Thursday, 2013-11-14

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artemmacould somebody with the device, please, try flashlight tester again?
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artemmanow it is actually linked to multimedia library and it is checking in C++ whether some flash modes are supported (and prints it to the logging text area)00:18
artemmaaard_ maybe?00:18 is needed by flashlight-tester-0.1-2.armv7hl00:19
artemmahmm.. strange00:19
specialoh, ignore that00:19
specialI was using rpm directly, it didn't try to find the dependency.00:20
artemmaI thought CONFIG += sailfish should satisfy it00:20
specialyou're good00:20
artemmaI am not even sure what it means to use RPM directly :)00:20
* artemma is about QML/Qt, not that much about linux00:20
specialbut none of the buttons give me a flashlight :)00:21
artemmawhat about the log messages?00:21
artemma3 first messages are supposed to check if flash mode is supported at all00:22
specialtorchSupport false, onSupport/offSupport true; "on via torch" gives "rT enabled changed to false"; on via camera gives "cam mode changed to 2"00:22
artemmaso torch mode is unsupported. Well sad, but by now I expected it..00:23
artemmawill try with flash mode on now.. hopefully it won't require actual camera start.. probably it will, but I;ll check00:24
special relevant journal00:25
artemmathanks, reading..00:26
artemmaCould you, please, try once more? Same link -
artemmanow I am trying to set flash mode to On (not Torch)00:27
artemmaif that doesn't work.. well, then I'll need to ask for a viewfinder probably00:27
artemmaspecial: hmm, actually logs you pasted say "Staring camera without viewfinder available". So maybe controlling flash without messing with the viewfinder is possible. Though viewfinder might still be initialized00:28
specialit now says "cam mode changed to 4" when pressing on via camera, but still no change00:32
artemma4 means FlashOn, but flash is actually down00:33
artemmaokay, then it probably waits for the viewfinder start00:33
artemmadoh, I just want to make a flashlight app :)00:33
artemmait;s a pity Torch mode is not supported00:33
artemmaokay, will go figure how to start viewfinder no, preferably without a visual00:34
artemmaspecial: thanks a lot for testing!00:34
specialno problem00:34
* artemma hopes for a developer program to start soon or for preorders to start shipping00:34
artemmaBlackBerry shipped me a developer edition device - helped a lot to start developing for them00:37
artemmabut I could not stand how they made their own half-working QML controls\00:38
artemmaso stopped after porting one simple app00:38
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specialI'm not sure the blackberry/nokia/microsoft strategy of throwing money around has been very successful in creating quality applications/platforms, though.00:39
artemmaspecial: me neither, but it was quite successful in getting me started with development :)00:40
artemmathough BB situation is different. Their emulator is way worse than Jolla's (I failed to even start in on Mac), so you really had to use the device00:41
artemmain Jolla's case, I guess only HW-specific apps such as flashlight need device, emulator is cool00:41
artemmahopefully it will simulate camera/gps too some time soon00:41
specialthere's no replacement for real devices, though00:42
specialI personally don't use emulators much/at all00:42
artemmawell, then any manufacturer does need to send hardware at least to the countries where it doesn't have sales00:43
artemmaand even in Finland if you target small open source debs too, some sort of a borrowable device pool would be handy00:43
artemmanot for me personally, I am on a second wave preorder anyway (was too slow for the first one), but for students, etc00:44
artemmaspecial: Can you, please, try one more time? -
artemmanow I am starting the camera00:45
specialyup. I certainly don't blame those three for what they've done with their developer programs; if I had the money, I'd ship a device to every developer I could find too00:45
artemmahopefully order of setting flash value and starting camera is correct00:45
aard_artemma: I asked our camera guy if he's bored enough to give you some pointers tomorrow00:48
artemmaaard_: that would be great!00:48
artemmaFastest way to find me is via mailing list - I've sent request to try same link to there as well :)00:48
specialbehaves differently, but still nothing00:49
artemmawhat does the log say?00:49
aard_artemma: it's personal interest. a torch app is the only thing I used on my n9 and I don't have a replacement yet for my jolla :p00:49
artemmaand what means "differently"? :)00:49
artemmaaard_: Target is to build exactly torch00:49
ottuloI have been corrupted... [02:48] <artemma> what does the log say? <- this played back in my head with a certain tune00:49
specialat launch, has "status ch to 6" and then "status ch to 8"; pressing still does mode ch to 4, but nothing further00:50
