Monday, 2013-12-30

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tango_meh, just using cellWidth: width > height ? width/2 : width fixes the thing00:21
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John24hi everyone, is anyone up this late?01:09
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John24wanted to ask, I am about to submit an app to the store but I have no idea what to put on the "Website*Link to your own site or your app marketing site." field, I don't have a website01:13
artemmaJohn24Put your twitter profile address ;)01:15
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John24why thank you kind sir, Just submited my first app, really excited :)01:16
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grinvhello, can sailfish install on nexus 7 2013?02:16
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Jef91I'm trying to install software via pkcon and it keeps asking me "Do you want to allow installing of unsigned software? [N/y]" I tell it yes, but it keeps coming back to this question02:29
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atlazThat it is05:31
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coderus question  about QContactManager. WHat is preferred way to extract display label from contact to follow system settings in Firstname Lastname order?05:31
coderuscurrently i'm using QList<QContactDisplayLabel> labels =<QContactDisplayLabel>();05:32
coderusif (labels.size() > 0 && !labels.first().isEmpty())05:32
coderuslabel = labels.first().label();05:32
coderusbut users reporting bad name fields ordering :(05:33
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coderus another question  since unknown time my binary added 6MB to size :O ideas?05:47
stephgcoderus too much food at xmas05:48
coderushm, seems strip not performed by build05:50
coderusstripped and it now 726KB :D05:51
coderusis there strip command for spec file?05:52
pp_typically automatically run06:06
pp_(may not be in the sailfish rpm macro set)06:07
pp_ /usr/lib/rpm/brp-strip06:09
pp_rpm --showrc will tell you what it tries to run (and on my phone brp-strip is there)06:11
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ericcc:-1: ERROR:Project is outside of mer shared home 'C:\Users\Administrator' and mer shared src 'C:\Users\Administrator'06:43
ericcchow  can  i  change the shared home06:43
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walokraericcc: reinstall the ide07:04
ericcc@walokra, let  me try07:10
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iamQt Creator seems to rewrite yaml file during build... Any way I can prevent this?07:56
iammost importantly it adds some Files: lines that I do not want it to add. I want to manage those by hand.07:57
tortoisedociam: QtCreator will add things you add to .pro to yaml file07:57
iamIt also seems to replace defines in Files: section with absolute paths.07:57
tortoisedocfor instance, if you add INSTALL+= something it will be added to yaml file07:57
iamhmm.. it automatically puts /usr/share/PROJECT there.07:58
iamwhich is bad as I've put all my QML files inside resource file already.08:00
iamit also seems to expand all the defines there. So e.g %{bindir} becomes /usr/bin08:01
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iamseems to happen randomly even though I haven't touched my .pro file08:01
iamthis is also a bit pita as I have my yaml file in Git and it seems to get changed from time to time.08:03
tortoisedociam : on my side it happens only I touch the .pro file08:04
iamI get these:08:04
iamWarning for %files line: "/usr/share/icons/hicolor/86x86/apps"08:04
iamplease use %{_datadir} to replace the leading path /usr/share08:04
iamat some point my yaml file defines get expanded automatically08:05
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iamtortoisedoc: do you use  %{_datadir} etc. in your yaml file?08:08
tortoisedociam: hell no :P08:08
tortoisedocI usually put all full paths, that's the only way I can seem to get it to work08:08
tortoisedoc(i am working on wind0wz btw)08:09
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iamjust tested.. If I touch the .pro file it changes the .yaml file. This is ok I guess but what it does it adds all the paths in Files: too. Some paths are something I don't want there.08:10
iamtortoisedoc: Ubuntu here.08:10
iamSo what I should do is to hand edit yaml file and patch it again every time I touch the pro file.08:11
tortoisedociam : i believe correct approach is to *not* touch yaml file unless really necesary08:11
tango_the default created yaml file does NOT use %{_datadir} and %{_bindir} in all places where it should, I noticed08:12
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tango_should probably be reported as a bug08:12
iamyaml file seems to get autogenerated when I open the projet also.08:12
tango_yes, but wrong ;-)08:13
iamand Files: section gets rewritten08:13
iamwhich leads to chaos and misery :)08:13
iamas project description and version and other info is only in yaml file it needs to be kept inside version control system.08:14
iamnow, if the yaml file gets rewritten from time to time (swapping the order of lines) it seems changed what comes to Git etc.08:15
iamIs this Mer specific? So the whole "build system" comes from Mer? I'll go and file a bug.08:15
tortoisedociam: this is qtcreator specific08:16
tortoisedocmer is the vm to which qt creator connects08:16
tortoisedoc(or better mer resides on the vm to which qtc connects)08:16
tango_qml experts to me. I would like a gridlist to be filled with the contents of a given directory. however, the Qt.labs.folderlistmodel doesn't seem to be available. alternatives?08:17
iamtortoisedoc: hmm.. Qt Creator specific but specific only to SailfishOS Qt Creator I think.08:18
tortoisedoctango_ : make your own c++ plugin :P08:18
tango_I was aiming at a pure qml app 8-/08:18
iamtortoisedoc: I think this is some qmake hook somewhere which takes whatever is there in .pro file and intelligently creates the yaml file.08:20
tortoisedoctango_ : I do believe you should be able to include qt qml components freely in your app?08:21
iambasically we need a switch somewhere saying "don't touch my yaml file if it exists"08:21
tango_for appropriate definition of intelligently ;-)08:21
tango_tortoisedoc: provided they are available, yes08:21
tortoisedoc(ie harbour should accept them?)08:21
tortoisedociam: one reason that could trigger yaml rebuild is .pro file being touched08:22
tortoisedoc(if it gets touched every build I mean)08:22
tortoisedoc(for some obscure reason)08:22
iamtortoisedoc: it seems to think it is touched when I just open the project.08:25
tortoisedociam : does it actually get touched?08:25
iamyeah, close a project and open it again and yaml get regenerated.08:26
iamwhat is funny is nothing really changes *except* the order of some lines.08:26
iamPkgConfigBR and Files sections get reordered.08:27
iamso most likely it cuts it half, leaves the topmost part intact and replaces the bottom part.08:27
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iam..and if I change targets x86->arm or vice versa the yaml file changes even though I don't touch the pro file.08:30
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iamhow do I ssh in to Mer build vm?08:40
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* iam let the hacking start08:40
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tortoisedoc iam: localhost:222308:40
tortoisedoc(once vm is started)08:40
iamuser nemo I assume? password is what?08:41
tortoisedociam : mersdk, authentication is key-based08:43
iamactually I think it is 2222 as I want to go inside build environment.08:43
iam2223 is the emulator, right?08:44
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tortoisedociam : yes, correct08:45
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iamok, so I need to add a public key then or use Qt Creator key from somewhere?08:45
* iam types in to the wrong window08:46
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iamok, got it: ~/SailfishOS/vmshare/ssh/private_keys/engine08:48
iaminside as root08:48
tortoisedocyes thats the key08:50
tortoisedocsomewhere, I believe there is a guide for all of this08:51
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iamneeded to patch /srv/mer/targets/SailfishOS-armv7hl/usr/lib/rpm/check-files to make this work08:59
iambasically put an exit 0 in the beginning. This lets the build process create an RPM with "missing" files.08:59
iamotherwise it complains that all the QML files are missing which are not because there are part of the binary as resources.09:00
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iamall good.09:00
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artemma iam: you can just not list QML files in your .yaml, can't you?09:02
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iamartemma: nope, because yaml gets regenerated by Qt Creator and it puts /usr/share/PROJECT there09:04
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artemmaiam: Ah, I slap QtC hands when it tries modifying .yaml, so I am the only master of my .yaml :)09:05
iamartemma: actually, during build it seems that all the QML files are copied for packaging anyway. So check-files script exits because those are not packaged.09:06
iamso regardless of my .yaml file I get errors during the creation or RPM package.09:06
artemmaiam: they are copied, because INSTALLS in .pro tells it to be copied (possibly originated from sailfish.prf). You can change it if you like09:06
iamartemma: but even if you did not reload the file it changes on disk.09:06
artemmaanother trick I use when too tired to keep my INSTALLS clean, I create a fake subpackage in .yaml to keep all the garbage09:07
iamartemma: good point about the .prf09:07
artemmaiam: yes, version control and .yaml always open in text editor save me. I Undo changes in text editor, and use VC as a last resort for reverting09:08
iamthat is my process too :)09:08
artemmasomebody (was it Aard?) told there will stop QtC from corrupting your .yamls in the future or at least make it an option09:08
iamwe need a tick box for that.09:09
artemmaanyway, your process works for you - fine. I prefer not modifying SDK scripts though09:09
iamit is ok that it creates it once but should not touch it afterwards if not told so.09:09
tango_PageHeader needs to provide non-hidden access to titleItem09:10
iamartemma: you can speed up the build process quite a lot by exit 0 from some of the scripts09:10
iamwho needs debug packages anyway ;)09:10
tango_I wanted a PageHeader that wraps, so I'm using _titleItem.wrapMode and stuff, I feel dirty because I assume _titleItem was intended to be private or something?09:10
