Tuesday, 2013-10-22

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Bloobhaving weird problems setting up a qml context property05:24
Bloobthe editor can find it and its slots, but throws different kinds of unexpected token errors when trying to call a slot05:25
Bloobah, nvm the brain always finds the solution a moment after asking, apparently "native" is not a acceptable context property05:28
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rcghuzza to sdk update :D11:28
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Nicd-sdk update?11:29
Nicd-was there a new one?11:29
rcgjust received an e-mail via the sailfish list that the sdk will be updated today 13:00utc11:29
sledgesthat explains the sailors' dead silence :D11:30
Stskeepsit's not dead silence, it's more like tired mumbling11:30
Nicd-oh, nice11:31
rcgStskeeps, lol11:31
sledgeswell, well done!11:31
Nicd-nice of you to release it while I'm in an exam so I can spend my time reading for it and not playing with the sdk :)11:31
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artemmaSDK will now have two targets available.. made me realize I was building with i486 kit so far11:37
artemmahow is it even possible if emulator is ARM machine?11:37
artemmait is ARM, isn't it?11:37
kaltsiit's i486 :)11:37
artemmaso it's not a hardware emulation then, but i486 port that just happens to run inside a tightly controlled VM environment?11:38
Stskeepsartemma: it's sailfish for i486 running with LLVMpipe opengl es11:38
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fk_lxjake9xx: hi! Thanks for annoucement!11:48
sledgeshappy with release notes fk_lx ? ;)11:50
sledgesi.e. changelog11:50
fk_lxsledges: hehe, of course ;-)11:51
sledgeslooks nice :)11:51
jake9xxfk_lx: np, the good stuff is on the way as well :)11:51
fk_lxbtw. JollaHQ twitter account is silent about that :-) cybette and jukkaeklund are probably both busy11:54
jukkaeklundbusy lurking :p11:55
fk_lxjukkaeklund: :-D11:56
jukkaeklundwe have a Plan, as always11:56
fk_lxjukkaeklund: yeah, yeah .... :-P11:57
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saildevOh, nice.. Finally we get the correct resolution. ;)12:00
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saildevLet's see how my applications look like after the resolution change.. That's the frighten part ofthe update I suppose. *crossed fingers*12:02
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faenilinspiration for Jolla marketing team12:10
sledgesfaenil: tl;dr ;)12:11
faenilsledges, don't read, see12:11
faenilsupporter packages with very cool additions12:12
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faenilbased on how "supportive" you are ehehe12:12
sledgesother halves :D12:12
faenilwho knows...12:12
faenilI also suggested to use their updates model12:13
faenilweekly blog post from developers12:13
fk_lxhehe :-)12:13
faenilwith technical details12:13
faenilbut it seems that hasn't made its way within jolla :(12:13
Yanielsomebody just take an hour per week to write about what has been done etc and post it to blog.jolla.com for example12:14
Yanielyou could even take turns writing12:14
faenilI mean, it's not like it takes days12:14
Yanieland the community has been asking for it since.. ever12:15
Nicd-opera does that with their browser, I quite liked it12:15
Nicd-not every week but every dev release which was pretty often12:15
jake9xxYaniel: good idea, it actually somewhat happens but here and there is always information that is not to be shared yet.. so some kind of filtering should be done :)12:15
* faenil pew-pews jukkaeklund and cybette 12:15
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YanielI know12:15
Nicd-does the SDK have location APIs yet? or a way to fake them easily12:16
Yanielbut even if it was just a summary of patches submitted to mer and nemomobile12:16
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Yanielas those are clearly public12:16
Yanielit is something12:17
Yanielspecifically something YOU have done12:17
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faeniland something that keeps public interested in what you're doing12:18
jukkaeklundfaenil, Yaniel, I don't disagree (bloggin etc.)12:18
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jukkaeklundexcept I'd like blog.sailfishos.org more12:19
Yanielmaybe some highlights from twitter or irc, depending on who writes12:20
faeniljukkaeklund, sure, whatever12:20
Yanielit is jolla that people expect things from atm12:20
Yanielbut why not12:20
faenilthough Yaniel has a point12:20
Yanielbut then there should be a link to it on jolla.com12:20
jukkaeklundbecause what goes into sailfish is also more than just Jolla12:21
Yanielone that you can't miss12:21
Yanielbut sailfish progress is something that I know you can publish without problems (to a great extent at least)12:22
Yanieland it is still mostly considered a Jolla thing12:23
Yaniel(and sailors probably know more Jolla-specifics that may or may not make sense to mention in a blog)12:23
