Saturday, 2013-11-23

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Venemofaenil: ping10:29
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faenilVenemo, yo11:59
Venemofaenil: hey! what's up?11:59
faenilall good, making pizza :D11:59
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artemmanumber of apps "submitted yesterday" and devs registered yesterday stays constant in harbor for several days by now. Updates not happening or indeed such a coincidence?12:09
coderusartemma: i wanna wait for couple of months before submitting anything to Harbour now :D12:09
coderusi dont like to rebuild my app every day after "Policy changed" again12:10
* artemma values day one effect12:10
artemmaand well, it just feels cool to have my app operational on day one even if it doesn't give any significant effect12:10
coderusartemma: you can grab my app on OpenRepos. it using restricted apis and have invalid appname, but it fully functional12:11
coderusi;ll wait until Harbour will be good place to posting complex applications12:12
* artemma is not going to have a device for quite some time yet (wave 2 preorder)12:12
coderusartemma: what mean "Wazzup"?12:12
artemmaI thought that was your app :)12:12
* coderus havent preordered device at all12:12
artemmasorry, got usernaes and their apps mixed12:12
coderusartemma: my app is Persecute12:13
artemmafor home based kids punishment? :)12:13
coderusartemma:  its WhatsApp Qt5/QML client12:13
coderusah, wazzup :D12:13
artemmaah, so I remembered correctly12:14
artemmathere's some app called wazzup, unofficial whatsapp client12:14
coderuswazzapp and whatsup here12:14
artemmaI think I've hard it was going to be ported to sailfish12:14
coderusno wazzup :D12:14
artemmawhatever :)12:14
coderusartemma: porting to Qt5/Quick2 is easy and interesting :012:16
artemmawhat is whatsapp client called persecute?12:17
artemmatrying to get the logic12:17
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coderuswhatsapp blocking 3rd party clients. so it persecute to hack reverse protocol and be always up-to-date with fresh tokens and resources :D12:19
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* artemma off to porting Flashlight to new sailfish requirements12:39
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coderusartemma: i suggest you to wait 2-3 months for api. currently api will be blacklisted, then freezed, and after all you can use fresh api :12:43
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artemmathat's fine, I've got a plan how to survive without extra packages12:44
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artemmayou know flashlight is not exactly a whatsapp client, it can live on system packages :)12:45
* artemma is still somewhat pissed off that harbor people don't reply, so you have no idea if effort is wasted or not12:48
artemmaor is it my individual case?12:48
artemmaguys, do you get any replies from harbour support email address?12:48
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artemmaDoes anybody know the way to share build number or version string between .yaml and cpp/qml? I am sort of tired to make sure the same number is updated in many places12:53
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artemmaNew app icons are to be 86x86, but are to be deployed still to /90x90 directory. Correct?13:10
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coderusartemma: no, to 86x86 directory13:13
artemmayou sure?13:13
artemmadon't remember seeing info on it :/13:13
coderusartemma: you should wait for SDK release to be able to build with Harbour requiement13:13
coderusor hack sailfishapp prf to make build in right folder13:14
* coderus choosed 2nd way13:14
coderusthere are no 86x86 folder in current sdk13:14
coderusit will be available in update13:14
aard_artemma: sorry for that, but we don't have that many people available, and I guess all of those are busy fixing issues found in SDK13:16
artemmaaard_: if it feels like I am blaming somebody, I am sorry for miscommunicating. I understand advantages and disadvantages of being the first mover13:17
artemmastill it feels sad to feel this disadvantages on myself :)13:17
aard_we don't like the situation as well, but we're trying to get everything shiny as fast as possible :)13:17
artemmaand yes, I am somewhat puzzled by the difference in communication style between IRC and official channels, but well, you guys know better how you want to manage it13:18
