Monday, 2013-10-21

OrokuSakiseems I need this toolchain.. forgot about that android-ndk-r700:00
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OrokuSakiInitramfs needed some adjustments01:24
OrokuSakiReached Target Graphical Interface01:25
OrokuSakirmnet_ioctl called for unsupported cmd 3558501:25
OrokuSaki@Stskeeps ever seen that before? Just curious...01:26
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OrokuSaki@Stskeeps... kernel change maybe? tenderloin_meego_defconfig? I noticed it is named mer now01:37
OrokuSakiplasma active 2 would be fun to see =)01:38
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ericccnice  day12:12
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saildevHi all, again.. :)12:20
saildevI'm having this one problem when getting data from XML file using XmlListModel.12:20
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saildevAm I able toget only the first item of the tree if it holds more than just one <object> inside it? You can take a look at this example file:
saildevI'm trying to get only the first image. If I only call "model.image" it gives me an error "Unable to assign [undefined] to QUrl".12:23
saildevI've also tried "model.get(0).image" but I assume it works only if I want to get the first delegate item of my SilicaListView component - at least it did not do the job at all.12:24
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saildevCould anyone help?12:25
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ericcc<second>  the  same name?12:27
ericcccan you  chang the  other name  for  the next  second delegate12:27
saildevNo I can not. I get the data from other source so it's not possible.12:28
saildevIs it possible to get all those <image> objects to an array or variant?12:29
saildevSo I could get the first object from there..12:29
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saildevBasically if there would be only one object named <image> in each <second> path then I would get it right, of course. But now it has more than just one <image> and I only need one of them because otherwise it won't work and it gives me an error "Unable to assign [undefined] to QUrl".12:31
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saildevAnd I know my XmlListModel or SilicaListView are completely fine because I've tested it with another XML source. /
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ericccyou  can check the  qurl   for  document12:33
saildevHaven't found any answers that would help me.12:35
ericccwait somebody  maybe  they can  help you.12:38
ericccwhere  are  you  from12:38
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ericcclunch time?12:39
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saildevYou mean do I have a lunch time?12:40
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tabaskoIm wondering if something is wrong with silica Searchfield example, can get it to work:12:40
saildevtabasko: Replace "PageHeader { ... }" with "header: SearchField { ... }".12:42
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saildevtabasko: Check this one, it should be correct now.12:45
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saildevtabasko: Actually I made a mistake. Now it should be fixed.12:49
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tabaskosaildev: thanks!12:51
saildevtabasko: No problem. :)12:52
tabaskoits still complaining about header tought, qtcreator hilights it and says: Cannot assign to non-existent property "header"12:52
saildevtabasko: Ah, still my bad. :) "header:" can only be used with SilicaListView, not with SilicaFlickable.12:53
tabaskooh, let me try that :)12:54
tabaskothat fixed header problem. But now Im back at original ListElement: cannot contain nested elements12:56
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tabaskofrom Silicalistview example, they seem to build model with listelements, not listitems like in searchfield example12:58
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artemma@saildev: can you try fetching second using XmlRole?13:25
artemmamaybe then it returns a variant holding all the images inside13:26
artemmasaildev: also ppl suggest more advanced queries for the similar situation at
artemmae.g. /*/*/text()[1]13:28
artemmamaybe in your case /string()[1] will work13:28
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saildevartemma: Thanks, I will give this a shot!13:44
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saildevartemma: Unfortunately this did not work. Gives me the same error and if I try "console.log(model.image)" it returns "undefined".13:47
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artemmasaildev: sorry, then13:57
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artemmaI think there is a solution via a clever XPath query, but I only used it for simple cases13:58