artemmaaard_: I actually have a ready app (not final graphics yet) with a cool slider for power. Except that it doesn't work and was rejected from harbour since torch mode is apparently not supported  :)00:50
artemmaah, tough to debug it without real hardware00:50
aard_there are other reasons for rejecting it from harbour as well :p00:51
artemmaI pretty much have to just guess the correct sequence00:51
specialcamera guy could be helpful too00:51
artemmaaard_: flashlight app that can't turn flashlight on sounds like quite a valid reason to me :)00:51
specialI've never personally seen a camera stack that wasn't insane and fairly fragile00:51
specialit comes with the territory00:52
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aard_camera stack, or camera guy?00:53
artemmahmm status 6->8 means ActiveStatus->StartingStatus. So that's correct00:53
artemmaand flash mode 4 is FlashOn, but the flash is not on.. interesting00:54
artemmamaybe capture mode is wrong..00:55
specialaard_: yes00:56
specialalthough I don't think he's fragile, quite the opposite00:56
artemmaoh well, if camera guy is kind, he can just know proper sequence by heart00:56
artemmaso hopefully, he'll contact tomorrow00:56
artemmaartem.marchenko is my Skype nick if he happens to be in the chat mood00:57
aard_not sure if he's using skype00:57
artemmaI am on IRC all day too :)00:58
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artemmaokay, too sleep for tonight01:03
artemmasweet dreams for everybody in most of time zones01:03
artemmawe'll see what camera guy advises01:03
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zuhBtw, still says "We're keeping some surprises in store ..." rather than point to the harbour07:39
fk_lxzuh: harbour != store07:40
fk_lxharbour is a place for submitting apps07:40
fk_lxJolla Store will be revaled later07:40
zuhfk_lx: Yes, tha FAQ entry is "Now I've built an awesome application - where do I share it?"07:41
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dm8tbrcybette: ^^^^07:42
fk_lxzuh: ah you are right07:42
fk_lxzuh: I guess when they wrote it, they still didn't know that place for submitting apps will have a separate name - Harbour, so not just a seciton of Jolla Store to submit apps07:43
zuhSure, just thought I'd point out since now the submitting half of the story can be added there07:45
fk_lxI think it would be useful for them to have some kind of internal system, with tags for example. So every time they announce some new information they would know in what other places they must update content.07:46
fk_lxSo for example tag: Jolla Store sites/places: FAQ, Overview etc.07:47
fk_lxThat way they could avoid situation where they have outdated/conflicting information in some places07:48
fk_lxI know it's not priority currently, but it is easy to imagine some simple database/shared spreadsheet for that purpose07:49
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cybettedm8tbr, zuh, fk_lx: thanks08:12
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nodevelHey! I have a question regarding the SDK. in qml I want to import 'QtQml.Models'. i checked whether it is installed by default and the sdk says yes (package). but the import fails09:47
nodevel(package qt5-qtdeclarative-import-models2)09:48
nodevelthe rpm ( ) says it should be installed in /usr/lib/qt5/qml/QtQml, but when I ssh in (either emulator or build engine), there's no such folder09:49
nodevelit's the same with the latest qt5-qtdeclarative-import-models2-5.1.0+git12-1.8.2.i486.rpm09:52
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Yanielare you sure it is that package?09:53
nodevelyes I am sure. however, i'm looking in a wrong folder. by fault. it's /host_targets/SailfishOS-i486-x86/usr/lib/qt5/qml/QtQml09:54
nodeveland it is present. i'll try it again09:54
nodevel*my fault09:54
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nodevelSo, the module is installed in '/host_targets/SailfishOS-i486-x86/usr/lib/qt5/qml/QtQml/Models.2/', but 'import QtQml.Models 2.0' fails with 'module "QtQml.Models" is not installed'... I don't understand.10:04
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artemmamy app is in QA for 30 hrs already, heh..10:17
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coderusnodevel: you should install it to sailfish also to be able to use it in applications ;)10:24
coderusnodevel: or just do sync in sailfish targets management.10:24
coderusnodevel: in future install development packages from sailfish management tab in qtcreator10:25
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nodevel@coderus thanks! how do i install it to sailfish?10:35
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nodevelcoderus: i guess you mean the emulator10:35
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Venemohey guys10:53
Stskeepsmoo Venemo10:53
Venemobad news: it seems that my N9's charger port is failing10:54
