Sunday, 2013-11-10

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situIs there a list of applications which has been ported or currently being ported to Sailfish ?06:10
Nicd-well there's this:
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situNicd-: Thanks06:30
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situIs there a spotify client for sailfish ?08:49
dm8tbrif in doubt: android08:51
dm8tbrbut let's hope for something native08:51
situOk, I am just looking for any interesting app to hack on Sailfish.08:52
* dm8tbr is slowly porting his way through SOwatch at the moment08:54
situInteresting I would have a look at it.08:59
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dm8tbrI'll push the current state to my github in a sec09:06
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situdm8tbr: Sure, give me the link.09:11
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situI do not have a smartwatch. Is Saiflish VM good enough to test the changes ?09:14
dm8tbrI'm currently in the state of making it compile at all...09:14
dm8tbrthe 486 target is completely sufficient for that09:14
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dm8tbryou'll probably have to add 'gconf' to your target using 'manage' in the 'sailfish' view09:19
dm8tbrI guess this should be set up to be pulled automagically though09:19
situChecking out the repo09:20
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situdm8tbr: Can you tell me the exact steps to add gconf in target ? When I search for gconf in targets section under SailfishOS view, it shows me gconf package, but I can't figure out how to add it.09:31
situWhen I press enter it shows me this warning : 'Toolcharin '' is not available in your repository. That target can not be installed'09:34
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dm8tbrenter 'gconf'09:38
dm8tbrpress install09:38
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situIt's already installed.09:43
dm8tbrand gconf-devel too09:43
dm8tbras you need the headers09:43
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situIt's building now.09:46
dm8tbrit should fail in the bluetooth code09:47
situdm8tbr: Just want to make sure we are stuck on same error09:48
dm8tbr/home/dm8tbr/src/sowatch/libsowatchbt/bluetoothwatch.h:55: error: 'sowatch::QBluetoothLocalDevice::HostMode' has not been declared09:48
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dm8tbrmm, missed to ifdef one line "_connectAlignedTimer->setSingleShot(true);", but that's not the problem right now anyway09:51
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situdm8tbr: Any progress ? I am still trying to fix the namespace issue.10:13
dm8tbrI'm currently cooking, my brain needed a break10:14
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dm8tbrI had hoped converting from those QTM macros to QT_FORWARD_DECLARE_CLASS as also used here would help10:14
dm8tbrbut it's probably still missing something10:15
dm8tbrmy problem is that I miss many things as I don't do code for a living, especially not qt-cpp10:15
situNeither do I, but we can still fix the problem :)10:18
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dm8tbryup, that's the idea10:53
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situI believe something is shadowing inclusion of headers.11:01
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dm8tbrI think it might be something related to those macros and that the source needs to be rewritten to match those11:04
Yanielthe qt class/object macros are indeed some dark arts11:05
situEven adding QT_USE_NAMESPACE_BLUETOOTH gives same error11:06
Yanielwhat is the issue=11:06
situYaniel: Compiler output
situWe are not able to include QBluetooth* classes in a module.11:07
YanielCONFIG += bluetooth ?11:07
Yanielor something like that11:07
situQT += bluetooth we already did.11:07
YanielI don't see it here11:08
dm8tbr - has the QT += bluetooth11:09
Yanieland you are sure about that namespace/forward declaration mess?11:10
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dm8tbrI took it from that tennis example11:12
situWhy is it searching for bluetooth classes inside so namespace ?11:13
dm8tbr"namespace sowatch" probably11:13
situbecause of the forward declaration ?11:13
dm8tbrand no I'm not sure about anything, as said I'm mostly c++ illiterate11:14
dm8tbrso this is _all_ magic for me and I work my way by reading examples and other peoples code11:14
Yanielwhat made you change from what the example does in the first way=11:16
Yanielit clearly has QTM_BEGIN_NAMESPACE etc in the global namespace11:17
Yanieltbh I never understood what the big deal with the C++ namespace madness is11:18
situI believe that's Qt4 stuff.11:19
coderushello! is there any way to disable swipe in Silica Dialog? I performing image resize actions inside Dialog and moving bucket causing Dialog page swipes to accept or reject directions :(11:19
