Saturday, 2013-12-28

szopinconfigure: creating ./config.status00:02
szopinmy session from 3 minutes ago is hanging on: configure: creating ./config.status00:02
szopinnew ssh session is hanging as well (on Using username "nemo'..(00:02
szopinthere were no such hiccups with n90000:02
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szopinis there any way to stop this?00:03
Elleoszopin: as far as I'm aware processes don't get suspended, instead the cpu gets scaled down really slow when the display times out00:03
Elleoiirc it doesn't happen when provided with external power though00:03
szopinyeah, but until hwkb i tiker with n900 ssh00:04
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Elleoso you just need to have it plugged in00:04
szopinon the bus?00:04
szopinI mostly have free time on the way to work00:04
Elleothere's probably a way to disable the scaling in software, but I don't know enough about that side of things to help00:04
szopinn900 sshed in nicely with the workaround wifi hotspot mode00:04
Elleoon the simple hardware fix side you could bring an external battery pack along and have it plugged into that I guess00:05
szopinI already carry 3 phones00:05
szopinbit too much...00:05
Elleoor plugged into a laptop00:05
szopinis there any way to pretend to jolla it is plugged in?00:06
ShadowJKit seems to thoroughly and properly suspend00:07
ElleoI expect most of the folks who know are in bed by now, so it might be best to ask on the mailing list00:07
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szopinit keeps ssh sessions from before screen blackout00:07
ElleoShadowJK: I'm able to still ssh in while it's in its scaled down mode, it's just incredibly sloww00:07
szopinunless you change to sudo something00:07
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szopinnot for me, maybe too short timeout00:07
szopinsometimes it does if previous session is up00:08
ShadowJKit does seem to wkakeup from network activity briefly00:08
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szopinold session is kept ok as long as same uid and just browsing in mc for example00:08
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szopinbut ./configure/make/pkcon install all pretty much hang00:09
szopin(one workaround is call yourself on skype it wakes up the device and it continues compiling, until net stop)00:10
ShadowJKi mean, a "while true; do date; sleep 1; done" in fingerterm, leave device on desk, and you might see it only woke up once or twice an hour00:10
valdur55but why you don't use screen ?00:10
Elleopresumably things keep running when its in hotspot mode00:11
Elleohaven't test that much, so couldn't say for sure though00:11
szopinscreen from old ssh session will hang on the same things00:11
szopinif the only ssh session kept alive (working fine for cd/cat etc) hangs on more complicated tasks00:11
ShadowJKyou can do echo asdf > /sys/power/wake_lock  and the android-like suspend powersave is disabled00:12
ShadowJKbut it ats *alot* of power00:12
szopinn900 was running with sshd replying nicely all the time00:12
szopinor was n900 using some other sleep scheme?00:13
ShadowJKYeah it went to sleep in between timers expiring, but set itself to wakeup just before a timer expiry00:13
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szopincan this be done on jolla?00:14
szopinjonwil did manage to get into mce00:14
ShadowJKIn android, google basically made all existing timers second class citizens, and they only work when device is "on". They added new special timers for apps that want to wake up when screen is off.00:15
ShadowJKI haven't been able to google up any info on how this works in sailfish00:15
raven24hey there, quick question: is there a recommended way to populate the sdk VM with contacts/ sms messages/ call history ?00:17
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szopinhello nemo00:21
nemo_hello szopin00:21
szopinyay irssi works00:21
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szopinscroll mode doesn't seem work in irssi :/00:29
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szopinok tmo is better way to track annswer00:33
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situCan a dialog contain pull down menu ?07:26
*** sdjayna has joined #sailfishos07:32
situIn other words, if I add slica flickable inside a a dialog, is it allowed to show pull down menu ?07:35
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situOk, it's possible.07:42
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Yanielis mosh already in one of the standard repos?08:40
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coderussitu: sure08:48
coderusDialog is based on Page in silica :)08:48
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coderusits great since harmattan Dialog is crap08:49
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coderusYaniel: ask in #nemomobile09:06
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mudyci have accidentally linked together two different persons in contacts. how can i remove the link?10:02
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Pnuumudyc: let's see10:08
Pnuudon't remember from top of my head, but managed to do that once10:08
Pnuumudyc: goto People, open the card where the people are linked, select "link" from the pulley menu and click on the one that is extra10:10
mudycPnuu: ah, tried long press :)10:13
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mudycPnuu: thanks10:19
Pnuuno prob :-)10:19
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Yanielhow do I enable the chum repo?10:49
*** kimmo has quit IRC10:53
Yanieljust ssu er chum?10:56
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tbrthere's nothing there yet :/11:00
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Venemow00t: ping11:41
Venemow00t: can you give me some clues about libiphb or point to somebody who can?11:41
*** Andy80 has joined #sailfishos11:42
Elessarfriends, what is the best place to ask about SDK and libraries/tools provided with the platform?11:45
*** spider-mario has joined #sailfishos11:46
VenemoElessar: probably this channel11:47
ElessarVenemo: whom is better to ask?11:49
VenemoElessar: just ask, and have the patience to wait for someone to answer11:49
Venemoremember, it's saturday, and it's a holiday time in most parts of the world, so not everyone might be reading11:50
tbrvulgo: patience is a virtue11:50
Elessarok, let's try again :) does anybody know how to control screen's brightness from the application?11:50
tbrthere's probably a dbus call for that11:50
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*** gabriel9 has joined #sailfishos11:55
Elessaroh no, no qdbus utility in the emulator(11:56
Elessarlet's read mans for dbus-send11:56
coderusElessar: qt5-qttools-qdbus11:57
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*** leszek has joined #sailfishos11:58
Elessarcoderus: no such file or directory11:58
Elessarmay be I have to install some package?11:59
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coderusElessar: qt5-qttools-qdbus12:14
Elessarcoderus: thanks, but I've already learned dbus-send12:15
Elessarbut it didn't help to find the right service12:15
coderuslearn dbus-monitor now :)12:16
Elessarcoderus: how would it help if there is no way to change brightness from default emulator's applications?12:17
coderuson N9 port brightness controlled by mce12:20
coderusi dont know if same on Jolla12:20
Venemonot sure the emulator even has the necessary bits for this12:23
Elessarwow, access denied while tried to send message to
Elessarlooks like I have to wait two more days for the real device :)12:27
Elessarand try to do something on it12:28
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Juhi24man I still suck with importing libraries. Trying to use QtPositioning 5.2. I have qt5-qtpositioning installed, i have added it in the dependencies in yaml file. Trying to deploy the project as RPM package in emulator gives me 'module "QtPositioning" is not installed'. What did I miss here?12:51
coderusQt5Positioning, maybe?12:53
*** lpotter has joined #sailfishos12:53
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*** SeekingFor has joined #sailfishos12:55
Juhi24I'm not getting it. In Qt docs I read my import statement should be 'import QtPositioning 5.2'12:57
coderusi mean adding Qt5Positioning to package module dependencies13:00
coderusto have it installed on devic13:00
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coderusi have problem every time i building package it adding TARGETNAME.qml and pages/ cover/ to my share subfolder. how can i avoid this?13:10
*** KangOl has joined #sailfishos13:15
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Juhi24coderus: sorry I tried googling stuff, but I still don't quite follow. Where should that be added? In the PkgConfigBR? Still learning here.13:23
coderusin both PkgBR anc PkgConfigBR13:25
coderusah no13:25
coderusjust in PkgConfigBR added Qt5Positioning and in requires qt5-qtdeclarative-import-positioning and qt5-qtpositioning13:26
coderusi solved my problem, it was just not clean here :D13:27
Juhi24Thanks again cuderus, this solved it!13:31
*** phaeron has quit IRC13:31
raven24hi there, maybe more people are awake at this hour... ;)13:32
raven24is there a recommended way to populate the sdk VM with contacts/ sms messages/ call history ?13:32
*** ezech has joined #sailfishos13:35
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos13:36
coderusraven24: tried using vpl files?13:39
raven24coderus: could you point me somewhere I can read up on that?13:39
*** _miqu_ has joined #sailfishos13:41
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*** louisdk has joined #sailfishos13:44
coderusjust try xdg-open file.vpl13:46
coderusi didnt tried, just suggesting13:46
raven24ok thanks, I'll try13:49
*** raa70 has joined #sailfishos13:51
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artemmaOups, import QtDocGallery is not allowed. Really?14:10
artemmaSo I am supposed to still use it, but on C++ side?14:10
*** narchie_ is now known as narchie14:11
coderusonly inoirt not allowed, not library, you sure?14:11