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tango_btw is there a way to access the default (theme) background color?09:12
tango_(also: svg icons. yes? no? if not, why not?)09:13
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iamartemma: sailfishapp.prg has the INSTALL part for qml files.09:14
iamso adding qml.files = xxx to my .pro file overrides the files I'm installing. No need to hack the scripts.09:19
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iamtango: properties starting with _ are more or less private or at least not part of the API. So if you use them there is no guarantee they stay there.09:25
Andy80I've seen that putting two components inside an Item {} they're aligned horizontally. What's the difference with inserting these components in a Row {} instead?09:25
tango_iam: I know, and I don't like it, but the alternative presently would be to write a new PageHeader and I can't say I like that idea better09:26
iamjust use the _property and fix it if it breaks then :)09:27
tango_iam: yep, that's my idea. although exposing those properties is something that I would like to request09:28
tango_where is this done?09:28
tango_(aside from the SOS mailing list)09:28
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* tango_ thinks sailfish os was chosen because of SOS, just like jolla, but that's an aside09:28
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iamtango_: I think SOS is the way to go. Open up a discussion and who knows there might be alternative ways too.09:32
* tango_ not crazy about subscribing to YAML09:33
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mfulzdo I need to derive from QObject if I want to access a class object inside QML?09:35
Andy80I've found a problem with QtCreator and device managing... since I resetted my device, of course the ssh keys changed: I'm not able to deploy new keys so I had to remove the device from config and add again. Here another problem came: even if I had remove "SailfishOs Device", it looks like that name was busy already and I had to use "SailfishOs Device 2"09:38
Andy80is this a known issue?09:38
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Andy80do you know if this property is avalable in "Label" component: wrapMode: Text.WrapAtWordBoundaryOrAnywhere ?10:01
crevetorYes it is10:01
Andy80I was using it on Harmattan, but it looks like it's not available on Silica10:01
Andy80uhm... but it's not working at all10:01
Andy80the text is not wrapped10:02
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crevetorlet me check my sourcecode10:02
crevetorwrapMode: Text.WrapAtWordBoundaryOrAnywhere10:02
crevetormake sure your labels width is defined10:03
Andy80crevetor: maybe I've to set a width for the Label first?10:03
Andy80same time :D10:03
crevetorsomething like width: parent.width10:03
Andy80crevetor: yep, in my case it will be something like parent.width - imageItem.width10:04
Andy80because I've an image on its left10:04
Andy80thanks :)10:04
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Andy80crevetor: uhm... just tried setting width, but the text still doesn't wrap and it's clearly longer than the available width10:07
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Andy80crevetor: if you want I can commit the source and you can give it a look at the delegate... or I can simply paste the delegate somewhere on pastebin10:11
crevetorEither works for me10:12
Andy80crevetor: here you have
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crevetormaybe try doing anchors.fill: parent in your Component10:39
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Superpelican_coderus: and where would you find the Silica Page component .qml ?11:03
*** amonk has joined #sailfishos11:03
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jpnurmiAndy80: the column doesn't have anchors.right specified11:06
*** ericcc has quit IRC11:07
*** ericcc has joined #sailfishos11:07
jpnurmiSuperpelican_: you can "follow the symbol" in creator11:08
Andy80jpetersen: thanks! I try right now and I tell you if it works :)11:15
walokrahas someone experienced problem with silicalistview and passing the selected item's index to other page?11:17
walokrait's always something other than the actual11:18
Andy80jpetersen: anchors.right: parent.right, can be ok?11:18
jpnurmiAndy80: sounds good. furthermore, you should remove any vertical anchors from the labels that are within a column11:19
Superpelican_jpnurmi: And how can I follow the symbols?11:20
jpnurmiAndy80: it doesn't make sense to specify or bottom for items in a column, because column positions its items vertically11:20
Andy80jpetersen: that's the point.... I tried without them and I had this bug: all items inside the Column where anchored to the top and they were all displayed in the same position11:21
w00tAndy80: do you realise you're talking to the wrong person? :p11:22
Andy80w00t: sorry :P11:23
Andy80jpnurmi: sorry, it was for you the previous one :)11:23
*** jmlich has quit IRC11:23
jpnurmiSuperpelican_: i'm not sure what the shortcut is on your system, but probably F2. you can just open a context menu over "Page" in the code editor11:24
cos-has anyone managed to mount Jolla in Linux using MTP?11:24
jpnurmiAndy80: usually a result of specifying "illegal" anchors within a positioner11:24
Superpelican_jpnurmi: I'm using KDE on openSUSE/Linux11:24
Superpelican_F2 doesn't seem to do anything11:24
*** Raim has quit IRC11:25
Andy80jpnurmi: I try to reve them again and I paste you the file.... but before it was not working11:25
jpnurmiAndy80: if you specify vertical anchors within a column, or horizontal anchors within a row... anchors and positioners and up fighting against each other and the result is somewhat random11:25
*** super_hirsute has quit IRC11:25
jpnurmiAndy80: (in that case you will get a warning in the debug output)11:25
Andy80jpnurmi: btw even QtCreator is complaining right now: [W] unknown:28 - file:///opt/sdk/SailSoma/usr/share/SailSoma/pages/ChannelsDelegate.qml:28:9: QML Column: Cannot specify top, bottom, verticalCenter, fill or centerIn anchors for items inside Column. Column will not function.11:26
jpnurmiyes, so don't do that :P11:26
Superpelican_looks like I found the source of the Silica Components ;)11:26
Superpelican_with find11:26
Superpelican_and Page.qml is in there :)11:27
*** b0bben_ has joined #sailfishos11:28
Andy80jpnurmi: fixed as you said, warnings disappeared, thanks :)11:28
jpnurminp :)11:28
Andy80jpnurmi: I'm not very good yet with all these anchors, etc... QML stuff11:28
walokrai also found qml positioning a bit challenging11:29
walokraespecially with long content lists/grids11:29
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jpnurmiwalokra: btw, how do you set the current index/item if reading it gives wrong values?11:31
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Superpelican_my Jolla doesn't appear to boot anymore11:32
Superpelican_well at least not the GUI11:32
Superpelican_hopefully I can still ssh11:33
walokralike the imagegallery example shows or through signal. hmmm, it might be that the index is ok but the list is initialized too early11:33
StskeepsSuperpelican_: what happened? / what symptoms do you see?11:33
StskeepsSuperpelican_: are you on
Superpelican_black screen11:33
Superpelican_I added Page.qml11:33
Superpelican_tried a landscape orientation hack11:34
Stskeepsthat was not particularly smart11:34
Superpelican_Jolla doesn't seem to like that11:34
Superpelican_can this be fixed with the recovery mode?11:34
Stskeepsyou need to factory reset though11:34
Superpelican_that's acceptable11:35
Stskeepssee release notes how it can be done11:35
Superpelican_where can I find the release notes?11:35
*** ericcc has quit IRC11:36
Superpelican_Stskeeps: apparently it does boot11:36
Superpelican_Stskeeps: I can see the volume bar11:36
Superpelican_when pressing the volume keys11:36
*** hulkkii has quit IRC11:37
walokrajpnurmi: the passed index with "main.pageStack.push(galleryPage, {currentIndex: index, model: galgrid.model});" shows the previous value in the gallerypage11:37
tattaraawhat manager I should use with ContactModel to see contacts from phonebook?11:38
walokraoh wait. the 1st click shows it wrong. after that it works... strange11:39
jpnurmiwalokra: is that your code, or gallery example code? in any case that's pretty meaningless to me without any context :)11:39
walokramy code but it uses the same basics as the gallery example11:40
Superpelican_Stskeeps: It hangs at the Jolla logo on the black screen when booting with the volume key pressed11:40
Superpelican_Stskeeps: Is that normal?11:40
StskeepsSuperpelican_: yes11:40
Stskeepsyou now need to telnet to
Superpelican_at least KDE gave me a popup about a new wired connection11:40
Superpelican_Stskeeps: Does the recovery mode depend on GUI stuff?11:41
Superpelican_"Note: it is still possible to break the Recovery mode in developer mode."11:41
StskeepsSuperpelican_: no, it is text basd11:41
StskeepsSuperpelican_: as in, you can screw up your ability to recover11:41
Superpelican_Stskeeps: for example if you'd rm /bin or /lib ?11:42
Stskeepsor overwrite recovery mode; or screw up btrfs11:42
Superpelican_Stskeeps: telnet doesn't seem to work11:43
Superpelican_it hangs at "Trying..."11:43
Stskeepstry then11:43
Superpelican_and the KDE network manager applet hangs at "Setting network address" for the new wired connection11:43
Stskeepsset it manually to perhaps11:43
Superpelican_Stskeeps: You mean 192.168.2.*15* ?11:44
Stskeepshost side is
Stskeepsdevice side is
Superpelican_that seems to work11:44
lbttbr: I fixed chum btw ... it looks like copyprj failed somehow :/11:45
Superpelican_Stskeeps: ok, now in the recovery mode :)11:45
*** hulkkii has joined #sailfishos11:46
tango_Superpelican_: why did you even hack Page.qml to add support for landscape? it does already11:46
tango_(after the recovery)11:46
Superpelican_Stskeeps: well coderus suggested so on TMO11:46
Superpelican_Stskeeps: Can I also cp a file to my computer in recovery mode?11:47
Superpelican_there was just one note I had, that I didn't have on my computer11:48
tbrlbt: ok, tnx11:48
Superpelican_(another motivation for me to contribute to a notes app :) )11:48
coderustango_: to have landscape in all appps :)11:48
tbrlbt: worked now11:48
Superpelican_(to add sync)11:48
cos-media codec people: these files don't work in sailfish (says my friend)
tango_coderus:  apps that don't actually have some form of support for orientation will NOT gain anything anyway though11:49
wickwireIs sailfishOS supposed to be open at this time, as in available sources?11:51
*** c0ck4m0u53 has quit IRC11:51
Superpelican_Stskeeps: I assume the "devicelock code" is not the SIM card code?11:51
Superpelican_I don't have a device lock code set11:52
coderustango_: im qlso fixing open layouts11:52