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artemmapackage and binary name corrected. That was easy :) On to the icon deployment folder13:46
artemmatrying to figure out who deploys app icon to exactly  /home/deploy/installroot/usr/share/icons/hicolor/90x90/apps13:52
artemmasailfishapp CONFIG maybe?13:53
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artemmaerror: File not found: /home/deploy/installroot/usr/share/icons/hicolor/86x86/apps14:02
artemmahmm. I explicitly make .pro INSTALLS it to there, but it still installs to 90x90 and thats it14:02
* artemma is sorta hesitant to rewrite CONFIG+=sailfishapp features manually, but apparently will have to14:04
artemmaheh, I always didn't like to much naming expectations based magic in there14:05
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coderusartemma: you need to edit sailfishapp.prf in mer sdk. i wrote it hour ago >___<14:20
artemmacoderus: thx. By now I think I half-reimplemented it :)14:20
artemmacan;t where sailfishapp.prf is located though..14:21
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zuhartemma: SailfishOS/mersdk/targets/SailfishOS-i486-x86/usr/share/qt5/mkspecs/features/sailfishapp.prf14:29
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artemmanow I know where to check all the magic it's doing14:30
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coderusyes, better remove sailfishapp dependency and insert its content to your .pro file ;)14:33
artemmathat's what I am doing, yes14:33
artemmanow icon and namings are done, onto dependences removal14:34
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artemmaone dependency off, now the tough one left14:46
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artemmaError message: Couldn't resolve host ''18:18
artemmathat is when installing RPM that needs to pull dependencies18:18
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artemmaI tried installing stuff to emulatoe18:31
artemmaRequires needed QtQuickTest and failed to download it18:31
artemmaAnybody with a real device here (and hopefully recent firmware)?18:32
Yanielask that question in a week :D18:32
artemmaI've rebuild flashlight for the new requirements. Shouldn't go for any packages, uses (hopefully) correct package and binary names and everything else18:32
artemmatry it -
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Skorpyflashlight as in turns the whole screen white? :P18:36
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artemmaSkorpy: as it turns the camera flashlight on. Mostly :)18:45
Jonniartemma: if you get cant resolve host, then you might want to run as root in emu: echo nameserver > /etc/resolv.conf18:45
artemmafor now I just disabled that Require - it's for test sub-package only.18:47
artemmaSerious development delayed until new SDK, only doing release now hoping to get to harbor by device launch date18:47
artemmaheh, if only harbour care would be contactable :(18:47
dm8tbrweird dependencies on that package18:48
artemmadm8tbr: ?18:50
Jonniartemma: "Vakava virhe: mikään ei tarjoa, jota harbour-flashlight-1.0.2-6.armv7hl tarvitsee" so install fails on libc depency18:50
Stskeepsis that a i486 build by chance?18:50
Stskeepsor have x86 binaries within it?18:50
artemmauhm.. shouldn't be, I cleaned18:51
artemmabut of course I could have forgotten18:51
artemmawill rebuild now18:52
dm8tbronly one binary in it, and that claims arm18:53
artemmahmm, as a part of porting I cloned manually what sailfishapp CONFIG was doing, could have missed something..18:54
artemmaworks on emulator just fine :)18:54
zuhI've seen the GLIBC_2.0 requirement when switching between arm & x86 builds, so I've learned to first clean, then switch, then rebuild. That sequence seems to always work.18:56
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Jonniartemma: and your tests directory will also make upcoming rpm package validation script to fail your submission.19:01
artemmatests directory?19:02
artemmahmm, that's mistake then19:02
artemmait should go to a different package19:02
*** beford has quit IRC19:02
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Jonniand your .desktop files Icon line will fail too :)19:03
*** zetaz has left #sailfishos19:03
artemmaJonni: why icon line?19:04
artemmamailing list old to get rid of path there and just use appname19:04
artemmaor did it mean that whole line should be gone?19:04