*** vitronic__ has joined #sailfishos14:12
artemmano, not sure. Checking where it's implemented..14:12
*** _miqu_ has quit IRC14:15
artemmaI can of course just read file names in the pictures location, but that's more low level and would skip e.g. photos on SD card14:15
*** vitronic_ has quit IRC14:16
artemmamediagallery example seems to link to sailfishapp stuff only14:16
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC14:18
*** gabriel9 has joined #sailfishos14:18
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artemmaqt5-qtdocgallery must be it, can't quite google references to it on the web, but nothing like this seems to be allowed to link to anyway :/14:22
artemmaSo basically we are not allowed to make alternative photo gallery viewers without hacks for now? :/14:23
artemmaokay I can use standard paths for getting a list of pictures at a standard path. Is there a way to get picture files on SD card (or elsewhere)?14:27
artemmamaybe a global file search could help..14:27
*** KangOl has quit IRC14:29
*** krabador has joined #sailfishos14:32
artemmaOn the other hand I know that QtDocGallery is present on device for sure (used by built-in Pictures), then maybe I could just hack the QML import so that it could suite harbour check scripts14:32
artemmathat'd be breaking the checks intentions though14:32
jpnurmiartemma: the store doesn't allow importing what an example does? have you asked them about it? maybe it's just an oversight14:34
artemmaI just discovered it half an hour ago14:35
artemmajpnurmi: media gallery example uses import QtDocGallery 5.0 and import org.nemomobile.thumbnailer 1.014:35
artemmaboth are not in the list of allowed QML imports14:35
jpnurmihow did you discover it's not "allowed"?14:36
*** Korthes has joined #sailfishos14:36
Venemojpnurmi: there is a list of allowed imports on the harbour website14:36
artemmajpnurmi: By reading through the not-so-long list of allowed ones :)
artemmajpnurmi: search for "import" on that page14:37
ElessarIt's not possible to use Instantiator inside PullDownMenu?14:38
artemmaI understand the reasons, but it sort'a sucks not being able to fetch all user pictures14:38
artemmaFor now I'll probably read filenames from standard pictures location and forget about sdcard images14:38
artemmaoh maybe I could ship an own copy of a plugin together with my app.. hmm14:39
*** inffy has left #sailfishos14:40
jpnurmiartemma: or just register the types into your apps own import14:40
artemmait would be cool if somebody skilled could actually make an example of shipping a plugin such as this one with your app14:40
artemmajpnurmi: I know how to register my own classes for QML, but (re)registering classes defined in some external plugin?14:41
jpnurmiartemma: just do this in your main(): but to a uri prefixed with your app name, which is allowed according to that faq14:41
artemmaI'll need to get class definition to c++ somehow and it should somehow be linked to implementation14:41
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos14:42
jpnurmii would ask them first, though... before doing any ultimate hacks :)14:42
artemmaI don't quite get how compiler will connect QDeclarativeDocumentGallery to actual implementation. Don't I need to actually link to plugin then?14:44
artemmajpnurmi: I'll ask in a mailing list, maybe it helps14:44
*** Andy80 has quit IRC14:45
*** Andy80 has joined #sailfishos14:46
*** louisdk has quit IRC14:48
artemmaI can of course just build the whole document gallery as a part of my app14:49
*** Andy80 has quit IRC14:50
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC14:52
*** gabriel9 has joined #sailfishos14:53
*** louisdk has joined #sailfishos14:56
*** wellumakinen has joined #sailfishos14:56
Venemoartemma: my app uses QtDocGallery and nobody noticed and it went into the harbour :P14:57
*** promulo has joined #sailfishos14:57
wellumakinenis there any kind of persistent storage exposed to QML in SailfishOS?14:57
wellumakinenfor storing e.g app settings in easy way14:58
artemmaVenemo: interesting. Was it maybe shipped before new harbour rules?14:58
artemmawellumakinen: I use localstorage14:58
wellumakinenah, of course :)14:58
wellumakinenI always forget we're in JS environment... Was about to create my own QML wrapper on top of QSettings.14:59
Venemoartemma: no. I guess that they didn't verify my QML files because they are embedded in the executable14:59
wellumakinen..damn... too easy.14:59
artemmawellumakinen: I think there is such a wrapper somewhere already.. maybe I've seen it in some nemo project15:00
artemmaVenemo: you mean qrc?15:00
Venemoartemma: yes15:00
Venemoartemma: but this is just a guess15:00
wellumakinenit is trivial to create one15:00
artemmahmm. Maybe I need to try qrc way then..15:00
wellumakinenbut localstorage is more that adequate as my logic is already in 100% JS.15:01
artemmaVenemo: well, what I saw from harbour logs (and looked like a script output) it looks like script go through all the files in the package. Maybe it doesn't know how to dive into qrc15:01
wellumakinendon't want to "poison" my code with C++15:01
artemmawellumakinen: I use variations of this for a couple of years already:
Venemowellumakinen: poison with c++? that's funny :)15:01
artemmanowadays I would have probably started with wrapping QSettings though15:01
wellumakinenI did the wrapping in N9 days on QSettings. Very easy... but storing couple of switch states is not worth using C++15:03
artemmaVenemo: yeah, hiding in QRC could be a solution. You didn't need to link to anything more than just sailfishapp, correct?15:03
Venemoartemma: sailfishapp was very dubious last time I checked, and I want platform-independent code, so I decided not to use it15:04
artemmaVenemo: I am trying to understand if I'll still need to link to something not allowed15:04
Venemoartemma: using a QML module doesn't need linking15:05
* artemma never tried QRC before except for short Necessitas trial years ago. Any sailfish-ready public example exists somewhere?15:05
Venemoartemma: in any case, you can always take a glance at my code here:
artemmaVenemo: cool, thanks!15:06
artemmanice game BTW, I played it :)15:06
Venemoartemma: thank you!15:06
Venemoartemma: it tries to be as non-platform-specific as possible, the same source tree works on BB10, PlayBook, Maemo5, Harmattan, SailFish, Symbian and of course the desktop15:07
Venemoartemma: so there is a lot of ifdefs and platform-specific configuration in some places15:08
Venemobut I generally try to limit those to maybe one or two cpp files and the pro file15:08
Venemothe rest works equally well for all platforms15:09
artemmawell, will try to parse. For now I am only into figuring out the qrc way for sailfish for hiding qmls inside15:09
Venemoartemma: qrc works the same way for all platforms and it's not "hiding"15:09
Venemoit's protecting your qml files15:09
artemmaVenemo: hiding from harbour checking script :)15:09
Venemono, protecting from users who don't know what they're doing15:10
Venemoalso, for most platforms it would've been extremely painful to distribute the QMLs otherwise15:10
*** KangOl has joined #sailfishos15:11
artemmaI understand. Yet in my case that would only be for hiding from the checking script15:12
*** Andy80 has joined #sailfishos15:13
artemmatried building puzzle-master from IDE: virtual memory exhausted: Cannot allocate memory :)15:14
artemmaVenemo: I can't see yaml/spec files. How do you prepare final package for the harbour?15:15
*** KangOl has quit IRC15:15
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*** Mikaela has joined #sailfishos15:16
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*** zhxt has quit IRC15:17
artemmayou also use import net.venemo.puzzlemaster 2.0 quite a lot. Yeah, harbour checking script would have killed it if it was able to notice15:17
Venemoartemma: nope15:18
Venemoartemma: net.venemo.puzzlemaster is specific to the app, and exported in my main.cpp15:18
Venemoartemma: I don't like to keep packaging in the same repo as the app, but I can give you the spec if you want15:19
MSameerartemma: check that the pipeline I gave you a few days ago works with the recently released update15:20
*** Andy80 has joined #sailfishos15:21
Morpog_I heard that android flashlight apps work now15:21
MSameerit should work but have not tried15:21
MSameeri am on vacation with a not so good connection so I haven't checked15:22
artemmaMSameer: oh! I didn't expect it to be already in this update. Will check now15:22
artemmaMSameer: works just fine!15:23
MSameerartemma: there you go :)15:23
artemmaMSameer: except that gstreamer is not within the allowed libs in harbour..15:24
lbtVenemo: I could be wrong but I think the new rules for harbour will make imports whitelisted and force them to be preceded with harbour-appname15:24
artemmaSo I'll need to learn how to package libs or build gstreamer as a part of my project. Oh well, earlier or later that had to be learnt15:24
artemmaMSameer: do you know if variating intensity is also possible?15:25
Venemolbt: that's for imports that you install on the device15:25
Venemolbt: my imports are not installed as QML plugins, they are just part of the app15:25
Venemothe rules say that if I were to install them as global QML plugins, I would need to prefix their names with harbour15:26
artemmaVenemo: I think they are reading the rules differently, but sure I don't mind that your app goes through15:28
Venemoartemma: well, it doesn't make sense any other way15:29
artemmaCan I use QML modules, which I ship together with the application?15:29
artemmaYes, you can do that. But you have to prefix the name of the imports with your $NAME, but with "-" replaced with "." due to QML grammar rules (e.g. harbour.myapp.myQmlObject15:29
artemmaI seem to remember that I've got a rejection for my own imports one day. With plugin declared inside my app and used inside my app15:29
Venemoimagine this: you want to publish an app to Jolla store and Xyz store. let's assume Jolla wants you to prefix your stuff with "harbour-" and Xyz wants you to prefix them with "blahblah-"15:30
Venemothen it's impossible to have something that works in both places15:30