Superpelican_coderus: Can I also add the "allowedOrientations: Orientation.All" property to a sailfish-browser specific file instead of the general Silica Components?11:53
Superpelican_I'm not going to touch system files again11:53
coderusSuperpelican_: sure, but you need to fix browser qml layout :)11:54
Superpelican_coderus: Can't you just stretch the existing portrait bottom toolbar?11:54
coderusim quite busy with mitakuuluu11:54
Superpelican_I'd be fine with that11:54
coderuswill hack system qml in new year :)11:55
coderusSuperpelican_: issue n8t in toolbar11:55
coderusissue in page itseft11:56
Superpelican_coderus: Do you know the devicelock code if none is set?11:56
coderusthere serious bugs in landscape when opening keyboard11:56
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos11:57
*** matt_1979 has quit IRC11:57
coderusSuperpelican_: sorry, i have no jolla dwvice :)11:57
coderusim not european :D11:57
Andy80last time I used C++ and QML together was with BB10, do you know if this way of "connecting" them is still valid (in particular lines 15 and 33), thanks :)11:58
w00tcontext properties work11:59
w00tyou can also expose a singleton type, with QtQuick211:59
Superpelican_w00t: Do you know what the devicelock code is, when none is set?11:59
Stskeepssure you didn't set one at some point?12:00
tattaraashould I be able to get contacts from phonebook with QtContacts 5.0?12:00
Superpelican_Stskeeps: No, I haven't set a device lock code12:00
Superpelican_and my SIM lock code is not accepted either12:00
Superpelican_so now only 2 tries left :(12:00
*** DarkSim_ has joined #sailfishos12:00
Superpelican_so it's 5 chars?12:01
* artemma doesn't like singletons unless there's a very clear reason. Way harder to automatically test code relaying on singletons12:01
Superpelican_Stskeeps: that didn't work12:01
coderustattaraa: sure, why not?12:01
StskeepsSuperpelican_: hmm12:01
*** Andy80_ has joined #sailfishos12:02
StskeepsSuperpelican_: has your device been in anybody else's hands or is it second hand?12:02
tattaraacoderus: any idea what I should use as manager in ContactModel?12:02
*** sdjayna1 has joined #sailfishos12:02
*** b0bben has quit IRC12:02
Superpelican_brand new12:02
Superpelican_a pre-order device12:02
Andy80_sorry my client crashed12:02
*** furikku_ has joined #sailfishos12:02
StskeepsSuperpelican_: can you pastebin what it told you exactly?12:02
w00tartemma: i don't see how a context property singleton is any different from a qml-side singleton in terms of testing, except that one will require manually injecting the context properties into every engine your tests require12:02
*** maninc has joined #sailfishos12:03
*** nwoki_ has joined #sailfishos12:03
w00tartemma: singletons also have better performance than context properties, as the engine doesn't know the type of the context property, it does in the case of the singleton12:03
coderustattaraa: i cant answer now12:03
*** ahiemstra_ has joined #sailfishos12:03
*** c0ck4m0u53 has joined #sailfishos12:03
*** jjanvier_ has joined #sailfishos12:04
StskeepsSuperpelican_: ok, can you see if you can get the USB popup to happen in normal boot?12:04
*** hulkkii has quit IRC12:04
coderusAndy80_: qt qml communicating is same12:04
*** louisdk has quit IRC12:04
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos12:05
artemmaw00t: yes, I am into injecting everything. Including singleton injection if I have to use one (e.g. for performance reason)12:05
*** mattaust1n has joined #sailfishos12:05
*** boud_ has joined #sailfishos12:05
*** grejppi_ has joined #sailfishos12:05
*** Dima^ has joined #sailfishos12:05
*** qwazix_nc has joined #sailfishos12:05
*** qwazix_nc has quit IRC12:05
*** qwazix_nc has joined #sailfishos12:05
*** Waitee_ has joined #sailfishos12:05
*** Vostok_ has joined #sailfishos12:05
*** narchie_ has joined #sailfishos12:05
*** dhbiker_ has joined #sailfishos12:05
tattaraacoderus: default ("") does not seem to work as I get error that database can not be opened. The path seems correct: /home/nemo/.local/share/system//privileged/Contacts/qtcontacts-sqlite12:05
*** kontio_ has quit IRC12:05
*** phako_ has joined #sailfishos12:06
*** kontio has joined #sailfishos12:06
*** kontio has quit IRC12:06
*** kontio has joined #sailfishos12:06
tattaraacoderus: maybe relating to privileges12:06
*** Juice__ has joined #sailfishos12:06
*** Korthes has quit IRC12:06
*** sdjayna has quit IRC12:06
*** Andy80 has quit IRC12:06
*** DarkSim has quit IRC12:06
*** qwazix has quit IRC12:06
*** boud has quit IRC12:06
*** phako has quit IRC12:06
*** Dima has quit IRC12:06
*** fk_lx has quit IRC12:06
*** Waitee has quit IRC12:06
*** grejppi has quit IRC12:06
*** Juice___ has quit IRC12:06
*** maninc_ has quit IRC12:06
*** mattaustin has quit IRC12:06
*** ryokale has quit IRC12:06
*** Vostok has quit IRC12:06
*** dhbiker has quit IRC12:06
*** jjanvier has quit IRC12:06
*** furikku has quit IRC12:06
*** ahiemstra has quit IRC12:06
*** nwoki has quit IRC12:06
*** narchie has quit IRC12:06
*** qwazix_nc is now known as qwazix12:06
tbrirc weather: hot and splitty12:06
w00tartemma: i still don't follow: a singleton is a callback function called when the engine wants to instantiate the type you registered - so injection (through on-demand calling) is basically what it is12:07
atlazwith a lesser chance of reconnect12:07
coderustattaraa: im always using qt codw. i can look in qml later if nobody answer12:07
*** narchie_ is now known as narchie12:07
w00tartemma: what do you not like about this?12:07
Superpelican_Stskeeps: What happens when you have used all tries?12:08
*** fk_lx has joined #sailfishos12:08
Superpelican_maybe it's 000012:08
*** hulkkii has joined #sailfishos12:08
Superpelican_(4 chars)12:08
Yanielpin code?12:08
artemmaw00t: that's injection enough for me if you pass the factory instantiation method in somehow (e.g. via config). Think if you want to test your code with a fake singleton. If it's easy, that's injection enough to me12:09
w00tartemma: have you actually used QML singletons?12:09
*** ryokale has joined #sailfishos12:10
w00ttake a look at the example:
*** Juice__ has quit IRC12:10
artemmaw00t: Used them like once I think. Via a shared variable in JS #pragma llibrary.12:10
w00tthat's not what I'm talking about12:10
*** Juice__ has joined #sailfishos12:12
artemmaw00t: thanks, didn't know about this. Could be useful for e.g. constants. Testability.. don't know, will need to think12:12
StskeepsSuperpelican_: just reboot12:12
*** SfietKonstantin is now known as Sfiet_Konstantin12:13
*** sequantz has quit IRC12:14
Superpelican_that's reassuring12:14
*** pixraider has quit IRC12:15
*** b0bben has quit IRC12:15
Superpelican_so it's also not 000012:16
*** zhxt has quit IRC12:17
*** jstaniek has joined #sailfishos12:17
StskeepsSuperpelican_: ok, see if you can get a usb notification12:17
*** Andy80_ has quit IRC12:17
*** Andy80_ has joined #sailfishos12:18
Superpelican_Stskeeps: And how would I get one?12:18
Stskeepswell, plug your device into a pc12:19
Superpelican_Stskeeps: In normal mode?12:19
*** iam has quit IRC12:19
*** iam has joined #sailfishos12:20
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos12:20
Superpelican_Stskeeps: I pressed some button in recovery mode and then I got this:
Superpelican_are does commands for recovery mode?12:21
Stskeepswhat did you press, out of curiousity?12:21
Superpelican_I think ESC or CTRL+C12:22
Superpelican_I'm not sure12:22
Superpelican_I'll try again12:22
*** Andy80_ has quit IRC12:23
*** Sviox has joined #sailfishos12:24
SvioxHi all12:24
Superpelican_Stskeeps: Apparently typing "restore-lock --is-set" as devicelock code also triggers it12:26
*** wickwire has quit IRC12:26
Superpelican_Stskeeps: And there isn't another way to authenticate?12:27
Superpelican_To tell that I'm actually sitting next to my own device :P12:28
StskeepsSuperpelican_: give me a moment..12:28
Superpelican_Maybe with my Jolla account?12:28
Stskeepsare you sure you aren't being queried for a code in general on bootup?12:28
Superpelican_my SIM card code12:29
Stskeepstried with that one?12:29
Superpelican_and I tried that code12:29
SvioxCan anyone tell me what's the difference between QML SilicaWebView and regular WebView? Is SilicaWebView just something experimental or actually usable?12:30
*** Morpog_PC has joined #sailfishos12:33
SvioxAlso, since I'm a bit noobie with QML side of Qt, is is possible to run QGraphicsWidget based content inside Silica page or is this something that is 'not worth it'?12:33
Superpelican_Sviox: IIRC using QGraphicsWidget with QML isn't a good idea12:33
SvioxOkay, kind of feared that would be the case.12:34
Superpelican_Stskeeps: Maybe Sailfish appends a char to your SIM code if you don't set your own devicelock code?12:34
tango_Sviox: I think the Silica* stuff over the standard QML stuff is simply more integrated into sailfish, and supports stuff like the pulley menus12:34
Superpelican_maybe devicelock_code = simcode + 012:34
*** b0bben has quit IRC12:35
StskeepsSuperpelican_: shouldn't be..12:35
Svioxtango_: Would an embedded control need such support? I think it should come from page control already.12:35
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos12:36
SvioxBut then again, it might allow theming support or something like that..12:36
tango_Sviox: you can look at /usr/lib/qt5/qml/Sailfish/Silica/SilicaWebView.qml to see what it does12:38
lbtSviox: you cannot use any QWidget stuff in store apps (and it makes little sense for most device apps too). Themes are handled using
hene-does anyone knows is there someone developing different themes for sailfish?12:38
Svioxtango_: On target device/env or sdk? I'm using win8 at the moment.12:39
tango_well I look at it on the device 8-)12:39
tango_probably inside the emulator would be fine too12:39
*** b0bben has quit IRC12:40
SvioxOkay. Any tools recommendations for digging into the emulator? I guess FileZilla would work via SSH.12:40
Superpelican_Sviox: But NEVER edit the .qmls in /usr/lib/qt5/qml/Sailfish/Silica/ ;)12:41
SvioxOf course :)12:41
Superpelican_Sviox: Still facing the consequences over here :(12:42
SvioxThough I suppose it wouldn't be as bad as editing such files on N9 due to Aegis? Merely packaging issues when updating package containing the files - right?12:42
*** sequantz has joined #sailfishos12:43
*** Superpelican_ has quit IRC12:44
*** iam has quit IRC12:44
*** Superpelican_ has joined #sailfishos12:49
*** Andy80_ has joined #sailfishos12:49
*** wickwire has joined #sailfishos12:49
*** Superpelican_ has quit IRC12:50
*** stephg has quit IRC12:51
*** phlixi has quit IRC12:52
*** s1gk1ll_ is now known as s1gk1ll12:53
*** Andy80_ has quit IRC12:53
*** grejppi_ is now known as grejppi12:55
*** GeneralAntilles has quit IRC13:02
tango_two question13:04
