Saturday, 2013-10-26

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mikelimaHello everybody11:55
mikelimaI have updated the SDK yesterday...11:57
mikelimaAfter that, I could not deploy the application because of a missing dependency.11:57
mikelimaToday, I updated the repositories as suggested on the mailing list11:58
mikelimahowever, now I cannot run my program anymore...11:58
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mikelimaThat is the green triangle icon in QtCreator is grayed out, and the "run" section of the project says "remote path not set" with every field disabled.11:59
mikelimaMy application stays in a subdir of the project, that is I have a project of type subdir, with an "application" folder where the TARGET is set. can this be a problem?12:00
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MMorihi there, if anyone has an example on how to work with sqlite databases with javascript I'd be more than happy to take a look15:26
MMori or could tell me how many things here are going wrong15:27
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Sfiet_KonstantinMMori: sorry I don't know much about JS stuff15:38
Sfiet_Konstantinusually I use C++ / Qt15:38
MMori:) thanks anyways for answering15:39
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artemmaMMori: I think your code is generally fine15:50
artemmaI used to work with HTML5 databases from Qt4.7, was pretty much the same15:50
artemmaNowadays I like wrapping LocalStorage in a more QMLish way as I find property bindings useful and stand-alone JS libraries are fine, but not as comfortable -
artemmalocusf: ping15:52
MMoriartemma, that's not my code but I've been using it as a base for my code. It doesn't seem to return anything when I fetch data from the database. But I'll take a look at your code :)15:54
artemmaMMori: you can compile whole project. Runs fine, saves data (that is in the prev SDK at least)15:54
MMoriI shall do that15:55
MMoriThis will be a great help for me, thanks again ^^15:55
artemmaI plan releasing just the db component under a permissive license for ppl to reuse once I improve it more.. and find time15:57
artemmaright now it's free for non-commercial share-alike and certainly ideas are free to borrow15:57
artemmawhat was the way to get to build machine console in the new sdk again?15:58
dm8tbrI think it starts hidden. so you either SSH to it or you change the settings for the machine in the VBox ui16:00
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artemmadm8tbr: there used to be some special key combination..16:03
artemmaI don't mind just (I use it for emulator anyway), but then I need to install some public RSA key from somewhere16:03
artemmacan't quite see instructions in the sdk16:03
dm8tbrif you see the machine. hostkey-F1 or hostkey-F216:03
artemmathat used to be the way, but Mer machine starts headless in the new sdk16:04
artemmadm8tbr: BTW, just watched deacon video about Mer today, was fun to see you and @achipa asking questions :)16:05
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artemmadm8tbr: devcon*16:06
dm8tbryeah, so you either change settings in the VBox ui so it doesn't start headless16:06
dm8tbror you SSH in16:06
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artemmaI would actually prefer opening Mer console in just SSH, can use my favorite terminal then, but I understand nearly nothing about where to get the proper keys from16:06
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dm8tbrthe FAQ has that16:07
artemmaah, raw that was!16:07
artemmarecalled it now, thanks16:08
artemmasomehow I was expecting SDK docs to be in the SDK - stupid non-open source dev habits :D16:08
artemmaarrgh, how come both mer and sailfishes decide to speak finnish to me?16:10
artemmaMy mac is in English16:10
artemmaSome NSA assistance?16:10
dm8tbrnever had that problem16:10
artemmaas a side note, everybody's life would be so much easier if we could use NSA-ids, no more hell with multiple accounts for multiple service anymore and they identify you properly anyway16:11
Nicd-artemma: maybe it picks it up from your system location16:12
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artemmayeah, my Region is set to Finland16:13
artemmaMac understands that location and language are different things, *nix terminal maybe not16:13
Nicd-I have strange preferences16:14
Nicd-I'm in Finland, I want programs in English but I want Finnish dates and times16:14
Nicd-many programs don't understand that16:14
artemmaNicd-: similar things here :)16:14
artemmamost preferably I want console messages in English :)16:15
artemmaok, now I am in the console, checked some stuff and tools work. Now I need some help with packages and deployment and QtC integration to Mer16:15
artemmait used to work in the prev sdk, but not anymore16:15