artemmaVenemo: to my understanding current solution is not the good thought through one, but rather a quickfix15:30
Venemoso the only way these rules make sense is if they're only applicable to modules that you put to a global place15:30
artemmaVenemo: I don't mind at all following your definition of the rules and hope it will be like that one day. Yet it's not the current situation me thinks15:31
Venemootherwise, it's total nonsense15:31
*** Elessar has quit IRC15:34
Venemoartemma: this is not "my definition" - this is the only way it makes sense15:35
artemmaVenemo: to my understanding current rules are an overreaction to the danger that devs will use unstable QML plugins found in the internals of Sailfish. So they just scan QMLs leaving only whitelisted imports15:35
Venemoof course I could write a shell script and 'sed' all my imports and qmlRegisterType()s but... what sense would that make?15:36
artemmaVenemo: I am following not what makes sense, but what's written in FAQ :)
artemmaI suffered too, had to workaround to import harbour.myapp.Mixpanel 1.0 and had to move that module around15:36
Venemoartemma: maybe we just interpret it differently15:36
Venemoyou see the place where it mentions this rule is: "Can I use QML modules, which I ship together with the application?"15:37
VenemoI do not _ship_ these modules _together_ with the application, the are _in_ the application15:37
Venemothey are not even modules15:38
Venemothey are just a bunch of qml registers15:38
Venemoa QML module is a bunch of QML files and a qmldir, or optionally a .so file - so whatever's in my app is not a QML module15:38
coderusany Jolla dev here?15:39
MSameerartemma: sorry my laptop decided to shut down due to over heating15:39
MSameerartemma: intensity is not supported :/15:39
artemmaHow do I explore sailfish repositories? Any command line for it? I want to understand what exactly PKGCONFIG += gstreamer-0.10 includes and fetch built libraries somehow for shipping with my app15:40
Stskeepsartemma: zypper's probably the best tool15:40
artemmaOr would it be simpler to compile gsteamer as a part of my app15:40
Morpog_coderus, I see already 2 writing in here :D15:41
coderusi just want to know is lipstick popup (topmost) notifications are based on QML code or not?15:41
* artemma wonders how he will revert his device to sane state after the experiments. Not a fan of factory resets15:42
Venemoartemma: are you familiar with pkgconfig otherwise?15:42
artemmacoderus: somebody told they are kde notifications15:42
lbtartemma: it's a btrfs snapshot restore if that makes you feel better :)15:42
coderusartemma: kde which version? latest using QML code15:43
Venemocoderus: I'd bet they are, but of course am not sure - the jolla homescreen is not open15:43
artemmaIf I want to use gstreamer , I need to use both gstreamer and gstreamer-deve packages, correct?15:43
Venemoartemma: your build will require the devel package but your app itself will just require the regular package15:43
artemmaVenemo: thanks15:44
Venemoartemma: are you familiar with what pkgconfig is, in general?15:44
* artemma doesn't really understand all these packaging things, heh.. will need to identify propr ARMv7 library(ies), fetch them somehow and ship with the app15:44
* lbt wonders what a graph of global-btrfs-snapshot-reset-count against time looks like - I suspect the jolla updates would be visible :)15:45
artemmaVenemo: a little, mostly on copy-pasting basis15:45
lbtartemma: the -devel packages are needed at build time as they provide .h files15:45
artemmaOkay, say there is a package "gstreamer". How do I see which files it includes?15:45
lbtrpm -ql15:45
artemmawithout installing it prefeably15:45
artemmaoh well, I can install to emulator15:46
Venemoartemma: basically pkg-config is a distribution-independent tool for making it easier to work with shared libraries15:46
artemmashall I do it with pkcon or zypper or who cares?15:46
artemmatrying zypper15:47
Venemoartemma: any library has two packages: 1) the library itself 2) the devel package - the library is needed by apps that use it and the devel package is only needed if you want to compile such apps.15:47
artemmaah, gstreamer already installed, of course! :)15:47
Venemoartemma: what pkg-config does is simplify the necessary compiler flags that you need when linking to a library15:47
artemmaI only need to ship a copy of it with my app15:47
artemmaVenemo: thanks15:48
coderusoh, my connection so weak ~.~15:48
Venemoartemma: so, each devel package places a file in a place like /usr/lib/pkgconfig/ (or /usr/lib64/pkgconfig/ on x86_64)15:48
Venemoartemma: that file helps determine what exactly is needed by the app that wants to use the library15:49
*** Zotan has joined #sailfishos15:49
artemmaVenemo: my issue is mre specific, I need to somehow ship a copy of libraries with my app. It looks like whole gstreamer stuff is located at /usr/lib/gstreamer-0.10/lib15:49
*** cvp has joined #sailfishos15:49
Venemoartemma: that sounds pretty insane - what are you trying to do?15:49
artemmaso I can probably just copy some/all libs to a proper folder as faq asks, and then figure out what RPATH is and how to use it15:50
MSameerartemma: or try to fool store by using dlopen ? :p15:50
artemmaVenemo: that's about faq again :) You are allowed to link only to a set of whitelisted libs. Gstreamer not included. Any other libs you need to ship with your app15:50
Venemoartemma: I would ask them to whitelist gstreamer15:51
Venemothere is no point in not doing it15:51
MSameeryou will also need resource policy support which is not whitelisted too15:51
MSameergstreamer will not be whitelisted now15:51
artemmaMSameer: dlopen is possible, but… that would go against store check purpose. Everything will stop working if they update gstreamer15:51
cvpXMPP.... is it possible to add a room ?15:51
MSameerwe are planning to upgrade to gstreamer 1.x so there is no point in whitelisting gstreamer 0.10 which we will throw away soon15:52
artemmaVenemo: somebody from Jolla was giving some reasons for blacklisting gstreamer. Something like they were going to upgrade first15:52
Venemothere are always excuses15:52
artemmaMSameer: resource policy? Oh.. one more thing to learn15:52
MSameeri hate the store restrictions as much as you guys hate them15:53
Venemohere's how Fedora does it: they include both gstreamer 0.10 and gstreamer 1 with different package names, so they can coexist on the same system15:53
MSameerVenemo: it's about supporting them too15:53
artemmaMSameer: you mean something meego style - ?15:53
MSameerso if gstreamer 0.10 breaks, we will not fix it once we update to 1.x15:54
MSameerartemma: yes15:54
MSameerVenemo: and the phone has limited storage so we can not bundle everything15:54
* artemma was working with gstreamer and Qt in the past a bit. Just creating a pipeline was relatively easy15:55
MSameeri eat gstreamer for breakfast :p15:55
artemmaMSameer: so that's yet more library to link to and use?15:55
MSameerartemma: yes15:55
* artemma starts thinking about starting the invisible shell for running a pipeline15:56
MSameerqtmultimedia handles this for you but what can I do if you are in a hurry ;)15:56
lbtwrt store rule : MSameer: Venemo ... I've begun the process of a community repo. tbr is helping out too15:57
*** KangOl has joined #sailfishos15:57
artemmaWell, I want to create a flashlight and being first motivates me, so I am eager to go an extra mile. trying to understand if it's an extra mile or extra dozen miles15:57
MSameerlbt: there is already openrepos15:57
MSameerhow can a jolla sailor rant about jolla policies without feeling bad ? :/15:58
lbtcommunity is more than just a set of random rpms - community QA in particular15:58
coderusand openrepos client for sailfish is under developing :)15:58
Venemowell, I'll just keep my opinions to myself, about these store rules15:58
coderuslbt: rating and comments is best QA15:59
Juhi24Problem: Can't ssh to my Jolla. Developer mode is on, ssh is on, device is connected via usb, dev mode chosen as connection type. trying ssh trough IDE or from commandline gives no answer whatsoever. Everything is up to date. Anyone with similar problems?15:59
lbtMSameer: because there's a gap between personal goals and commercial capabilities :)15:59
coderusJuhi24: what os on your pc?15:59
lbtcoderus: yes - but code visibility matters to some of us too15:59
Juhi24Fedora 19, also tried through wlan with my N90015:59
lbtand pre-approval QA16:00
coderuslbt: well, there are meta-repsitories support16:00
coderuswe can manage "Approved" repository and include here *approved* packages. its easy16:01
coderusand if you really need you can enable any user repository and install any package16:01
coderusJuhi24: is connection set up? both pc and phone have ip on usb0 ?16:02
MSameeri am fine as long as there is a community repo of FOSS apps16:02
lbtyep - welcome to the dark days of maemo :)16:02
MSameeri prefer FOSS to closed apps for my usage16:02
coderusJuhi24: try to ping both sides16:02
MSameerbut that's me being a FOSS fan16:02
lbtmany repos - dependency hell, conflicts, malware16:02
VenemoI'd prefer a store with fewer restrictions than any other community repo or anything16:02
MSameerVenemo: me too :/16:03
lbtVenemo: sure - and will you pay for the support issues?16:03
Venemoyou remember what a community repo meant in the old times16:03
lbtor would you like us to do that?16:03
Venemoif you have a community repo, nobody will submit apps to the official channels anymore - and why would they, if the barrier of entry is lower for the community repo16:03
lbtVenemo: yes - maemo extras16:03
lbtVenemo: thats' fine16:04
Venemoand then basically every user guide for jolla would start with "enable the community repo by enabling developer mode and blah-blah"16:04
Venemowhich is not fine16:04
Venemobecause it's bad for the average user16:04
lbtaverage users don't read that kind of guide16:05
lbtand the commercial opportunities in a store would keep interest up16:05
Venemowhat commercial opportunities are there?16:06
Pnuuaverage users won't buy the device, if there's no software for it16:06
lbtVenemo: none .... yet16:06