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos13:04
tango_(1) silica: are these available for the desktop to toy around?13:04
*** GeneralAntilles has joined #sailfishos13:05
tango_(2) is there some uri scheme that addresses directly the app data folder (/usr/share/appname/ usually)?13:05
*** phlixi has joined #sailfishos13:05
*** Raim has joined #sailfishos13:05
*** super_hirsute has joined #sailfishos13:05
*** b0bben_ has joined #sailfishos13:06
Raimhey, shouldn't `pkcon what-provides /bin/sh' give me the package that installed this file?13:07
Raimon the other hand a 'pkcon search file /bin/sh' returns bash, but I guess the latter queries the available packages, not what is actually installed locally?13:07
Raimoh well, rpm -qf works. I think I misunderstood the pkcon help.13:10
*** phako_ has quit IRC13:10
*** phako has joined #sailfishos13:10
matokingAt the moment I have a Page with an Image, PinchArea and Flickable13:13
matokingWhen the image has the scale of 1, the Flickable has working bounds, so that the image snaps correctly to the edges when I flick it around13:13
matokingHowever, if it's bigger than 1 I can flick past the image's border on bottom and I can't flick to the image's border on top13:15
matokingSo, regardless of what scale the Image has, Flickable should have the exact same bounds as the image13:15
matokingThe Image seems to scale as if it had transformOrigin of Item.Center13:16
matokingWhereas the Flickable's bounds scale as if it had a transformOrigin of Item.TopLeft13:16
*** b0bben has quit IRC13:20
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos13:21
*** jpetersen has quit IRC13:21
*** b0bben has quit IRC13:25
*** zhost has quit IRC13:29
*** fk_lx has quit IRC13:29
*** RoKenn has joined #sailfishos13:30
*** Sarvi has joined #sailfishos13:30
*** fk_lx has joined #sailfishos13:31
*** Zotan has joined #sailfishos13:32
*** Zotan has quit IRC13:32
entilhow do I figure out which repo jolla-messages belongs to? more to the point, I'd need it on the emulator and can't seem to find it13:35
tbrI don't think system apps are available in the emulator13:48
entilI'll see what I can do then13:48
*** Andy80_ has joined #sailfishos13:49
*** Andy80_ has quit IRC13:54
*** Zotan has joined #sailfishos13:58
matokingMy QML file is an abomination but it happens to do what I set out to do13:59
entilhey whoah, no idea about the security models here, but it created the commhistory db for me, complaining it can't do contacts14:04
entilthis is good enough for me for now14:04
entilon the fs it seems nemo should be able to access his contacts but whatever14:04
*** jjarven has quit IRC14:05
*** Andy80_ has joined #sailfishos14:07
entilthis api is inoptimal :P14:08
entilthe groups have many remote uids but I can query only for one14:08
entilso it appears if I have a group of many remote uids I need to query all the groups of every one of those uids and cross-check them to see if any set of that group has all the remote uids I'm querying for14:09
entiland if so, use that, otherwise create a new one14:10
*** tattaraa has quit IRC14:10
*** Zotan has quit IRC14:10
entilsounds like pain when the alternative would be to query for a group with all given remote uids..14:10
*** Zotan has joined #sailfishos14:10
*** Waitee_ is now known as Waitee14:10
*** Korthes has joined #sailfishos14:11
Andy80_what is the best way to add an existing .c or .h file to a SailFish project? I'd like to add it where main.cpp is, but if I use File->Add File, it creates me a new folder and add it using absolute path... a mess I would like to avoid14:13
matoking@Andy80_ Copy them to the project directory using a normal file manager and then adding the files to the file?14:14
jpnurmiAndy80_: personally, i like editing the .pro file by hand14:14
*** Tumex_ has joined #sailfishos14:15
Andy80_good idea, I was going to do it in the same way, I just wanted to be sure it was a suggested way :) thanks!14:16
*** zmc has quit IRC14:17
lbtAndy80_: typically the .pro file has a HEADERS list too14:17
ottulofor some reason running on device "pkcon --help-all" has same output as "pkcon -h"14:17
ottuloI remember having all the options listed before, but not anymore14:17
Pnuuottulo: just do pkcon14:18
Pnuuwithout parameters14:18
ottuloPnuu: ah, that helps14:19
ottulostill, I find it odd that "--help-all" won't list everything like it claims to do14:19
*** jpetersen has joined #sailfishos14:19
*** Korthes has quit IRC14:20
*** jjarven has joined #sailfishos14:21
mfulzdoes someone know if / how I can use a QObject derived class inside a qlist? AFAIK the copy constructor of qobject is private?14:21
Andy80_lbt: fixed, thanks :)14:25
Andy80_another question: previously I had this in my .pro file, to use QtMultimedia:14:25
Andy80_CONFIG += mobility14:25
Andy80_MOBILITY += multimedia14:26
Andy80_has the import changed?14:26
jpnurmiin qt5, there's no "mobility" anymore14:26
w00tQT += multimedia14:26
jpnurmiyou can do "QT += multimedia" if you use it in c++14:26
jpnurmibut the import should work without that14:26
jpnurmijust "import QtMultimedia 5.0" instead of something mobility14:27
Andy80_jpnurmi: I'm using it from C++14:28
Andy80_argh... another compilation error: has "#include <QDomDocument>" changed name? Or do I need a particular include/import before including it?14:30
jpnurmiAndy80_: check the gray box at
Andy80_jpnurmi: right... I'm missing "xml" :)14:32
*** isto has joined #sailfishos14:33
Andy80_yay :)14:33
Andy80_all cpp/.h stuff imported and it can compile too, nice!14:34
*** zhost has joined #sailfishos14:34
*** Venemo has joined #sailfishos14:39
suyjpnurmi: maybe you can bring qtassistant here, so we can !rtfm too :)14:41
jpnurmisure :)14:42
*** qtassistant has joined #sailfishos14:42
suyqtassistant: !tell jpnumi he rocks :D14:42
jpnurmishe's shy :)14:43
jpnurmi!rtfm qdomdocument14:43
Merbotjpnurmi: Error: "rtfm" is not a valid command.14:43
DevBotjpnurmi: Error: "rtfm" is not a valid command.14:43
qtassistantjpnurmi: QDomDocument Class | QtXml 5.2 -
*** Korthes has joined #sailfishos14:43
suyOh my14:43
Merbotvaldur55: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.14:43
qtassistantvaldur55: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.14:43
DevBotvaldur55: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.14:43
*** isto has quit IRC14:44
*** Zotan has quit IRC14:44
*** phako has quit IRC14:44
Andy80_a QQuickView has rootContext, but it's a read-only propery. If I want to set it like I was doing here: viewer.rootContext()->setContextProperty("serverComm", &sc); how could I do? This is for me a main difference. I mean... previously I was using a QmlApplicationViewer, now we use a QQuickView. Am I missing something?14:45
jpnurmiAndy80_: it's read-only in the sense that there's no way to change the whole root context ie. do something like viewer.setRootContext(...) but viewer.rootContext()->setContextProperty(...) works fine14:47
Andy80_jpnurmi: yes, but I don't have a QmlApplicationViewer there... I only have a QQuickView and if I do view.rootContext()->setContextProperty("serverComm", &sc); it gives me this error: /Users/andrea/Projects/sailsoma/main.cpp:14: error: 'class QScopedPointer<QQuickView>' has no member named 'rootContext'14:49
Andy80_maybe I should get the viewer object from the QQuickView?14:49
*** Zotan has joined #sailfishos14:50
*** phako has joined #sailfishos14:50
jpnurmiperhaps you're missing an include? did you include <QScopedPointer> and <QQuickView> ?14:50
Andy80_jpnurmi: no the include is there. This is what I'm doing (complete main.cpp)
jpnurmi!rtfm qquickview::rootcontext14:51
Merbotjpnurmi: Error: "rtfm" is not a valid command.14:51
DevBotjpnurmi: Error: "rtfm" is not a valid command.14:51
qtassistantjpnurmi: QQuickView Class | QtQuick 5.2 -
* jpnurmi already forgot :p14:51
*** tanghus has quit IRC14:52
Andy80_jpnurmi: I did read that part but it says it's const, so I can't modify it :/ or probably there is something else I don't understand14:52
jpnurmiAndy80_: what about viewer->rootContext()14:53
Andy80_jpnurmi: again.... I don't have a viewer in my main.cpp and I don't know how to get it from QQuickView14:53
jpnurmiAndy80_: it just means that calling QQuickView::rootContext() doesn't change the state of QQuickView itself, and can be called via const pointer14:53
jpnurmiAndy80_: doh, i mean view->rootContext() :)14:53
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos14:54
Andy80_jpnurmi: that's what I'm doing :) view.rootContext()->setContextProperty("serverComm", &sc);14:54
Andy80_and that's what is giving me the error14:54
jpnurminope, view->rootContext() with an arrow operator14:55
lbtdepending on * settings    view->rootContext()->setContextProperty("MyObj", myobj);14:55
Andy80_I'm BLIND -.-14:55
Andy80_neither view->rootContext()->setContextProperty("serverComm", sc); works14:57
Andy80_I get this: /Users/andrea/Projects/sailsoma/main.cpp:14: error: invalid use of incomplete type 'struct QQmlContext'14:57
jpnurmi#include <QQmlContext>14:58
*** b0bben has quit IRC14:59
Andy80_finally :)14:59
Andy80_it was &sc anyway15:00
Andy80_but I was missing that include15:00
Andy80_now it compiles!15:00
Andy80_I should really include you in credits guys :)15:00
*** Tuilu has quit IRC15:01
*** tanghus has joined #sailfishos15:01
Andy80_got to go to buy some food now, see you later and thanks, thank you so much for the help!15:02
*** Tuilu has joined #sailfishos15:02
SvioxHmm, after I created a crash on my app (accidentally), I can no longer build my project: ":Could not connect to MerSDK Virtual Machine. The remote host closed the connection" - is this to be expected on regular app crash? Any ideas what happened?15:04
*** sebastian has joined #sailfishos15:04
otto_Do anybody of you use GMail? Am I the only one missing an "Archive" action in the e-mail client?15:06
*** KangOl has quit IRC15:06
sunkanI don't understand why my packages was rejected, shouldn't I be able to link with libstdc++? I am not including any libraries in my .rpm: see
*** cvp has joined #sailfishos15:08
suysunkan: maybe the packaging is trying to use some explicit std lib version? you are of course going to link to libstdc++ indirectly anyway15:11
sunkansuy: So I should remove requirements for standard libs, should I remove all of them or just stdc++ one may wonder then?15:12
*** Andy80_ has quit IRC15:13
suysunkan: I haven't looked at the RPM packaging yet, but if I recall properly, in Debian some stuff gets added automatically. If you link against Qt, the standar library will come automatically15:13
suyI assume RPM does the same, or similar15:13
*** sebastian has left #sailfishos15:13
sunkanYes, all the requirements has been added by the rpm packaging itself. I just don't understand what I should remove if I should remove stuff manually.15:14
