Thursday, 2013-12-05

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crevetorHi, does anyone use the profiler in QtCreator ?07:34
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saildevhey.. is there a different kind of method to clear the pagestack because pageStack.clear() gives an error?08:08
saildevi have pagestack.pushextra() function so if i only use .pop() method it kinda screws that one..08:10
saildevor is there a way to 'remove' the page from pagestack.pushextra() ?08:12
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saildevand the problem occurs only if i'm currently at the page which i've set with pushextra() and i perform a coveraction when i want the pages to be pushed back to the beginning..08:14
saildevhowever if i'm in any other page than the one created with pushextra() everythinggoes fine..08:14
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tachikomamh, I'm tryng out the sdk and am able to compile stuff, but not able to run it. The "run" entry in the menu is always grayed out.09:45
tachikomathe two vms are running09:45
tachikomabut I'm also missing the buttons described in the tutorila which are supposed to be used to start the vms09:45
tachikomais there any additional help/guide?09:45
saildevtachikoma: Window - Show Mode Selector09:46
saildevif i understood what is the problem ..09:46
tachikomayes,. just found the buttons09:47
tachikomalack of coffee error i guess09:47
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tachikomainterestingly, it was running but that was not reflected in the sdk - so there the mer sdk was shown as running (the button functionality at that point was 'stop vm'), but the device vm button funtion was "start emulation vm"09:49
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saildevyes, it happens sometimes..09:49
tachikomathe mer emulation is a x86 build?09:50
tachikomathat would explain why i can;t run the arm binary i built :)09:51
tachikomaok, iot says alpha2 does not support running arm binaries, so now i know why i can;t run them :)09:51
saildevyes, was just writing it :)09:52
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tachikomaso, the mer vm mage is a x86 built, right?09:53
saildevif i'm not completely wrong about it, yes..09:53
tachikomaok, also rpm building fails, i assume that is not yet working?09:54
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leiniryes, the vm image is x86 (so it can be hardware virtualised on a PC, also why it's as fast as it is) :)09:54
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tachikomathanks for the clarification09:55
tachikomaI'm now trying to run the testapp with "copy binary" set09:55
saildevanyone knows why webview loads local 'index.html?test=01' fine (javascript recognizes the '01') but if i go back and i want to load 'index.html?test=02' it doesn't work as it should (javascript doesn't recognize '02', it sticks with the '01' gotten from the first load)09:56
dorsatumhello! this might've been discussed before, so I'm sorry for bringing it up again. I would like to contribute to the project and I just wanted to know, if there is a way to add the SDk to my exiting Qt Creator. My machine is running on Ubuntu 12.04, and I have the latest Qt Creator on it. It has the Ubuntu SDk loaded into it and I was wondering if something similar is possible with the Sailfish OS SDK.09:57
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chriadamsaildev: as I asked on the other channel: how are you detecting the query parameters?  are you getting a change signal via urlChanged() at all?09:58
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kaltsidorsatum: no it's not possible (yet) to add the sailfish sdk parts to a vanilla qtcreator10:00
kaltsidorsatum: the intention is to upstream the mer/sailfish parts of the mersdk plugin, but it's currently not in the shape that upstream would accept it10:02
dorsatumkaltsi: thanks!10:02
dorsatumkaltsi: okay. someway down the line though, would this be considered? adding just the SDK to the Creator?10:03
kaltsiyes, I hope we get there eventually10:04
dorsatumkaltsi: what would be the process to submit an app?10:07
kaltsidorsatum: app submissions go through this site
kaltsidorsatum: this irc channel or the sailfish developer mailing list are good resources for troubleshooting10:09
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tachikomaso, this will be the first time i do work with some toolkit10:11
tachikomaonly did commandline and webapps up to now ...10:11
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saildevchriadam: i use WebView.url = "index.html?test=01" and then .reload() and it loads the page fine and it behaves whatever i want if 'test=01'10:36
saildevif i move away from webview and press another button which should open "index.html?test=02" and .reload() it doesn't work.. it still loads "test=01"10:36
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saildevand the url is still pointed to "test=01"...10:37
