Sunday, 2013-12-15

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artemmaUncaught exception: XmlListModel is not defined00:13
artemmawhat provides XmlListModel00:13
artemmaI tried Require qt5-qtdeclarative-import-xmllistmodel - didn't help00:13
artemmaand pkcon tells that it's installed :/00:15
artemmaah, actually error message is not about packages00:17
artemmasome sort of wrong import..00:17
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raa70how bout dat gallery in dalvik, one must restart phone to get new photos to show in android apps like whatsapp00:49
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MFaro-TusinoWhat do I need to do to get rid of the " File not found: /home/deploy/installroot/usr/share/icons/hicolor/90x90/apps/SysteMate_Sailfish.png" error?04:30
MFaro-TusinoI added the icon manually to the project - no luck04:31
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MFaro-TusinoNvm - found it was due to conflict with old project and the way the new ones are set up. Made a new project and all was fine :)05:40
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tortoisedoc_seems qml debugging on emulator has some issues06:18
MFaro-TusinoRemote application finished with exit code 134 << Any clues?06:18
tortoisedoc_MFaro-Tusino : did you get exe on device?06:18
tortoisedoc_try to disable qml debugging06:18
MFaro-TusinoI'll just run (not debug run)06:20
tortoisedoc_new QQuickView() still crashing on me06:24
tortoisedoc_MFaro--tusino : I have the same problem when deploying to device06:32
tortoisedoc_from app output window I get : bash: gdbserver: command not found06:33
tortoisedoc_so I guess development tools on device are missing06:33
tortoisedoc_MFaro-tusino : I think pkcon install gdb should fix this06:34
MFaro-TusinoYeah - I thought that too (but then wasn't sure if it was just because I was using N950 and not Jolla device06:35
tortoisedoc_...and no06:35
tortoisedoc_still having same error06:35
tortoisedoc_gdbserver not present06:35
tortoisedoc_guess its in a different package06:35
MFaro-Tusinopkcon install zypper then zypper se *gdbserver*06:35
tortoisedoc_packagekit is blocking zypper??06:37
smokexgdbserver :5039 --attach pid06:37
smokexon the device06:37
tortoisedoc_smokex : no gdbserver :/06:38
tortoisedoc_i get gbdserver as installed from zyper06:38
tortoisedoc_  | gdb-gdbserver | A standalone server for GDB (the GNU source-leve-> | package06:38
tortoisedoc_ok now this gets intresting06:40
tortoisedoc_readchar: Got EOF Remote side has terminated connection.  GDBserver will reopen the connection. Listening on port 10000 Architecture rejected target-supplied description06:40
tortoisedoc_Architecture rejected target-supplied description06:40
tortoisedoc_w0t is this06:40
smokexgdb server needs to be running before you debug06:47
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tortoisedoc_smokex : so I need to manually start test app & attach gdbserver to it?06:52
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ericcchad  not   a  real  device too07:17
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coderushello there!09:17
coderusanyone with jolla phone online?09:17
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tbrcoderus: you might want to add why you need that09:29
Nicd-coderus: yep09:30
coderusi need /var/run/state stree contents recursive :009:31
coderusplease :)09:31
stephgfind  /var/run/state09:32
stephgnot that I has a jollyphone yet09:33
coderuss/stree/tree :D09:33
Nicd-just a moment09:35
Nicd-do I need root?09:35
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coderusnot sure how sailfish owning folders09:36
Nicd-what's your email?09:38
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coderusgot it, thanks :)09:40
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Nicd-Error during installation process (org.merproject.mersdk):10:18
Nicd-Execution failed(Unexpected exit code: 1): "/usr/bin/VBoxManage createvm --name MerSDK --register --basefolder /Users/nicd/SailfishOS/mersdk"10:18
Nicd-when updating to the newest sdk10:18
Nicd-on OS X10:18
