Friday, 2013-11-15

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coderusshadow build not working for me. when i eching shadow build checkbox and settings build directory it continue building in project source directory13:38
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coderusand when i closing projects tab and opening it again shadow build checkbox is unhecked again :D13:45
khertanoh did you convert .ts (translation) file to .qm ... with qt.linguist ? how did you install it with sailfishsdk ?13:47
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khertancoderus, same here ...13:50
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coderusKhertanAtwork: usually i'm making translations myself before deploying. but .pro filee contains TRANSLATIONS field for that purpose :)14:48
coderusbtw, i'm uploading persecute binaries for QA team test soon :)14:49
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kaltsicoderus: shadow building will be supported in the next sdk update15:30
kaltsicurrently the checkbox is there but does nothing, you can toggle it if you find it pleasing but it really does nothing15:30
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coderuskaltsi: i see. its pain to build for two targets now. need to clean between builds and rebuild everything :D16:05
coderuskaltsi: maybe some workaround?16:05
coderusQA: check mailing list please. need to test Persecute for Sailfish before submitting it to Harbour ;)16:06
kaltsicoderus: sorry no workaround unless you want to work from command line inside the mersdk using mb2 script :P16:06
coderuskaltsi: no problems. just tell me how to initiate building and packaging to shadow directory to keep sources dir clean?16:13
coderuskaltsi: i'm happy xterm user. i can do everything in terminal :)16:13
coderusalso when selected arm build button is inactive, but arm launch contains "make rpm" way. need to create rpm manually after building in qtcreator :D16:14
kaltsido you mean Run with "launch"?16:15
coderuskaltsi: right. it just says "Not available in Alha2 SDK" :D16:15
coderuskaltsi: but "mb2 rpm" item is here.16:15
kaltsiye.. you can select the "Deploy method ARM" and then choose Deploy from the build menu.. it will build rpm's16:15
coderuskaltsi: strange. button not available for me16:16
kaltsimaybe some mixed words now16:16
coderuskaltsi: what you mean?16:17
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kaltsido you have the green Play buttons or are they greyed out?16:18
kaltsiwhen you select the ARM target16:18
coderusgrayed. but build button is active :)16:20
kaltsiyes that's fine16:20
kaltsiand your what is the deploy method you have chosen?16:20
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kaltsiyou can see it from the icon above the play buttons16:21
kaltsi"Deploy method ARM" is default for arm16:21
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coderuskaltsi: its "Deploy method ARM"16:23
kaltsiok, then from the Build menu.. up in the menubar you can select Deploy project "yourproject"16:23
kaltsithat will make RPMs for you16:23
coderuskaltsi: thats it! thanks :)16:26
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situI keep getting 'Unsupported image format' for gif files when I try to access them using QML. Is there any way to resolve this ?16:29
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khertanhow did you convert .ts (translation) file to .qm ... with qt.linguist ? how did you install it with sailfishsdk ?16:37
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coderuskhertan: check TRANSLATIONS field in qmake help16:45
coderuskhertan: or use lrelease tool directly16:46
coderuskaltsi: btw, can you give me mb2 command parameters to make compile and package to external directory as "Shadow build" does?16:46
kaltsilet me verify that it works first :)16:47
coderuskaltsi: sure :)16:48
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coderuswhat is the right way to check if qml/js property is undefined?16:56
kaltsisitu: do you have qt5-plugin-imageformat-gif installed?16:56
coderusdict.param == "undefined" or typeof(dict.param) == "undefined" or something else?16:56
situkaltsi: No, thanks for the pointer.16:57
coderusand typeof(dict.param) == "undefined" vs typeof dict.param == "undefined"17:00
coderuswhat is the right way?17:00
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kaltsicoderus: /win 3617:00
khertancoderus, thx17:01
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kaltsicoderus: sorry looks like the mb2 magic doesn't work yet.. needs some other updates too17:05
coderuskaltsi: okay =|17:07
coderuskaltsi: i tried it too with -p param, but qmake failed this way17:07
kaltsiI'm seeing a qmake failure too17:08
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kaltsicoderus: ah here's how it works.. it's not that nice17:12
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kaltsiyou'll have to at least run the qmake like that first17:15
kaltsiwith mb2 there's no "Deploy Method ARM" so you can give the emulator as the device for the arm target too17:17
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coderusokay, thaks, it working now =)17:19
coderusWhatsApp for Sailfish. Round 2:17:20
coderusplease test :)17:20