Pnuu"oh, there's no software in the Store, bah, I'll buy android phone instead"16:06
lbtI'm very keen to establish a mechanism to allow commercial opportunities for OSS too16:06
*** Kabouik_ has joined #sailfishos16:06
Venemoin any case, I'd vote for making the store better, and involve the co-creation spirit in there too16:06
lbtVenemo: that would be nice and I would support that too16:06
*** artemma has quit IRC16:07
Venemoalso, speaking of old versions of libraries and whether to allow linking to them: let's look at how maemo solved this problem16:07
Venemocan we use their solution?16:07
*** rcg has joined #sailfishos16:07
VenemoI'm not sure, wasn't involved there that much16:08
*** Kabouik has quit IRC16:08
Juhi24coderus: on both devices ifconfig usb0 gives 'usb0: error fetching interface information: Device not found' how do i verify usb ip?16:09
VenemoI can imagine it like this: upon upgrade, a messagebox would pop up and tell the user that application X is incompatible with the new version and therefore will be deleted after the upgrade16:09
MSameerVenemo: so you are suggesting to use maemo approach which is not known ?16:09
lbtVenemo: notice how short that article is16:09
lbtfor such a simple subject :)16:09
MSameerVenemo: the solution to old libraries is via contributing updated versions to mer/nemo16:09
Venemothis is not a simple subject16:09
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos16:09
lbtVenemo: would you care to read it ? I put a lot of thought in and not a huge amount has changed16:10
Venemolbt: sure, I'm reading it16:10
lbtMSameer: yes, that's a new aspect16:10
MSameerlbt: i prefer supporting openrepos because the repos and infra is there16:10
Venemoin any case, I'd vote against any "community repo" and 'd vote in favour of enhancing the official channels to be good enough for the community too16:10
Juhi24coderus: also from the connections UI I see that by default Fedora tries to connect USB Ethernet but is stuck at "connecting"16:11
*** krabador has quit IRC16:11
VenemoJuhi24: what're you doing?16:11
lbtMSameer: sure - except that Mer community OBS has been around a lot longer than openrepos16:12
Juhi24Venemo: Just trying to connect to my Jolla from Sailfish IDE. Theres always a timeout. Can't seem to ssh16:12
VenemoJuhi24: via usb networking or via wifi?16:13
Juhi24Tried both but Jolla doesn't respond16:13
MSameerlbt: it's not about who was there first. it's about who has the momentum16:13
*** Andy80 has quit IRC16:14
*** Andy80 has joined #sailfishos16:14
lbtMSameer: sure. But when people don't even try to support long established setups it can get a bit wearing16:15
MSameerlbt: no it's not because people choose what they are more familiar with16:16
coderusJuhi24: it can be usb1 or other. check ifconfig16:16
MSameerlbt: beside, people will use nemo community obs to build apps and those apps get submitted to open repos somehow16:16
MSameerlbt: so the rpm packages which people upload to open repos will be built via obs and transferred automatically16:17
MSameerlbt: that's how I see it16:17
lbtwhat nemo community OBS ?16:17
MSameerlbt: I mean Mer community OBS16:18
VenemoJuhi24: is dev mode enabled?16:18
Juhi24coderus, Venemo: ok weird now pings through wlan and i can ssh that way. for some reason on Jolla the connection with the usb ip is called rndis0.16:19
Venemolbt: nice blog post16:19
*** Andy80 has quit IRC16:19
Venemolbt: yes, it's not an easy problem. but I'm sure the community can come up with a good solution that'll suit everyone16:20
lbtMSameer: the one that costs many £00s per month to run you mean? and that I need to manage sponsorship to run?16:20
Venemolbt: if the good solution is that everyone will bundle every library with every app, then so be it!16:20
MSameerlbt: aren't you the guy who allowed building sailfish apps using that OBS?16:21
lbtVenemo: yep - I'd think the solution is to specify isolated lib roots16:21
MSameerlbt: and planning to have a community repos?16:21
lbtMSameer: yes16:21
Juhi24coderus, Venemo: Thanks guys. Don't know what's wrong with ssh over usb, but I think I'll stick with wlan for now since it started working finally somehow.16:21
MSameerlbt: so a community repos costs more16:21
MSameerlbt: what I am suggesting will decrease the costs because it will use openrepos16:21
MSameerso cose cobs + cost community repos > cost cobs + cost openrepos16:22
Venemolbt: on the other hand, it's also a solution to package binary incompatible versions of libraries as different packages and then everyone could depend on the version they need16:22
lbtMSameer: actually the 'cost' of openrepos is very low. But as you say it's the popular site. Which doesn't help from a sponsor PoV16:22
lbtVenemo: well, I'm thinking of a collection of 'released' libs16:23
Venemolike, Fedora has a package called "gstreamer" and another called "gstreamer1" - same goes for gtk and other stuff16:23
MSameerlbt: you don't get it. I might use cobs for building and then upload via open repos because it's already established ;)16:23
Venemoin any case, I suggest to push as many apps through the official channels as possible16:24
lbtMSameer: right ... and what's the 'popular' site? the one that gets the attention?16:24
Venemoeven though I believe in quality vs. quantity, Jolla does need the numbers16:24
*** CandyCoder has joined #sailfishos16:24
lbtVenemo: I do agree with you16:24
lbtVenemo: however I want to establish a mechanism to explore the boundaries16:24
lbtwhat apps *could* we have if the rules were not there16:25
lbtif we can show these to Jolla (ourselves) then it helps to be more definite in discussions16:25
MSameerlbt: it is already there and being used16:25
Venemolbt: sure, I understand your concerns too.16:25
lbtit may also help to co-create the rules16:25
*** CoderCandy has quit IRC16:25
*** CandyCoder is now known as CoderCandy16:25
*** CoderCandy has joined #sailfishos16:25
lbteg we may find issues in a relatively safe environment (ie high technical knowledge)16:26
lbtVenemo: so I see the community repo aspect of this as being a way to feed ideas into the store16:27
lbtMSameer: I would be happy to find ways to collaborate with openrepos16:27
Venemolbt: yes, but once it's a community repo and it's full of apps, nobody will feel like pushing all that to any official channel16:28
Venemosee what happened to apps4meego16:31
*** KangOl has quit IRC16:31
Venemoor how many people put anything to fremantle ovi store? 0?16:31
Venemoand +1 to Pnuu16:32
*** ottulo has joined #sailfishos16:34
*** _miqu_ has joined #sailfishos16:37
lbtVenemo: apps4meego became the jolla store I think :)16:41
suyThe SDK is fooling me. Is running a version of the application that is old. I'm checking out the first revision of my repo, where I started with the template, and in the phone emulator I see my app... :-/16:42
Venemolbt: I meant the relationship between apps4meego and ovi store16:43
suyHow should I check what's going on?16:43
ElleoVenemo: yeah, after a fairly painless experience getting stuff into community stores it could be rather disheartening then having to deal with Nokia's QA teams16:43
Venemothere were dozens of apps that didn't care to go to nokia store at all16:43
*** Andy80 has joined #sailfishos16:43
ElleoI had to setup a completely new website to make the Nokia QA happy because I mentioned Apps4MeeGo on my blog (which is where I put most information about my apps)16:44
Elleoand they then considered it to be advertising a rival store16:45
Elleoso I suspect there wouldn't be as much of a problem if the Jolla store process isn't a lot more hassle than the community process16:45
Venemodon't even mention it16:45
VenemoI uploaded a version of my app to TMO and wrote it's gonna be downloadable from there until it gets into the store16:46
Venemothe store rejected the TMO thread as website because "it offered the app for download" lol16:46
*** Kabouik_ has quit IRC16:48
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos16:49
walokragreat way to encourage devs to make apps16:51
walokrawill see when I get my imgur app finished enough to try jolla store16:51
* lbt thinks we're unlikely to have those issues :)16:52
lbtI'm currently battlng with qml property scope :(16:53
*** Pat_o has quit IRC16:53
*** Kabouik_ has joined #sailfishos16:54
*** AlmAck has quit IRC16:55
*** Kabouik has quit IRC16:57
MSameerlbt: need help?16:58
lbtyeah :)16:58
lbtI'll do a pastie16:58
rcgwell, personally, i am right now more battling the "allowed libraries to link against" barrier16:59
rcgbut i already sent a request to the mailing list and am hopeful that the required libs may get added17:00
*** artemma has quit IRC17:01
Elleorcg: my current approach is just to bundle the libraries I need in the rpm and set the rpath at compile time17:01
Elleoalthough it'd be nice if more common things were available, like the various crypto things you mentioned on the list17:01
rcgElleo, yeah, but on one hand that's additional overhead where it simply wouldn't be needed17:01
ElleoI *think* that approach should be okay with the store, but I haven't submitted anything yet, so can't say for sure17:02
*** cvp has quit IRC17:02
*** c0ck4m0u53 has joined #sailfishos17:02
rcgon the other hand, I also have a case where even the depending libs are not allowed.. so I am afraid of running into a dependency hell17:02
lbtthe problem is passing hostname into the Ssh component17:03
lbtI've tried a few things and this is how it looks now17:04
*** green_dev has joined #sailfishos17:04
rcgElleo, an I don't know if passing rpath to the main executable will propagate downwards along the dependency chain of individual libs17:05
*** datagutt has joined #sailfishos17:05
rcgElleo, so, in the worst case this would require me to rebuilt the dependencies with adapted rpath set as well...17:05
*** mfulz has joined #sailfishos17:07
green_devhello...any fellow devs here?17:07
*** Elessar has joined #sailfishos17:07
rcglbt, would it be sufficient to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH from withing the executable, say in main on start?17:08
lbtI doubt it17:08
coderus Mitakuuluu  updated to v0.1-7. Great UI Update, Many fixies, blah-blah.