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Nicd-well, now my sdk is screwed, guess I'll reinstall :P10:19
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stephga silly thing11:14
stephgnoticed in the 1312 emulator, now that the settings are starting to fill out, Automatic Time Updates overrides the TZ11:15
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ibinsI just installed a fresh Sailfish OS SDK on Gentoo and hit the same problem as with the very first aplha version: The SailfishOS Emulator could not be configured with VBoxManage.11:41
ibinsThe problem was the space in "SailfishOS Emulator"11:42
ibinsand the missing quotes around that image name11:42
ibinsVBoxManage modifyvm SailfishOS Emulator --ostype [...]11:43
Nicd-I had that error one time too I think11:44
ibinsWould it not be wise to insert a "_" for the final SDK version?11:44
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stephgibins it did that for me as well but that because I hadn't uninstalled the 131012:18
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ibinsI did uninstall and rm everything prior the installation. What I do _not_ understand: Is the Sailfish SDK installer not quoting correctly?12:21
pasikhi. lots of people in here :)12:21
ibinsIf that is the case, why is it not a generel problem for everybody12:21
ibinsOr is it a special thing with the VirtualBox installation for gentoo?12:21
ibinsSomewhere the quotes get lost12:22
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Yanielibins: I'm guessing something gentoo-specific12:25
Yanielbecause I had no problems on arch12:25
stephgibins like I said, I had the quotes problem for both the mer vm and the emulator, but only because the existing ones existed, the actual error is that there is a .vbox file12:25
stephgif you copy and paste the command it tries to run, the first error isn't about quotes12:26
ibinsstephg: actually it was. I typed the command that the installer claimed to fail:12:30
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ibinsYaniel: Yes, I guess you are right that this is something gentoo related12:31
Yanielbut yeah, the vm name not being quoted or escaped looks definitely wrong12:31
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nander_ << is there a tutorial like this one for sailfish?14:01
Nicd-nander_: I know someone who hase ported samegame to sailfish14:03
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nander_I'd want documentation ;)14:04
nander_Lots of guides online are still in qt 1.0 it seems14:04
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Nicd-ask Frye14:06
Nicd-I have his version running on my phone14:07
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nander_Is there a onLoaded like trigger on qml elements?14:36
Nicd-Component.onCompleted maybe14:37
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ericccsee  sailfishos.org14:57
coderuspress F1 and learn here!14:58
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AcceIs the only to have simultaneously pressable buttons to set up a MultiPointTouchArea? Is there a way to do it with silica Buttons?15:25
Yanielwhat do you need them for?15:26
Accefor the same thing we talked previously if you remember it15:27
Yanielon a touchscreen device I'd try to think of an entirely different control scheme15:27
Yanielmostly buttonless15:27
Yanieltap target locatin, drag stuff around, pinch zoom, rotate with two fingers15:28
Yanielwhatever fits in15:28
Accewell I'm learning qml by making kind of a rocket, which falls unless motor is on ("up" pressed)15:29
AcceSo I was thinking of making simple buttons at first15:30
AcceAnother scheme could be dragging the rocket around.. but I'd like to learn how to make buttons first15:31
Yanielfor that you'd only need the "accelerate" button, right?15:32
Yanielwhich is only a on/off thing anyway15:32
Yanielor maybe a throttle slider15:32
Acceyeah, but I also have rotation buttons15:33
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AcceUsing the silica buttons, I already managed to make it simply accelerate up, and rotate, but I would to accelerate while rotating too15:34