artemmaif nothing else works, here's something that will help for sure, may or may not make sense to you though13:58
artemmaIn the past I had situation where I wanted to covert and cache XML before processing in app.13:59
artemmaBasically european central bank currency rates - I did not want app to depend directly on the bank's rss format + I did not want all the app instances hit the bank servers + their format was not exactly cool for my XmlListModel14:00
artemmaso I created a real primitive python script running on a free Google App Engine tier14:00
artemmaIt fetches rates few times a day and converts them to the format fine for the application + sends me mails and chat messages if something fails14:01
artemmaworks as a breeze for the last couple of years14:01
artemmaif your XML comes from external source you might like preprocessing it as well14:01
artemma… and right after I wrote it I realized that you can preprocess XML in the app too, you don't have to have a stand-alone server for it14:02
saildevHmm, okay. Well that didn't make any sense to me, to be honest. :D14:19
saildevBut I think if I can find another way to deal with this and if anything fails than I try to catch from this method and work with it.14:20
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saildevAh, if somebody was listening my problem earlier today about the XmlListModel element, here's the solution:15:21
saildevIf you have a situation like this: you can't use "/first/second/image/string()" as a query for XmlRole. It will give you an error.15:22
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saildevAs artemma told to use "/first/second/image/string()[1]" it did not work either - BUT if you modify it a little bit and use "/first/second/image[1]/string()" it will work like a char. So that '[1]' was just in a wrong place. :)15:23
artemmasaildev: cool, that it works! :)15:24
artemmaI don't really know XPath syntax, just copy-pasted from a stack overflow discussion I googled :)15:24
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saildevartemma: Yes, thanks to you for giving the link! I was trying to access it from inside the SilicaListView element e.g. model.image[1] but it turned out that it must be clarified inside the XmlListModel element. :)15:25
saildevBut I couldn't even find that one when I tried to search. :D15:25
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pieestudy xpath from  w3cschool15:39
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simanaamacan i somehow disable the closing of silica DockedPanel when it is dragged towards the edge it expanded?16:47
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos16:48
simanaamaWhat I would like to achieve is that I have an element (like DockedPanel) that appears from an edge of the screen and stays visible until some condition is reached. But I would like to prevent the user interaction that might cause the panel to disappear before it should..16:50
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rcghmm, i installed a dependency in the sailfish sdk vm but it's not being used17:34
rcgit seems like it builds locally and not in the vm17:34
rcgusing /home/rc/.config/SailfishAlpha/mer-sdk-tools/MerSDK/SailfishOS-i486-x86/qmake17:34
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Yanielrcg: wrong target?17:48
YanielI seem to have the desktop target selected by default17:48
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rcgYaniel, nope, target says "MerSDK-SailfishOS-i486-x86"17:52
rcgsdk vm is up and is shown as up. interstingly, the sailfish tab says it's offline17:53
rcgi.e. the sdk vm launch button shows the stop symbol whereas the sailfish tab suggests the vm is offline17:53
Yanielpress it?17:53
rcgthen it stops the vm17:54
rcgalready did this and restarted17:54
rcghmm, it seems to do something on the vm17:55
rcgusing top on the vm and rebuilding shows the according processes17:55
rcgthen i don't know why it's not picking up the includes.. i can see the matching -I line in the compile output17:56
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rcgand the path exists and has the required files17:56
*** b0bben has quit IRC17:56
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rcg /host_targets/SailfishOS-i486-x86/usr <-- that's where all the build stuff inside the vm is located17:58
rcg ls /usr/include/ that's where it installed my stuff17:58
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rcgso my first assumption was wrong, the build vm is running and it executes the build on the vm18:00
rcgit seems the installation of my additional deps didn't put them in the appropriate directory18:01
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rcghmm nope, that doesn't seem to be the reason neither18:15
merlin1991rcg the build vm runs a scratchbox target18:15
merlin1991you have to install your depends inside there18:16