veskuhsuy, yes, something like that. So the lib shouldnt be in requires section. Just have it like BuildRequires: pkgconfig(..) and that should be enough15:14
veskuhsunkan, did you check .yaml ?15:15
*** KangOl has joined #sailfishos15:17
sunkanI can't see that stdc++ is mentioned in either .yaml or .spec - but the rejection suggests that I should add an exclusion. If I had my own lib I would understand what it's about, but this is stdc++15:19
SvioxAnyone know if there is a funky way in Qt to convert QVariant to QGenericArgument? If not, I'll have to do a rather long list of if else conditions...15:19
w00tSviox: Q_ARG (mentioned in the docs for QGenericArgument)15:21
sunkanIt even says in the FAQ that you can link against stdc++ and that you are not allowed to have requires on libs that are not listed (stdc++ being listed)15:21
Svioxw00t: nope, that demands type information15:21
sunkanThen the opposite should be true that it is allowed to have a requirement on
Svioxi.e. I can do if( expectedArgumentTypes[j] == "QString" ) arg[j] = Q_ARG( QString, arguments[j].toString() );15:22
SvioxWhere arguments is a list of QVariant15:22
w00tSviox: Q_ARG(QVariant, val)?15:22
Svioxw00t: tested that - it won't auto-convert types.. i.e. receiver must have explicit QVariant as argument type.15:23
w00twell, yes15:23
SvioxI'm trying to create a function that automatically uses the receiving objects function signature so I won't have to do QVariant parsing on each function ;)15:24
SvioxAnd it's already working like a charm for QString, but I need to if-else all other types I want to support...15:25
entilI think I found a real bug in the Group api, wtf15:25
entilif (!remoteUid.isEmpty()) q+= "Groups.remoteUids = :remoteuid ";15:26
entiluhh, shouldn't that be LIKE '%%'; instead?15:26
Venemohey guys15:26
entilin commhistory's src/databaseio.cpp15:26
sunkanIf I ad15:30
sunkanadd "AutoReqProv: no" to the .spec file it does not add the requirements, so I suppose that is what they really want me to do..15:31
artemmaIs there a way to somehow push an app from APPROVED to PUBLISHED? Maybe a personal hint by somebody? :)15:37
* artemma wants to see his flashlight downloaded by people ASAP and so that I could submit an update before the New Year15:37
Venemow00t: ping15:37
w00tVenemo: pong15:37
*** fuz_ has quit IRC15:38
*** Superpelican_ has joined #sailfishos15:40
*** RoKenn has quit IRC15:40
Venemow00t: is there an existing solution for aggregating multiple models into one?15:42
w00ttalk to jpnurmi ;)15:42
Venemohe said there isn't, yet15:42
jpnurmiVenemo: i found something called RowsJoinerProxy15:43
Venemojpnurmi: oh. is it a part of Qt?15:43
jpnurmiVenemo: there isn't yet support for multiple connections in IrcBufferModel, but that's also on the way15:43
jpnurmiVenemo: nope :)15:43
Superpelican_Stskeeps: Have you come across something interesting related to the devicelock/recovery problem?15:44
Venemojpnurmi: great! it seems that nesting repeaters just doesn't work in the way I had hoped, so I will check out this RowsJoinerProxy thing15:45
StskeepsSuperpelican_: if you have not set a device lock code and you are not being asked for it at startup normally; it's a device we'd very much like to take a look at in service. i can only recommend trying to boot it up normally, plug in usb to device and computer, and hope a notification shows up where you can select PC mode/developer mode15:49
Superpelican_Stskeeps: ok thanks :)15:50
Superpelican_Stskeeps: notifications seem to work15:50
Stskeepsand then ssh into the device , provided you know your ssh password15:50
Superpelican_Stskeeps: For example I still get the volume notification15:50
Superpelican_Stskeeps: That was the first thing I tried of course ;)15:50
Superpelican_I added the .qml over a ssh connection ;)15:51
*** Superpelican_ has quit IRC15:51
*** Superpelican_ has joined #sailfishos15:51
StskeepsSuperpelican_: okay, so can you see if you can get into the device when it's booted normally?15:52
Superpelican_Stskeeps: well, that's the point that didn't work15:52
Superpelican_I got a "no route to host"15:52
Superpelican_Then I started to think about the recovery mode15:52
Superpelican_I could try again15:53
StskeepsSuperpelican_: okay, when you plug in the device to the PC, in normal mode, does it pop up a selection for different modes?15:53
*** matoking has quit IRC15:54
*** PeterPark has joined #sailfishos15:57
Superpelican_Stskeeps: got the dialog :)15:57
Stskeepsgood, set it to PC mode and configure your host side to and ssh to
Superpelican_Stskeeps: And what should I do now?15:57
Stskeepsnemo@ that is15:57
Superpelican_Stskeeps: eh15:57
*** cdp has joined #sailfishos15:57
Superpelican_won't I end up in recovery mode again then?15:58
Superpelican_Or should I choose developer mode?15:58
Stskeepschoose developer mode15:58
Superpelican_I just chose PC mode15:59
Superpelican_this is actually the first time15:59
Superpelican_it mounts15:59
Stskeepsssh in, please15:59
Superpelican_ok :)15:59
Stskeepsand devel-su to root15:59
*** jmlich has joined #sailfishos15:59
Venemohow the hell can I connect the jolla to the SDK?16:00
Venemothe SDK gives me a timeout when I try to connect16:00
Venemoah, I had to increase the timeout16:00
Superpelican_Stskeeps: ssh'ing in doesn't seem to work16:01
StskeepsSuperpelican_: should, if you have pc mode16:01
Superpelican_Stskeeps: Also I'm not getting a wired connection in the network manager applet16:01
Superpelican_like in recovery16:01
Stskeepserr.. actually16:01
Stskeeps'developer mode', not pc mode16:01
Stskeepstry again16:01
*** tanghus has quit IRC16:02
*** Korthes has quit IRC16:02
Superpelican_Jolla now says "Developer mode in use"16:02
Stskeepsnow you should see a wired connection you have to configure to be ip
Superpelican_network manager applet now says "Portable Media Player" connected16:02
Superpelican_going to ssh in now16:02
locusfhmm "Deploy as RPM package" builds ok but fails while running: "QPixmap: Must construct a QApplication before a QPaintDevice", works ok though when tapping the icon on device16:02
Superpelican_Stskeeps: Ok I'm in :)16:03
StskeepsSuperpelican_: OK, devel-su16:03
Superpelican_already done16:03
Superpelican_all my files are still there16:03
Superpelican_Stskeeps: Where can I retrieve a fresh copy of Page.qml?16:03
StskeepsSuperpelican_: cat /dev/mmcblk0p27 > mmcblk0p27.dump16:04
Stskeepsand scp mmcblk0p27.dump away from the device, and mail me it at carsten.munk@jolla.com16:04
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_Mobile: ping ?16:05
*** fuz_ has joined #sailfishos16:05
Morpog_PCSfiet_Konstantin, pong16:08
*** gabriel9|work has quit IRC16:10
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_PC: thought about my icon request ?16:11
Sfiet_Konstantin(the one I sent like 5s before going to sleep, two days ago ?)16:11
Morpog_PCrequest, where?16:11
Sfiet_KonstantinI'm thinking about pushing Friends to store16:11
Sfiet_Konstantina modified icon for Friends16:11
Morpog_PCwith changed color?16:12
Sfiet_Konstantin(and first I need to thank you for proposing icons :))16:12
Sfiet_Konstantinand without the f. Instead with two people16:12
Sfiet_Konstantin(just like the contact app on harmattan, but two people16:12
Morpog_PCah ok, haven't seen that16:12
Yanielwhat is it?16:12
Sfiet_Konstantinand about color, stay blueish, but you are free to go to blue-green, or purple16:12
Sfiet_KonstantinYaniel: Friends is a Facebook client for Sailfish OS16:13
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_PC is a very kind person who have done some icons proposal16:13
Morpog_PCheeh, yeah it's fun doing icons :D16:13
locusfMorpog_PC is featured as icon designer for my app too :)16:14
*** zmc has joined #sailfishos16:14
Sfiet_Konstantinhello locusf o/16:14
locusfSfiet_Konstantin: heya16:14
*** promulo has joined #sailfishos16:14
Superpelican_locusf: me too16:14
locusfSuperpelican_: nice :)16:14
locusfreal DIT work here then :)16:14
Sfiet_Konstantinfun that Friends is actually a huge unit-test for nemo-qml-plugin-social next branch :D16:14
locusfSuperpelican_: ok nice :)16:15
Superpelican_That's Morpog's awesome Clamshell hacked by me on top of the default icon ;)16:15
Superpelican_Does anyone know where Whippler's Note app stores it's notes?16:16
Superpelican_I already looked in the /usr/share/16:16
Sfiet_KonstantinSuperpelican_: look in standard home directories:16:17
Sfiet_Konstantinlike /home/nemo/.local/share16:17
Superpelican_ok thanks :)16:19
Superpelican_Sfiet_Konstantin: thanks I found it16:20
Superpelican_unfortunately everything is saved in a SQLite DB16:21
Sfiet_KonstantinSuperpelican_: install sqliteman if you are lazy16:21
Sfiet_Konstantinuse sqlite cmd line if you are not16:21
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos16:28
*** Kabouik has quit IRC16:28
*** boud_ is now known as boud16:31
*** b0bben_ has quit IRC16:32
Superpelican_Stskeeps: Is that dump supposed to take only about half a second?16:32
*** mfulz has quit IRC16:38
*** mfulz has joined #sailfishos16:38
*** Ruslan has joined #sailfishos16:41
RuslanJolla is cute :) Just received the device16:41
Superpelican_Ruslan: Congrats :)16:41
Superpelican_Stskeeps: Mail sent :)16:42
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos16:42
Ruslanthe only thing I can't understand - how to use/activate xmpp account, but I consider it's better to go to #sailfish for this?16:43
Ruslanaargh, and I always try to use n9's gestures for screen's unlocking)16:44
*** zmc has quit IRC16:44
*** b0bben has quit IRC16:46
*** super_hirsute has quit IRC16:46
Superpelican_Stskeeps: BTW: device fixed my undoing my change of Page.qml :D16:47
mfulzwhen passing an instance of an object to qml via setContextProperty will the application call the destructor of the class on exit or do I need to call that somewhere on my own?16:49
*** fuz_ has quit IRC16:50
Ruslanoh, I've seen 'components gallery' in the Emulator, how can I install this one to Jolla?16:53
*** coderus_ has joined #sailfishos16:54
coderus_hey, my server down, i was offline in irc16:54
coderus_something interesting happened?16:54
Ruslancoderus_: do you know how to install 'components gallery' to Jolla?16:55
RuslanI've seen this one application in the emulator16:55
walokrait's in qt ide examples16:56
coderus_Ruslan: sailfish-components-gallery-qt516:56
*** promulo has quit IRC16:56
*** Superpelican_ has quit IRC16:56
*** promulo has joined #sailfishos16:57
*** Superpelican_ has joined #sailfishos16:57
*** triggerhappy has quit IRC16:57
coderus_i still have  problem  ; my binaries not being stripped after compiling, how can i force stripping in spec file or etc.?16:57
Ruslancoderus_: thanks, can you also tell me what package tool is used?16:57