saildevonNavigationRequested gives "test=02"...10:37
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chriadamsaildev: you shouldn't need to call reload(), surely?10:37
saildevhold on10:38
chriadamchanging the url should be enough.  it should emit urlChanged() and the loading state should change10:38
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saildevoh... *shame on me*10:39
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saildevactually i don't know what i've been thinking of :D i've used webview before (like 1-1,5 years a go) but for some reason i used this .reload()..10:39
saildevnot sure why but...10:39
saildevargh :D stupid me10:40
saildevtotal black out!10:40
saildevthank you very much chriadam! :)10:40
chriadamno worries :-)10:42
chriadamglad it's solved10:42
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tachikomamh, something still does not like me, the code builds fine, but when i run it i get "Connecting to device...10:56
tachikomabash: /opt/sdk/second_one/usr/bin/second_one: cannot execute binary file10:56
tachikomaRemote application finished with exit code 126."10:56
tachikomadoes 'connecting to device' mean it actually tries to connect to a phone or is that string also shown when connecting to the vm?10:57
tbrIIRC also VM10:57
FryeWhoa, got the samegame running on Jolla. Pretty good for a soon-to-be wilderness guide right :-)10:59
FryeThe QT example application with sailfish looks10:59
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FryeSo some modification was necessary to the ui11:00
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* tachikoma usually does use vi for coding, sorry to maybe ask really stupid questionss and not finding stuff in the ide11:05
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tachikomaalright, looks like the sdk copies an arm binary over to the x86 emulation vm and then this won;t execute of course...11:12
tachikomai did select the x86 kit though11:14
sharpneliIt's probably the same bug where arm compilation fails because it thinks the X86 build is the latest one11:15
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sharpneliIt has some problems of recognizing the need of complete rebuild after switching targets.11:15
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tachikomai just created another project, only enabling the x86 kit, there now all works like documented11:17
tachikomaso, i can start hacking :)11:17
kaltsitachikoma: you will need to clean the project between arm/i486 builds :)11:23
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kaltsinext sdk update will use "shadow building" to build arm and i486 in separate subdirs11:23
kaltsiclean = Select Clean Project "projectname" from qtcreator Build menu11:25
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tachikomakaltsi: thanks12:28
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anttsamhi all, i am trying to use Video with QtMultimedia on the emulator. Is that suppose to work? I get "no service found..." error from defaultServiceProvider20:40
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raa70I can enable/disable wlan with Asetukset(settings) shortcut, but nothing changes under system settings(?)/wlan. Pulley connect to internet stays gray and only thing i can get is "remove from favorites" with long press21:59
raa70guess boot is the way to go22:02
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raa70how long should the red led last after jolla text when shutting phone?22:03
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guaquado i get this right, there's no way of deploying to a phone from the current public sdk?22:09
guaquais there a way to build an rpm and then do the installation by hand?22:09
guaquai don't see any rpm's being generated22:09
faenilguaqua, right, the currently released SDK doesn't support deploying to device22:11
faenilthat functionality is coming in the SDK update, once all quirks are fixed :)22:11
guaquaokay. is there any kind of a timetable for that, rough estimates?22:12
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guaquawell, thanks for the info. i'll try to keep myself updated and try the new version once it's there22:19
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faenilguaqua, I don't know about the timetable, I'm not the guy working on that ;)22:26
guaquaokay :)22:27
guaquaa little anxious to get something useful for myself on the phone22:27
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MFaro-Tusinowhat is the default ssh user and password?22:45
stephgwhich os? sailfish?22:45
stephgin the SDK I believe it's nemo22:46
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MFaro-Tusinothats what I thought22:47
MFaro-Tusinobut i got permission denied trying to ssh22:47
MFaro-Tusinomaybe i haven't enabled it :/22:47
stephgsdk pass is also nemo (I think, slightly tipsy) but I doubt that's the case on the real device22:47
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