rcgmerlin1991, ah, how would i do that?18:16
merlin1991the build vm itself is just a host for scratchbox18:16
merlin1991I didn't play with that, but people in here should know18:16
merlin1991is the dependency in the repos?18:17
merlin1991then you should be able to ssh in, go into scratchbox and zypper in there18:17
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rcgah, i think i found it18:21
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos18:24
rcgalright, got it :)18:25
rcg1. log in to sdk vm as mersdk18:26
rcgthen sb2 -t SailfishOS-i486-x86 -m sdk-install -R zypper ar -G <repo-url> my-repo18:26
rcgsb2 -t SailfishOS-i486-x86 -m sdk-install -R zypper ref my-repo18:26
rcgsb2 -t SailfishOS-i486-x86 -m sdk-install -R zypper in my-dependency18:26
rcgthanks for the help guys :)18:27
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rcgyep, sweet, that did it, thanks again merlin1991 Yaniel18:39
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artemmayaml file does not support multiple packages, does it?19:01
artemmatrying to make final decision whether to scrap .yaml file completely (and focus on .spec only) o rnot19:02
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rcgartemma, afaik .yaml does support multiple packages19:09
artemmarcg: thx19:10
rcgwell, that's via subpackages19:11
rcgif that's what you need19:11
rcgartemma, ^19:11
artemmaprobably, not sure I understand the difference between packages and subpackages19:11
*** piee has joined #sailfishos19:12
artemmaI want to have subdirs project with the app and its test. Going to two different packages: myapp and myapp-tests19:12
artemmaSounds like subpackages?19:12
rcgi think that sounds like subpackages19:12
rcgyep :)19:12
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artemmaso that to app store I would submit only my app.pkg, while during development I'd deploy both19:13
artemmalooking at the example you've sent..19:13
rcgartemma, ^ that's a .spec only example of something that includes a test package19:14
artemmaSo there is no "main package" kdelibs generated, but only packages kdelibs-libkdeclarative , kdelibs-kdoctools, etc?19:14
rcgdon't know if that can be modeled via .yaml though19:14
rcgyep, that's my understanding of that thing19:15
artemmaoh, .spec file way I overcame yesterday after quite some searing and kind help here and at #nemomobile :)19:15
rcghehe, ic :)19:15
artemmanow I am not sure why yaml file exists at all19:15
rcgwell, maybe give the .yaml a try and see what specify makes of it?19:15
artemmaoh well, it's simpler and apparently is supposed to generate .spec during build time19:16
rcg.yaml is another convenience thing19:16
artemmabut what's the status of it in sailfish and future perspectives19:16
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rcgyep, the idea is that you try to do as much via .yaml and then generate the .spec from it19:16
lbtyou can do sub-packages only via yaml19:16
rcghmm, just been working on two sailfish apps and both seemed to require .yaml and .spec19:17
artemmaso far the only opinions I managed to notice on IRC is to scrap the whole yaml after initial generation as .yaml too limiting19:17
artemma*Require* both .yaml and .spec??19:17
artemmathat I don't understand :/19:17
rcgartemma, you can tweak the .spec in a way such that your changes are not overwritten by re-generation from .yaml19:17
lbtyaml is mainly an aid for getting started and people who can't be bothered with spec files19:17
artemmawhy if both are about same stuff and in ideal case even identical19:17
lbt(like me)19:17
*** master_o1_master has joined #sailfishos19:17
rcgartemma, well it may be that i misunderstood something ;)19:17
lbtyaml has less repetition, handles boilerplate and does validation19:18
rcgin the simplest case the .spec is just generated from the .yaml19:18
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artemmaSailfish .spec tells "Do NOT Edit the Auto-generated Part", but gives zero hints on where this auto-generated part is :)19:18
rcgin more advanced cases, you have additional tweaks in your .spec that you can't do with .yaml only19:18
rcgartemma, you can use the << >> parts for adding your stuff19:18
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC19:19
artemmaah, that's what they are for..19:19
rcgeverything between # >> foo and # << foo will not be touched by generation from .yaml19:19
artemmaokay.. I give it a try19:19
lbtspecify NoFiles: true to disable the main package btw19:19
artemmado I get it correctly that in the idea case I can just erase .spec and not check it in to repos?19:20
artemmain the ideal* case19:20
rcglbt, are there actually use cases where one would want two "primary" (i.e., non sub) packages in one .spec?19:20
artemmaso that it's auto generated during build19:20
lbtrcg: I'm sure there could be :)19:20
rcgartemma, that would be the ideal, yes19:20
