Sunday, 2013-11-17

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iluminator105is there a sdk for arm?03:40
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coderusiluminator105: inside07:46
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MFaro-Tusinoany sailors have a pebble?10:25
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MFaro-TusinoI'd love to know if the pebble android api works with it? (though I know we will have a selfish port of rock watch)10:25
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JonniMFaro-Tusino: sorry none of us have pebble yet, just been too busy with making device sw to have time for side projects.12:39
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MFaro-TusinoThat's okay Jonni - thanks for responding. I'll just need to wait a week or two for the device to be released into the hands of an owner that can find out for me :) Wanting to make the device my daily driver when it becomes available in Australia :D12:41
* dm8tbr is trying to make SOwatch work to support Metawatch and Sony watches12:41
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Sfiet_KonstantinMFaro-Tusino: do you have any strategy now, to get the Jolla ?13:01
MFaro-TusinoWell I shall wait until they deliver to Aus - it will give me time to collect money - if they won't, may get one of the Aussie sailors to bring back one for finland on their next trip13:02
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HeikkiLGood day, any one happens to know where I could find photos used in Silica TimePicker? I would like to make a custom slider.13:30
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JonniHeikkiL: what photos?13:33
HeikkiLI mean the clock face and hour bullet.13:34
HeikkiLwhich you can see from following screen cap:
dm8tbrit's part of the component gallery in the SDK13:37
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HeikkiLyeah I am aware of that the TimePicker is but I would like to make a custom slider using the clock face and one bullet :)13:37
dm8tbrin the "View" section, "Dialogs", "Time"13:37
dm8tbrdunno if that's possible to pick apart13:39
dm8tbrI don't think those are bitmaps anyway13:39
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JonniHeikkiL: /usr/share/themes/jolla-ambient/meegotouch/icons/timepicker.png    /usr/share/themes/jolla-ambient/meegotouch/icons/graphic-time-handle.png13:44
HeikkiLThanks Jonni! :)13:45
dm8tbroh, they are :)13:45
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disharmonicDo we know if Sailfish uses freedreno?14:15
Stskeepsso, two things here: sailfishos and it's hw adaptation are two different things14:15
Stskeepsthe device that is coming out by jolla, it's hw adaptation does not use sailfishos14:15
Stskeepsbut on another device, strictly speaking it could14:15
Stskeepsbut in most cases you'd use the drivers that ship with the device14:16
Stskeepsdoes not use freedreno14:16
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Nicd-hehehe, jolla device does not have sailfishos14:16
Nicd-breaking news14:16
Stskeepsyeah, sorry :P14:17
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nodevelHey! Can anyone help me? I've written a Sailfish app, but I am unsure about naming conventions. Should the app name be all lowercase? I'd prefer that since I hate executables starting with capital letter :)14:29
Jonnilowercase execs are ok.14:33
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Yanielit's just a matter of taste after all14:35
Yanielsome names look better lowercase too14:35
nodevelThanks! So then if want to have normal (read 'starting with capital letter') name in Menu and the Jolla Store, all I need to do is editing the .desktop file, right?14:37
nodevel*If I want14:37
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nodevel(I aware of the fact that it's unclear what is Jolla Store gonna be like, but if you'd judge from, let's say, Nokia Store...)14:39
nodevel*I am14:39
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disharmonicStskeeps, you got me confused there. How is the Jolla phone not using SailfishOS?14:41
Morpog_PCit was a typo14:43
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disharmonicMorpog_PC, you mean he meant to type freedreno instaid of sailfishos? That would make more sense14:57
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nodevelalso, if I put my app in the Harbour, can I later change the price from 'free'? i just read that in Android store, once you make it free, there's no way back (i will most definitely release the source code, but since i put some effort into it...)15:23
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Jonninodevel: dont know yet. Most likely yes, but it will depend on how its going to be implemented.15:45
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nodevelJonni: thank you. in the worst case, i still should be able to remove my app from the store and put it back again as a paid one16:13
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nodeveli can see the problem of changing free->paid . the ones who have already downloaded it might have problems with upgrading to new version (unless the store has some kind of memory in this way)16:15
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Jonniwell N9 ovi store had the same issue16:16
nodeveli see. i'm coming straight from N900 - that's uncomparable16:18
nodevelby the way, i don't know if this issue has been raised before, but when I use characters special for my language (ěščřž...), they look quite ugly in the SDK16:19
nodevelit looks like they haven't been implemented in the default font yet... or i'm doing something wrong16:20
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kaddohello to everybody!17:51
kaddowho can help me on a Silica component usage?17:52
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Yanielthe sailfishos wiki17:59
Yanielor maybe someone here if you specify more accurately what you want to knokw17:59
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kaddohi Yaniel, I'm trying to use Slider component, but I cant find a way to show it. with component like "TimePicker" all is ok, but with this one i can see the slide, text is not in the right place, and i'm trying to find a right way to visualize it18:08
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lbtkaddo: you know the component gallery example has full source18:10
