Saturday, 2013-11-09

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YnGHello. I have a question about Sailfish OS.12:17
YnGWhether there will be the same method of killing apps in background like in Android?12:17
YnGOr much similar to Symbian (killing only during very low amount of RAM)?12:18
YnGIn Android this method of RAM management is for me too "strict".12:20
YnGIt is difficult to use 2 or 3 apps same time.12:21
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thesignalhi, i'm trying to add items (Rows with GlassItems in them) dynamical with a slider (slider value = number of rows). I have tried multiple things, and not really made any progress, could someone give me a hint how to do this?12:25
thesignali first thought i should do this with javascript and passing the value of the slider to the js function, then create the components. but i fail at inserting them to the view it should appear, and also i fail at calling the function in "onressourcechanged"12:26
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thesignalhow do i get rid of the "fpixw is not defined" error? i have this exactly like it is defined in the componentgallery example...14:20
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praeconiumHi, guys, are there any available phones for purchase with SailfisfOS15:34
disharmonicpreloaded? Not yet, afaik. Jolla should ship to ppl who preordered before the end of the year15:37
praeconiumNot preloaded, I missed the preorder thing, but would it be possible to install it in some other phone?>15:38
Yanielnot really yet15:39
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praeconiumAnd will there be any additional preorder any time soon?15:43
Yanielmaybe, maybe not15:44
Yanielbut the phone should be generally available soonish too15:45
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disharmonicDo we know what other phone unlock options there will be aside from double-tap?15:52
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Yanielvoice recognition?15:54
Yanielat least I don't remember hearing anything15:54
disharmonicYaniel, now that would be cool :P Well i'm hoping we do at least get a pattern unlock. Double-tap isn't really all that secure15:56
Yanielpattern unlock is just as secure15:57
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YanielI know the patterns of multiple people's phones without really having tried to find them out15:58
Yanieland without them knowing that I know15:58
Yanielunless you mean secure as in  "won't accidentally unlock in my pocket"15:58
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disharmonicYaniel, depends on the situation. In case of a random theft i think it's unlikely the thief will know your pattern.15:59
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Yanieldepends on the situation16:02
Yanielif they bother following you around for a while they are quite likely to see it16:02
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dm8tbrhmmm, I'm trying to port an app from harmattan and running into some include issues with the SDK targets17:15
dm8tbrI managed to convince it to include <gconf/2/gconf/gconf-client.h>17:20
dm8tbrbut then that file tries to include glib-object.h and fails because it's in glib-2.0/glib-object.h17:21
dm8tbrI guess it's either adjusting include paths or something else?17:21
dm8tbrsuggestions on how to do that in the QtC setup?17:21
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dm8tbrmeh, just needed the proper PKCONFIG line18:07
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saildevHey there! Soon we're able to send the applications to Harbour, right? ;)19:56
Yanielassuming you can load the page ^^19:56
saildevYeah, indeed. :D19:56
saildevI was just wondering that do I need to do anything else than selecting arm7hl - Release - Deploy as RPM package.19:57
saildevIt creates a new folder called RPMS in my project folder which as this .rpm file, but not sure is it enough?19:57
saildevDo you have any idea, Yaniel?19:59
Yanielthe rpm file should be just fine20:00
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saildevYeah, but it doesn't push it to the emulator but it do creates the RPM file. So not sure is it working properly then, though... And I can't see the custom images in any source files, but when I select i486-x86 and run the application on emulator it shows the images.20:04
saildevSo basically everything should work so I'll just cross my fingers and hope for the best. :D20:04
saildevWeird because I've only tested these applications on an emulator. Used to test them on N9 when I developed apps on MeeGo for my own use only..20:04
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dm8tbrsaildev: it's all new here, so just try it out and send it off for review20:07
dm8tbror put up the RPM for download and you might get told by someone with a device if it works. *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*20:07
saildevOh yeah, totally forgot that they test them.. :o It's not a common rule in a mobile industry so I totally forgot it. :D20:07
saildevDo you have a Jolla device? ;)20:07
dm8tbron IRC nobody knows if you are a jolla device ;)20:08
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saildevNow that wasn't very fair... You got my interest!20:10
Nicd-so... is harbour opening next week?20:12
saildevHope so.. I thought it went down only for a day. But still nothing.. :(20:14
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dm8tbrsaildev: no RPM, no answer ;)20:22