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coderuskaltsi: is there any way to deploy to remote host using its ip address?17:27
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kaltsinot very easily.. but
kaltsithat page describes the devices.xml format.. you can find that file under SailfishOS/vmshare17:31
kaltsiyou can add your own device/machine there and you need to create/define the ssh keys for it too17:32
kaltsinext sdk update will have device support in qtc too17:35
coderuskaltsi: okay, i need to create new device then17:41
coderusbtw, very handy command to make screenshots in Sailfish emulator itself:17:41
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coderus/usr/lib/qt5/bin/qdbus org.nemomobile.lipstick /org/nemomobile/lipstick/screenshot org.nemomobile.lipstick.saveScreenshot /home/nemo/Pictures/Screenshot-`date +%d-%m-%y-%H-%M-%S`.png17:41
coderusor use dbus-send17:41
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kaltsicoderus: the wiki page is maybe a bit off.. here a device entry you could add to the devices.xml
kaltsithen with mb2 you would: mb2 -d yourdevice etc..17:45
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kaltsiit won't work from qtc because it doesn't know about the device.. I don't recommend adding a device there right now, because you can break the kit so that a reinstall of the sdk is required17:46
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Morpog_PCcoderus, can I have a go on your persecute sailfish icon?17:51
kaltsiI'm out, have a nice wknd17:53
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coderuskaltsi: thanks :)18:04
coderusMorpog_PC: well... i'm not sure :D18:04
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coderusMorpog_PC: but you can make an icon for my QA ;)18:10
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coderusMorpog_PC: but you can make an icon for my QA ;)18:14
coderusoops, sorry that18:14
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*** lbt has joined #sailfishos18:39
Morpog_PCcoderus, made them in SVG, exported to laucher size and store size as PNG, in your purple color and in green color. Used the original sailfish style telephone handset for it.18:40
Morpog_PCwhat is QA?18:41
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situI had uninstaled and reinstalled my SDK, now I am not able to connect to sailfish vm to run the projrect.19:25
Yanielcan you ssh to it?19:25
situWhat command should I try to ssh to it ?19:26
Yanielsee the FAQ19:26
*** rcg has joined #sailfishos19:27
situYes, I am able to ssh to it.19:28
situNevermind, I restarted QtCreator and it works again.19:35
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Yanielin that regard qt is sadly much like windows19:35
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situwell.. at least it works after restarting.19:38
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aard_Yaniel: I wanted to have emacs as ide in the sdk, but the sdk team disagreed :p19:38
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situOn my new VM I had to do zypper refresh before deploying my app as rpm. It turns out that dependencies were not getting installed.20:07
coderusMorpog_PC: seems legit. thanks. will check tommorow how it suitable in emulator :)20:14
Morpog_PCcool :)20:16
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Morpog_PCsailfishOS icons templates for everyone:
*** mielpops has quit IRC20:54
artemmaaard_: still here?20:57
artemmaaard_: was that you who told you might be able to ask camera guy to talk to me?21:00
*** Venemo has joined #sailfishos21:00
artemmaI am preparing next demo anyway (got some ideas), but advice is certainly very welcome21:00
aard_artemma: yes. I talked with him myself about it21:01
* artemma accepts any informal or formal advice. E.g. now I am trying to understand what exactly keeps flash on if Torch mode is not supported. Maybe simulating video recorder is necessary21:02
artemmaI think it's also depended on lower layers. Some phones can keep flash on while you just look through viewfinder, some - only when seeking focus21:02
artemmabut then maybe simulating video recording would do the trick21:03
M4rtinKIMHO, this should be really handled by the middleware21:05
*** Pat_o has quit IRC21:06
M4rtinKat least midterm21:06
artemmaM4rtinK: no question about that. Qt has Torch API made just for that if hardware flash is LED (Jolla's flash is LED)21:06
artemmaI, however, want to do a flashlight now, preferably by the public launch time :)21:07
M4rtinKartemma: yeah, I get that :)21:07
aard_artemma: so, the torch mode bits are not supported at all. there _might_ be a v4l device on the device node on the device you _might_ be able to use for that, but we ourselves don't use that, so if it exists it's just by accident, and we'd need to test ourselves21:07
artemmaI don't know what v4l is21:07
aard_artemma: the way to control it would be going to the android camera hal through libhybris21:07
M4rtinKartemma: btw, just an idea I'll I got recently :)21:07
*** freedomrun has joined #sailfishos21:08
M4rtinKarcean: turn the flashlight on/off with the active cover :)21:08
M4rtinKarcean: should be a killer app :)21:08