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thesignalhey there. i'm trying to use a Combobox - "List" and it's created by a repeater. but i have a problem: when i click it, it's not showing up below the comboxitem, it's over the item, i mean, the text is over the text so it's very hard to read. what am i doing wrong?18:13
thesignalsourcecode is here :
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itbaronthesignal: Have you tried to put labels inside MenuItem{}?18:45
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thesignalitbaron: i just tried it out, but that didn't help :/ any other ideas?18:49
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itbaronCan you set MenuItem height?18:50
thesignalitbaron: i tried setting it to Theme.itemSizeSmall, but that doesn't change anything18:54
thesignalitbaron: could it be that the problem are the labels inside the combobox? should i move them into the menuitem?18:56
saildevthesignal: i don't have time to test it atm so can you provide me a screenshot about the issue?18:56
thesignalsure, just a sec, saildev18:57
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saildevthank you :)18:57
kaddolbt: I've found the problem. Slider need width to be specified18:57
itbaronLabels should be inside MenuItem if they changes based on index.18:58
thesignalitbaron: i've tried moving the labels inside the menu, with a menuitem, but that doesn't seem to help either19:00
saildevThere's nothing about this in Silica Reference, but you could give it a try.19:01
saildevAt least for ListItem the height can not be accessed by 'height' variable. It's controlled by contentHeight.19:01
saildevSo you could use this for the MenuItem as well?19:01
saildevAlso try to avoid Label object within any kind of menu: elements - use MenuLabel instead.19:02
thesignalsaildev: ok19:02
saildevthesignal: I need to reboot my computer because of some issues but I'll come back in few seconds so let me know then did it work or not. :)19:06
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Morpogwhy can't I add QtGraphicalEffects to my targets?19:07
Morpog - File './qt/i486/qt5-qtgraphicaleffects-5.0.2git175.c4254a0-1.3.1.i486.rpm' not found on medium ''19:07
Morpog - Can't provide ./qt/i486/qt5-qtgraphicaleffects-5.0.2git175.c4254a0-1.3.1.i486.rpm19:07
Morpognot supported?19:07
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saildevthesignal: so.. anything19:09
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thesignalyo, saildev i figured it out19:16
thesignali had to remove the "height" from the combobox19:17
saildevthesignal, great.. what was the problem?19:17
thesignali wanted to set the height of a list item with it19:17
thesignalbut somehow it seems to break everything else19:17
saildevah, combobox doesn't have height property. well, at least not accessibable from qml. :)19:17
thesignal:) i can live with that, maybe i'll find another way somedays. but i want to finish the app, at least a working version of it for the harbour :D19:18
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Morpoganybody know gow to use QtGraphicalEffects? As soon as I import it my app is white20:03
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OrokuSakiI just saw a sailfish.. on an HP Touchpad =)20:25
OrokuSakiwith libhybris and cm920:25
OrokuSakiwoot woot20:25
OrokuSakineeds more work =)20:25
OrokuSakigoing to make a rom and XDA20:25
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dm8tbris cm9 enough? I thought it needs cm10.x20:57
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M4rtinKI knew why I bought the TP :)21:08
coderusMorpog: its qt5-qtgraphicaleffects21:09
coderusyou need to add it to your pkgconfig21:09
Morpogeven when deploying to emulator?21:10
coderusMorpog: i just downloaded and installed it successfully21:10
coderusMorpog: you maybe need to refresh packages repository cache21:10
coderusMorpog: sure!21:10
coderusMorpog: build machine and emulator are different and packages should be installed to both21:10
Stskeepsi have a bit of a love-hate relationship with the touchpad.. it's a nice tablet, webos is nice, but it's not comfortable21:11
Stskeepsfrom industrial design pov21:11
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coderusthesignal: you'll better learn how to use QML properly than rushung harbour with "My First Sailfish Application". just imho.21:16
Morpogcoderus: hmmm No provider of 'pkgconfig(qt5-qtgraphicaleffects)' found.21:17
Morpogsame for 'pkgconfig(QtGraphicalEffects)' not found in package names. Trying capabilities.21:20
MorpogNo provider of 'pkgconfig(QtGraphicalEffects)' found.21:20
coderusno no, not pkgconfig, sorry, just package21:30
Stskeepsif anything21:31
*** w00t has quit IRC21:33
Morpogwell, still No provider of 'Qt5GraphicalEffects' found.21:33
MorpogBuildRequires:  Qt5GraphicalEffects21:33
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Morpognow it builds, but still white :(21:37
Morpogfile:///opt/sdk/untitled10/usr/share/untitled10/qml/pages/FirstPage.qml:32:1: module "QtGraphicalEffects" is not installed21:37
Morpog     import QtGraphicalEffects 1.021:37
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StskeepsRequires: qt5-qtgraphicaleffects21:37
Stskeepsfor runtime21:37
lambalammashi all21:37
Morpogit did build with: BuildRequires:  qt5-qtgraphicaleffects21:37
lambalammasI have a quick question about overlays in Silica21:37
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lambalammasI noticed from Maliit plugin you can set a category for a window21:38
lambalammasto turn a window into an overlay21:38
lambalammasbut my overlay is stuck in the top left corner21:38
lambalammasany way to move it where I want?21:38
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Morpogstill white though Stskeeps21:39
lambalammasor anyways, is there a list of possible categories available somewhere?21:39
lambalammas(categories for windows that is)21:40
lambalammasI guess they might be defined in the silica qml?21:42
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lambalammassailfishos is great btw :)21:47
lambalammasmuch better than old harmattan21:47
lambalammascrap need to leave21:50
lambalammasplease someone help if you have the time:)21:50
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