Yanielthen make it kind of a gesture15:34
Yanielor a generic touch area15:35
Yanielwhere the y coordinate of the touch event determines acceleration and x rotation15:35
Accehmm.. like a gamepad? that might be nice15:38
Yaniela bit like one yes15:40
Yanielbut be careful, most of those tend to end as a disaster15:40
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AcceOk, thanks again!15:42
Yaniellike assassins creed was awesome on the E5115:43
Yanielbut it totally sucked on the N815:43
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Yanieljust because of the virtual joystick it used15:43
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Accewhat did it use on E51 then?15:45
nander_I try to use setInterval to render a random rectangle, but it doesn't update the rectangle15:46
Yanielthe E51 had a T9 keyboard + navigation buttons15:46
Yanielso it used those15:46
Acceah, I see15:46
Yanielbut that control scheme rarely translates well to a touchscreen15:46
Yanielin that case it didn't15:46
AcceGood to know, as I'm first time doing touchscreens15:47
nander_My code renders exactly once15:47
Accehaven't really played that many games either15:47
YanielI've seen a few decent implementations15:47
Yanielbut generally it is better to come up with something that does not depend on virtual keys/other hw15:48
nander_Can someone check what's wrong with my code snipplet?15:49
nander_It seems setInterval doesn't work well15:49
Accenander_: why not use QML timer?15:49
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nander_Didn't know it existed15:49
Accecheck it out, it's really simple to use15:50
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Yanielyou shouldn't need to call paint in a loop15:52
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Yanieljust move your doPaint code to onPaint15:53
Yaniel(qml is declarative)15:53
nander_in a game?15:53
Yanielor call repaint() with a timer15:55
Yanielrather repaint() than onPaint() but something like that I guess15:59
nander_repaint is an invalid property according to the SDK16:00
Yanielmaybe a signal?16:01
nander_It seems my timer doesn't start16:01
nander_It doesn't paint a rectangle16:03
nander_weird, it IS called16:04
nander_ But it doesn't draw anything16:04
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nanderThe emulator is awfully slow?16:28
Stskeepsadd more cores16:28
FryeNot really16:28
FryeAt least on my experience16:28
nanderI don't get it to refresh 100 times per second16:28
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos16:29
Pnuuwhy should it..?16:29
nanderIt seems that if the jobs take more time than 1 refresh on timer, it builds up lag16:29
nanderAnd slows down even more16:29
*** jjarven has joined #sailfishos16:30
nanderI can only do ~5 fps16:31
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Acceshould the MultiTouchPointArea work in the emulator? it seems to behave differently on device and emulator16:49
StskeepsAcce: hmm it should16:50
StskeepsAcce: the cursor sends touch events, not mouse16:50
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Accehmm.. I had it simply to console.log "pressed" and "released" on respective events, but the latter didn't show up in journalctl when I released the mouse button16:53
Acceit worked on the device though16:54
Yaniel"pressed" means keyDown + keyUp16:55
*** Eztran has quit IRC16:55
Yaniel(varies by library)16:55
Acceok, now it seems to work with my new code, so it was probably some mistake on my part16:55
Yanielbut there are usually separate keyDown, keyUp and keyPressed events16:56
AcceYaniel: I thought onClicked was the pressed + released event?16:57
Yanielthe naming varies by library16:58
Acceatleast the code seems to do what I intended now that I'm using onPressed and onReleased..16:58
YanielI haven't touched Qt in a while so I don't remember which names it used16:58
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Nicd-hmm, I'm getting this when compiling:17:40
Nicd-/usr/include/qt5/QtCore/qstring.h:299: the mangling of 'va_list' has changed in GCC 4.417:40
