Saturday, 2013-11-16

artemmaaard_: still here? Still could try one more RPM? :) same location -
artemmaI figured that starting camera is not enough. After start() you need to explicitly start video recording with record() or image capture with capture()00:01
artemmanow test app has buttons for these00:01
artemmanow that really seems like exploring all the possible camera api buttons00:02
* artemma is keeping fingers crossed00:02
artemmanote: this time app actually might save image or video files to your device00:02
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artemmaor is here anybody else with device to try RPM that's supposed to turn flash on (for a flashlight app)?00:04
specialout of curiosity, what part of the world are you in? ;)00:05
aard_artemma: search and lock -- 2 short flashes00:05
artemmaspecial: Finland-Helsinki. What about you, guys?00:05
artemmaaard_: WooHoo! At least some reaction!00:05
aard_artemma: in some variations with capture modes either on capture or record I get two short flashes as well00:06
artemmaaard_: what about VIDEO mode + Flash ON + start() + recorder start()?00:06
artemmahmm, sounds like short flashes needed by camera to measure distance and focus00:06
artemmaare there any error msgs if you try video record with flash on?00:07
artemmaor could you type status code from log to here?00:07
artemmalatest message is on top00:08
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aard_maybe tomorrow, when I'm logged in to the device. I was on my way to bed, got threatened I have to leave the house tomorrow at 10 (i.e., 8 hours) :/00:08
artemmagood luck and good sleep then!00:09
artemmathanks for help00:09
artemmaah, video recording must be possible with flash on..00:09
aard_it is00:10
artemmaall the signs seem to tell I can control it to qml (flash mode supported), but I fail.. heh00:10
artemmaaard_: if you'll be into playing with code, it's here -
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artemmaaard_: tried applying your patch from - fatal: corrupt patch at line 174. I guess some copy-paste mistake. Will type changes manually, just sharing00:24
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artemmaStskeeps: ping00:36
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tanghusAnyone knows where the code for the examples in the emulator is? I'm espacially interested in the Search example.01:40
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tanghusartemma: you're amarchen on github?02:29
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situIt's hard to debug programs on sailfish vm, any good way to sniff network traffic ?06:48
coderussitu: wireshark? :D07:22
situtcpdump may be.07:22
coderustanghus: open Assistant - Search Search - select Silica Search. Example of usage is here.07:23
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coderustanghus: Search component actually does nothing itself. it just calling model sort function which is actually just  for (var i=0; i < listModel.count; i++) { if name.contains(search.text) newmodel.append(model) }07:24
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coderustanghus: iand ny IMHO its bad way to make search in models. it will be very long process for huge models :D07:25
coderusmy IMHO*07:25
coderussitu: well, if you need complex traffic analyze than just dump use wireshark. its not so scare as it :D07:26
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coderusHow to create cover image for Harbour?07:52
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coderusjust sent Persecute for Sailfish to Harbour QA :D08:49
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Morpog_PCcoderus, is that coverimage for each app, or a general one for all your apps on store?09:24
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Morpog_PCseems to be for your store page and it's optional09:30
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thesegnelhi there. i'm trying to use a tableview within my app, but import QtQuick.Controls 1.0 doesn't do the trick, do i need to add something else?10:40
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artemmaStskeeps: ping11:40
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situFor those who are interested in trying out Tweetian on latest Sailfish SDK
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situveskuh ^11:55
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brad_qqqHi all.I have a question.How to get arm format rpm?I have changed the kit to armv7hl and rebuilt the project.But I can't find the arm format rpm.12:09
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* artemma asked about flash control in Qt level in mailing list -
artemmachip in if you can12:54
artemmabrad_qqq: clean your project first12:54
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artemmabrad_qqq: otherwise in bundles in the previously built (i486) binaries12:55
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artemmait* bundles in12:58
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brad_qqqI solved it.Choose release build of arm kit.then choose deploy method arm.13:06
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coderussitu: you can provide rpm for testing :)14:47
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situI am yet to add more fatures. I will provide rpm later.14:48
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artemmaaard_: ping15:18
artemmaaard_: when you saw these two short flashes, was it after seekAndLock?15:19
artemmacould you try pressing it several times?15:19
artemmaI've got an idea that maybe if we seekAndLock all the time, we'll get the stroboscope :)15:20
artemmanot exactly flashlight, but light it will provide15:20
aard_artemma: search and lock does flashes, yes15:21
artemmawhat if you press it several times? Quickly if you can15:21
Nicd- certificate is invalid it seems15:21
Nicd-"This certificate was signed by an unknown authority"15:22
Nicd-don't know if it's my fail or chrome's fail or's fail15:22
artemmaaard_: that would be fun if flashlight will go through seekAndLock :)15:23
thesignalhi, i'm trying for hours now, but wothout luck: i want to have a listview inside a column, is that possible? i always get only the first line of the list displayed...15:24
artemmathesignal: there's something about the height calculation15:24
artemmacolumn expects its items to know how much height they need, but list view by default I think doesn't have any height. Or maybe just one line height15:25
artemmatry setting it's height explicitly15:25
thesignalartemma: for example? height of one item * number of items?15:25
artemmaand, well, even from your app logic: do you know what the height of list view should be ideally?15:25
artemmathesignal: yeah, this logic should work, just make sure numbers for this equation are available by the moment you use them15:26
artemmaI'd try with hard codes values first to check if you can size list view at all15:26