Venemowhat will I do if it fails completely before I receive the Jolla?10:54
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BysmyyrVenemo: bad luck, that is very common problem... buy some very cheap used android10:55
Bysmyyror fix it10:55
VenemoI thought that this was only a problem with the N90010:56
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coderusnodevel: in sailfish emulator, sure. now you installed package in Mer machine10:58
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BysmyyrVenemo: no, n9 and some other same old nokias10:59
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VenemoI don't want a cheap crappy android, srsly, how can you even suggest that?11:03
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Bysmyyrthats is best alternative for only some weeks11:07
nodevelcoderus: ah, i see. i'm used to pacman on pc, so when i ssh'd into the emulator, i knew that it's rpm-based, so i tried 'yum' :D now i finally remember it uses zypper instead. thanks anyways!11:08
VenemoI think in that case I'd go with Firefox OS instead11:08
fk_lxVenemo: noooooooo!11:09
Venemowhy not?11:09
fk_lxVenemo: not Firefox OS11:09
fk_lxVenemo: in the meantime you can use some cheap Asha :-)11:09
Venemowhy not firefox os?11:10
zuttois there anything good in firefox os?11:10
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SummeliI have the geeksphone, and I couldn't think of using that as my main phone11:10
Summelizutto: well, it's better with html5 apps than android's webkit :P11:11
zuttoi havent noticed any problems with webkit and html511:11
VenemoI'd sooner buy a lumia than an android, sorry. the firefox os device is even hackable.11:11
zuttoother than sound doesnt really like to work on 2.x.x version11:11
Sfiet_KonstantinVenemo: think sailfish running on an android11:11
Sfiet_Konstantinbut I +1 Venemo about FFOS11:12
Morpog_N9__venemo 27th november, get a jolla11:12
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_N9__: no, 27 nov, book a plane, queue and get a jolla11:13
Sfiet_Konstantinor don't get one11:13
Sfiet_Konstantin450 pcs11:13
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VenemoSfiet_Konstantin: what is 27th november?11:14
Sfiet_KonstantinVenemo: go check twitter jolla communities etc11:14
Sfiet_Konstantinphone get sold in DNA fi shop11:15
Sfiet_Konstantinonly 450 phones11:15
Venemobut I AM THE FIRST ONE!!!11:15
VenemoI should get it before the whatever fi shop11:15
Sfiet_KonstantinVenemo: yeah, but going FFOS might be a good thing then11:15
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coderus*offtopic start here*11:21
coderusRussians want to see Holly Dolly 27th November on Jolla Day :D11:22
coderus*offtopic ends here*11:22
coderusDo you know how to ser language environment values fot QtCreator?11:23
coderusit always starting apps with crappy shell values and i can't see unicode symbols in output11:24
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Venemoseriously now, I've missed so much news that I feel I've spent the last 2-3 weeks in a cave11:27
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CustodianDate announced, but still no info about delivery and shipping terms for preorders :/12:27
faenilwe're at half november12:32
*** Eztran has quit IRC12:33
GeneralAntillesAlways soon.12:36
MFaro-TusinoSoon and coming months must be the Finnish way12:38
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DarkSimIt is a bit sad that the price couldn't be pushed down a bit for the first phone though12:49
MFaro-TusinoDarkSim: Pricing was revealed?12:49
DarkSimAccording to The Verge12:50
DarkSim€399 (roughly $535 including sales tax)12:50
*** mikhas has joined #sailfishos12:52
DarkSimIt will be pretty rough as a release, seems like there are several factors making it difficult, it's a low-mid end device at a rather high cost, it's a completely new OS so people think they will leave their other smartphone life behind if they make a switch etc.12:54
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thesignalwat? why should they put up a price without taxes? or do you mean outside the EU DarkSim ?13:01
*** b0bben has quit IRC13:02
DarkSimbecause 'muricans like to put out price tags without sales tax13:02
*** Pali has quit IRC13:02
DarkSimHave no idea why13:02
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos13:03
JvD_well that just points out how much government gets for the deal13:03
*** Administrator_ has quit IRC13:04
thesignaldo you really think there are much american preorders?13:04
*** Administrator_ has joined #sailfishos13:05
mikhasto be fair, it doesn't matter at all what the US market thinks as long as Europe and Asia are excited enough13:06
thesignaland it's really important which apps are avaiable on a deivce13:07
thesignaland that's also in our hands ;)13:07
*** martyone has quit IRC13:08
DarkSimI just hope that it's exclusivity doesn't affect it's compability13:08
*** Administrator_ has quit IRC13:08
MFaro-TusinoI'm Asia-pacific and I'm excited :D13:08