artemmaoh.. android flashlights may just work..21:08
*** faenil has quit IRC21:08
artemmaM4rtinK: I have active cover controlled torch in my app already working and it is indeed cool (to me at least). Problem is it doesn't actually turn flash on, only a simulated object :)21:09
M4rtinKartemma: good :D21:09
aard_artemma: native android flashlights don't work currently21:11
*** Finleida has quit IRC21:12
artemmaWell, then I can see only two hopes: turn light on during video recording or during endless seeking for a camera focus21:12
artemmahey, guys, you do have the device. Can you record video with flash on?21:12
artemmaLike in a system camera app21:12
*** mielpops has joined #sailfishos21:12
aard_artemma: no, you didn't understand what I said. you can use the android hal for flash controls in your sailfish app, when you go through libhybris21:13
artemmaor what about seeking for focus? Does LED turn on for getting focus when it's dark?21:13
artemmaaard_: I think I understood, but I thought that Android flashlights sorta use same HAL level anyway21:13
artemmawell, now I know they don't work out of the box21:14
aard_yes, but right now we don't allow access to this particular api from the android runtime. we will do that very soon, though.21:14
aard_so you could look at how the android hal works, check libhybris, and add it to your app21:15
artemmalibhybris might be a bit too level for my skills, especially hoping for torch api to come anyway..21:15
aard_I wouldn't count on it, at least not anytime soon21:15
artemmareading libhybris on github, doesn't seem to have much docs21:15
*** itbaron has quit IRC21:17
artemmawell, I should be able to mess with libhybris, but without device that's likely to be hard.. maybe I do that after sales start then. Too bad I am in 2nd wave though21:17
artemmahey, guys, you do have the device. Can you record video with flash on?21:17
artemmaor what about seeking for focus? Does LED turn on for getting focus when it's dark?21:17
artemmasure I understand if you cannot tell for secrecy reasons, I just hope that's not a fact of deep secret21:18
aard_artemma: yes, yes. our camera stack just sits on top of the android camera hal.21:18
artemmahmm, on the other hand libhybris camera headers are quite clear and resemble Qt API quite a lot. Maybe I just hack a testing example with it now21:20
*** Yaniel has quit IRC21:20
* artemma is looking for some .pro/.yaml example with libhybris21:25
aard_that's something I can't help you with (at least not now)21:26
artemmasure. It's a pity though21:27
aard_sorry, but my wife already threatens me a lot nowadays :p21:28
artemmaif I fail with hybrid, I can still try the video recording trick :)21:30
artemmaanyway, hybrid own test code seems to be clear enough. I just need to pull headers/lib to project somehow.. and final device will have libhybris for sure, so no messing with Requires part of .yaml needed21:31
aard_artemma: if your application depends on it, and it's not automatically pulled in (shlib requires are autogenerated) you should do proper requires21:32
artemmaaard_: oh, I don't mind proper requests at all, just not sure if I can figure one out. Finding correct package name is always a bit of a challenge and I don't know a good .yaml rules testing procedure if lib is already in the system21:34
artemmahmm, Sailfish SDK fails to find "libhybris" and "hybris"..21:34
aard_ah. yes. it's part of hardware-adaptation, which was not published with the arm target21:35
artemmathen I can't link to it anyway..21:35
aard_I guess best I can offer for now would be that you try to figure out how it might work, and I try to compile the code for you21:36
artemmahmm, that's doable. I'll create some example now then. libhybris test code is clear enough.21:37
artemmayou don't need to wait for me if you are in EU timezone (or anywhere actually), my code example will wait :)21:37
artemmado u think libhybris has chances to be included some time soon? Otherwise testing it makes little sense as building package for Harbour, well, will need ability to link to libhybris21:40
*** wentknweqt has quit IRC21:51
*** wentknweqt has joined #sailfishos21:51
*** thomas_sch has joined #sailfishos22:07
thomas_schsailfish was made so that it could be easily run on android devices right?is there a way to build a sailfish image for an existing android device?I heard there is something based on cm10.222:08
*** arcean_ has joined #sailfishos22:15
*** arcean has quit IRC22:16
*** khertan has quit IRC22:16
*** rcg has quit IRC22:18
*** booss has joined #sailfishos22:20
*** faenil has joined #sailfishos22:20
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #sailfishos22:20
artemmathomas_sch: Sailfish isn't exactly public just yet. Or ever22:21
artemmaand while it might become open, I am not sure if it becomes free22:22
artemmanemomobile on the other hand is open and free to my understanding22:22
artemmathat's basically same low level + same middlewhere + non-sailfish UI (consider it a reference UI for device manufacturers if you like)22:23
artemmathen exactly Sailish Silica seems to use BSD license (looking at its source code) and is pure QML or nearly pure QML, so you might be able to stick silica controls on top of nemo22:24
thomas_schhmm thx22:26