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Nicd-seemed to be nothing17:48
Nicd-now I can develop on my mac again since device deployment works :) not enough memory to run the emulator17:48
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tortoisedoc_so how many jPhones shippet as of today?17:59
tortoisedoc_I heard 20000 for the preorder only17:59
tortoisedoc_that correct17:59
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Jonnitortoisedoc_: you will never get any comments about numbers. Sorry.18:13
tortoisedoc_Jonni : that's ok , just tried my luck :P18:13
tortoisedoc_Jonni: on a less stupid side, any way for a window to forward events to the window below it?18:15
tortoisedoc_in X11 it was easy, but in Wayland every window is a reality for itself, so it should not be so easy anymore, right?18:15
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lbtNicd-: does binary deployment work for you? and is it quicker / quick enough with simple QML changes18:17
*** ljp has quit IRC18:19
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Nicd-lbt: you mean "by copying binaries"?18:24
Nicd-yes, it works18:25
Nicd-that's what I'm using18:25
Nicd-the deploy time is quick enough. building is slow, probably due to my computer18:25
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corcrashhi everyone :D18:26
corcrashcould i get someone to answer a few questions?18:26
*** Blizzz has joined #sailfishos18:27
Nicd-don't ask to ask18:27
jake9xxcorcrash: what's the question, depends on that18:27
Nicd-ok, my app is ready enough I feel, might submit to harbour now18:28
Nicd-but screenshots first18:28
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #sailfishos18:29
corcrashWell, I want to develop apps for Sailfish, and I am an experienced C++/Qt developer but I can't seem to find any documentation on how to access C++ methods from Silica18:29
jake9xxNicd-: nice, you've gone a long way :)18:29
corcrashis it the sam way as from QML or is there any difference?18:29
jake9xxcorcrash: Silica = QML compnents representation18:29
jake9xxcorcrash: c++ + QML2 is what you're after18:29
corcrashkk, ty :D18:29
jake9xxcorcrash: qmlbook.org18:29
Nicd-corcrash: I have a really simple example for you18:30
corcrashNicd-, That would be nice :D18:31
Nicd-corcrash: take a look at and the files qml/harbour-sailtime.qml, src/*18:31
jake9xxNicd-: do you emit signals from c++ side?18:31
*** louisdk has quit IRC18:31
Nicd-a really simple class in the src dir, it is registered to be accessible from qml in src/harbour-sailtime.cpp and it is used in qml/harbour-sailtime.qml18:32
Nicd-jake9xx: no, I just call a method18:32
jake9xxNicd-: ok, that's simple18:32
jake9xxsignals are nasty18:32
situAnybody here used nemo thumbnailer plugin ?18:33
jake9xxsitu: you can check what the photoviewer tutorial in sdk 1312 uses18:36
jake9xxI'm not sure but it might be that18:36
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corcrashNicd-, Thanks a lot, that helped! :D But is there a way for me to get a pointer to the QML Items of the app instance?19:06
jake9xxcorcrash: why do you need that?19:07
corcrashjake9xx, Just curiosu :P19:07
*** roric has joined #sailfishos19:08
jake9xxof course there is. you can call qml item from c++19:09
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corcrashjake9xx, I know abut that but how about the files defined in, lets say, firstpage.qml, they get instatiated by the Sailfish aplication instance, if I am not wrong, can I get access to them?19:15
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jake9xxcorcrash: yes, if you define property on page, pages created after that will see those properties19:20
*** lbt has joined #sailfishos19:21
jake9xxbascially in coding time you can assume all rules of javascript and dom tree19:21
jake9xxin run-time config the order of item creation is crucial19:21
jake9xxso unless you explicitly invoke/load some qml - you cannot assume properties therein are set right19:21
jake9xxor even defined19:21