Ruslanlooks like it's not zypper16:57
Superpelican_coderus_:Well I fixed my Jolla :)16:57
coderus_Ruslan: pkcon install sailfish-components-gallery-qt516:57
Superpelican_with awesome help from Stskeeps :)16:57
Ruslancoderus_: thanks)16:57
coderus_with no root16:57
coderus_Superpelican_: so, what the problem it was?16:58
Superpelican_I had edited Page.qml16:58
*** jjanvier_ has quit IRC16:58
Superpelican_and when I rebooted almost the whole GUI was gone16:58
Superpelican_the orange notifications were the only things that worked16:58
Ruslancoderus_: oh no, I've meant not 'Gallery' component, but an Example application17:02
*** fuz_ has joined #sailfishos17:05
*** guest1441 has quit IRC17:08
mfulzare there some sip apps already for jolla?17:11
Ruslanis there an strace for sailfish somewhere?17:12
faenilRuslan, yes, "ssu ar mer-tools" and "pkcon install strace" ;)17:12
Ruslanfaenil: how should I run ssu?17:14
Ruslan[D] NetworkService::setPath:447 - void NetworkService::setPath(const QString&) "Method "GetProperties" with signature "" on interface "net.connman.Service" doesn't exist17:14
*** louisdk has joined #sailfishos17:15
lbtRuslan: that's just noise17:17
faenilRuslan, I think can ignore that17:17
Ruslanfaenil: but 'pkcon install strace' fails17:18
lbtpkcon refresh17:18
faenilyeah, refresh ?17:18
Ruslanlbt, faenil: great, thanks17:19
*** cvp has quit IRC17:21
Morpog_PCSfiet_Konstantin, hmm I'm not sure if I like what I just produced :D17:29
*** paju has joined #sailfishos17:31
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos17:32
*** softmetz|away is now known as softmetz17:33
*** softmetz is now known as softmetz|away17:34
*** softmetz|away is now known as softmetz17:35
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_PC: I like the two guys17:35
Sfiet_Konstantinnot the shape though17:35
Sfiet_Konstantinbut it is a really good start17:35
Sfiet_KonstantinStill thinking about the round or store-like shape17:36
Morpog_PCwhats with the shape?17:36
Morpog_PCah ok17:36
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_PC: nothing: personnal taste about the shape :D17:36
Morpog_PChmm, hard to get those 2 guys in those shapes17:36
Sfiet_Konstantincolors are too Facebookish17:37
Sfiet_Konstantindesature a bit and use a greener tone ?17:37
Sfiet_Konstantincut the neck of one guy :D17:37
Sfiet_Konstantin(especially the neck of the smaller guy: here is a friend, so not really important17:37
Sfiet_KonstantinFacebook is about you isn't it :D17:37
w00tElleo: ping17:38
Elleow00t: pong?17:38
w00tmind a /msg?17:39
Morpog_PClol Sfiet_Konstantin17:39
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_PC: :D17:43
*** b0bben has quit IRC17:45
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos17:46
Morpog_PCSfiet_Konstantin, hmmm
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_PC: I see the problem17:56
*** Andy80 has joined #sailfishos17:56
Sfiet_Konstantinhow about this, not sure if this is works: mirrors the shape, so the neck of "friend" is not cut anymore, put "me" more in the center, and reduce "friend" a bit17:57
Andy80good news guys, I've just done a quick test and the music streaming works :)17:58
Pnuuhow about "me" in the center and couple of friends in the background17:58
*** leszek has joined #sailfishos17:59
ottuloMorpog_PC: tilt the picture so both guys appear from the lower right corner?17:59
ottulosure it'd look funny, but that's the point :D18:00
ottulothen you can round both upper corners and the lower left one18:00
Morpog_PCwill have a look later, need to go eating asian food now :D18:01
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_PC: nom nom18:01
Sfiet_KonstantinPnuu: not bad idea either18:01
Morpog_PCyep, but one last one:
Morpog_PCI can feel you don't like the shape :)18:02
Pnuuas it's "friends" not "a friend" ;-)18:02
Sfiet_KonstantinMorpog_PC: hehe18:02
Sfiet_KonstantinI don't like the shape :D18:02
Morpog_PCok, bbl18:02
Sfiet_Konstantinbbl :)18:03
*** softmetz has quit IRC18:03
SvioxOn the component gallery example, why is PullDownMenu declared inside SilicaWebView and not Page?18:04
*** softmetz has joined #sailfishos18:04
coderus_Sviox: because PullDown/PushUp should be declared inside Silica component18:04
coderus_read docs properly18:05
SvioxOkay.. I'm trying to add a menu for my own app onto a subpage but for some reason it's not working. I've tried putting it under page and under SilicaWebView.18:07
SvioxMy main page also has the menu - is there some restriction in regards to subpages?18:09
*** crevetor has quit IRC18:14
*** arcean_ is now known as arcean18:14
*** crevetor has joined #sailfishos18:15
SvioxA small addition to my issue: the menu works fine unless a ViewPlaceholder is shown18:19
RuslanSviox: how do you show ViewPlaceholder? Where do you place it?18:20
Ruslaninside SilicaWebView or not?18:20
*** Naranek has quit IRC18:21
SvioxI show it via a condition on ViewPlaceHolder's enabled property18:21
SvioxDoes ViewPlaceholder have it's own menu?18:23
Ruslanno, it doesn't18:23
SvioxOh wait, I think I know what's wrong.. does opacity attribute get inherited by the menu?18:24
RuslanI suppose yes18:25
*** Andy80 has quit IRC18:25
SvioxOkay, I playd a bit with the placeholder and if I put it inside, anything on it also went transparent.. so propably this is causing my issues.18:25
*** Andy80 has joined #sailfishos18:26
SvioxWhat's the right way to hide the actual view?18:26
RuslanIs there any way to stop PathView from looping? I want to get it forbidden in some cases18:26
*** babochkazifa has joined #sailfishos18:26
*** babochkazifa has quit IRC18:27
RuslanSviox: does WebView produce any content if url property is invalid?18:28
SvioxHaven't tried, good question..18:30
*** Andy80 has quit IRC18:30
*** b0bben_ has joined #sailfishos18:31
SvioxRuslan: with no url/empty string I get error elsewhere in code - seem that some standard properties do no exist. But with "about:blank" as url a blank white page is shown with no content and everything wlse works fine.18:34
*** leszek has quit IRC18:34
*** b0bben_ has quit IRC18:35
RuslanSviox: nice18:36
SvioxGosh I hate WebView's lack of API.. Used to the convinience of QGraphicsWebView.18:37
*** Andy80 has joined #sailfishos18:37
*** zmc has joined #sailfishos18:40
SvioxI got the pulldown to work, but a problem remains that it's not looking good painted on top of the web view. I would need to hide it, but that would also hide the menu...18:41
*** b0bben has quit IRC18:44
SvioxAlso, at least on emulator, I can't use the menu when starting the drag from the placeholder's content area. The documents say "If the view has an associated PullDownMenu, tapping on the ViewPlaceHolder text will peek at the menu to indicate to the user that options may be available in the menu." and I see this "indication", but it's not very great to be forced to drag from outside the18:44
Svioxplaceholder text telling user to pull down...18:44
RuslanSviox: you may try to create SilicaFlicable with the placeholder and the same menu as sibling of the WebView18:46
Ruslanand set visible to zero for one of them in a time18:46
*** Frye has joined #sailfishos18:46
SvioxYou mean having SilicaWebView and SilicaFlicable on the same level as siblings and having placeholder under the later?18:49
*** nsuffys has joined #sailfishos18:49
Andy80does anyone know how to access basic icons in Jolla? For example the Play/Pause ones... In Harmattan I did: source: "image://theme/icon-m-toolbar-mediacontrol-play" + (theme.inverted ? "-inverse" : "")18:52
ElleoAndy80: same way, just with new icon names18:53
ElleoAndy80: have a look in /usr/share/themes/jolla-ambient/meegotouch/icons/ for the icons18:53
Andy80Elleo: yes, but where I can find the new names? Is there a table/list somewhere?18:53
Andy80on the device?18:53
Elleoe.g. image://theme/icon-m-play18:54
ElleoAndy80: yeah18:54
Elleopresumably on the emulator too18:54
Andy80Elleo: thanks18:54
Elleono problem :)18:54
*** softmetz is now known as softmetz|away18:56
RuslanSviox: yes18:56
SvioxOkay, seems to work. Thanks Ruslan :) Now if I only got the other million small things to work properly ;)18:59
*** joecool has joined #sailfishos18:59
mfulzdoes someone get the debugger runnin  with the emulator?19:00
*** Sarvi has quit IRC19:01
Ruslanmfulz: I've started gdb manually by ssh19:03
*** joecool has quit IRC19:05
coderus_ Mitakuuluu  updated to v0.1-10. many bugs fixied and some features added.19:06
Ruslancoderus_: don't you know how to deny PathView to loop from first to last element in case of swiping to 'previous one'?19:07
coderus_Ruslan: not to use PathView19:08
coderus_its designed to be looped19:09
coderus_use ListView inside Flickable19:09
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC19:09
mfulzRuslan: on the phone itself?19:10
Ruslanthe idea was to simulate book's pages as items in PathView (so I have to flip them in such way that only one page is visible simultaneously). but the main problem is that I don't always know how many there pages in the book19:11
Ruslanas books can be really large and it may spent some seconds until I determine their count19:11
coderus_Ruslan: make Flickable with DragAndOvershootBounds behaviour. look for contentX and make pages changing.19:12
Ruslanmfulz: what the question is about? I've tested both on the phone and in the emulator19:12
mfulzok basically I wanted to run debugging from qtcreator19:15
mfulzbut it's hanging forever on launching19:15
Ruslanmfulz: that's why I've ran it manually(19:15
mfulzok and do you know how to get debugging symbols into it?19:16
mfulzCONFIG+=debug is set but no symbols :(19:16
*** Peter90 has joined #sailfishos19:17
coderus_mfulz: did you get debug or debugsource packages near?19:17
Ruslancoderus_: looks interesting but how this helps to simulate PathView.SnapOneItem mode?19:18
mfulzsorry what do you mean?19:18
mfulzah yes I see the packages are build but seems not deployed to the device19:19
*** Pnuu has quit IRC19:20
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos19:21
Andy80I'm still quite lost with these anchors and stuff :/ I attach the top of an item to the bottom of the parent and I find the item at the top of the page... that's non sense..19:22
mfulzwhat do I need to do to get them to the device?19:22
fk_lxAndy80: well I had similar situations but in the end there was always some logical explanation why such things happen and in the end the fault was on my side19:24
fk_lxAndy80: in other words good luck in digging19:24
Ruslancoderus: oh, my fault, ListView also has snapMode property19:25
Andy80fk_lx: I assume it's my fault, it's just that I find it difficoult to understand why wome things happen19:25
*** furikku_ has quit IRC19:26
Andy80if I commit the code, can anyone try to give it a look? I'm pretty sure it's a very stupid mistake somewhere...19:27
