15:09
faenilor zypper se localstorage15:10
artemmalocalstorage is present in emulator /usr/lib/qt5/qml/QtQuick/LocalStorage15:11
faenilartemma, I've used it to port qmlnotes to Qt5 (nemomobile core app): see what I've done
faeniland it's got a qmldir and .so in it?15:11
artemmaHmm, you do import as Sql15:11
faenilso, do you have openDatabaseSyn not defined, or module not installed?15:12
artemmaI tried import as LS, it didn't help, lemme try again15:12
artemmayeah, when I use import as (so it;s like a JavaScript library), I get different error15:13
artemmaTypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'openDatabaseSync'15:13
artemmaah, figured it!15:13
artemmaIt's Ls.LocalStorage.openDatabaseSync now15:14
artemmaso JS library exports a LocalStorage object or something15:14
faenilyes, same as commit ;)15:15
faenilthe commit I pasted15:16
artemmaah, yeah. That's where I saw it15:16
artemmaqt-project docs should mention these details15:16
artemmaor maybe there are only few ppl who care about saving stuff in QML :)15:16
* artemma wants more Sailfish UI guidelines15:35
artemmaright now trying to understand which Pulley Menu items should have more important items15:36
artemmait is sorta logical to put most important item to top15:36
artemmabut it's faster to access the bottom one15:36
artemma..unless it's unelectable by pull (e.g. combobox isn't, you have to expand menu fully first)15:37
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artemmatrying to recall a good Qt project structure with the separate test project and subcomponents with own test projects16:02
artemmaany good guides-examples around?16:02
artemmabuilding a tests sub projects.. hmm, it's a pity there's no template for it in the creator. I guess standard console app will work for Sailfish16:18
artemmaProject ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: testlib qmltest16:23
artemmahmm.. yet another package to be installed?16:23
artemmado I need qtest-qml or qtest-qml-devel?16:26
artemmaand where's the testlib?16:26
artemmaand shall I specify BuildRequires in the tests subroject's *.spec on in the parent's one..16:27
artemmaah, I just want to have a good full app example with tests and subprojects :)16:27
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artemmaHas anybody installed testlib and/or qtest-qml to SDK? I fail to do do it16:39
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* artemma doesn't like learning spec syntax just for using qtest-qml and testlib16:50
Stskeepsartemma: isn't qtest-qml part of qt5 now?16:50
artemmaStskeeps: don't know. all this packages-modules world is nearly greek to me16:51
artemmaYou mean BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(qt5-qtdeclarative-qtquicktest) ?16:52
artemmatried. No effect16:52
Stskeepshmm no16:52
StskeepsBuildRequires: pkgconfig(Qt5QuickTest)16:52
artemmadidn't help16:53
artemmabut then maybe my whole project is screwed16:53
artemmaI created tests subproj pretty much by copying what wizard created for the app and copy-pasting from random sources on net16:53
artemmaStskeeps: can you have a look maybe?