thesignalno i don't. i'm creating a template. first two rows will be images and under the image i have a list which describes items on the image15:26
thesignalartemma: kk, i'll try that15:27
artemmawell, then how do you expect QML to know how much space to allocate for list view? :)15:27
artemmatry hard coded values first then see if you can change them dynamically15:27
artemmaproper property binding may just work15:27
artemmaif it doesn't change height manually in javascript15:27
thesignalartemma: k thanks. i'll try, i'm still very new to qml and javascript so....15:28
artemmagood luck15:28
leinirhum... well, one thing you're doing wrong is to not use anchors :)15:29
thesignalshould i use anchors, or shouldn't i?15:29
leinirYou should be using anchors - hardcoding sizes is kind of bad :)15:30
thesignalleinir: i'm using anchors15:30
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artemmathesignal: that is the same story about UI logic. Think yourself how you want UI to be layed out15:30
thesignaland it is like artemma said. if i use (for example) height: 200, 3 items show up15:30
leinirhmm... guess i read it wrong, then...15:30
thesignalthanks for the hint artemma15:31
artemmawith columns and variable size items and anchors, it can be quite possible that none of the elements  wants a particular size and everybody's waiting for the others to command and then take "the rest" of space :)15:31
thesignalcould i paste you the code? i think i'm doing something terribly wrong15:32
artemmathesignal: if it compiles :)15:32
thesignalas nobody ever looked over my code15:32
artemmagithub link is the best15:32
thesignalartemma: it compiles15:32
thesignalk, just a minute15:32
artemmaor link to zip15:32
artemmaokay, if I can open it in Qt Creator and it runs, I'll have a look :)15:33
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coderusthesignal: i think you should change your ui. listview in column is bad idea. you can use Repeater instead of ListView.15:39
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thesignalcoderus: but the listelemnt are non dynamic and i need them to be filled with some text15:43
thesignalso coderus: i create a datamodel for my data and let the repeater do the rest?15:50
coderusthesignal: just use Repeater as ListView15:55
thesignalcoderus: i did and it worked, thanks15:57
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thesignalok... i finally managed it to get everything displayed the right way, but now i have another problem :D, how do i make this list scrollable?16:16
artemmaaard_: ping16:16
artemmaI created a new experiment that starts camera searchAndLock every given amount of milliseconds. And optionally unlocks soon after search was started16:17
artemma+you can play with the focus mode (Manual focus should do it, but maybe other values work better)16:18
artemmaAnybody willing to try? -
artemmaor full code at
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coderusthesignal: put column inside SilicaFlickable16:20
thesignalcoderus: anything else? because it didn't change16:22
coderusthesignal: just do it in proper way16:23
thesignalcoderus: i don't understand. i put the column in a silicaflickable, anchors.fill:parent and inside the column i'm creating the listelements with a repeater16:24
thesignalas you suggested16:24
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coderusis your column content height bigger than screen height to be scrolled?16:25
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thesignalcoderus: yes16:26
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coderusthen set flickable contentHeight: column.height16:28
thesignalcoderus: doesn't help :/16:32
coderusthen share your qml file to to give you help16:33
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thesignalthanks in advance16:35
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coderusremove anchors from column16:37
coderusthesignal: you need to set  only column width16:38
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thesignalcoderus: i removed the anchors. removed the height16:39
thesignalit's scrollable now, thanks16:39
coderusthesignal: and remove height from column16:39
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thesignalcoderus: it works now, but the last item in the list cant be seen whole16:40
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coderusput PageHeader in flickable, not column16:42
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artemmathesignal: as a debugging technique for layouts I like putting semi-transparent colorful Rectangles into whatever I want to see real size of16:45
artemmaand then sometimes I use small margins to see where the actual border is16:45
artemmaI mean this test Rectangle would be anchors.fill: parent16:46
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos16:46
thesignalartemma: thanks for that trick, sounds like a good idea16:46
thesignalcoderus: moving PageHeader breaks the view, images overlap the header and i can't scroll to the bottom. if i change the itemsize of a listelement (removing the divide by 2) it works16:47
artemmaAnybody with a real device here? Please, try my RPM for controlling camera flash -
artemmathesignal: I think PageHeader also takes space16:49
artemmaso column needs to be not anchors.fill:parent16:49
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artemmabut pageneader.bottom16:49
coderusthesignal: you need to set column top to header top this way16:50
thesignalartemma: i already removed anchors.fill : parent from column. and i also tried : pageheader.bottom16:51
thesignalcoderus: what do you mean?16:52
artemmawell, try colored rectangles to see where the actual borders are :) Might be a mistake in which anchors you use16:52
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thesignalartemma: i think i found out, it says QML Image: Cannot anchor to an item that isn't a parent or sibling.16:56
*** ericcc has quit IRC16:56
thesignalbut i don't know what that means16:56
artemmahere you got it16:56
thesignalcolumn and pageheader are in the same silicaflickable16:56
artemmawell, you can only anchor to a parent or sibling :)16:56
artemmaapparently you are trying to anchor to something else16:56
thesignalhm... i gave the pageheader the id pagehead, then i did in column: pagehead.bottom16:57
thesignalah no no no16:58
artemmano-no, look what image is anchored to. That's what gives the error16:58
thesignali'm an idiot, i did this in the image16:58
thesignalit works now :D16:58
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artemmau r welcome17:08
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faenilSummeli, did you get the invite? :)17:16
* artemma keeps wondering about the second preordering wave schedules. There's a chance that hardware for the 2nd wave will be a little better (there are often issues with the very first build), but.. it will come later 17:17
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Summelifaenil: invite? no I didn't17:40
faenilSummeli, oki17:42
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