dm8tbrYaniel: QTM is qtmobility and that's gone as it all got merged into qt AFAIU11:22
dm8tbrYaniel: also some of that stuff is harmattanisms11:22
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dm8tbre.g. QSystemAlignedTimer is gone as there is currently no usable equivalent11:22
Jonnicoderus: in qt5 in you can disable swipes with Qt::WindowOverridesSystemGestures11:24
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Yanieldm8tbr: then how about
dm8tbr11:13:07< dm8tbr>
Yanielqt5-dev vs qdoc?11:25
Yanielbut this does indeed look similar11:25
dm8tbrif not the same, yes11:26
dm8tbrthat's where I got part of the ideas11:26
coderusJonni: i know, but maybe some way in QMl side? i dont want to call Qt code from there.11:28
Jonnihmm, there is but I dont remember where my example is which does that :)11:29
Jonnior actually I might have done c++ binding to qml11:30
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coderusJonni: oh, found it. Since Dialog based on Page we can override forwardNavigation and backNavigation properties :)11:32
coderussadly i can't test PinchArea in Emulator :(11:32
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Jonniuse 2 mouses :)11:36
coderusJonni: what? really? i'll try it :D11:38
Jonnicoderus: or in linux you can emulate second touchpoint with keyboard, few years ago I made patch in here
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Jonni(used to emulate multitouch with N810 with that :))11:40
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saildevHowdy, once again.. :)11:41
saildevYesterday I spoke with tbr about my issue when using ARM to build the application.11:44
saildevWell, that problem is gone now, for some reason and at least for now.. But a new one appeared. Now it gives me this error: "Fatal: Too many spec files - please use -s to identify which to use"11:44
coderuswhere i can find modf in qt5 or other %= analogue11:45
Yanielthat is in cmath I think11:46
coderusshould i use ancient <c++/4.6.4/cmath> ?11:47
Yanieljust <cmath>11:48
Yanielit's the C++ standard library11:49
Yanielunless qt has decided to deprecate that and invent their own11:49
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coderusYaniel: i see no <cmath>11:51
Yanielactually it does not matter where it is as that is compiler-dependent11:52
Yanieland thus actually searching for it is useless11:53
coderusYaniel: actually project not compiling unless i use exactly <c++/4.6.4/cmath> instead of <cmath>11:55
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coderusJonni: touchpad + mouse does not activate pinch in Emulator :(11:55
Yanielwhat compiler was it again?11:56
coderusYaniel: ?11:58
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Yanielif cmath is not found then something is wrong12:00
Yanielalso I think I have used it before without problems12:00
crndcoderus, what's the error message?12:02
Yanieloh right you have to tell it to use the std namespace12:02
Yanielso either std::fmod or using std::fmod; or using namespace std;12:02
Yanielif that is the problem12:02
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coderusYaniel: crnd: well, it compiling now. just creator tells "File not found: cmath", but compiling.12:05
Yanielwhat is the exact include command you use?12:07
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coderus#include <cmath>12:13
Yanielwhat about math.h12:14
coderusmath.h contains only some constants, no algos12:18
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coderusWhatsApp for Sailfish ready for 80% now. at 90% will be released (i cant debug some things on emulator, unfortunately =( )13:04
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coderusis there any Tracker API published?13:12
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situdm8tbr: Any luck ?13:22
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artemmaWhere can I find a list of theme icons available?14:07
artemmaSearching emulator machine for "icon-cover-next" didn't help :/14:07
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artemmaah, stupid me14:07
artemmaemulator prints theme folders, not sure why I wasn't able to find the icons with find though14:08
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artemmabase and jolla-ambient themes in the emulator :/14:15
artemmaDoes anybody know which icons actually will be present in the final device for sure?14:15
artemmaE.g. I guess it's not a good idea to use the ova store icon14:16
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artemmaWhat was the package to install to emulator for QML debugging?17:10
artemmagot the need to understand how slider valueText font size gets changed :)17:10
artemmanever mind, amazingly it just worked17:12
artemmalatest sdk update helped probably17:12
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