Sunday, 2013-11-03

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M4rtinKjmlich: hi! :)12:43
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fk_lxjmlich: congratz13:21
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coderus_hello, Sailors! :)15:48
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coderus1i need to know how to restore application to foreground15:49
coderus1view->showFullscreen have no effect15:49
coderus1ApplicatoinWindow.activate() not working too15:58
coderus1well, actually it sets applicationActive to true, but not pops window to foreground15:59
coderus1is it bug and should be filled to some bugtracker?15:59
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Stskeepsstart by mailing list16:01
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fk_lxcoderus1: mailing list is quite helpful and for time being it acts as bug report place ;-)16:02
coderus1what is mailing list? =|16:07
fk_lxcoderus1: one sec16:07
fk_lxcoderus1: you sign up here ->
fk_lxand you will receive mails going to the list and you can post to it16:08
fk_lxcoderus1: you also have archives here ->
coderus1joined, thanks :)16:11
fk_lxcoderus1: no problem :-)16:12
coderus1well, how to use it now? just send email to list?16:12
fk_lxyep, that's it16:12
fk_lxbtw. this might be also useful (in format for printing as A4):
coderus1thanks. i think i have no problems with Silica. its Silica have problems with me :D16:14
fk_lxcoderus1: :-D16:14
fk_lxcoderus1: I guess you are porting persecute now?16:15
coderus1fk_lx: yes16:16
coderus1fk_lx: it working good, just this bug16:17
fk_lxso I guess it's when you select some CoverAction, right?16:19
coderus1And stupid PullDownMenu interferencing with SilicaListView inside parent's SilicaFlickable :D16:19
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coderus1fk_lx: no, i'm not using CoverActions. its from notification remote action via dbus16:20
fk_lxcoderus1: well expect that there are still some bugs, like for example flying pushup menu16:20
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coderus1fk_lx: right. i left it as is. hope it will be fixed before real devices will be available :)16:21
fk_lxcoderus1: so you want your app to go into foreground when it receives sth through dbus, right?16:21
coderus1fk_lx: right :)16:22
fk_lxthere is a lack of wiki, where solutions to such problems could have been posted16:23
fk_lxmailing list is good for getting answers, but not for searching them, that way some questions are repeated there16:24
coderus1fk_lx: sent to mailing list :)16:27
fk_lxyes, I've noticed16:28
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coderus1faenil: =)16:33
fk_lxfaenil: hi :-)16:33
faenilcoderus1, hey! finally! great to see you here ;)16:33
faenilfk_lx, hey buddy16:33
faenil :)16:33
coderus1faenil: well, just in app side, no mw :D16:34
faenilgod I've been 2 days without internet on laptop, felt like ages16:34
faenilcoderus1, you on app side? ahahah, nice joke :P16:34
coderus1faenil: yeah. just sw.16:34
faenilcoderus1, :)16:34
fk_lxfaenil: no internet, seems like humankind disaster16:34
faenilfk_lx, yep, definitely, especially if you neeeeed internet to hack :D16:35
coderus1faenil: are you in mailing list? i had urgent question here :D16:36
faenilcoderus1, yes I am in sailfish-dev16:36
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coderus1QQuickView->showFullscreen or ApplicationWindow.activate() not working :D16:37
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coderus1faenil: i cant activate window programmatically16:38
faenilcoderus1, what do you mean by *activate* window16:38
coderus1make it foreground16:38
faenilif the compositor doesn't want you to go up, you won't :D16:38
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coderus1faenil: means?16:39
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faenilcoderus1, that I think showfullscreen is not what's needed16:41
faenilI'm thinking..16:41
faenilfirst, are you talking about sailfish or nemo?16:41
coderus1faenil: on QML side ApplicationWindow.activate() not working too16:41
fk_lxcoderus1: btw. have you considered that instead of poping your up fullscreen unexpectedly it would be better for user to leave notification on the cover16:41
coderus1faenil: Sailfish16:41
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fk_lxup -> app16:42
faenilcoderus1, well, I don't know sailfish code, you might want to try with w00t (but I think he's flying atm)16:42
fk_lxand let user chose whether he wants or not to go to that app fullscreen16:42
coderus1fk_lx: of course application popping to foreground after user clicked on notification ;)16:42
fk_lxcoderus1: ah, ok, that's the use case16:42
fk_lxcoderus1: makes sense16:42
fk_lxso you are talking about clicking sth on events feed16:43
coderus1fk_lx: dont care about notifiactions/event feed16:43
coderus1fk_lx: problem in poping window to foreground16:43
fk_lxcoderus1: now you got me confused, can you describe the use case, what happens where etc.16:44
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faenilcoderus1, I'm checking nemo's code16:45
coderus1fk_lx: minimize window to cover and try to opo it to foreground by ANY signal to application. You can use timers, dbus, covers, anything. Just do it and let me know how :)16:46
faenilcoderus1, so, this is how nemo's homescreen does it16:47
coderus1btw, what is actual metod to post notifications? MNotification seems to be a compatibility hack to lipstick, but i cant find own lipstick methods.16:48
faenilcoderus1, so I guess you can do the same :)16:48
faenilcoderus1, there is a dbus service for that iirc, and there's also a binary, notificationtool16:48
coderus1faenil: cont find import org.nemomobile.lipstick 0.1 in Sailfish16:51
faenilcoderus1, check qml imports path for that module and see its versions16:51