lbtthe linker reads it17:08
Elleorcg: yeah, not certain about that; thp advised against using LD_LIBRARY_PATH although I'm not certain why (I know the UT launcher doesn't handle it well within .desktop files, but that does lots of wierd containment stuff as well)17:08
lbtOTOH I bet exec($0) would work :)17:08
green_devAnyone who could help me with some licensing stuff?17:08
rcglbt, hmm, so how would I pass LD_LIBRARY_PATH via the desktop file?17:08
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos17:09
Elleorcg: apparently in the future /usr/share/appname/lib/ will be automatically added to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH though17:09
lbtrcg: it may be that we should set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to /usr/share/app/lib17:09
Elleolbt: yeah, that's thp's current plan17:09
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC17:09
lbtthp may have an idea ...17:09
rcgElleo, lbt that would make sense17:09
rcgbut i'd prefer to be able to use the libs that ship with sailfish anyhow :)17:10
lbtrcg: I'd like to have something like QML's import thing17:10
rcglbt, ?17:10
lbtwhich basically says "add sailfish libs for version X to my LD_LIB_PATH"17:10
lbtmay cause too much bloat17:11
lbtand I just can't see it in this first version of SOS17:11
green_devSorry for interrupting...I'm pretty new to all of this. Is this the right place for connecting with other developers?17:11
lbtgreen_dev: yep welcome17:11
Elleogreen_dev: yep :)17:11
rcggreen_dev, it is :)17:12
green_devah good, thanks17:12
green_devI was wondering about the open source licenses...17:12
lbtwe have lots17:12
green_dev...when you create a new Sailfish Qt Quick Application in the Sailfish IDE17:12
green_devit automatically puts a BSD license in the header17:12
Elleoah, yeah, someone else was upset about that17:13
*** Juhi24 has quit IRC17:13
rcglbt, Elleo well, i'll see what i'll do... just would be easier if i wouldn't have to bother about such hacks17:13
*** Juhi24 has joined #sailfishos17:13
lbtrcg: +1017:13
lbtgreen_dev: BSD isn't opensource as such17:13
green_devdo I have to keep it there, or can I just add like an own MIT license?17:13
Elleogreen_dev: iirc thp wrote those examples, so it might be worth asking if he'd mind relicensing them be basically public domain or equivelant17:13
rcglbt, Elleo also thanks for the feedback :)17:13
Elleorcg: no worries :)17:13
Elleoas its a bit restrictive having the templates enforcing a particular license17:14
Elleoalthough it's not terrible difficult to just start from scratch once you've got the hang of everything17:14
green_devDoes this mean I have to keep the BSD license intact in all my apps?17:14
lbtthose header files mainly prevent you from using the word "Jolla" in your app17:15
lbtanyway - have you guys actually read the license?17:16
green_devCould I just use the Sailfish IDE template (which is basically "Hello world"), remove the BSD license text, make an app and put like an MIT-license on it?17:16
green_devI have read it, yes...but it says I have to "retain the above copyright notice"17:17
suygreen_dev: I am not a lawyer and all that, but I think that some of the templates are so minimal that you can look at them, and adjust to your liking a bit, and consider them a new work.17:18
*** lbt has quit IRC17:18
*** lbt has joined #sailfishos17:19
*** lbt has quit IRC17:19
*** lbt has joined #sailfishos17:19
suyIn Qt, they are trying to change their policies, so files with less than X lines of code don't require to have a copyright header.17:19
lbtsorry, dropped17:19
green_devThat's kinda what I was thinking too...17:19
green_devBecause it's the basic template found in the IDE17:19
lbtit doesn't mention aggregation; it says you can redistribute provided you have a copy of the license in some accompanying material; it says you can't use Jolla or any other contributor's name; that's pretty much it17:19
lbtdid someone comment that the license only applies to those files ?17:20
*** KangOl has joined #sailfishos17:20
lbtso yes, I rewrite them17:20
*** SeekingFor has quit IRC17:21
lbtone thing that concerns us is that there are places where PD is not valid17:21
Elleodunno if CC0 is appropriate17:21
Elleothat basically codifies public domain across different legal juristictions17:21
lbtand if Jolla contributes code then someone can say things about "produced in partnership with Jolla"17:21
Elleobut it's not explicitly targetted at source17:21
*** SeekingFor has joined #sailfishos17:22
green_devSo...would I have to keep the header intact if I use the IDE templates for my app?17:22
lbtnb .. I've proposed that the SDK supports community templates17:22
lbtgreen_dev: legally, yes17:22
lbtif you learned how to do it and wrote all 5 lines yourself - no :)17:23
lbtthere may be a test!17:23
lbtI'd like the QtC part of SDK to allow us to add the templates as starting points17:24
lbtand just update the templates from git to your desktop17:24
*** KangOl has quit IRC17:25
lbtthat would completely remove all these issues and would enable a much more collaborative approach17:25
lbtanyhow, green_dev: does that help resolve your question ?17:25
rcggreen_dev, that's my understanding as well.. this is just something that is so simple you just can program it on your own without having to worry about licensing17:25
rcgin the end, it's just five lines, like instantiating two objects, setting a source, displaying the view and calling the event loop plus returning it's return value17:26
lbtpersonally I would argue that the comments are the only things which are not Qt best practice anyhow17:26
Elleo79 out Jolla's 80 employees are all lawyers waiting to pounce on anyone who makes the slightest licensing mistake; that's their secret business model ;)17:26
green_devyeah...I would probably upload my apps to github with an open source license anyways17:26
green_dev...I was just a bit confused about the app template thingy17:27
suylbt:  In page 19 mentions something about extending that. It seems it can be done in a subdirectory. So a git repo would work! :)17:27
rcggreen_dev, i understand you, i also take all this licensing pretty serious and try to avoid mistakes wherever possible :)17:28
lbtsuy: nice17:28
jwalckanyone here tried installing munin-node on sailfish (in my case, a Jolla)?17:28
green_devwell...since I intend to make free apps in any case whatsoever, I guess I can just leave the BSD license tag on it...17:29
tbrlbt: we'll have a chum packaging workshop tomorrow at 30C317:29
rcgbut as lbt said, we are talking about just 5 lines which are pretty much best practice and common knowledge anyhow17:29
tbrso, finally content17:29
lbttbr: yay :)17:29
green_devanyways...thank you for clearing things up for me!17:29
lbttbr maybe see if has anything of use nowadays - I think so17:30
tbr*nod* thanks17:30
rcgtbr, btw, how does the chum repo relate to harbour? i.e., what happens if i push something to chum and then later on the same app gets accepted in harbour?17:31
*** jjarven has quit IRC17:31
lbttbr: one of the best bits about meego repos would have been community QA. I think we can do that with BOSS and some Ruby-on-rails stuff17:31
*** mk2soldier has joined #sailfishos17:32
lbtor django17:32
*** mk2soldier has left #sailfishos17:32
*** mk2soldier has joined #sailfishos17:33
lbtanyhow... any QML property scope experts here?17:33
* lbt looks at suy17:33
* suy is happy to look like an expert :P17:34
suylbt: is about the paste you shared before?17:34
lbtit is17:34
lbtline 54 and 56 use the 'hostname' property and work17:35
green_devthe "helloworld-pro-sailfish" seems like a good template to begin with...the license isn't as...cumbersome17:35
lbtgreen_dev: +117:35
lbtsuy: then the Ssh added as a child element should conceptually appear as a peer to the Label17:35
lbtbut doesn't see 'hostname' :(17:36
*** matoking has joined #sailfishos17:36
lbtpossibly because they're instantiated before the HostPage{} is created in order to be dropped in17:36
*** datagutt has quit IRC17:37
lbtbut in that case I'd expect them to see the Host's value of hostname :(17:37
matokingBy default the application is launched by return SailfishApp::main(argc, argv);17:37
suylbt: ok, let me think17:37
matokingBut since I want to add an image provider and other things, I need to use SailfishApp::createView() instead17:37
tbrlbt: I would like to discuss the relation store/harbour←→chum←→mer-tools17:38
matokingSo, what do I replace the return clause with?17:38
lbtreturn app->exec();17:38
tbrlbt: as I'd like to keep things clean and avoid problems17:38
lbttbr: I think mer-tools is seperate17:39
suylbt: maybe stating the obvious, but... have you tried with parent.hostname?17:39
tbrlbt: the question about mer-tools is, do we import from there or coexist with it17:39
MSameerlbt: why not put hostname as a property in the page itself?17:40
*** tortoisedoc_ has joined #sailfishos17:40
lbtsuy: in Ssh.qml it'd need to be parent.parent.hostname ... but I tried various things like that, yer17:40
lbtMSameer: line 4917:41
matokingAnd since I already joined this channel, is there an ETA for when we will see a better, hopefully an out-of-the-box method of deploying the application to the device?17:41
lbtMSameer: and line 10:   page: HostPage { hostname: "acer"17:41
lbtmatoking: today ?17:41
matoking@lbt Really?17:41
suylbt: I think that you need some property alias to make it visible to the button17:41
lbtyes - mine works. Not aware of any issues17:42
matokingThat'd be nice17:42
green_devImma go...but thanks again! Friendly communities like this are a bliss for someone like me who likes to code just for the fun of it!17:42
lbtbye green_dev17:42
MSameerlbt: page: HostPage { page.hostname: "acer"17:42