DarkSimso it's not a sacrifice to use Sailfish over Android13:08
thesignalwell if you look at BB10 OS, android apps work pretty well13:08
*** ericcc has joined #sailfishos13:08
thesignalnever heard anything bad from a friend who owns a bb phone13:08
DarkSimand Blackberry is doing how well? :D13:08
*** Finleida has joined #sailfishos13:09
dm8tbrwell that seems to be a management issue of theirs13:09
DarkSimHope that I don't get a Jolla phone for the company to die 2 years later leaving me with a void phone13:09
thesignalyeah, they made some really wrong descisions13:09
thesignalbut with bb10 they did a good job13:09
dm8tbrDarkSim: well, phone is pretty much open, so nothing prevents the community to work with it from day 113:09
thesignalanyhow, that doesn't matter anymore13:10
thesignaljolla will get my full attention13:10
DarkSimYeah I'm interested13:10
thesignaland i hope yours tooo13:10
DarkSimafter my first smartphone purchase was the HTC One X and I got nothing but shit upon13:10
dm8tbrI mean you can just SSH in and fuck it all up using RPM, isn't that great!? ;)13:11
DarkSimHTC just looks the other way and supports all other phones they released past and present except my phone, Tegra 3 gives the phone the title of "Pocket Ember"13:11
DarkSimShit just wants to spontaneously burst into flames whenever I do something graphic13:11
DarkSimI mean honestly, Bloons TD 5 and other rather graphically simple apps13:12
DarkSim55 degrees, overheating and potentially even hard reboots13:12
thesignalseems more like a hardware issue, a production mistake?13:13
*** Pali has joined #sailfishos13:13
DarkSimNo, it's rather usual13:13
DarkSimmy friend bought the same kind of phone13:13
thesignalah, k13:13
DarkSimhis broke due to overheating13:13
thesignalthen it's just crap13:13
DarkSimI hope Sailfish will improve battery, stability and temperature haha13:14
thesignalyou mean running sailfish on a htc one?13:14
DarkSimand since it's rather low-specced it shouldn't use too much juice either13:14
DarkSimNo, buying that first Jolla phone13:14
DarkSimit's impossible for me to run Sailfish on my phone13:14
DarkSimbecause I can't open it up properly13:14
DarkSimBecause apparently it's more important to let every other One phone get proper access while my particular damn phone is left in the dust13:15
DarkSimSo I can install things like Cyanogenmod, but I have to manually update my phone by connecting it to my PC and running the update from there, instead of just doing it OTA13:16
*** Xruxa has joined #sailfishos13:17
thesignalah kk13:17
thesignali wouldn't run it on something other anyway13:17
thesignalother half will be a awesome feature i think13:18
DarkSimI don't understand that part13:18
DarkSimfirst it just seemed like colored battery lids13:18
DarkSimthen it gave you themes for your phone based on the color of the lid13:19
DarkSimnow it has keyboards on it?13:19
*** MFaro-Tusino has quit IRC13:19
Nicd-it has hw extension capabilities13:19
DarkSimand how am I supposed to use a keyboard that's stuck on the other side of the phone?13:19
Nicd-err, like in the n900?13:19
Nicd-slide keyboard13:19
DarkSimNever owned any Nokia phones or keyboard phones13:19
Nicd-there are a lot of things you could do with an other half13:20
thesignalit has a i2c connector13:20
Nicd-let's hope manufacturers pick it up13:20
DarkSimSeems a bit gimmicky to me :/13:20
thesignalbasically you can do anythink with it, except sending a lot of data over it13:20
Nicd-my dream would be a combined extra battery and hw keyboard other half :P13:21
DarkSimWait wait wait, is that Mark dude one armed?13:21
DarkSimThat scared me13:22
mikhaswould it matter?13:22
mikhaswould it be worse if mark was female?13:22
DarkSimNope, I just thought he stuck his arm around his back13:22
Nicd-his other arm is short but apparently quite functional13:22
DarkSimHe'll augment it with the other half :D13:22
*** fk_lx has joined #sailfishos13:22
Stskeepsour phones are made to be used with one hand for a reason13:22
Stskeepsit's a blessing in public transport13:23
DarkSimI know what the other half should be, sort of like a knuckle iron you can glide your fingers into13:23
DarkSimso you can't drop your phone while doing advanced thumb movements :D13:23
DarkSimWell that is awesome that you developed the phone with impairments in mind13:24
DarkSimNot enough companies do that13:24
mikhasanyone benefits from good accessibility13:24
*** artemma has quit IRC13:29
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KhertanAtworkHi, i currently got this error "could not create temporary directory" when i try to update my sailfish os sdk on Windows14:21
KhertanAtworktemp isn't full and writable14:21
KhertanAtworkit even write temporary file14:21
KhertanAtworkany idea ?14:21
*** mikhas has quit IRC14:23
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saildevheya, harbour rejected my yahtzee application because of a sound issue.14:46