JonniIcon=harbour-flashlight.png   should be -> Icon=harbour-flashlight19:05
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Jonnisystem automaticly finds .png from the name19:05
*** beford has joined #sailfishos19:07
artemmaok, thanks!19:08
*** furikku has quit IRC19:12
Jonniand package is missing Requires: libsailfishapp19:17
Jonnibut after installing that requirement, and force installing with nodeps, and fixed .desktop file it starts ok. And it flashes the camera led.19:18
*** ericy has quit IRC19:19
artemmaRequires: libsailfishapp?? wow19:20
artemmaI have Requires: - sailfishsilica-qt519:20
artemmaprobably some old stuff..19:20
artemmaJonni: what is nodeps?19:20
artemmaJonni: how about the icon? Can you see it fine in the launcher?19:20
dm8tbrignoring dependencies upon rpm installation19:20
JonniI tested with really clean newly flashed image so it might just been missing libsailfishapp, usually it might be there is you have installed some other app that pulls that in first.19:21
artemmaJonni: current requires should fetch lib, apparently I used old Requires from the old app template19:22
Jonniartemma: with your harbour-flashing-png line icon did not show up, but when I changed to Icon line that I suggested, then icon showed up and its a nice looking icon19:22
artemmaguys, can you try new build now?19:23
artemmasame link
artemmapossibly I have resolved this issue19:23
artemmahopefully including the tests dir19:23
Jonnistill complains about libc19:25
artemmaI don't get it :/19:25
Jonniand still has tests dir19:25
artemmaI never require it anywhere19:25
Jonniso maybe upload failed?19:26
artemmafunny rpm -q --filesbypkg -p harbour-flashlight-1.0.2-7.armv7hl.rpm shows nothing about tests19:26
Jonniyour filename is different than dl link19:26
artemmalet's try new link -
artemmathat one is updated for sure19:27
Jonniartemma: still have tests dir: linking to in file ./usr/share/harbour-flashlight/qml/components/Mixpanel/tests/tst_Mixpanel is not allowed19:28
artemmathat's impossible, I can't see it in rpm...19:28
artemmamust by copying mistake still somewhere. Double checking19:29
artemmaI listed files from exactly the package that was on the download link, there are no test files inside it claims..19:29
dm8tbr1ecec495454012c32c294f7707bfbb3a  /home/dm8tbr/Downloads/harbour-flashlight-1.0.2-7.armv7hl.rpm19:30
artemmathere's nothing wrong about these test files19:30
dm8tbrthey are x8619:30
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos19:30
artemmathat is subproject, they are never going to be executed, just a part of normal app qml files19:30
artemmaokay, x86 binary from git subproject slipped in, unclean .gitignore in a subproject, thanks19:31
artemmaJonni: test files should be fine as long as they are inside main app's folder, right?19:31
artemmajust some files inside app that happen to be named "test"19:32
Jonniartemma: nope, they are not allowed to be in the rpm19:32
artemmaCan't my app contain any QMLs it needs?19:32
Jonnias they link to which is blacklisted19:32
artemmathat's ok, I can remove them, want to understand reasons19:32
artemmayes, binary is a problem, I'll kill it19:32
artemmabut test subdir itself is fine, right?19:33
Jonnisubdirnames can any anything yes, as long as the qml files in there doesnt import blacklisted stuff :)19:36
*** ericy has joined #sailfishos19:36
Jonni(and yes the whitelist is currently pretty limited as even my own example apps are hitting blackist failures, I'm trying to get harbout team to add more stuff to whitelist, but dont have idea when it will happen).19:38
artemmalet's try again -
artemmafingers crossed19:38
artemmaJonni: I cleaned flashlight so that it uses nothing extra19:39
artemmait sucks not to be able to use qtgraphicaleffects even, but well, if it's needed, then needed19:39
Jonniartemma: In ./usr/share/harbour-flashlight/qml/components/Mixpanel/tests/tst_Mixpanel.qml the 'QtTest 1.0' is not allowed19:39
artemmaJonni: but this file is never ever loaded19:39
artemmait just sits inside RPM19:39
Jonniartemma: well dont blame me, I just run the checking script that harbour qa will run :)19:39
artemmaso script just goes through all the files19:40
artemmawell, I understand the reasons19:40
artemmaarrgh, so I'll need to split subproject into two sub-subprojects to exclude tests..19:40
artemmawhat about the rest of stuff? libc fine now?19:41