saildevI love the idea for blog.sailfishos.org. Easier way to get in touch with the updates and changelogs even for the smallest ones.12:24
Stskeepsfwiw there's rpm changelogs in the images if you guys are bored12:25
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faenilStskeeps, I think you're failing to see what we mean :P12:27
Stskeepsyes, sorry, didn't read entire conversation :)12:27
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jake9xxNicd-: location api is currently part of the beta sdk, but it is tied to licensing stuff which need to be agreed etc..12:29
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Nicd-jake9xx: ok, thanks for the response12:31
Nicd-been thinking about a geocaching app for sailfish...12:31
saildevNicd-: You won't steal my idea for the application once we get the location API. >:)12:32
jukkaeklundthat would be awesome12:32
jake9xxNicd-: you should look how Qt 5.2 location API's work, that's pretty much same story on c++ level. Also you can already make QML property bindings to them.12:32
Nicd-saildev: huh?12:32
Nicd-jake9xx: ok, I'll take a look12:33
saildevNicd-: Don't take it in a bad way.. But I've been thinking to create same kind of application. :)12:35
Nicd-then we should do it together :P12:36
Nicd-I'm also quite content even if someone else does it, but someone needs to. geocaching is usually the app I use most on my phones12:37
Nicd-if you don't count the builtin basic apps12:37
saildevI've worked alone for my other applications and I think I prefer it that way. Besides I have done some sketching for it and designing it for few weeks and doing my homework for the research part to get the most of it.12:38
saildevBut I don't even have time to start making it within a few month because I think that my music library application takes a lot of my time - and wine cellar as well.12:39
saildevWhat do you mean if I count the buil-in basic applications?12:39
Nicd-I mean that excluding the builtin basic apps (phone, contacts, calendar etc) and probably the browser, geocaching is usually the app I use most12:41
saildevAh, I see. Yeah well geocaching ain't the most important one for me but I like challenges and create something people need. I try to do everything for this community to help it grow. :)12:42
Nicd-as long as it's open source and I can contribute, I'm happy12:44
saildevLet's see where it goes. ;)12:45
saildevBut now I'm off to eat and after it it's time to install the update.12:45
saildevSee ya!12:45
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jake9xxok, website updated (sailfishos.org that is)13:13
jake9xxwe had interesting situation with my local computer's git being out of sync with our git repository13:14
jake9xxI'm sorry for the extra delay & possible confusion. Now the links work ok.13:14
faeniljake9xx, so, manual removal of old alpha is still needed?13:14
Nicd-situations with git are always interesting13:14
jake9xxfaenil: no, if you have Alpha-Qt5. If you still have Alpha for some reason, then yes13:15
faeniljake9xx, what about some hint here ;) https://sailfishos.org/13:15
faenilas that is written nowhere in the website :)13:16
jake9xxfeanil: true, it's on known issues list (lame reply, sorry for that)13:16
faeniljake9xx, np, just trying to give useful feedback ;) not a problem for me :)13:17
faenilif one visits website now he thinks he has to remove the alpha, even if he already has qt5, as it's still Alpha13:17
fk_lxjake9xx: is the newest version still called Alpha SDK?13:17
fk_lxfaenil: good point13:18
fk_lxfaenil: that might be indeed confusing13:18
jake9xxfk_lx: it's Alpha still, Alpha-Qt5 to be exact. The WIP was 'update2' but we did not want too long filename there.13:19
jake9xxfk_lx: there is a Beta coming u know :)13:19
fk_lxjake9xx: hehe :-)13:20
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faeniljake9xx, do you have a CI system for the website as well? :D13:24
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Nicd-hmm, if I quit Qt creator while the build VM is still running, the VM is left on13:28
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kaltsiNicd-: which qtcreator build do you have 'About qt creator and revision from there'13:32
kaltsihelp/about qt creator that is13:33
locusfhmm has anyone else ran into trouble with openssl-devel not being installable?13:34
Nicd-From revision 88f905a91413:34
Yanielcool, the updater started looking more sailfish-y13:34
kaltsiNicd-: that is the correct one.. and which host environment linux/mac/win?13:34
simbrownwhat have I missed with the following. When trying to update the i486 toolchain in the sdk I get:13:36
simbrownFile './oss/noarch/sdk-target-configs-0.50-10.15.2.jolla.noarch.rpm' not found on medium13:36
kaltsilocusf: which sdk version.. installs for me13:37
simbrownin the sdk control centre I'm trying to update SailfishOS-i486-x8613:38
kaltsisimbrown: did you start the updater from qtc.. help/start updater.. it will replace your build engine13:38
Nicd-kaltsi: mac13:39
simbrownkaltsi: Yes, this is after doing that13:39
Nicd-os x 1.6.813:39
kaltsisimbrown: mm there should not be updates available for the toolchain :P13:39