jake9xxif you run into such issues try looking at object with console.log("aarg, my type is"+typeof(your-object-name);19:22
*** shmerl has joined #sailfishos19:22
shmerlMSameer: Hi!19:23
MSameershmerl: hello!19:25
MSameerhow did you know that I came back home a few minutes ago ? :p19:25
shmerlMSameer: Can you explain a bit some logic in the yaml specs please? I'm trying to write one for libopus and looking and libvorbis now atm:;a=blob_plain;f=libvorbis.yaml;hb=HEAD19:25
shmerlI didn't :)19:25
shmerlI just came myself.19:25
shmerlHow does that yaml specify where to place what? (/lib etc.)19:26
MSameershmerl: I don't have much experience with yaml (I remove it from every package I touch) but the idea is that you write a yaml file19:27
MSameershmerl: the yaml file is used by soecify to generate a spec file19:27
MSameershmerl: the spec file contains placeholders which you still need to fill like the files section and so19:27
shmerlYeah, I figured :) The idea was that obs uses yaml as a primary source of the package metadata.19:27
MSameershmerl: but those place holders will not be overwritten when you rerun specify after editing yaml later on19:28
shmerlI looked at the hello world example.19:28
shmerlAnd there is some "files" section there.19:28
MSameershmerl: nop, obs doesn't use yaml AFAICT19:28
shmerlThe example above though (libvorbis) doesn't have anything like that.19:28
MSameershmerl: yes because I stripped that yaml crap :P19:28
MorpogQtcreator uses yaml to generate spec file19:28
MSameerSage_: ping ^^^19:28
Morpogobs uses spec file19:28
MSameeri don't use qt creator :/19:29
shmerlSo how is the spec generated for libvorbis from that yaml?19:29
shmerlI.e. how does it know where to place the result? Or you write rpm speci directly yourself?19:29
MSameershmerl: obs wants a spec file to be able to build19:29
MSameerobs does not use yaml AFAICT19:29
shmerlRight, but in the example you do it with "specify"19:29
MSameershmerl: I write spec directly19:30
*** freedomrun has joined #sailfishos19:30
shmerlI see, got it.19:30
MSameerwell, you here is obviously jolla but not me19:30
shmerlSo that yaml isn't really doing anything for libvorbis?19:30
MSameerso maybe jake9xx or kaltsi or Sage_ could help more19:30
*** Pat_o has quit IRC19:30
jake9xxwell the build tool uses yaml19:31
*** lollo2 has quit IRC19:31
jake9xxso mb2 runs on yaml19:31
shmerlSo what's the preferred way, to make spec directly or to use yaml?19:31
jake9xxshmerl: does libvorbis have source somewhere?19:31
MSameershmerl: depends on what you use for building19:31
MSameershmerl: if you use sdk/qt creator/mb2 then I think you need yaml19:31
shmerlSorry, wrong link:;a=tree19:32
shmerlMSammer: I think writing yaml should be a bit easier than writing a full RPM spec.19:32
MSameershmerl: I use make + emacs inside sb2 and obs if I need to build RPM files so I don't need yaml for anything19:33
MSameershmerl: well, write yaml, use specify to generate spec then rm *.yaml :D19:33
shmerlI use that with mer sdk as well.19:33
*** sababa has quit IRC19:33
shmerlRight, I was just confused by the libvorbis's yaml.19:34
lbtyou can use combinations of yaml/spec19:34
shmerlCouldn't figure out how it know where to place the result.19:34
lbtyaml is useful to easily edit the data and handles sub-packages well; it's more compact and cleaner than spec19:34
MSameershmerl: that vorbis is old19:35
*** datagutt has joined #sailfishos19:35
shmerlMSameer: You mean the yaml or spec?19:35
shmerlThat's Mer's package at least.19:35
jake9xxlbt: ^ is yaml absolutely needed in mer sdk ?19:35
MSameershmerl: oh sorry. that is the correct one19:35
lbtjake9xx: it should not be19:36
lbtif someone wanted to write pure spec then that's fine19:36
shmerlI guess yaml is a bit higher level, so it should be easier in theory19:36
jake9xxlbt: I think so too, MB2 might issue warning in specify phase but then it should be good19:37
lbtthe concept is that it is much simpler for new users and still allows total expert control19:37
coderuswho is window compositor in wayland sailfish, who controlling system gestures? lipstick itself?19:38