*** master_o1_master has joined #sailfishos22:27
faenilthomas_sch, feel free to join #nemomobile for nemo chats ;)22:29
*** master_of_master has quit IRC22:31
artemmaaard_: are you still here?22:34
*** SeekingFor has quit IRC22:34
artemmaI engineered a libhybris example that might just work (or not) if you manage to build it. UI included sorta -
artemmaI mean
aard_artemma: yes22:35
*** SeekingFor has joined #sailfishos22:35
artemmalibhybris code isolated to camera tester.h/cpp and commented out22:35
artemmaheaders paths are.. speculated and I don't know which LIBS to specify in .pro so it needs to be fixed too22:36
*** arcean__ has joined #sailfishos22:36
artemmaMy resubmitted wikipedia app is in QA for 3 days already. I start suspecting that maybe re-submission notifications to reviewers don't work on the harbor side. They can't have just too much work with the current reviews, can they?22:37
*** arcean_ has quit IRC22:38
aard_artemma: actually, we do have too much work with the current reviews. it should go faster soon, though22:38
artemmaoh.. I thought review team is ready for dozens apps a day (dashboard shows daily submission counts)22:40
artemmaoh well, I guess first days are always difficult, while you are learning and adjusting practices22:40
*** mielpops has quit IRC22:41
artemmashit.. I forgot to actually call c++ functions from qml22:41
artemmaaard_: I need to update code a little22:41
*** Blizzz has quit IRC22:43
*** Eismann has quit IRC22:45
artemmaaard_: done. Now proper code is in github. Tested as much as it can be tested without actual libhybris22:45
*** arcean__ has quit IRC22:49
aard_funny. it complains about libsailfishapp. that's unexpected :)22:53
*** mielpops has joined #sailfishos22:53
artemmathat's default template really :)22:54
artemmahmm, somebody posted something about it to mailing list lately..22:54
artemmafound that post, but no answer there22:55
* artemma is doing video test example meanwhile22:55
aard_ah. I was using the qt4 qmake :)22:55
*** Kabouik has quit IRC22:57
artemmaexplains :)22:58
aard_and now it blew up because I don't have QT_QML_DEBUG defined, and the QtQuick include is guarded by that22:59
*** PMG has quit IRC22:59
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos23:00
artemmayou can of course #define it manually. Unless the guard exists for a real reason that is23:01
artemmayou seem to have quite a non-standard SDK environment23:01
aard_in the main you use qtquick -> blows up without the define23:01
aard_I'm not using qtcreator23:02
artemmaaard_: I pushend code without qtquick include23:04
artemmaonly including what's really needed23:04
aard_artemma: was the /usr/bin in your specfile in the sdk-template?23:04
artemmaapparently yes, didn't touch it23:05
*** mielpops has quit IRC23:06
aard_artemma: I now have an application on my device which successfully crashes if I tap any button23:09
aard_is my diff23:11
artemmaoh.. then I need a debugger or advice. I tried copying libhybris test code, but apparently missed something23:11
artemmaaard_: thanks a lot23:11
*** Venemo has quit IRC23:12
aard_artemma: I can get backtraces out there, but not today23:13
*** louisdk has quit IRC23:14
artemmasure, you are already helping a lot. Too bad, I can't figure the proper code23:14
artemmaaard_: would you be willing to try one more RPM on hardware? -
artemmaI made a test UI with buttons for just all the camera modes and functions23:17
artemmaat least some combination should turn the light on23:18
*** msvb-lab has quit IRC23:18
artemmaI think that setting flash to ON and capture mode to VIDEO and starting video rec could help23:18
artemmabut maybe just setting to viewfinder mode will be good enough23:18
artemmaof image mode + searchAndLock()23:19
*** mielpops has joined #sailfishos23:20
aard_no, nothing23:21
artemmahow is it even possible? Camera should be able to record video and certainly low light use case wasn't ignored23:22
artemmathen camera should somehow be able to start LED light in low light conditions somehow23:23
aard_yes, using android hal :p23:23
artemmaof course, if native camera app uses libhybris level, maybe flash control didn't make it to QML23:23
artemmabut flash mode support tells that ON mode is supported :)23:23
*** beford has joined #sailfishos23:24
*** beford has joined #sailfishos23:24
artemmadid you try just taking a photo? Still image photo + flash ON + start()23:24
aard_I tried several combinations23:24
artemmanow that sounds like a bug if QML side tells flash ON is possible, but it cannot actually be turned on23:25
artemmait should work at least for a simple taking photo or flash mode on should be not supported23:25
*** Heis has joined #sailfishos23:26
artemmaoh well, then I'll report this issue to mailing list and back to libhybris studies23:28
*** Heis_ has quit IRC23:29
*** DarkSim has joined #sailfishos23:30
*** mielpops has quit IRC23:30
*** meShell_ has quit IRC23:32
*** disharmonic has quit IRC23:35
*** toartist has joined #sailfishos23:36
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC23:37
*** triggerhappy has joined #sailfishos23:38
*** Morpog_PC has quit IRC23:43
*** mielpops has joined #sailfishos23:43
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