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coderus1i mean any of org.nemomobile.lipstick16:53
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coderus1where imports located in fs?16:53
coderus1checked /usr/lib/qt5/imports of sailfish and mer emulators and mer sdk :D16:53
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faenilcoderus1, I think qml imports are in /usr/lib/qt5/qml/   iiirc16:54
coderus1i see16:59
coderus1need to dig lipstick sources :)17:03
faenilcoderus1, :)17:06
faenilcoderus1, I showed you the qml for what you need ;)17:07
faenilnot sure that's the official way app developers should go, but it's something :)17:07
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coderus1i'm grtting error on this17:09
coderus1[W 19:00:18 CLIENT] QObject::connect: Cannot connect (null)::homeActiveChanged() to LipstickApi::activeChanged()17:09
coderus1[W 19:00:18 CLIENT] file:///opt/sdk/persecute/usr/share/persecute/qml/Roster.qml:54: TypeError: Cannot call method 'windowToFront' of null17:09
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faenilcannot connect "null" ahomeactive changed? ...17:10
coderus1its lipstick internal code17:11
coderus1because it working only with HomeApplication instance :D17:12
faenilcoderus1, :P17:12
faenilfirst just try using Lipstick.compositor.moveToFront without anything weird around it (connections, behaviours, etc)17:14
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faeniland see if that works17:14
coderus1faenil: emm17:16
coderus1TypeError: Cannot call method 'windowToFront' of null17:16
coderus1faenil: it was about QML ;)17:16
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coderus1Lipstick cannot get compositor instance17:17
faenilcoderus1, ah ok you were already using that one17:17
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coderus1faenil:     QObject::connect(HomeApplication::instance(), SIGNAL(homeActiveChanged()), this, SIGNAL(activeChanged()));17:19
coderus1faenil: its from lipctickapi17:19
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coderus1faenil: where sources of this qml component?17:21
faenilcoderus1, the qml side is part of the homescreen, i.e. Sailfish's is closed (UI is closed source at the moment)17:22
faenilcoderus1, but you can look at Nemo's17:22
coderus1i mean org.nemomobile .lipstick component17:23
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coderus1faenil: okay. it just internal ai for  lipskick home17:28
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coderus1faenil: seems feature i'm looking for just not implemented :)17:28
faenilcoderus1, could very well be ;)17:29
fk_lxcoderus1: let's wait for the answer to your mail from someone from Jolla17:30
fk_lxcoderus1: that should clear the image17:30
coderus1jolla never answering my emails, lol :D17:30
faenilcoderus1, they answer on mailinglist and irc :) email is for marketing I think17:31
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coderus1ok. see ya. disconnecing now :)17:36
faenilcoderus1, where is compositor made private anyway?17:36
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fk_lxjstaniek: hi17:42
jstanieklo fk_lx17:43
fk_lxjstaniek: how's going? seen the article/interview with you about qt for tizen, where you mentioned Nemo17:45
jstaniekfk_lx: yes definitely mentioned it as the early adopter of the components :)17:46
faenilyeah, thanks jstaniek :)17:49
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jstaniekfaenil: mutual benefit, after all ;)17:49
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faeniljstaniek, anyway, fwiw, there's nothing left in Nemo composents from the tizen ones :)17:50
faeniltheme handling is made with c++ now, and, well, components are different from tizen's, so we are making new ones :)17:50
jstaniekfaenil: so isn't the qtquickcontrol styles api used?17:51
faenilbut it was really handy to have a starting point to start working on Glacier:)17:51
faeniljstaniek, yes17:51
jstaniekfaenil: and regarding the public API, is it different?17:51
faenilwe're trying to be API compatible with QQC and I'm preferring hacks where it is possible, to keep using upstream QQC as much as possible17:52
faeniland in the places we're doing things differently, we're still trying to also provide a style file which will work for those using upstream QQC17:53
faenil(of course they won't have Glacier features in that case)17:53
faenilfor example I'm doing orientation handling in my own ApplicationWindow which extends a c++ NemoWindow17:54
faenilalso added a Page components which offers Silica-compatible API (kind of)17:54
faenilas QQC don't have orientation handling as you know, and not even a Page or something like that17:54
jstaniekfaenil: no problem to have more features, but the intersection shall be identiacally handled and shall behave same17:55
faeniljstaniek, yeah, we're trying to do that17:57
faenilwe want to have vanilla QQC apps working on Nemo17:57
faeniland additional features for those who want to port them to Glacier QQC17:58
jstaniekfaenil: the question for such things is, is it better to be compatible with Qt Project or Silica; the former is longer term goal perhaps also for Silica^217:58
jstaniekfaenil: understood17:58
faeniljstaniek, well I'm giving QQC priority at the moment17:58
faenilbut QQC doesn't have a Page elemnt :)17:58
faenilso for that one I chose silica17:58
jstaniekfaenil: please write to Tomasz about details, not much left to have that I guess17:59
faeniljstaniek, what do you mean17:59
jstaniekI mean, he'd look at the Page topic17:59
faeniljstaniek, glacier components are still very WIP, there's only Toolbar (QQC one, not glacier one), ApplicationWindow, Page, Slider, ProgressBar at the moment18:00
jstaniekwe used it in other APIs18:00
faeniljstaniek, ah ok ;)18:00
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