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC19:27
*** Pnuu has joined #sailfishos19:27
fk_lxAndy80: I can have a look19:27
fk_lxAndy80: although I don't know if I will be able to help19:27
Andy80in my old code I worked around just using abolute margins/positions, but it's very weird19:27
Andy80ok, give me just a couple of minutes... I need to properly commit the changes19:27
*** artemma has quit IRC19:27
fk_lxAndy80: sure, no need to hurry19:28
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos19:28
coderus_Ruslan: Flixkable will return you to bounds. Same animation with "Snap" ;)19:28
Ruslancoderus_: I already see, thank you19:30
*** artemma has quit IRC19:30
Ruslanit works nicely19:30
Andy80fk_lx: here is the page
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos19:31
*** wickwire has quit IRC19:32
*** jmlich has quit IRC19:33
mfulzhow can I install a local rpm package?19:33
Bysmyyrpkcon install *.rpm19:33
Bysmyyrif I remember right19:34
mfulzah install-local is the key :)19:34
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC19:34
Bysmyyrmaybe better :)19:34
fk_lxAndy80: ok, let me see19:36
Andy80fk_lx: I'm doing some experiments in the mean time... always in time to revert changes19:37
fk_lxAndy80: I'm thinking about cloning project and seeing what actually is wrong19:38
Andy80fk_lx: sure, feel free to do it :)19:38
Andy80let me try an easier test... instead of defining the main parent as Item, I want to define it as Column... at least the items will follow the Column rules...19:41
*** arcean has quit IRC19:45
Andy80nope :/19:45
coderus_any hack to catch received SMS and read its content? :)19:48
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos19:48
*** rcg has joined #sailfishos19:51
Ruslancoderus_: isn't telepathy used for sms in sailfish?19:52
coderus_maybe. i;ll check it, thanks :)19:53
raa70gonna automate mitä kuuluu auth?19:54
*** b0bben_ has joined #sailfishos19:55
*** Fazu has joined #sailfishos19:55
*** Finleida has quit IRC19:57
coderus_thanks, got it from dbus, no harbour restrictions for  that ;)19:57
*** faenil has quit IRC19:57
coderus_but i'm not sure...19:58
coderus_its seems to be n9 adaptation component19:58
coderus_can anyone confirm?19:58
*** b0bben_ has quit IRC20:00
coderus_is there org.ofono on your system bus?20:00
Ruslanlet's check20:01
coderus_or can you start dbus-monitor on session and system buses and receive sms and check is there anything related to sms in output please?20:02
Ruslan$ /usr/lib/qt5/bin/qdbus --literal --system org.ofono20:04
Ruslanis it one you want?20:04
RuslanI have org.ofono on the device20:04
rcgany idea why a mouse area is not responding to double clicks?20:05
rcgonClicked, onLongPress works but for some reason onDoubleClicked doesn't20:05
*** b0bben has quit IRC20:05
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos20:06
*** matoking has joined #sailfishos20:06
matokingIs there a QML object like PageStack that works well outside the ApplicationWindow?20:07
matokingI mean20:09
matokingI want to create a PageStack that's independent of the application's main PageStack20:10
*** b0bben has quit IRC20:10
lbtit's usually better to explain what you want to achieve that you can't20:11
matokingOkay, I have one page on the application's main PageStack20:12
matokingThat page contains a header and possibly some other things20:13
matokingAnd a PageStack that works like the normal one except without the indicator that automatically pops up on the top-left corner20:13
matokingSailfish UI design-wise it's probably very non-orthodox :P20:15
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos20:16
Ruslancoderus_: I've received sms's message from dbus20:16
Ruslanare you still interested in?20:16
lbtmatoking: I'm afraid I don't understand what you're trying to do20:17
matokingI have a Page with a header20:17
matokingUnder it is a PageStack which displays a list of files, each directory opening into a new Page inside this PageStack20:18
matokingIt's independent of the application's own PageStack which this page lies on20:19
matokingI'm still not making any sense, am I? :P20:19
matokingOkay, the Page which has the PageStack with all the pages displaying the directories20:21
matokinguses the application's own PageStack for opening Settings, About and other miscellaneous pages20:21
lbtyou're describing implementation20:21
lbtnot  objective20:22
jpnurmiperhaps a horizontal list view would do. each delegate would have the size of a page, and set the snap mode so that it will snap to a an item20:22
lbtmatoking: are you drilling into a list?20:22
lbtand back out20:22
matoking@lbt It contains basically a list of items that open up into new lists of items20:23
lbtI'm hearing filebrowser terms - it may be that you have a heirarchical model and a single page which simply displays the current node with a parent node (for back)20:24
matokingYes, that's the kind of program I'm planning on doing20:24
lbtright ... so Page is not really relevant although you may like to take some design and interaction cues from it20:24
lbtcreate a component (probably a Page based one) which displays a header and then a SilicaListView of entries20:26
lbtThe delegate should either open a file (file) or reset the Page current node (dir)20:26
lbtanimate for fun and profit20:27
cos-has anyone managed to install avahi-daemon for sailfish? looks like the package is not available by default20:27
Ruslancos-: I even don't see it in the repos20:28
matoking@lbt Thanks, I'll look into what I'll do20:28
matokingI did get the PageStack working somewhat20:28
Venemohey guys, here's some food for thought about the developer experience of Jolla:
lbtmatoking: PageStack is unlikely to fit - I doubt it wants to drill to arbitrary depths20:29
cos-Ruslan: i don't see why it couldn't be build & used. i'd like to ssh to myjolla.local everywhere..20:29
*** itbaron has quit IRC20:29
lbtcos-: no ... from what I see there's an old porting attempt here
lbtit appears to depend on gtk3 so good luck with that :D20:30
*** Finleida has joined #sailfishos20:30
cos-lbt: hm, probably due to gui tools. the daemon shouldn't need gtk20:30
lbtit's certainly worth pursuing20:31
tango_is there a list model in qml to enumerate the objects defined in some particular namespace?20:31
lbttango_: yes20:32
tango_e.g. say that I have a number of QMLs in a directory "somedir", can I import "somedir" and somehow traverse the list of QMLs there to query them for properties?20:32
tango_lbt: can you give me some pointers, my google-foo is not helping me20:32
*** Finleida has quit IRC20:32
lbttango_: ah - wrong kind of list model20:32
lbtbut have you seen qmldir file20:33
tango_lbt: yeah but I cannot open a random file in a qml20:33
tango_oh wait20:33
lbt has some links which may help20:35
tango_hm those are actually qml files themselves?20:35
tango_let me see20:35
lbtI think you need to introspect QML from C++20:35
tango_yeah, apparently you can't do that from QML20:36
tango_actually you can do some introspection from QML itself because if you pass an object as a model you get its properties as items20:37
*** Peter90 has quit IRC20:37
tango_but I can't seem to find a trivial way to get the list of objects defined in a namespace20:37
tango_maybe from javascript?20:37
lbtwhat's the goal ?20:39
lbtintegration with C++ is pretty easy :)20:40
tango_lbt: mostly I'm just toying around to see how far can I go with pure qml to buildan app20:40
tango_lbt: and this just because the compiler in the mersdk vbox segfaults20:40
lbtfirst I've heard of that20:40
lbtwhat are you doing wrong?20:41
tango_while for a pure qml app I just drop the sources in ~/src/appname, symlink ~/src/appname into /usr/share/ and I'm done20:41
tango_lbt: nothing. the segfault happens with the example problem created by the qtcreator in the sdk20:41
tango_lbt: I suspect vbox doesn't play nice with my old core2duo20:41
lbtis that older than a centrino2 ?20:42
tango_no idea20:42
lbtme neither :)20:42
tango_it might be new enough for vbox to think it can use some features that it can't really use though20:42
tango_who knows20:42
tango_I'm not even sure this is the problem20:42
tango_I also don't feel like pursuing this much further, since I won't have time to dedicate to it in the upcoming days20:43
lbtFWIW my laptop is a centrino2 which google suggests == core2duo and it works fine20:43
tango_well, it _is_ a problem because I would have loved to port sgt-puzzles to sos20:43
tango_now I will just design the main index ui in qml and leave it at that20:44
*** Superpelican_ has quit IRC20:44
rcgtango_, uhm.. technically, vbox should be a (or at least very close to) full virtualization which actually means that it's nearly impossible to cause hickups inside the vm cause by the host cpu20:44
tango_(all mobile oses should have an sgt-puzzles port)20:44
tango_rcg: true that, but then why the fsck would the mersdk compiler segfault with the default sample?20:44
tango_I have some very strange messages re. the apic20:45
rcglbt, please correct me if i am mistaken, but that'd be the first time i hear of something host cpu specific causing a segfault in a vbox vm20:45
tango_rcg: if vbox thinks it can use some cpu features in virtualizations, but those cpu features don't work correctly, it WILL cause random problems on the vm20:45
lbtwe had something about misreporting cpu capabilities a while back20:45
rcgtango_, i'd double check the sdk setup20:45
rcgand in the worst case start over with a fresh install20:45
rcgof the sdk, i.e.20:46
tango_rcg: as I said, I do not have enough free time to tinker around with this, otherwise I would20:46
rcgtango_, but please be aware that you need to delete some stuff on you host system if you do so, just to really get a fully fresh install20:46
tango_I'm not even on the machine with the sdk now, because I'm not well enough to sit at my desk20:46
rcgtango_, alright20:46
tango_rcg: yeah, I read the FAQ 8-)20:46
rcgtango_, hehe, aye :)20:47
tango_I'd have to purge the ~/.Sailfishwhatever dirs too20:47
lbttango_: well, when you have time, inclination and health... do yell :)20:47
tango_lbt: absolutely. I'm loving sailfishos and jolla20:47
tango_I even got the phone with a preorder even though I knew that as an early adopter that would have meant getting something "not perfect" 8-)20:48
*** Morpog_PC has quit IRC20:48
tango_just to show my appreciation to jolla20:48
lbttango_: luckily the HW seems to be good so we can iron out the SW together20:48
tango_lbt: the hardware isn't bad but honestly as an N900 user I expected better ;-)20:49
rcgactually, i am using the jolla as my primary phone since i got it and am really really happy with it :D20:49
tango_(esp. camera-wise)20:49