MSameercoderus: lipstick yes19:39
coderusMSameer: thanks, good19:39
shmerlSo, what's the story with libvorbis, does that yaml spec corespond to the19:42
shmerlrpm spec or they are disconnected?19:43
coderuswho can look in jollla-lipstick sources for me?19:43
*** sababa has joined #sailfishos19:44
lbtcoderus: it's better to just ask questions :)19:44
lbtshmerl: they're connected19:45
coderusi want to know is there any available values import from env, gconf or other to set rotation angle for lipstick compositor19:45
MSameershmerl: when yaml is edited, run specify to generate spec19:45
shmerllbt: Can you explain a bit how does it know from that yaml where to place the result? For me it's way obscure.19:45
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC19:45
shmerlI mean I don't see anything like Files and etc.19:46
lbtsomeone decided to list the files in the spec and not in the yaml19:46
lbtwhich is fine but odd19:46
MSameerthe first time i know that yaml can contain files19:46
shmerlMSammer: I started with the Hello World example from lbt :)19:47
lbtMSameer: yaml is just another format for data in the spec19:47
lbtshmerl: the  lines between # >> files devel .... # << files devel are not touched by specify19:47
MSameerlbt: yup, fine. I strip it all the time :p19:47
shmerlI see19:48
lbtMSameer: it depends whether you're writing stuff for yourself or for others who may not grok the spec format19:48
shmerlSo it takes them straight from yaml if they are present.19:48
lbtand if you created a Files: section with :    - '%{_includedir}/vorbis'19:49
MSameerlbt: that's a discussion which does not belong here but AFAICT most of nemo has yaml stripped19:49
coderuslipstick compositor should get orientation values somewhere, like meego gets context Screen.TopEdge. can anyone tell me details?19:49
shmerlI'm OK with taking it to #mer19:49
lbtMSameer: yep... just like MeeGo .. the devs cared more about their situation than new users/developers ... raising the bar was seen as a good thing ...19:50
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos19:51
shmerlMSammer: I used this example: and it basically proposes to use yaml as a starting point.19:52
shmerlSo that's what I was starting with.19:52
*** kor has joined #sailfishos19:53
shmerlbtw, I guess libopus should be split in lib and devel packages?19:53
MSameershmerl: no worries. use yaml if it makes your life easier but you will throw it away at some point :P19:53
MSameershmerl: yup19:53
jake9xxcoderus: ping19:54
shmerlMSammeer: I know spec just barely more than yaml :) So I need to learn both.19:54
coderusjake9xx: yo19:54
*** b0bben has quit IRC19:56
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos19:56
*** raa70 has joined #sailfishos19:56
*** b0bben has quit IRC20:00
MSameershmerl: the point is that I always base my spec on top of another spec and specs are all over the place20:00
MSameershmerl: but that's just me. others use whatever is easier for them20:01
shmerlYou mean you use one spec as a base for making another?20:01
MSameershmerl: yup20:01
*** whisperi has joined #sailfishos20:01
MSameerI am not superman :)20:01
shmerlThat's what I was trying to do with yaml now :) And used libvorbis one and it was confusing.20:01
shmerlI guess I should just pick another yaml as an example.20:02
MSameershmerl: you picked up the wrong yaml. sorry for that :)20:02
shmerlOK, np :)20:02
MSameerwhat's an "interactive" audio codec ?20:03
shmerlI guess it means it adapts to the use case dynamically.20:03
shmerlNo. Opus has two modes of operation - "speech" and "music"20:04
*** lbt has quit IRC20:04
shmerlAnd it can change them at runtime.20:04
*** lbt has joined #sailfishos20:04
shmerlIt's more than just vbr.20:04
MSameeri have to admit i know nothing about it20:05
shmerlThey essentially melted together CELT and SILK20:05
MSameernever came across any opus media :/20:05
shmerlThere were some good docs published recently. One sec.20:05
shmerlOpus is pretty new / cutting edge.20:06
shmerlBut it's already part of the WebRTC standard.20:06
shmerlSo it has good chances of adoption.20:06