kaltsisimbrown: where are you geographically, I wonder if some caches have not been updated13:40
jake9xxfaenil: well, somewhat yes13:40
simbrownkaltsi: Sorry not toolchain, Targets13:40
jake9xxtargets & the whole package is built from recent jolla baseline13:41
simbrownkaltsi: UK13:41
locusfkaltsi: newest SDK updated today13:41
locusfkaltsi: refreshing repos helped13:41
kaltsiNicd-: it should prompt if it notices that the mersdk VM is running when you close qtc, but maybe it doesn't notice it always13:42
Nicd-kaltsi: the first time I ran mersdk, it used 100 % cpu for around 10 minutes before I killed it, after that it has started fine13:43
Nicd-but when building I got various errors. don't have time to look through them now, sorry, I have to head for my exam13:44
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Nicd-I'll try to get back to you later, maybe tomorrow, when I have more time13:46
Nicd-if I still have issues13:46
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kaltsisimbrown: I don't see updates to the two targets (SailfishOS-*) here.. so, interesting :)13:50
simbrownkaltsi: Okay I'll forget about it for a while and see what happens then13:50
kaltsisimbrown: almost looks like your Sailfish* targets have not been refreshed or reinstalled.. because the latest sdk-target-configs is 0.57-*13:50
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kaltsisimbrown: but it's a good idea to wait a while and check the situation then13:55
locusfso no deployment on ARM devices yet?13:56
kaltsiyep, no sailfish device out there yet :)13:56
*** VDVsx has joined #sailfishos13:56
locusfI do have my N9 primed for Qt5 + Wayland13:56
saildevlocusf: Still Jolla doesn't support N9 - at least not yet. :)13:57
locusfsaildev: the technologies are already there though and working13:58
locusfwe just needs Jolla's lipstick home13:58
kaltsithere might be a hackish way to do the deploy, but it's not in the official sdk release13:58
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kaltsisimbrown: yep that version of the sdk-target-configs you see is the old version.. so it seems that your sdk sees the updated repositories because the repo urls use 'latest', but your repository index files have not been refreshed14:12
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simbrownkaltsi: so su14:12
kaltsii.e. 'zypper refresh' has not been run14:12
simbrownbah, fat fingers14:12
kaltsione thing to check.. do you now see two targets Sailfish* armv7hl and i486?14:12
simbrownso ssh to the sdk andrun zypper refresh?14:13
simbrownkaltsi: Yes, the arm target is uptodate14:13
kaltsissh to sdk and run: sdk-manage --refresh-all14:13
*** faenil has quit IRC14:13
kaltsiyou can run that as mersdk or root14:14
*** rcg has joined #sailfishos14:15
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*** simbrown has joined #sailfishos14:16
simbrownkaltsi: I've restarted the sdk and I'm no longer prompted to update the i486 target, must have been some temporary glitch.14:17
kaltsiok .. good/bad :)14:17
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jake9xxsimbrown: also these are the wonders of internet cloud services... everything "should" be all right but then you discover that some remote replica of x.y.z did not have up-to-date-cache14:37
simbrownjake9xx: I'll try and temper my enthusiasm next time and wait a few hours :-)14:42
*** Pali has quit IRC14:48
*** mikhas has joined #sailfishos14:51
jake9xxsimbrown: actually you one of our best testers - you spot immediately something we have propably so many times over and over so we cannot react to it anymore...14:53
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Morpog_PC349 points in html5test.com on webview15:36
*** Netweaver has joined #sailfishos15:37
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saildevHey guys.. After the update I'm not able to run my application.16:20
saildevFirst of all I'm not able to run the emulator if I've chosen ARM and if I try i486 and use "Debug as RPM package" (I have imported QtQuick.XmlListModel 2.0 so that's why) it won't start the application and gives me an error on Compile output.16:22
saildevThe errors I get (three last rows) are: "19:17:13: The process "/home/saildev/.config/SailfishAlpha2/mer-sdk-tools/MerSDK/SailfishOS-i486-x86/deploy" exited with code 7." / "Error while building/deploying project qt5_musiclibrary (kit: MerSDK-SailfishOS-i486-x86)" / "When executing step 'Rpm'".16:23
saildevAny ideas?16:23
saildevAnd I'm using Ubuntu 13.10 32-bit.16:23
Jonnisaildev: have you added "Requires: qt5-qtdeclarative-import-xmllistmodel" in your spec file?16:24
saildevJonni: In my .yaml file.16:24
saildevAnd I have installed the package.16:25
Jonnithen Im out of ideas, other than restart qtcreator and it vm's16:26
Jonniand rsync deploy works?16:27
saildevHmm.. Maybe I try to restart the whole computer. :)16:28
saildevHold on a sec..16:28
*** saildev has quit IRC16:28
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saildevI still haven't been able to run my application after the update.17:09