saildevthey say: "I'm sorry to reject your application once more, but there is this problem:14:46
saildevThere is audio on all the time, even when display is off and14:46
saildevapplication is minimized to home screen.14:46
saildevThis happens until the first "throw" of dices, when also the first sound is played. Then device goes to sleep as it should."14:46
saildevany idea what might cause this? i call when the dice are thrown and autoPlay is set to false by default and i haven't touched this one..14:47
saildevbut when i try "onStatusChanged: console.log ( diceAudio.status )" it doesn't give me anything at all..14:48
Sfiet_Konstantinsaildev: do you have a source ?14:49
Sfiet_Konstantinfor me to look at ?14:49
saildevyes, hold on a sec..14:49
*** Morpog_N9__ has joined #sailfishos14:50
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guoyunhebravetoday's translation of sailfish doc15:11
*** krabador has joined #sailfishos15:11
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situI want to declare a single QML Component which should be used across all the qml files. What's the right way to do it ?16:15
situkind of global object.16:15
*** Morpog_PC has joined #sailfishos16:15
leinirwell, one point might be to say that you're introducing a singleton, and that's kind of bad, m'kay?16:16
situSo I want to write a wrapper over QtQuick.LocalStorage service. What's the right way to do it16:19
*** andreibechet has quit IRC16:22
*** Morpog_N9___ has joined #sailfishos16:26
coderussitu: your class wrapper provides only static const data? or contain class with functions?16:27
coderussitu: ah, you mean your QML Component is QML file working around QtQuick.LocalStorage?16:30
*** triggerhappy has quit IRC16:31
coderussitu: if yes you better decide dont do that. just make own class working with database and provide functions and methods you need in Qt.16:31
coderussitu: dont make reimplementation of qml plugins in qml :)16:31
coderussitu: if not please give more information about your aiming and so on.16:32
*** jpetrell has quit IRC16:34
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situcoderus: I need to access these methods in QML
*** circ-user-3Amhu has joined #sailfishos16:50
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coderussitu: i think you can use it as is16:58
situNope, Read this
situopenDatabaseSync is not available in Qt5.16:59
coderussitu: just add import import QtQuick.LocalStorage 2.0 as Sql17:00
coderussitu: and replace openDatabaseSync with Sql.openDatabaseSync17:00
situok, is it possible to import qml types in javascript files ?17:01
coderussitu: why not?17:02
thesignalhey, how can i measure the ram usage of my app in the emulator?17:02
coderusthesignal: htop?17:02
*** artemma has quit IRC17:03
thesignalits installed ?17:03
thesignaldidn't know that17:03
coderussudo zypper in htop17:03
coderusno problems here17:03
thesignal! ok17:03
Merbotthesignal: Error: "ok" is not a valid command.17:03
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos17:03
artemmaI am going to slush after party tonight, maybe that's the moment to push for a faster review :)17:03
thesignali thought i can only install a small range of packages17:03
thesignalthx coderus17:03
coderus! Exterminate * where race=("human");17:04
Merbotcoderus: Error: "Exterminate" is not a valid command.17:04
*** RoKenn has joined #sailfishos17:04
coderusthesignal: its same with real device :)17:04
thesignalcoderus: are you serious?17:04
*** jjanvier_ has quit IRC17:05
coderusthesignal: sure. it just x86 and lack of some system functions17:05
thesignali thought snapdragon was ARM?17:06
coderusthesignal: you can recompile most of software to x86 without any problems to use in emulator :)17:10
thesignalcoderus: i know that of course :) but i... i just didn't think it would be easily possible with sailfish :D17:13
*** Xruxa has joined #sailfishos17:24
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coderusthesignal: feel the power of Linux ;)17:27
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situcoderus: You were right. Qml types can be imported in .js files like : .import QtQuick.LocalStorage 2.0 as Sql18:11
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tanghusn00b alert: How do I detect change on a TextField?21:23
specialof the text?21:24
*** spider-mario has quit IRC21:24
tanghusspecial: yep21:24
tanghuson input/change21:24
specialtextChanged is the signal, so onTextChanged in the element, Connections { target: textField; onTextChanged: } elsewhere, or just use textfield.text and the binding will be updated21:24
*** krabador has quit IRC21:24
tanghusOk, thx. couldn't find anything about it in the QML docs21:25
tanghusOnly touched QML since last night. Last I coded was pyQt :)21:26
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DarkSimGosh diddley dang darn it, I want to try a Jolla phone21:40
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