artemmaI have template=SUBDIRS project16:15
artemmawith the main app and its tests (and it's really a hello world designed to illustrate the project structure)16:16
artemmatwo subpackages inside .spec file (and no .yaml)16:16
MMoriartemma: your code did help :) thanks once more. I don't know how many hours I've been wondering why it doesn't work16:16
artemmaah, shit, the problem seems to be happening at earlier step than I thought, I'll get back with the better question later16:17
artemmaMMori: what was the problem?16:18
locusfartemma: pong16:18
artemmalocusf: I am messing with the tests subproject deployment in the new SDK (you seemed to be interested in helping yesterday)16:18
MMoriI was just trying to read the data fetched from the database wrong. Didn't even think about using result.rows instead of returning the result16:18
artemmabut right now I figured problem seem to be happening earlier, as stuff isn't generated in /home/deploy/installroot16:19
MMoriI've still got a lot to learn16:19
artemmaMMori: good that it works for you now!16:19
MMori:) yes, progress is always good16:19
locusfartemma: yes, wasn't sure that the tests subdir does work or not16:20
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artemmalocusf: I don't get it. QtCreator run configuration isn't even offering "Run (on remote device)", only "Run (on Mer device)"16:23
artemmafor both src and tests subprojects16:23
locusfartemma: yes16:23
artemmabut somehow src does get started in emulator!16:24
artemmaeven if deployed via RPM package16:24
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*** datagutt has joined #sailfishos16:25
artemmaand I verified, new code actually gets deployed (changed some labels in the app to verify changes get to the emulator)16:25
artemmaapparently RPM generation steps somehow changed. Stuff used to be picked up from /home/deploy/installroot, now it's empty16:26
*** guoyunhebrave has joined #sailfishos16:28
artemmawhere on earth does RPM packager fetch files from?16:28
artemmamaybe installroot is now cleaned right after rpm generation..16:30
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artemmachecker RPM contents via rpm -qlp, seems correct though RPMs are supsiciosly small - test one is just 6.6KB16:36
artemmaHA, test package does get generated, installs fine and binary can actually be run in the device!16:39
artemmaSo the problem is just QtCreator integration then16:39
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artemmaHow do I make QtC recognize what's the runnable binary in the device?16:40
artemmaI mean it parses something (.spec file?) somehow16:40
artemmaand does it fine for the main package, but not for the subpackage16:40
artemmaor could it be parsing .yaml (that I deleted, because .yaml->.spec toolchain seems to not support multiple packages in sailfish SDK)?16:41
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artemmaWhy can't I at least specify "Alternative executable on device16:52
* artemma angry16:52
artemmaAlternate exe field is disabled when QtC "don't know what to run"16:52
artemmaisn't it the whole point of "Alternative executable on device" to be used when automatic detection fails?!16:53
artemmaOkay, I will create the custom executable configuration (hopefully it works)16:54
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artemmaokay, TEMPLATE = app was missing in the tests.pro17:01
artemmaold sdk was fine with it, new one isn't17:01
artemmaI specified TEMPLATE = app and now I am able to set alternative executable (default one is still guessed wrong)17:01
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artemmaFind in creator's .user file for Sailfish app  <value type="QString" key="Qt4ProjectManager.MaemoRunConfiguration.Arguments"></value>17:11
artemmaold projects don't just die :)17:11
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artemmano, it was not missing TEMPLATE = app, restarted from scratch and cannot make creator make alternative executable settable for tests :(17:14
artemmaand Custom Executable configuration seems to try starting app.. on a build machine?17:18
artemmaHow do I create configuration (on Mer device)? Or (on remote device) in QtCreator?17:20
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artemmaarrgh, I give up. Will just write instructions to start tests manually from console, not from QtC17:25
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artemmaHow can you check the current SDK version?17:34
artemmaI'd like to specify it in readme?17:34
Nicd-help -> about qt creator17:34
artemmathat tells about creator only17:36
artemmaI can also see about plugins and, well, can see there mer 2.8.117:36
artemmaOkay, I recalled that current sdk name is "SDK Alpha Qt5". Still wondering where it's specified if anywhere though17:36