Jonniartemma: yes now it doesnt complain about libc, installs fine and icons shows up.19:42
dm8tbrprobably was because of the x86 binary19:43
artemmaokay, then only test qml files left, that I can solve tomorrow19:43
artemmadm8tbr: I think so too19:43
artemmalet's hope harbour people will reply this time when I'll ask them for expedited processing19:43
Jonniso in theory it has better changes to get approved by qa. QA script still gives failure, but thats mostly because there is a bug in QA script :)19:43
artemmapast experience shows they reply in 0% of cases so far19:44
artemmaJonni: I think I should remove these QML files with old imports. Yes your script cannot tell which qml files are actually used at runtime, so it checks what it can during build time19:44
Jonniwell they are not expediding even Jolla employees, so its quite unlikely. I'm still waiting for my package rename qa's :)19:44
artemmaJonni: do you get replies at least? :)19:45
artemmamy care mail went to a black hole19:45
JonniI havent emailed to care mails, but yes I can cheat and go to internal irc channel.19:45
*** Finleida has quit IRC19:46
Jonnimost likely they are just quite busy to respond, as there are quite many things to do before wednesday :)19:46
*** freedomrun has quit IRC19:50
artemmaI wonder if it's better to resubmit package to harbour or to ask them and wait for a reply yet19:54
artemmathere is a chance they will let the violating package be live on day one and I'd hate to reenter then queue and loose the launch day opportunity because of that19:54
*** ericy has quit IRC19:54
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*** pixraider has joined #sailfishos20:07
artemmacreating fake sub-package to grab unused QMLs20:07
artemmaweird, but it seems to be the easiest way to get rid of them :)20:08
*** disharmonic has quit IRC20:11
*** ericy has joined #sailfishos20:12
artemmaOne more test please :) -
artemmashould be cleanish clean now20:24
artemmaI couldn't stop that close to the target :)20:24
*** edgar2 has quit IRC20:27
*** jstaniek has joined #sailfishos20:33
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*** meShell_ has joined #sailfishos21:05
*** ericy has joined #sailfishos21:09
*** TheBootroo has joined #sailfishos21:11
TheBootrooohai !21:11
TheBootrooohai !21:11
TheBootrooi'm trying to dev an app for SFOS21:11
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos21:11
TheBootrooi saw we can use the image://theme provider for some default styled images21:11
TheBootroobut i can't find the list of icons available anywhere21:12
TheBootrooi would need a 'clear' icon21:12
TheBootrooyou know, to clear in one click a text field21:12
TheBootroo kind of thing that looks like  < X ]21:12
TheBootrooand maybe one 'find' icon, magnifier glass or anything21:13
TheBootroowhere can i find the reference of the icons available ?21:13
artemmaTheBootroo: you can see many icons in the emaultor21:20
artemmassh to it and see21:20
TheBootrooartemma: how ?21:20
artemmayou can scp them to your pc21:20
artemmaicons path you can see from Qt Creator console21:21
artemmaevery time it starts app, it mentions theme folders in console21:21
artemmathese are, however, just the icons that happen to be present in a theme21:22
artemmano idea is some/any/all of them are guaranteed to be present in the final devices and future builds21:22
artemmaI guess sailors are not yet sure themselves that is why these icons are not specified anywhere in the docs :)21:23
*** fawzi has joined #sailfishos21:24
artemmaI would be quite sure that standard looking icon names will be there for a long time (e.g. back or camera or something like that)21:24
*** ericy has quit IRC21:26
TheBootrooartemma: the issue : SSH access is for the SDK image which doesn't have anything in /usr/share/themes21:28
TheBootroowould need to connect in ssh to the emulator, dunno if possible21:28
artemmaTheBootroo: sdk and emulator are two different vms21:29
artemmayou can ssh to both21:29
Yanielit is very well possible to ssh into the emulator21:29
artemmaI have to run, check the sailfish os faq21:29
Yanieland sometimes even necessary21:29
artemmait was somewhere there21:29
*** Venemo_N9 has joined #sailfishos21:35
*** r3d has joined #sailfishos21:35
Venemo_N9faenil, I went to the Firefox OS event!21:35
faenilVenemo_N9, cool! I was looking for you in the pic on twitter but couldn't spot you :) unless you're the guy with the yellow tshirt :)21:36