shmerlHere you go:
MSameeri hope webrtc will fly so i can kill skype20:07
MSameershmerl: thanks20:07
* MSameer reads20:07
*** freedomrun has quit IRC20:08
shmerlMore stuff here:
*** tortoisedoc_ has quit IRC20:09
shmerlI killed Skype a while ago already, though Jingle calls are pretty erratic between different clients.20:10
shmerlBtw Skype contributed the SILK codec for Opus.20:11
shmerlIt's very unusual to see MS making a statement about royalty free patent usage :P But that happened before MS bought Skype I guess, so they just didn't revert it.20:12
*** lollo2 has joined #sailfishos20:18
shmerlAs for Opus media - I didn't see much of it either :) But at least Firefox and Chrome should support it already (in the Ogg container). Rockbox can play opus files as well (on Sansa players for example).20:20
*** freedomrun has joined #sailfishos20:22
MSameerwhy isn't Artem here? :/20:23
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos20:23
MSameerwant to take his permission before I create a competitive app :p20:23
*** itbaron has quit IRC20:23
*** b0bben_ has joined #sailfishos20:26
*** b0bben_ has quit IRC20:38
*** b0bben_ has joined #sailfishos20:38
*** tuukkah has joined #sailfishos20:44
*** pixraider_ has quit IRC20:46
*** lollo2 has quit IRC20:59
Nicd-is the spec file created automatically?21:28
Nicd-or supposed to be?21:28
Nicd-because now my yaml file has conflicting information but it hasn't broken anything21:28
*** Custodian has quit IRC21:41
FryeNicd-, I think you can remove the spec file if it's out of sync21:41
Fryeand that it will be generated from the yaml21:41
FryeI may be wrong though21:41
Nicd-Frye: when I did my deploy failed21:41
FryeSo take a backup21:41
Nicd-"no spec file and cannot create from yaml"21:42
FryeThen I'm clueless21:42
FryeI think it was supposed to be generated from the yaml :D21:42
*** stephg has quit IRC21:43
FryeHopefully soeone with more knowledge about the sdk comes active soon21:43
*** cxl000 has quit IRC21:45
jake9xxFrye: ??21:49
Fryejake9xx, Nicd- has some problems with his yaml & spec files.21:50
Nicd-jake9xx: I have a foo.yaml file and a foo.spec file21:50
Nicd-they both have seem to have the same info so I have to edit them both if I want to change something21:51
Nicd-changing the yaml file doesn't change the spec file21:51
jake9xxlbt: kaltsi ^21:52
jake9xxsounds like a but in the toolchain21:52
* lbt looks21:52
Nicd-am I right to guess that the yaml should autogenerate the spec file?21:52
jake9xxyes, if spec does not exist then on first round of build yaml -> generates a spec21:53
jake9xxand name is <name-of>.yaml = <name-of>.yaml21:53
Nicd-I'll try deleting the spec file21:53
lbtthe script that runs is called mb2 ... it has a little routine it checks the spec/yaml datestamp and updates the spec if needed21:54
lbtif you edit the yaml and then edit the spec...21:54
*** nsuffys_ has quit IRC21:54
lbtyou can safely delete the spec file if you haven't made any modifications21:55
Nicd-oh yay, now it changed21:56
Nicd-didn't even delete it, just changed the yaml file and built21:57
Nicd-maybe my timestamps were indeed wrong21:57
lbtthe spec is only updated when you build :)21:57
lbtnot when you save the yaml21:57
lbtsince, historically, the build VM may not have been running21:57
Nicd-so should I include spec file in my git repo?21:59
ottuloNicd-: seems to work fine for me21:59
*** Eztran has joined #sailfishos21:59
lbtNicd-: good question... I would say yes21:59
lbtthings like the commnity OBS will not automatically make a spec file for you (yet); also more complex projects can have extra things in the spec file22:00
lbtso as best-practices, yes22:00
*** lollo2 has joined #sailfishos22:02
*** Firnwath has joined #sailfishos22:04
Nicd-ok, thanks for your help22:04
*** b0bben has quit IRC22:09
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos22:10
*** RoKenn has quit IRC22:12
jake9xxNicd-: I recommend to include both spec and yaml22:12
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos22:13
*** b0bben has quit IRC22:14
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