tortoisedoc_so this whole debugging thing is turning out to be some / vs \ issue17:42
green_devbye lbt17:42
MSameerlbt: i don't get you17:42
*** green_dev has left #sailfishos17:42
lbtMSameer: it is a property in the page itself17:43
tortoisedoc_Specifically, due to Virtualbox wanting only \ instead of / in the share paths17:43
tortoisedoc_(i suspect)17:43
lbtsuy: so why does Label not need an alias ?17:43
suylbt: because it has a property in its parent (in the same file), isn't it?17:44
suyHostPage.qml has a hostname property, Ssh.qml does not17:45
lbtTitlePage example17:46
lbtI'm wondering if it's because I'm using the .data property17:46
lbtit's feeling like a Qt bug17:47
lbtI think I'm going to make a minimal test case17:47
*** grejppi_ is now known as grejppi17:48
*** parasemic has joined #sailfishos17:48
*** Juhi24 has quit IRC17:52
*** jjarven has joined #sailfishos17:53
*** mk2soldier has left #sailfishos17:58
*** mk2soldier has joined #sailfishos17:58
suylbt: although in the end of the TitlePage example, gives the advice of passing the property explicitly17:59
*** KangOl has joined #sailfishos17:59
suybut yeah, according to the first part, it should work17:59
*** SeekingFor has quit IRC18:00
*** SeekingFor has joined #sailfishos18:00
lbtoops, no18:02
*** M4rtinK has joined #sailfishos18:05
*** joecool has quit IRC18:08
rcglbt, sorry to disturb you during your qml coding18:09
rcgwrt the sailfish target on obs18:09
rcgit seems it does not provide pkgconfig(audioresource)18:09
*** phaeron has joined #sailfishos18:10
rcgwhereas the latest nemo:devel does18:10
tortoisedoc_strange update with my phone18:10
tortoisedoc_it seems updates are taken18:10
lbtrcg: hmm18:10
lbtrcg: also that's well out of date now18:10
Elleorcg: yeah libaudioresource doesn't seem to be in the official sailfish repos yet18:10
Elleorcg: I've ended up just using libresource directly for now18:11
tortoisedoc_but release stays on
Elleoplus libaudioresource doesn't support as much18:11
Elleo(but of course libresource isn't allowable by the store policies)18:11
Elleotortoisedoc_: I had to do the update twice before it took effect18:13
rcgwell, i seem to be crashing from one issue to the next xD18:14
tortoisedoc_Elleo: I did it three times and still it notifies for update18:14
tortoisedoc_Elleo: also aps were updated fine18:14
Elleotortoisedoc_: no idea then, sorry; the only thing I did differently to most people is that I had to update the store-client manually first18:14
rcgbtw Elleo wrt adding the libs to the apps.. i had a brief look with ldd what the required libs link against and it seems that i will end up pretty much in dependency hell18:15
tortoisedoc_Elleo : thanks anyway18:15
Elleobecause this was at the point that updating the apps broke the store18:15
tortoisedoc_Aard: ping18:15
rcgeven for something seemingly simple like libsndfile18:15
Elleorcg: ah, okay18:15
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos18:16
rcgElleo, libsndfile, e.g., links agains flac ogg etc. which are not allowed.. which link against other libs that are very likely not allowed as well18:16
ElleoI'm just having to bundle libspotify which is pretty self contained (and possibly libresource if the qaudiooutput issue isn't fixed)18:17
*** itbaron has quit IRC18:17
*** s1gk1ll has joined #sailfishos18:17
artemmaWhat would be a good way to check from QML whether app is running on emulator or on a device? I want to show some "torch" simulation on screen when running on emulator without real torch18:18
rcgElleo, wrt libresource, can't that be solved with audioresource?18:18
rcgmy understanding is that i need to "wrap" the audio output between a resource allocation and de-allocation, so to speak18:18
Elleorcg: nope, I have to handle the volume keys manually, which audioresource doesn't offer access to18:19
rcgElleo, ah alright, i see18:19
suylbt: in the 2nd paste, the issue is with the first "title"? (in TitleBody.qml)18:20
Elleorcg: I actually found that if I added an unused MediaPlayer to my qml the whole application stream got unmuted18:20
suyartemma: architechture, maybe? #ifdef __arm__ or something18:21
artemmasuy: I think emulator is ARM too18:21
rcgElleo, ah, that's interesting18:21
Elleowhich is maybe easier than fiddling with audioresource if you just need to unmute the stream (not as useful if you need to keep it playing when the screen is off I suspect though)18:21
rcgwell, i am building with audioresource now and will see how that goes :)18:21
artemmaof course real proper way would be to check for the feature existence (camera torch in my case), but.. just for deletcting emulator that's a bit of suy: an overkill me thinks18:21
rcgElleo, indeed :)18:22
ElleoI only tested that with a qaudiooutput producing the real audio though18:22
artemmaa bit of an overkill*18:22
rcgElleo, i got an app here using pulseaudio. i can keep you updated if you like18:22
*** s1gk1ll has quit IRC18:22
Elleothanks, I'd be interested to hear how it works out18:22
rcgthis is actually not my own app but one i port but that shouldn't matter that much in this case ;)18:23
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos18:23
situWhat image chooser do you guys use in your apps ?18:24
Elleorcg: what's the app?18:24
lbtsuy: yes18:25
rcgElleo, emumaster18:25
*** parasemic has left #sailfishos18:26
Elleositu: I suspect the correct way is to do something with a DocumentGalleryModel, although I seem to remember seeing something about the required libs not being allowed by the store on the mailinglist18:26
Elleorcg: oh, cool18:26
Elleoit'll be great to have that on sailfish :)18:26
situThat is correct.18:26
lbtsuy:  works 'as expected'18:27
situIs there an image chooser provided by Qt quick (other than DocumentGalleryModel solution) ?18:27
Elleositu: so you could go down that route and bundle the needed libs with your app, setting the rpath or LD_LIBRARY_PATH or hack up something custom, or wait for the store APIs to be expanded18:27
Elleolots of people are bumping into the store API restrictions unfortunately18:28
coderusSilica doesnt support landscape layouts?18:29
artemmacoderus: I think I saw landscape layout in Pictures app18:29
artemmacoderus: and I seem to remember orientation properties in silica docs18:30
artemmaI think most apps just don't care about landscape18:30
Elleocoderus: there's a setting in ApplicationWindow for setting what orientations are allowed for an app18:30
Elleohaven't tested it though18:30
Elleoor it looks like it can be done on a Page by Page basis too18:31
rcgElleo, coderus do this on a per page basis18:31
suylbt: then is that dynamic thing mentioned in the link you passed. It might be a bug, or just the way is expected to work. In any case, the recommended way seems that one passes the properties to the elements. Unless you are in file scope, and can use someId.someProperty18:31
rcgiirc that's the suggested way to do it18:31
rcgand i successfully tested it18:31
suylbt: but I'm not that experienced with this, I dunno :-/18:31
Elleorcg: cool18:32
lbtsuy: np ... I appreciate the support :)18:32
suyIn the Components demo there is an example with landscape and orientation changing18:32
rcgElleo, hmm.. nope, no sound.. the callback says that the app acquired the audio output but it remains silent18:33
coderuslook at this bug please:
rcgElleo, what was you workaround for this?18:33
Elleorcg: well, I use libresource for it, but I also had it working with just a blank "MediaPlayer { }" in the qml18:33
rcgElleo, i'll try the media player hack.. what's the import i need for that?18:34
ElleoQtMultimeda 5.018:34
rcgin case you happen to know it of the top of your head ;)18:34
rcgElleo, great, thanks :)18:34
ElleoQtMultimedia 5.0 rather18:34
*** phaeron has quit IRC18:35
coderusElessar: i have orientatios set up, but there is a bug with keyboard18:35
Elleoand if that doesn't work and you want to play with libresource directly here's what I'm doing: (then the resource acquired/lost handlers just start and pause playback respectively)18:36
Morpog_coderus, i can replicate the bug, it seems to be caused ny VKB when shown in landscape mode18:36
rcgElleo, cool, the mediaplayer hack does the trick :D18:36
Elleorcg: excellent :)18:36
coderusneed to hide keyboard when orietation changed18:37
rcgsadly, the "proper way" via audioresource just does nothing...18:37
Morpog_coderus, yep, sounds like a proper workaround. Seems to be a bug in maliit.18:37
artemmaSo funny to see buttons moving on screen when running automated tests on device :)18:44
*** s1gk1ll has joined #sailfishos18:45
*** KangOl has quit IRC18:45
rcgartemma, what do you use to "push" the buttons?18:45
rcgis there a way to trigger keyboard input from an application?18:45
artemmarcg: mouseClick from QtQuickTest18:46
rcgam asking because one app of mine is qzeecontrol which enables you to control you device via a zeemote bluetooth control and i need to "emulate" keypresses somehow18:46
rcgartemma, hmm, i see18:46
artemmarsg: but 90-95% of my tests are below UI and even when testing on UI level, I prefer calling actions (and verifying that the correct page is being pushed) rather than actual clicks18:47
artemmarcg: QtTest code is open you can study which exactly events they send to windows18:47
rcgartemma, that's a great idea, i will try to keep that in mind. thanks :D18:48
*** KangOl has joined #sailfishos18:48
*** datagutt has joined #sailfishos18:49
*** s1gk1ll has quit IRC18:51
rcgElleo, hmm, lol?... seems like i need to use both audioresource and the mediaplayer hack xD18:51
Elleooh? that's odd18:51
rcgjust reverted the audioresource stuff and only used mediaplayer and that resulted in no sound output at all18:51
*** s1gk1ll has joined #sailfishos18:52
Elleoah, maybe if you're using libpulse directly it's creating two streams18:53