Venemo_N9faenil, where did you see that picture?21:37
Venemo_N9btw, Firefox OS is not slow anymore21:37
Venemo_N9I was at the other side of the room21:38
Venemo_N9but I'm on the final group shot for sure21:39
faeniloki :)21:39
Venemo_N9anyway, they handed out a Keon device to everyone21:39
Venemo_N9and selected 6 people randomly who won a Peak21:39
Venemo_N9first random pick in my life EVER when I won anything21:40
faenilVenemo_N9, cool! :D21:41
Venemo_N9so, what'm gonna do with two new phones?21:42
faenilno idea, I can take of the peak for you if you think you don't need it ;)21:42
faeniltake care*21:42
*** ericy has joined #sailfishos21:43
Venemo_N9thanks for the offer faenil21:43
faenilI'm too kind, right?21:44
Venemo_N9yes, but the Peak's going to be my main phone for a while21:44
Venemo_N9I'm willing to swap it for a Jolla, however21:45
faenilVenemo_N9, then I'm not sure how long that "while" is going to be ;)21:47
*** TheBootroo has quit IRC21:47
*** nsuffys has quit IRC21:47
Venemo_N9faenil, I'm not sure either21:48
Venemo_N9faenil, but if you have a spare jolla in your drawer, I'm up for the trade21:48
faenilVenemo_N9, ahaha, nice trick ;)21:49
wmarone_Venemo_N9: ah, Peak +N9 now?21:49
*** artemma has quit IRC21:49
Venemo_N9nay, I haven't settled in with the peak yet21:50
wmarone_which reminds me, should upate the image on my peak21:51
Venemo_N9I also need to flash it with Firefox OS 1.221:51
wmarone_it's much nicer than 1.121:51
Venemo_N9before 1.2 it doesn't support A2DP21:52
wmarone_though the early october image was hard on the battery >.>21:52
Venemo_N9wmarone_, how do you like it?21:52
wmarone_it's nice21:52
Venemo_N9i mean, the device +the os?21:52
wmarone_pre-1.2 it was too glitchy IMO21:52
wmarone_the hardware is decent, certainly not bad for the price21:53
wmarone_don't drop it though21:53
wmarone_lower edge has opened on me21:53
Venemo_N9for the N9 it was the corner21:54
wmarone_my n9 has been fairly solid21:54
wmarone_though it won't check e-mail anymore for some reason21:54
*** pixraider has quit IRC21:55
Venemo_N93 of the corners of my N9 is deformed21:55
wmarone_yeah only way it could happen >.>21:56
Venemo_N9several times21:56
Venemo_N9but the display is unbreakable21:56
Venemo_N9it fell on concrete head down21:56
Venemo_N9however the plastic around the jack plug is literally eroding, even though I haven't used the jack plug for the past year21:57
Venemo_N9I'm going to miss the always-on clock21:59
Venemo_N9and the NFC pairing21:59
*** kaltsi has joined #sailfishos22:01
*** kaltsi has quit IRC22:02
*** kaltsi has joined #sailfishos22:03
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*** Venemo_N9 has quit IRC22:07
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*** Blizzz has joined #sailfishos22:20
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*** Venemo has joined #sailfishos22:21
Venemowmarone_: ping22:21
*** Taduro has joined #sailfishos22:22
Venemosince you also have a peak22:22
Venemowhat do you think, does it survive an adapted microsim card?22:22
wmarone_I fed it my full size sim though22:23
VenemoI only have a microsim22:23
wmarone_at the least the sim socket is somewhat accessible22:23
wmarone_and not fully buried underneath the shell22:24
*** ericy has joined #sailfishos22:24
*** freedomrun has joined #sailfishos22:25
*** Eismann has quit IRC22:28
*** Blizzz has quit IRC22:28
Venemoman, I can't find the adapter22:31
VenemoI remember seeing it a few months ago and putting it "somewhere safe"22:32
Venemowmarone_: anyway, what is the id that I should use for the peak when adding the udev rule? is it the same as the keon?22:37
Venemoah, anyway, the flashing script works, I just needed to run it as root22:38
wmarone_dunno about any udev rules, I haven't dug too much into it22:43
Venemowow, the lock screen is finally usabe on 1.222:44
wmarone_the slider is still misaligned22:45
wmarone_but at least it doesn't stutter when it reaches the right side22:45
wmarone_my acer w500 is fighting for a reason to exist22:47
Venemowell, I meant from a usability standpoint, the lockscreen was horrible on 1.122:49
*** fawzi has quit IRC22:57
*** fawzi has joined #sailfishos22:57
Venemohm, what the hell is this22:58
VenemoI found an adapter, so the Peak recognizes my SIM card, however it can't connect to the network22:59
Venemoit doesn't even find any network22:59
*** ericy has quit IRC23:01
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