saildevdm8tbr: Ah, I knew I've seen your nickname somewhere before.. I tried to list your name (starting with dm8) in Twitter but couldn't find anything. Suddenly I remember that it's only tbr and got ya!20:22
saildevOh.. ;)20:22
saildevHold on a second..20:22
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saildev*fingers crossed*20:23
saildevIt still has a default icon, though.. :( Jolla still haven't provided any template for the icon pack. Just images how they're done but not an empty icon of any kind.20:25
dm8tbrsaildev: it does 'stuff™'20:27
dm8tbrgiven that I don't remember yahtzee rules (it's been a decade) it seems to do what it should20:28
saildevExcited like a little, happy boy on a Christmas eve.. ^^20:28
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saildevAlso it was kinda hard to provide the good looking dices and a scoreboard that would match the current ambiance theme so I'm not sure how it works with a darker ambiance themes.. I might have to change it as soon as I get the device on my hand as well. :)20:31
saildevBut other applications are built using the ambiance theme. :)20:31
dm8tbrsaildev: the contrast between enabled/disabled is a bit low on a dark ambience20:33
saildevYeah, that's what I afraid of.. :/20:34
saildevHmm.. I think I need to try something else..20:34
saildevWhat the application is called by the way?20:34
dm8tbrand it says "Default cover" might want to replace that with e.g. a die or some dice20:36
saildevYes, I know that one.. I've tried few alternatives to use as a cover. :)20:36
saildevDamn, it's hard to provide a good looking interface for dices because they can not be done with HTML codes - that way I just could've use it and a correct option for theme color.20:38
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saildevBut since I have to use images and it's not able to use the ambience on them (at least I don't know how to..) it's hard.20:38
dm8tbrbtw you could put just a dice cup on the cover20:38
saildevHey, that might be a great idea. :) Thanks for the hint.20:39
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saildevIs it easy to use?20:49
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Jonnisaildev: I would add throw-button in screen as there is room in bottom, and would make game faster to use as pulldown menu takes time21:05
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dm8tbranyone know if sailfish has anything like QSystemAlignedTier?21:08
dm8tbrthat seems to have been a harmattan thing21:09
saildevI thought about that as well, Jonni. But in the end I thought to keep the screen 'clean' as the user may throw the dices simply from anywhere..21:10
saildevAnd to think that this is just one variation of Yatzy out of many which I'm about to include in future releases.. And some of those variations have more options to choose from than those 13 on Yahtzee.21:11
Jonnidm8tbr: in Sailfish we use instead. QML api for that might be coming later.21:12
dm8tbrvery uuuh, informative readme ;)21:13
dm8tbrJonni: I'm trying to get this to work on sailfish/nemo:
dm8tbrI can probably rip out the aligned timer thing21:15
dm8tbrbut if there is a simple way to use that iphb thing21:15
saildevtbr, what do you think about the throw button? Would it be better on screen or via pulley menu?21:17
dm8tbrit follows the "clean" philosophy of sailfish of moving many 'additional' things out of the way21:18
dm8tbrI'm pretty much on the fence21:18
saildevOkay.. Then I wait for more reviews once we get the device as well. :)21:21
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saildevAny idea why I get these errors? If I get these (when compiling arm - release - rpm) I need to create a whole new project and compile it again when it works.21:24
saildev1. make: warning:  Clock skew detected.  Your build may be incomplete.21:24
saildev2. Error while building/deploying project qt5_yahtzee (kit: MerSDK-SailfishOS-armv7hl)21:25
saildev3. When executing step 'Rpm'21:25
dm8tbrah, that's probably clock synchronization of virtual machine and host21:25
saildevSo how do I fix it?21:26
*** Bloob has joined #sailfishos21:26
saildevI've been struggling with this since the update where arm build were added..21:27
dm8tbrhmm could be also qemu then21:27
dm8tbrdon't remember how much is cross-build and how much in qemu21:28
saildevI have no problems at all if I only use i486-x86.. But if I use ARM I'm not able to build i486-x86 again and the ARM stops working as well. I've tried to restart the whole QtCreator as well as VB but nothing..21:29
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dm8tbrthat sounds weird21:29
saildevAnd I'm not able to push the applicationto emulator if I only use ARM.21:29
*** Pat_o has quit IRC21:30
saildevYeah.. I've also tried to reinstall both VB and QtCreator..21:30
saildevI even took it a step further by reinstalling whole OS on my computer. :D21:30
saildevStill didn't help, though.. :(21:30
*** lbt has joined #sailfishos21:31
dm8tbrmight be worth checking if it was discussed on the mailing list21:31
dm8tbrand if not bring it up there21:31
saildevI've tried to look over there as well but couldn't find any similar situation.21:32
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saildevHmm, I'll think of it tomorrow.. :)21:40
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dm8tbrok, enough porting effort for today, time to catch some sleep22:17
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