*** Pat_o has quit IRC17:10
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*** piggz has joined #sailfishos17:11
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saildev'm not capable to start the emulator if using ARM and with i486 I get errors.17:11
saildevI've uninstalled the whole SDK and did a fresh install but haven' helped.17:12
*** amccarthy has quit IRC17:17
saildevDoes any other have a kind of a red circle if using ARM build?17:17
*** amccarthy has joined #sailfishos17:18
saildevI can start the Mer VM but not the actual emulator.17:18
Jonnihave you clicked shadow build option in arm vs i486?17:21
*** RoKenn has joined #sailfishos17:22
Jonniif you havent, then you need to clean the build tree when switching targets17:22
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saildevwhat do you mean by shadow build option?17:22
Jonniprojects->build->general-> box of shadow build17:23
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Jonniif you dont build in different dir then your mixing up arm and x84 object files and you end up in a mess17:24
saildevAnd how do I clean the build tree?17:25
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saildevOkay, thank you.17:27
saildevAnd do I need to save this after I've ticked Shadow build?17:29
*** Pat_o has quit IRC17:30
saildevOr do I need to change the directory of it?17:30
saildevIt says "A build for a different project exists in /../, which will be overwritten."17:30
Jonniusually you make a new dir for the build, like project_shadow_arm or something17:32
Jonniand project_shadow_x8617:32
saildevOkay.. And how do I save it? If I just leave it and come back it's vanished.17:33
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos17:35
saildevIt doesn't matter what directory I place in it it still gives me the same notification. No matter I just created it and it holds absolutely nothing in it.17:36
*** piggz has quit IRC17:41
Jonniits a bug. Well anyways, as there are no public arm devices out there that you can run stuff on yet, you are better of just by using x86 and clean all.17:42
saildevWell, the i486 gives me an error that I can not use it.17:42
saildevLike I said I use XmlListModel so I need to run it as a RPM package.17:43
Jonnieven when you run clean all 1st?17:43
saildevHmm, let me try again.17:43
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saildevNo matter I tried Clean all it still gives me the same errors.17:50
saildevAnd I'm using i486, RPM and I have installed qt5-qtdeclarative-import-xmllistmodel and placed it in .yaml file.17:51
Jonnisaildev: might be that old project are not compatible anymore, you might need to create a new project and copy files over from old one.17:53
saildevDone that.17:53
Jonniand you have checked that yaml file also copied the required field to .spec file?17:54
Jonnias .spec file is the one which really generates the rpm depencies, yaml is just a helper for generating the .spec17:54
saildevYup, it's right there.17:55
Jonnithen pastebin the whole compile log with errors so someone can make better quesses.17:56
Jonniif you login as root in emulator (left-crtl-f2 and do "zypper se xmllist" do you see xmllistmodel as installed (i-letter in the beginning of row))17:57
saildev"PackageKit is blocking zypper. This happens if you have an updater applet or other software management application using PackageKit running."17:59
saildevGives me that one.17:59
saildevHere's the complete output: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zzae8gfhnv2v8zu/SailfishSDK_Error.txt18:00
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Jonnisaildev: well your problem is here Fatal error: nothing provides qt5-qtdeclarative-import-xmllistmodel needed by qt5_musiclibrary-0.1-1.i58618:05
Jonniso either something wrong in yaml or in spec. Maybe copypaste spec file next18:05
saildev7th line of the code: import QtQuick.XmlListModel 2.018:05
saildevOkay, hold on18:06
saildevIt's the same file, just updated it. I added the .spec file in the end. :)18:07
*** Blizzz has joined #sailfishos18:10
saildevJonni: Can you find anything?18:14
Jonniyou must be somehow unlocky, I just tested to add Requires line to my helloworld and it found and installed xmllistmodel when I deployed helloworld18:15
saildevHmm.. I just don't get it. I've tried twice to delete the old projectand create a new one and copying the content from my file into it. Not working.18:17
saildevBefore the update it worked without any problem18:17
*** spider-mario has joined #sailfishos18:18
Jonnione thing that you could try:   left-crtl-f2 and login as root, and run "zypper ref"18:19
Jonnias if you have new vm it might be that repository caches have not been updated and thus it doesnt find any packages18:19
itbaronHave you tried to install it directly to the target machine?18:20
saildevJust tried that zypper ref.18:23
saildevIf that doesn't work I'll try itbaron's advice.18:24
saildevAh, that zypper ref helped.18:24
saildevThank you very much, it is working now like a charm! :)18:24
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