rcgElleo, ah wait.. no.. i broke something else :D18:53
*** Elessar has quit IRC18:53
rcgnow it's working18:53
Elleoah okay18:53
rcgstill strange but that issue seems to be in emumaster :)18:57
*** wellumakinen has quit IRC18:59
*** b0bben_ has joined #sailfishos19:03
*** b0bben has quit IRC19:05
*** zmc has joined #sailfishos19:06
Morpog_coderus: strange bug, randomly when opening a chat in mitäkuuluu it doesn't show the slide in animation.19:07
*** DarkSim has joined #sailfishos19:07
*** zhost has quit IRC19:07
Morpog_coderus, seems to only happen with persons I have already chatted with19:08
*** zhost has joined #sailfishos19:10
coderusMorpog_: heavy operations, in transition time application busy19:14
Morpog_oh ok, thought such stuff would vanish with a dual core...19:15
artemmaA-and a Flashlight app with a real proper and stable torch behavior is ready! Special thanks to MSameer
artemmaMSameer: what's your twitter nick if any? I am going to tweet about it, would like to include your name19:17
raa70artemma: doesnt work =(19:21
MSameerartemma: @msameer19:21
artemmaraa70: okay, good that it's not in harbour yet :) In which way it doesn't work? You start and there's no light?19:21
artemmaor something flashing?19:21
artemmaOr cannot be turned on 2nd time?19:22
raa70yeah, light doesnt turn on, program itself works19:22
artemmaraa70: did you update to latest firmware?19:22
raa70not yet19:22
artemmait works with the yesterday update only19:22
raa70guess i shall do that19:22
MSameerraa70: you need to have the latest update19:22
artemmahmm.. should a good developer actually check for firmwhere version somehow?19:22
artemmaor should I declare in harbour which firmwares app supports?19:23
artemmaCurrent Apple App Store way is that you tell target OS version and older versions are served older builds (latest that supported user's OS version)19:23
Morpog_artemma, the knob could look a bit more sexy19:25
Morpog_like 50% opacity the white part19:25
artemmaMorpog_: that's the best I was able to do with my friend (who is a cool UX designer, but not so good with graphics)19:25
artemma50% opacity?.. to make it more.. glassy?19:26
Morpog_but not the power icon itself19:26
* artemma is actually looking for a partner graphics designer for possibly starting a Jolla-oriented consultancy or just fun (mostly) Sailfish projects together19:26
Morpog_well, I do some graphics work for fun19:27
artemmaMorpog_: then which why part? There's only round button and icon19:27
artemmawhich white* part19:27
Morpog_well, gray, blueish part19:28
artemmaah, okay, got it19:28
artemmaright now it's a single image file19:28
artemmawill think of changing it19:28
artemmaMorpog_: you have some samples of graphics created by you?19:29
Morpog_it still can stay a single file19:29
MSameerartemma: glad it worked for you and good luck with store submission19:29
MSameeri will still create a competitive app though :p19:30
*** furikku has quit IRC19:30
artemmaMSameer: thanks. As for store.. it's hardly predictable from my experience. They still process the previous version19:30
artemmaMSameer: sure, go ahead19:30
Morpog_artemme, well lately the cargo dock icon, hotspot icon, cutespot icon...19:31
Morpog_friends icon19:31
*** cdp has joined #sailfishos19:31
*** KangOl has quit IRC19:32
artemmaoh, so it's you who does friends19:32
artemmaI am hesitating to try for some days by now :)19:32
Morpog_and lots of stuff in nemomobile glacier UI19:32
artemmamaybe I should19:32
Morpog_artemma, nope, thats Sfiet_Konstantin19:32
Morpog_I just made an icon, because I was bored by the default sailfish one :)19:33
narchieMorpog_: the facebook font face is a bit thicker19:33
*** stephg has joined #sailfishos19:34
artemmaHmm, facebook icon: horizontal dash in "f" is longer on the right than on the left - for a reason?19:34
artemmaor maybe my eyes are too tired and that's just illusion19:35
Morpog_narchie, well it shouldn't be a copy of the original logo, more like a redesign of old harmattan friends logo19:35
narchie yeah19:36
Morpog_artemma, well, it's the font :)19:36
artemmaMorpog_: okay. I guessed so, but wasn't sure19:36
narchiecargodock is pretty nice19:37
Morpog_my DSL line seems to struggle atm :(19:37
*** MSameer has quit IRC19:39
*** MSameer has joined #sailfishos19:39
Morpog_the mitäkuuluu icon is also from me I just remembered, lol19:39
*** _miqu_ has quit IRC19:43
*** KangOl has joined #sailfishos19:44
lbtMorpog_: any reason you're making it so obviously facebook-like ?19:44
Morpog_lbt, well I tried to make it look like the old friends icon, but with sailfish style icon19:45
Morpog_i could have used another color that look less like facebook though19:46
Morpog_but after all friends IS a facebook client19:46
lbtyeah - but they're not known for being friendly when it comes to their logos and stuff19:49
lbtand *if* anything happens the legal shit hits the infrastructure fan ... ie the community repos which host the icons/apps19:50
artemmaSubmitted idea for not showing incompatible apps to the users in store. Go vote for it
lbtMorpog_: so it feels sensible to play it safe :)19:51
Morpog_Sfiet_Konstantin, If you prefer to play safe like lbt suggests, I can make a version with same background color as in harmattans friends logo19:52
lbtty - I'd appreciate that (and I'm only worried about nemo)19:53
*** promulo has quit IRC19:53
*** _miqu_ has joined #sailfishos19:59
rcginfo about the emumaster port and its current state19:59
*** matt_1979 has joined #sailfishos20:00
rcglatest addition is working sound :)20:00
stephgrcg v.cool20:01
rcgworks reasonable well here, but required quite some hacking20:02
*** guest144 has joined #sailfishos20:02
rcgit is also in a heavy wip stage ;)20:02
*** guest1441 has joined #sailfishos20:03
rcgbut it works.. and what i like, it (i.e., the patched version) renders the output frames to a qquickpainteditem. which means that you can handle it like any other qml element :D20:03
rcgtook me quite a while to come up with that hack :)20:04
rcgbut now the emulator graphics output is "just" like any other ordinary element in a qml scene graph :)20:04
rcginstead of having to hack with widget, window or *gl overlay stuff20:05
rcgbut well, that's just what fascinates me from the technical point of view ;)20:05
raa70do i need to disable tohd after update?20:06
*** stephg has quit IRC20:06
*** stephanos has joined #sailfishos20:06
*** stephanos has quit IRC20:06
*** stephg has joined #sailfishos20:06
*** guest144 has quit IRC20:07
*** s1gk1ll has quit IRC20:07
*** phaeron has joined #sailfishos20:07
rcgand i think it is pretty interesting to see that you can paint with close to 60fps to a qquickpainteditem.. which i think is pretty brute force20:08
rcgraa70, afaik the power consumption bug is not fixed by the update20:08
rcgso, yes, if you want the power savings thing, you should better disable it20:09
*** s1gk1ll has joined #sailfishos20:09
artemmaWhat is the way to hook to hardware keys (if any)?20:22
artemmaI'd like to start/switch flashlight on long Volume Up press for example20:23
artemmais it something that stayed from harmattan times?20:23
janiraa70: someone mentioned in twitter that if you "marked" the toh service before shutting it down, mark should have survived the update and so no need to re-apply ..20:24
janibut better to verify yourself.20:24
Pnuujani: yes, servictl mask tohd.service after stop works20:25
*** b0bben_ has quit IRC20:26
Pnuuraa70: ^20:26
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos20:27
*** wellumakinen has joined #sailfishos20:29
*** b0bben has quit IRC20:32
artemmajani: I didn't verify if masking survived, but looking at battery discharge rate it did survive20:39
artemmaTrying mitakuulu. Entered my number, clicked register and.. I am in some empty Registration view with numeric keyboard and nothing else.. coderus ?20:42
*** matoking has quit IRC20:44
rcgbtw did you know about the "csd" tool?20:44
rcgjust stumbled across this20:45
artemmaWhat is the way to hook to hardware keys (if any)?20:46
artemmaI'd like to start/switch flashlight on long Volume Up press for example20:46
artemmacoderus: while app is not on foreground20:47
coderuscheck if any dbus signal first20:47
artemmacoderus: yeah, dbus might have something indeed20:47
artemmathx for the idea20:47
* artemma has subtle memories that on Harmattan there was a very special API for it and I think it was without dbus20:48
artemmahmm mitakuulu 6 shows registration failed on app cover20:48
coderusartemma: when registratoin?20:49
artemmacoderus, yes. I think I tapped Registration a couple of times20:49
coderuswell, there is 7 build with broken registration20:49
artemmastarted, typed my number, tapped registration20:49
coderusi making 8 to release soon with fix20:50
artemmacover also tells No unread messages20:50
artemmamaybe message never arrived because of whatsapp server delays20:50
coderusmy wlan disconnecting very recent on N9 with sailfish...20:50
coderusartemma: if your connection good it  shouldnt20:51
coderusthere is not delay onn server side20:51
coderusi'll release update soon20:51
coderuswith hotfix20:51
artemmaI think I had same delay with android version. Code was not coming for several means and then I registered by voice20:51
coderuswell, csms is different story20:51
artemmacoderus: no hurries, no burning pains here :)20:51
janicoderus: i had some issues populating contact list on -6 release, single contacts could be added by if i chose to sync all,nothing happened. did you address this in release -7 ?20:51
coderusjani: already fixed in 7 release20:52
coderusjani: you must upgrade20:52
*** vitronic__ has quit IRC20:52
janianother thing, maybe the seconds in timestamp in the chat are a bit overkill for ordinary user?20:54