Nicd-creator version is what they asked me to tell when I had problems17:37
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Nicd-the "built from commit" or whatever17:37
artemmaah, ok, thanks17:37
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artemmashit, now that I started writing docs on how to run tests binary manually, Qt Creator allows me to set alternative executable for tests17:41
artemmaah, it drives me crazy17:41
* artemma wants sailfish public bugtracker to be started some time soon17:41
artemmaor maybe I had the wrong target selected on the project page..17:43
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artemmaA-and, minimal [supposedly good] Sailfish pure QML app template with tests is ready and documented (sort of)!19:04
artemmaGo clone, use, fork, whatever! :)19:04
artemmaand improve too, pull requests are very welcome19:05
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krattonmmh, how do i login to emulator via filezilla?19:48
*** kratton has quit IRC19:56
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artemmaWas thinking about adding my apps to , but..20:36
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC20:37
artemmawhy are Sailfish apps listed on mer wiki?20:37
artemmaShould we develop sailfish wiki instead?20:37
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos20:37
dm8tbrartemma: that's a question for lbt_ and Stskeeps why there is no public wiki nor tracker nor other infrastructure than the mailing list20:40
artemmaactually there is sailfish wiki20:40
artemmabut it looks like not a wiki (part of main website) and there's no life there20:41
artemmabug tracker is promised, should come at some point20:41
dm8tbrisn't it read only?20:41
artemmaI'd submit some bugs to it20:41
artemmahum, I never tried logging it :)20:41
dm8tbralso mailing list reported bugs are happily ignored20:42
artemmaYou know, doesn't look like a wiki -> my contribution is likely to go extinct when it dies because nobody believes it's wiki :)20:42
artemmaI guess they don't have enough hands for public support yet20:43
artemmaor say it the other way, they've got enough internal-detected bugs to work on :)20:43
dm8tbr - reported, acknowledged, reminded, acknowledged. still there in latest SDK20:43
lbt_dm8tbr: not me ... I've been complaining since last january20:44
*** lbt_ is now known as lbt20:44
lbtthe sailfish wiki is a wiki but it's not open to public yet20:44
dm8tbrlbt: who do I kick then?20:44
dm8tbrlbt: here's a magic number btw: 5312 ;)20:45
lbtfrankly we don't have the spare manpower to set this stuff up so Stskeeps and I let Jolla community use Mer BZ and wiki20:45
lbtsdk is on there20:45
artemmaI remember reporting a couple of things that just died. I guess there's just no monitoring of list for bugs, so it's up to luck whether an issue gets really noticed20:45
dm8tbrlbt: has that been publicly announced?20:45
lbtdm8tbr: not heavily - we're mainly supporting dev side atm20:45
artemmamer BZ even? Oh, so we can try reporting sailfish-specific issues there?20:46
lbtartemma: and that's why it's not public :)20:46
lbtwe'd rather keep the Mer BZ for mer/OSS issues20:46
artemmapublic dev tracker VS working on internal device is the same as app dev/infra support VS building first device20:47
artemmaI guess I'd focus more on the first device too :)20:47
dm8tbrI can try to make sure bugs get to jolla. I have my channels for that. but for that they need to be well laid out. I won't verify them myself.20:47
lbtso if you have a problem with SDK *tools* which come from mer-tools then Mer BZ is OK20:47
lbtfor silica components though - it's the wrong place20:47
artemmaOK, then I can post by QtCreator related issues to mer bz20:48
* dm8tbr should read the sailfish list more. was too busy lately.20:48
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* artemma wants shadow build enabled by default. Don't like checking in .pro.user, but setting up shadow build for end users - not good21:03
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artemmaLooking at my app RPM installation log. Something required Package:qt4-default-4.8.3-1.1.70.i486.. wow21:11
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artemmaHmm, qml stuff wasn't really meant to reuse each other23:05
artemmaMy app uses stats and db to-be-submodules23:05
artemmawhile stats would also like to use db (for storing not-yet-send stats api calls between app runs)23:06
artemmaand it is all pure qml23:06
artemmahow do I make stats submodule use db module from another not known in advance place in hierarchy?23:06
artemma #againACaseForContitionalQmlImports23:07
artemmaor maybe C++ side could register types from QML too..23:07
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