Stskeepsmm, i'm a bit unsure of the factual use inside .pro16:55
artemmathat was And here's spec file -
Stskeepsdespite everything i'm not erm, a qt coder ;)16:55
artemmaeh.. I am quite comfortable with Qt stuff, but all this packaging and making project to install proper modules to proper places.. is a little beyond me16:56
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* artemma googling for qtest use in some mer projects. So far found only spec file for quest itself :)16:58
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artemmaAh, if it's a part of core, maybe QT+ is not needed anymore!16:59
artemmastill tst_qmltest.cpp:1:35: fatal error: QtQuickTest/quicktest.h: No such file or directory ..17:00
artemmaOkay, docs tell to do CONFIG += qmltestcase
artemmabut then it apparently requires qmltest module and I get Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: qmltest17:02
artemmaI created a subduers main project with actual app living in src subproject - looks like a standard Qt practice17:09
artemmabut them rpm deployment fails - Fatal: No spec file found in '/home/mersdk//projects/Wikipedia/rpm/' and couldn't make one from a yaml17:09
* artemma has little idea how to make src and tests spec files live together17:10
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* artemma browsing for a sample subdirs app project with tests inside, can't find one yet17:18
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OrokuSakiSup... anyone have a link to the OS and.. an arm image or something.. I just now found out that sailfish os.. exists18:07
Nicd-it isn't released yet18:07
Nicd-so the only public image is the SDK emulator18:08
OrokuSakiSweet.. Think it will work on my hp touchpad.. =)18:08
OrokuSakiWell... Mer should work. =)18:08
OrokuSakiYep... stskeeps is in here18:08
Nicd-yeah, you can try to install Mer/Nemo on it18:09
OrokuSakiWhat is nemo18:09
OrokuSakiThat sounds fun.. Nemo18:12
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OrokuSaki@STSKeeps or @NiCD
OrokuSakiShould I try building on Ubuntu 9 or 10 with i386?18:35
Stskeepssdk emulator is x86 only18:35
OrokuSaki? I had no idea you were the author of hybris, world owes you a ton of $$ =)18:36
Stskeepsi'd be happy with icecream18:36
OrokuSakiI like ice cream.. =)18:36
Stskeepsbut anyway, not possible yet to put sailfish on devices besides x86 ones18:36
OrokuSakiI tried to create the rootfs image.. and I get this error18:36
OrokuSakiHow about Nemo?18:37
Stskeepsnemo's probably easier but you should join #nemomobile if so18:37
Stskeepsand use mer platform sdk18:37
OrokuSakiso build the root fs inside of the mer platform sdk in a virtual machine?18:37
OrokuSakiI think18:37
Stskeepswell, mer platform sdk is essentially just a chroot18:38
OrokuSakiworks for me18:38
OrokuSakiI thought about compiling on Ubuntu 13.04 arm =)18:38
OrokuSakiOther fun stuff... Want to run fedora with wayland and mer on the TP... I guess without freedreno... vs with freedreno.. dunno.. so many options with a HP Touchpad18:40
OrokuSakiSailfish looks neat though18:40
Nicd-Stskeeps: I'll promise to buy you some ice cream if we ever meet :P18:40
OrokuSakiHell yeah... if your ever in Dallas, TX.. I will hook you up with Bob's Steakhouse18:41
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Nicd-my parents live in Florida half of the time18:42
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OrokuSakiI do like giving the "other" team a hard time with my touchpad... Gonna hound them till my hardware decoding works. =) They asked for a fork, that is what they are gonna get. =)18:42
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Stskeepsbbl watching a movie18:46
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OrokuSaki@Stskeeps.. if you could provide a way to get mic2 to build the filesystem I would be eternally grateful.. bbl.. I am in no rush or anything.. Touchpad is a hobby.19:48
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artemmamodule "QtTest" is not installed20:58
artemmathat is from qml20:58
artemmaDoes somebody know which package to Require: in .spec?20:59
artemmaRequires:   pkgconfig(Qt5QuickTest) installed hell a lot of stuff, but it was not enough20:59
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OrokuSaki@Stskeeps sweet.
Merbot`Ubuntu bug 898401 in mic2 (Ubuntu) "Missing dependency on python-central" [Undecided,New]23:09
OrokuSakihad to also patch it.. remove that one line23:09
OrokuSakinow I can built a root fs image and an lvm and boot your uImage. =)23:10
OrokuSakithough I swear it said root was /dev/sda (usb stick?) in the .ks file23:11
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OrokuSakiguess I will check your initramfs23:12
OrokuSakimeego.tar.gz sweet =)23:13
OrokuSakishould havec valled it mir lol23:13
OrokuSakiI mean mer.. damn it23:13
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OrokuSakichanged the lvm to /dev/store/ubuntu.. made it a gzip.. compiling kernel.. plan on using mkimage to be moboot compatible23:31
OrokuSakiguess I will need nandroid for this one23:31
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