artemmawell, I would love to have wikipedia.pkg and wikipedia-tests.pkg19:20
lbtrcg: app making app-server and app-client19:21
artemmathe first one looks like primary19:21
rcgartemma, i think that's a use case for sub-packages via .yaml19:21
*** jstaniek has joined #sailfishos19:21
rcglbt, i see, sounds reasonable19:21
lbtsubpackages are usually for -devel and lib19:21
artemmaThen until I do want two main packages I should be fine with just yaml19:22
artemmaokay, giving it a try19:22
lbtbut also -tools, -extra, -data19:22
rcgfrom my experience, .yaml is much easier19:22
lbtartemma: yaml doesn't prevent that :)19:22
rcgthen tweaking .spec can always be done later and is much more convenient19:22
lbtrcg: and tweaks are not lost (if they're in the <<>>)19:23
rcglbt, yep :)19:23
artemmain or out of << ?19:23
rcgartemma, and then, if you got the .spec in the right way you can always re-generate, e.g., to update version info or add new deps and keep your changes in .spec19:23
*** M4rtinK has joined #sailfishos19:23
artemmawhich part is auto? :)19:23
lbtartemma: it's obvious when you edit :)19:23
lbtthe empty bits...19:23
*** Zotan has joined #sailfishos19:24
lbtartemma: what is annoying is that there are 'optional' <<>> sections which are maintained if you create them but not there by default19:24
lbtat some point we may extend the yaml to support editing those and turning them on/off19:25
rcgartemma, yeah, as lbt says, you'll see it. by default those lines are just next to each other19:25
rcglbt, cool :)19:25
* artemma coding that19:25
rcgdog needs to go out19:25
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artemmaWhat is AsWholeName in .yaml?19:55
artemmanever mind, found it19:58
artemmaWhat would be a good "Group:" value for my app in .yaml (and in package description?)?20:02
artemmaApp Wizard produces "Qt/Qt", but my app isn't really a part of Qt me thinks20:02
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artemmaBuild process chokes without .spec file, so apparently it is needed even if you don't want to touch it20:15
artemmasmells like not so good build process to me20:15
*** nsuffys has quit IRC20:16
lbtartemma: Group is a useless value IMHO ... it used to mean something 10yrs ago20:19
artemmalbt: I thought it's used to categorize packages in repo clients somehow20:19
artemmabut I am not a *nix person at all, so can only guess20:19
lbtyeah - but that's only useful with a suitable UI - and as we learned in maemo that was a hard problem20:20
rcgartemma, i wouldn't worry too much about having the re-generate the .spec file after changing the .yaml. maybe this can even be automated20:21
lbtit is automated20:21
rcg*having to20:21
rcgah :)20:21
artemmarcg: it is automated, I am fine20:22
rcggreat :)20:22
rcgthen i misread :)20:22
artemmajust don't like the idea of half-generated file that you are not supposed to touch unless I really need to20:22
artemmaand what I particularly don't like is that every build or almost every build does modify the .spec file!20:22
artemmaReorders the lines without any semantic change!20:23
artemmathat means I have to be more careful with doing git commits20:23
artemmacan't just "add everything that changed"20:23
lbtthe spec file is deterministic for a yaml file20:24
artemmaor was it yaml file that was always touched20:24
lbtwe use git on them all the time20:24
lbtyaml should only be touched if you change the actual files you deploy20:24
artemmaI'll try keeping an eye on what's changed all the time20:24
artemmawill share here then20:24
lbtty - it shouldn't be a problem :)20:25
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artemmanope, .spec generator does not seem to support subpackages in .yaml20:36
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos20:37
artemmaor I misunderstand something20:37
artemmacould somebody have a look at my .yaml -
artemmano obvious problems there?20:38
artemmaarrgh.. no creator was overwriting .yaml apparently20:38
artemmaso I try again20:38
artemmano, still doesn't work - here's proper (I think) .yaml syntax
artemmashould generate package sailfish-app-with-qml-test.rpm (from SubPackages) , but generates sailfish-app-with-qml-test-whole-not-a-deployable-package.rpm20:41
artemmaand .spec file indeed requires whole thing. So apparently either Spectacle is failing or I fail to use correct enough syntax for Spectacle to use20:42
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artemmatrying to figure when app graphics is actually rendered - to run tests so that UI changes would be visible22:29
artemmaif I just wait for ApplicationWindow's applicationActive, everything works (UI already created), but nothing is visible unless I wait for some 100ms more :)22:30
artemmaso which event.peroperty to monitor to figure when render actually happens?22:30
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