cos-fffffuu i think i managed to screw up the android part of my jolla :-O20:49
tango_rcg: I still need to get a micro-sim20:49
tango_cos-: good, who needs android anyway ;-)20:49
lbttango_: put the camera in 4:3 mode20:49
cos-i was installing google play and typed rsync -av –ignore-existing /home/nemo/system /opt/alien20:49
cos-(actually copy-pasted)20:50
lbtand make sure you tried it post update20:50
rcgtango_, aye ;)20:50
* tango_ uses it for Opera and spaceteam20:50
cos-notice – != --20:50
tango_lbt: setting it to 4:3 was the first thing I did20:50
tango_lbt: still can't really compete, sorry20:50
tango_maybe when BlessJolla comes around, we'll see ;-)20:50
lbtno, agreed - Nokia had the $$ for camera stuff20:51
*** amonk has quit IRC20:51
Stskeepscos-: the blogs that do that conversion of that should be shot20:51
Stskeeps(ie the -- thing)20:51
tango_also interesting today I tried getting the first video, and the stupid thing segfaulted after completing20:51
lbtcos-: luckily we have device reset - or recovery mode20:51
tango_actually I think I got a kernel oops20:51
tango_maybe I should give some log to somebody20:51
tango_lbt: also, I really really really want TOH with the physical keyboard20:51
tango_really really really20:51
tango_(does that clarify how much I want it?)20:52
tango_cos-: purge alien, reinstall alien, retry?20:52
lbtthe trick is to have a wireless ToH keyboard running over ssh and tethered to your laptio20:52
tango_lbt: no, the trick is to have a TOH physical keyboard. the point is using it when you do NOT have your laptop with you20:52
tango_otherwise you just use your laptop ;-)20:53
lbthow's the TMO project going ?20:53
* tango_ hopes to win another jolla with the twitter contest20:53
cos-tango_: i think device reset is what i need to do20:53
tango_I wonder if we can ask the spaceteam devs to make a native sailfish port20:54
cos-..or perhaps i could copy the whole /opt/alien from another device20:55
tango_SOS qml question: is there a way to access the data files in a path-agnostic way?20:55
tango_something like image://theme/*20:56
tango_(btw, PLEASE include FolderListModel among the available QML types)20:56
*** Andy80 has quit IRC20:57
*** Andy80 has joined #sailfishos20:58
rcghmm, any hint why a background item in a silicalistview is not getting onDoubleClicked while onClicked and onLongPressed work?21:01
rcgthis is driving me nuts21:01
rcgthe background item is the list delegate btw21:01
*** Andy80 has quit IRC21:03
*** cvp has joined #sailfishos21:03
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos21:04
*** sequantz has quit IRC21:07
*** amonk has joined #sailfishos21:09
w00trcg: pressDelay iirc21:10
w00tI think there's something in the list archives about it21:10
rcgw00t, thanks for the pointer. will look21:13
cos-phew.. got android support restored by deleting /opt/alien and reinstalling android support from jolla store21:13
rcginterestingly, i do similar things in two of my other apps and there it just works... i don't seem to see where i made the mistake21:14
*** cdp has quit IRC21:14
*** XenGi has quit IRC21:16
rcgfascinating.. setting pressDelay: 0 for the list view does the trick21:17
*** XenGi has joined #sailfishos21:17
rcghuge thanks w00t :D21:17
rcgthis "tiny" bit took me very long21:18
rcgwould have never thought of pressDelay21:19
*** coderus has quit IRC21:21
*** coderus_ has quit IRC21:21
*** coderus has joined #sailfishos21:21
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos21:22
*** jstaniek_ has joined #sailfishos21:22
*** jstaniek has quit IRC21:25
*** Bloob has quit IRC21:25
mfulzhow can I add a padding to the text of a label ?21:26
cos-ok, looks like the google play instructions don't work on current sailfish version21:30
tango_oh wait, it IS there, I just have to install it21:31
*** KangOl1 has joined #sailfishos21:33
*** b0bben has quit IRC21:36
*** c0ck4m0u53 has quit IRC21:36
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos21:36
*** KangOl has quit IRC21:37
*** b0bben has quit IRC21:41
*** nsuffys has quit IRC21:41
*** sequantz has joined #sailfishos21:42
*** jjarven has quit IRC21:44
*** paju has left #sailfishos21:44
*** Venemo has quit IRC21:49
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*** Sviox has quit IRC21:56
*** jjarven has joined #sailfishos21:59
*** leinir has quit IRC22:00
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos22:02
*** leinir has joined #sailfishos22:04
*** louisdk has quit IRC22:06
*** pixraider has joined #sailfishos22:06
*** matoking has quit IRC22:08
tango_hm it seems that setting the height of a BackgroundItem doesn't have an effect?22:09
*** sequantz has quit IRC22:09
suytango_: what about something like this:
tango_suy: found the issue, I was in a gridview22:20
tango_had to set the grid cellHeight22:20
*** jpetersen has quit IRC22:24
mfulzcould someone help me?
mfulzI'm trying to call a method from qml but always get an error22:26
suymfulz: woah, you really have all those assorted overloads? :)22:28
*** dhbiker_ has quit IRC22:28
suythe problem are the types on the border os C++/QML22:28
suy*border of22:29
mfulzthe enums?22:29
suyThat's the first I was going to ask. The ConnectionTypeWrapper::ConnectionType types are registered?22:30
mfulzI've done that: qmlRegisterUncreatableType<ConnectionTypeWrapper>("de.olznet.openvpn", 0, 1, "ConnectionType", "This exports ConnectionType enums to QML");22:30
*** Fazu has quit IRC22:31
*** Morpog_PC has joined #sailfishos22:31
*** KangOl1 has quit IRC22:32
*** KangOl has joined #sailfishos22:32
suyOk. The other problem I see, is that for javascript/qml, all the values are QVariant22:33
suywell, not true, sorry22:33
*** promulo has quit IRC22:34
jpnurmihow about a property based api? :)22:34
mfulzok for a test I removed the Enums and it's working22:34
mfulzbut how could I use them? It's very unconvinient to remove them :/22:35
*** pixraider_ has joined #sailfishos22:35
*** pixraider has quit IRC22:36
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos22:37
jpnurmii'm just thinking out loud that the parameters in a list like (QString,QString,enum,QString,QString,QString,int,int) are getting quite... obscure :)22:37
suyIs possible that are not properly registered? Not at the right order? Or maybe the Q_DECLARE_METATYPE is needed too, can't remember22:38
*** _miqu_ has joined #sailfishos22:38
suyyep, I agree that having a function with so many parameters is complicated. You can wrap them all in a Javascript "var", and they will be QVariant at the other side22:39
mfulzdo you have an example for that? I'm new to all this qml stuff22:39
jpnurmimfulz: do you have Q_ENUMS() ?22:39
suyif in JS is an array, the QVariant will contain a QList, etc.22:39
mfulzjpnurmi: yes22:40
*** arcean has quit IRC22:40
suymfulz: this gives some hints:
*** b0bben has quit IRC22:43
mfulzhum looks more complicated and ugly to me ... But will give it a try22:44
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos22:47
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos22:56
mfulzbut this example is the wrong direction its from C++ to QML23:00
mfulzI need to pass data from QML to C++23:00
*** b0bben has quit IRC23:00
lbtwhat data ?23:04
lbtan int?23:04
lbtor a complex list of objects?23:04
mfulzan enum23:05
mfulzmy problem is that the enum is not working back from QML to C++23:05
jpnurmimfulz: i've been intentionally trying to make it fail but i can't... i just works here no matter if i pass a var that has the enum value assigned, or even with a hardcoded integer23:06
lbtan enum is compile time sugar :)23:06
mfulzand suy and jpnurmi were suggesting me to use some QVariant which holds all the params to pass it back23:06
mfulzwhy is it not working for me :(23:06
jpnurmihmm, i don't have those overloads though23:07
mfulzhow are you registering the enum to the qml?23:07
jpnurmimy code had Q_DECLARE_METATYPE(Class::Enum) originally, but i tried removing that and it still worked23:07
mfulzput that into the enumwrapper?23:08
jpnurmithan i tried using either qmlRegisterType and creating an instance in QML, or qmlRegisterUncreatableType and passing the instance as a context property - either worked23:08
*** krnlyng has quit IRC23:09
suywell, the error he had was about choosing the proper overload, isn't it?23:10
mfulzyep when using the enum inside qml with the c++ method the error happens23:11
mfulzinside qml I can use the enum without problems23:11
suyI suppose that you have a single function, but with several parameters with default values, right?23:13
mfulzis that a problem?23:15
suyOnly maybe. I would try to simplify the signature of that function. Or use another one for qml that is simpler. Or use properties as jpnurmi said.23:17
*** rcg has quit IRC23:18
*** pixraider_ has quit IRC23:19
mfulzhow can I use the properties: I'm using a Qlist<MyClass *> inside the Connections class - the MyClass would use the properties then but can I instantiate an object inside qml as well like new MyClass(blabla) ?23:19
*** wickwire has joined #sailfishos23:21
jpnurmimfulz: you can use for example Component to create dynamic instances23:23
mfulzdo you have a link?23:25
jpnurmiqtassistant: rtfm qml component23:26
qtassistantjpnurmi: QQmlComponent Class | QtQml 5.2 -
jpnurmithere ^23:26
jpnurmierr, that's not the correct one :)23:27
jpnurmimfulz: are you sure you have both enums registered with Q_ENUMS() ?23:33
jpnurmii finally managed to reproduce the problem when i leave the first enum unregistered23:34
jpnurmiit works event if the second enum is not registered when the corresponding argument has a default value23:35
jpnurmihmm right, the difference is that i added the enums to the same class for simplicity :/23:38
mfulzah ok23:40
*** jstaniek_ has quit IRC23:41
mfulzand you can pass them back to a c++ method?23:42
mfulzcould you show me the c++ method definition and the registration?23:43
jpnurmiit works out of the box if the enums are in the same class which has the invokable method or slot23:45
*** mk2soldi_ has joined #sailfishos23:48
*** mk2soldier has quit IRC23:48
*** mk2soldier has joined #sailfishos23:50
*** mk2soldi_ has quit IRC23:50
*** _miqu_ has quit IRC23:50
mfulzthis is not working for me23:51
mfulzthe enums are used in the other class which is used by the calss which invokes the method and in the invoking class as well23:52
jpnurmiyes, i can also reproduce the problem that way23:52
*** cvp has quit IRC23:54
jpnurmimfulz: add Q_DECLARE_METATYPE(ConnectionTypeWrapper::ConnectionType) after ConnectionTypeWrapper declaration, and the same ProtocolTypeWrapper::ProtocolType23:59
jpnurmimfulz: furthermore, in your main(), before loading the qml, do qRegisterMetatype<ConnectionTypeWrapper::ConnectionType>() and tge same for ProtocolTypeWrapper::ProtocolType23:59

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