*** KangOl has quit IRC20:54
coderusjani: go to settings and disable seconds if you dont like them20:54
*** tortoisedoc_ has quit IRC20:55
*** KangOl has joined #sailfishos20:56
*** tanghus_ has joined #sailfishos20:58
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos20:59
artemmacan't see any dbus messages on volume buttons press. Okay, than capturing them is likely to need some system lib use. Oh well, expected probably - hardware button access should be limited21:01
artemmaprevents me from stating flashlight on a long press though21:01
artemmaAnd just when I wrote it I noticed activity in dbus monitor! :)21:01
artemmabut only when screen is locked21:01
rcgartemma, did you try both, system and session bus?21:02
rcgjust checking ;)21:02
artemmaI see org.freedesktop.login1.Seat signals on the system one21:03
lbtartemma: check /dev/input/event*21:03
artemmait is apparently not really related to hw buttons (and you can't tell which one is pressed), but it's trackable21:03
*** wellumakinen has quit IRC21:03
slatelatest mitakuuluu, i got landscape bugged, and portrait too after a switch to landscape21:03
artemmalbt: you mean something like cat /dev/input/event*21:03
slateui moves 60% to the right21:03
coderusyeah, probably just t make/dev/input listener21:04
*** b0bben has quit IRC21:04
artemmasome characters are coming out of event0 on button presses21:05
lbttry 1221:05
artemmalbt: how do you know it's 12?21:05
lbt[nemo@localhost ~]$ cat /dev/input/event1221:05
artemmayes, some characters are coming out of event12 too21:06
lbtand it wasn't 1..10 :)21:06
artemmaquestion is what's the difference (what's on event0 and what's on event12) and how to decode :)21:07
*** KangOl has quit IRC21:07
artemmaokay decoding thing I might be able to just reverse engineer by watching if protocol is simple21:07
artemmaaha, there is some standard linux struct for the events, good21:08
lbthmm - can you write that part in plainish C ?21:08
lbtah, nm .. it's not hard to do when it's needed21:09
coderusartemma: use ioctl21:09
janidamn can't make template parse from qmake to work .. sed gets run but the generated file does not appear in source folder.21:10
artemmastill, why event12?21:10
artemmajani: ?21:11
janiartemma: trying use same version number for all occurances where its used based from either git tag or whats specified in yaml  ..21:12
janibut i think i found the issue..21:12
artemmajani: you checked Wikipedia already, right? It uses version in .yaml21:12
janihavent checked that .. but i got this working.21:16
*** Finleida has quit IRC21:17
*** ezech has quit IRC21:17
janised's pipe target didnt have path defined..21:20
coderusartemma: this code should work:
coderusi cant believe if you never working with sockets21:23
artemmacoderus: yeah, I am building something similar to test. There are other examples on web that read whole event21:24
coderusokay :)21:24
artemmalooking at this now
artemmaI don't need whole driver, but they have event struct coded, maybe reading it will just work21:25
Elleorcg: cool21:26
coderuswell yeah, you can use QSocketNotifier for reading events21:26
artemmaQSocketNotifier? Never tried it21:28
artemmaso input events in linux are also delivered as network events?21:29
artemmareading docs for QSocketNotifier..21:29
artemmaso QSocketNotifier can monitor file descriptor such as /dev/input/event12 interesting21:30
artemmaand it even delivers a parsed event object. wow21:31
*** ezech has joined #sailfishos21:31
coderusartemma: socket != network :D21:33
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos21:35
*** b0bben_ has joined #sailfishos21:38
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC21:40
mfulzwhat is a good way for displaying user errors under sailfish?21:43
*** tanghus__ has joined #sailfishos21:45
coderusmfulz: means?21:45
*** tanghus_ has quit IRC21:45
*** KangOl has joined #sailfishos21:46
mfulza.e. when saving settings over a dialog and an error happens21:46
mfulzis there something like a messagedialog or similar?21:46
suythe proper name of QSocketNotifier should have been QFileDescriptorNotifier, actually21:52
suymfulz: give a try to the control gallery. There you have everything that can be seen (well, almost)21:54
*** John24 has joined #sailfishos21:58
John24hello everyone :)21:58
John24would anyone know how to call C++ fucntions from QML?22:01
Nicd-I have an example22:01
mfulzsuy: you mean here?
*** c0ck4m0u53 has quit IRC22:02
Nicd-John24: -- qml/harbour-sailtime.qml calls function in src/uptimechecker.cpp22:02
John24thank you I shall study that code :)22:04
*** amonk has quit IRC22:07
*** Zotan has quit IRC22:08
*** Zotan has joined #sailfishos22:09
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*** Zotan has quit IRC22:10
*** Zotan has joined #sailfishos22:20
*** amonk has joined #sailfishos22:21
*** b0bben has quit IRC22:21
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos22:22
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*** b0bben has quit IRC22:26
*** dhbiker has quit IRC22:27
*** stephg has quit IRC22:28
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*** Zotan has joined #sailfishos22:32
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*** Andy80 has joined #sailfishos22:35
*** arcean has quit IRC22:35
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*** Zotan has joined #sailfishos22:40
artemmaHmm, watching /dev/input/event12 shows nothing in app22:42
*** _miqu_ has quit IRC22:42
*** Kabouik_ has quit IRC22:43
artemmayet cat cat  /dev/input/event12 shows events22:43
artemmait looks like QSocketNotifier is never activated22:44
artemmam_notifier = new QSocketNotifier(m_file->handle(), QSocketNotifier::Read, this);22:45
artemmawhere m_file is for "/dev/input/event12"22:45
*** Zotan has quit IRC22:45
artemmano permissions to /dev/input? But then I wouldn't be able to even open QFile22:46
super_hirsuteIs there anything that needs to be set up in QtCreator to debug an application running on a device? I'm currently getting "Adapter start failed"22:46
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_: lbt agreed, so new design: please do something blueish22:47
Sfiet_Konstantinwith a man22:47
Sfiet_Konstantin(like Harmattan contacts)22:47
Sfiet_KonstantinI'm so bad on logo that I need to ask people to do it22:47
Sfiet_Konstantin:$ thanks in advance22:47
* lbt offers o-|-<22:48
*** Zotan has joined #sailfishos22:50
Morpog_Sfiet_Konstantin, PR is already updated ;)22:50
*** louisdk has quit IRC22:50
*** mk2soldier has quit IRC22:52
*** Fazeriina has joined #sailfishos22:53
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC22:53
FazeriinaHi everybody! Might seem like an awkward question but how do you connect to a wireless network with hidden SSID or is it even possible ? (With Jolla phone offcourse :D)22:55
*** vitronic__ has joined #sailfishos22:55
*** nk1ox has joined #sailfishos22:58
rcgFazeriina, might give #jollamobile a try22:59
John24sorry for silly question to test my app, can i output to console from the c++ function? and what command to use? in QML it's console.log what to do on the C++ side. Sorry first time using QT creator22:59
rcgthere are more guys than here22:59
Fazeriinayup, asked it there also22:59
rcgJohn24, i use qDebug()22:59
Fazeriinachecking the forums now too22:59
rcg #include<QDebug>22:59
rcgyou can do either qDebug("foo %i", 42); or qDebug() << "Foo: " << barObject << "etc.."23:00
John24thank you23:01
rcgbtw. i just used that example to illustrate the printf like syntax ;923:01
rcgrespectively, cout like syntax23:01
artemmahmm, QFile->bytesAvailable always tells zero for /dev/input/event1223:02
artemmaevent when activated by QSocketNotifier23:02
*** Venemo_ has joined #sailfishos23:10
*** Venemo has quit IRC23:12
*** nk1ox has quit IRC23:12
artemmaI don't get it QSocketNotifier calls me, but QFile is always atEnd :/23:12
*** b0bben_ has quit IRC23:13
*** Nirkus has joined #sailfishos23:16
*** John24 has quit IRC23:18
artemmathat is crazy. I can read /dev/input/event12 to console just fine, but from app I am always at the end of file. Am I missing something basic?23:21
super_hirsutejust updated the debugger in Tools -> Options -> Bulid & Run -> Kits to point to that at ~/.config/SailfishAlpha3/mer-sdk-tools/MerSDK/SailfishOS-armv7hl/gdb but still getting the same issue of "Adapter start failed"23:23
Nirkushey, im just starting with Sailfish & Qt/QML development. To get started, I am trying to play around with the flash light and found the QtMultimedia Torch. Is there any way to receive a Torch instance with the current state of the device flash light?23:24
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos23:28
*** b0bben has quit IRC23:32
*** cdp has quit IRC23:33
artemmaQtMultimedia's torch isn't supported yet. Will be in the future23:34
*** matt_1979 has quit IRC23:37
spider-marioartemma : QIODevice::atEnd() doc says:23:38
spider-mario“For some devices, atEnd() can return true even though there is more data to read. This special case only applies to devices that generate data in direct response to you calling read() (e.g., /dev or /proc files on Unix and Mac OS X, or console input / stdin on all platforms).”23:38
spider-mariohave you tried reading despite bytesAvailable() returning 0?23:40
artemmaspider-mario, I tried version of read that returns QByteArray23:41
*** Zotan has quit IRC23:41
artemmabut don't remember what happened :)23:41
artemmawill try again23:41
*** Zotan has joined #sailfishos23:42
Nirkusartemma: mkay... is there any docs about what is currently supported?23:42
artemmaregarding torch gstreamer works23:42
*** nk1ox has joined #sailfishos23:47
*** Korthes has quit IRC23:48
*** Naranek has quit IRC23:57

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