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mfulzcould someone help me on what I need to do for parsing such dbus message?
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guest144Anyone know if I can drop the accounts database somehow? I am in the mode where it seems corrupred as I am not able to add twitter/facebook. My exchange account was also corrupted but that one I was able to recreate having two exchange accounts.07:23
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coderusmffirst try to receive signal to onMessageReceived(QVariantList data)08:40
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w00tc0d3is it possible to install custom software on the Jolla Sailfish phone?09:39
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Siddew00tc0d3: define custom? It's linux so you can install pretty much anything09:42
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*** raven24^{off} has joined #sailfishos09:44
*** Master-Passeli has joined #sailfishos09:44
*** kengu has joined #sailfishos09:44
*** cnuke has joined #sailfishos09:44
*** otto_ has joined #sailfishos09:44
*** wentknweqt_ has joined #sailfishos09:44
w00tc0d3Sidde: and replace the kernel and operating system?09:46
Siddew00tc0d3: that i don't know. But why buy a jolla phone install your own OS?09:47
*** qqK has joined #sailfishos09:48
w00tc0d3Sidde: it's a good phone09:48
Siddebut there is developers of the jolla phone/systems in here. And i'll guess they can answer and install whatever they like atleast09:48
*** mk2soldier has joined #sailfishos09:53
*** cos- has joined #sailfishos09:53
*** Dima^_ has joined #sailfishos09:53
*** pigletto_ has joined #sailfishos09:53
*** kontio_ has joined #sailfishos09:53
*** phlixi_ has joined #sailfishos09:53
*** freedomrun has joined #sailfishos09:53
*** jjarven has joined #sailfishos09:53
*** khertan has joined #sailfishos09:53
*** Almehdin has joined #sailfishos09:53
*** krnlyng has joined #sailfishos09:53
*** B-ZaR has joined #sailfishos09:53
*** celeron55 has joined #sailfishos09:53
*** hulkkii has joined #sailfishos09:53
*** phikz has joined #sailfishos09:53
*** Stskeeps has joined #sailfishos09:53
*** gormio has joined #sailfishos09:53
*** MMori has joined #sailfishos09:53
*** kaltsi has joined #sailfishos09:53
*** ln- has joined #sailfishos09:53
*** tabasko_ has joined #sailfishos09:53
*** zutto has joined #sailfishos09:53
*** zenvoid has joined #sailfishos09:53
coderusuntil kernel and bootloader not opened you can't do anything :)09:53
*** zhost has joined #sailfishos09:54
w00tc0d3coderus: isnt jolla forced to release the kernel?10:07
Stskeepsit's open,
*** Pat_o has quit IRC10:08
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos10:11
*** roboro has quit IRC10:11
*** faenil has joined #sailfishos10:12
*** roboro has joined #sailfishos10:14
entila lot of people compiled their own kernel?10:14
entilI wouldn't mind running a -ck on it but we don't do that even for our aws ops at work so it's not a huge priority10:15
*** s1gk1ll has quit IRC10:21
w00tc0d3Stskeeps: and i can install my self built kernel?10:22
Stskeepsyes, through developer mode10:23
*** onurati has joined #sailfishos10:24
suyHow come jolla doesn't use some shared account on bitbucket/github/whatever for their stuff?10:30
suyI've found the /sailfish-sdk user/group on github, for example10:30
Stskeepssailfishos = mer core + nemo mobile middleware + sailfishos ui10:31
suyStskeeps: so the kernel comes as is from mer?10:31
Stskeepsmer doesn't have a kernel, it's hw adaptation agnostic10:32
pp_suy: they do, :-)10:32
pp_(just see rpm -qi for various stuff :) )10:32
*** macben has joined #sailfishos10:32
suy"This user has requested we keep their identity a mystery. Let's never speak of this again." :)10:32
*** macben has quit IRC10:32
*** macben has joined #sailfishos10:32
suyIs not something that matters too much to me right now. I just find strange that, given that some licenses are a bit picky, and you are supposed to publish your changes, there is no simple central place where to publish those things.10:34
*** macben has quit IRC10:34
pp_suy: License: field is often "TBD" too :)10:35
suyAnd it surprises me that the kernel is not under a "jolla" account.10:35
* Stskeeps puts pp_ on the naughty list :P10:35
Stskeepsfor the license compliance stuff there's a offer for source code in the about product10:35
Stskeepsgit doesn't qualify10:35
*** martyone_ has joined #sailfishos10:36
*** s1gk1ll has joined #sailfishos10:39
w00tc0d3Stskeeps: how to come in developer mode? is it only for employees?10:40
suyw00tc0d3: nope. Read in the menus10:42
suyw00tc0d3: go to settings, is there10:43
w00tc0d3suy: okay :)10:43
*** dirkvl has joined #sailfishos10:48
dirkvlany i2c experts online?10:50
dirkvlin the terminal, how can I start the python language?10:56
suydirkvl: just type "python" ??10:57
dirkvlpython: command not found10:57
dirkvltried that ;)10:57
suythen you need to install it... :)10:59
dirkvlpkcon install python?10:59
suy(assuming is packaged and available, which I'm not even sure)10:59
dirkvlnice, fixed11:01
coderusStskeeps: sure, but no tools for flashing and maintenance :)11:02
*** krnlyng has quit IRC11:03
*** macben has joined #sailfishos11:05
faenilcoderus, there is recovery in :)11:08
*** macben has quit IRC11:09
Stskeepscoderus: fastboot is the flasher, play with kernels in the recovery partition through developer mode11:11
sharpneliAny instructions on how to use the recovery partition?11:12
Stskeepssharpneli: standard boot.img11:12
Stskeepsand for the one, in release notes11:13
*** hcarrega has quit IRC11:14
sharpneliAlso if one would wish to contribute some packages (As in SDL 2.0.1 instead of the 2.0.0 currently) how should one go ahead with it?11:14
Stskeepsfor sdl, have a talk with thp on monday11:14
sharpneliOk. Thanks.11:15
*** s1gk1ll has quit IRC11:19
*** s1gk1ll has joined #sailfishos11:20
*** a3Dman_ has joined #sailfishos11:22
w00tc0d3Stskeeps: fastboot? that Google application?11:25
coderusStskeeps: good :)11:26
*** mk2soldier has quit IRC11:27
*** mk2soldier has joined #sailfishos11:27
*** a3Dman_ is now known as a3Dman11:27
*** spider-mario has joined #sailfishos11:27
*** a3Dman has quit IRC11:27
*** a3Dman has joined #sailfishos11:27
*** spider-mario has quit IRC11:28
*** spider-mario has joined #sailfishos11:30
*** _miqu_ has joined #sailfishos11:44
*** krnlyng has joined #sailfishos11:48
entilso it's impossible to get the messages app installed on the emulator?11:52
entilit's not open-sourced?11:52
entilthought I finally had a working version of my app, ran it on the phone, launched messages and ffs it did more damage than good ;P11:53
entilthis backup -> execute -> restore backup thing might be annoying in the long run so I'd rather install that on the emu ;P11:53
*** AlmAck has joined #sailfishos11:53
*** dhbiker has quit IRC11:55
*** khertan has quit IRC11:56
*** Superpelican_ has joined #sailfishos11:57
*** dhbiker has joined #sailfishos12:00
*** macben has joined #sailfishos12:04
*** macben has quit IRC12:05
*** mk2soldier has quit IRC12:11
*** Morpog_PC has joined #sailfishos12:17
*** raven24^{off} is now known as raven2412:19
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos12:19
*** _miqu_ has quit IRC12:22
*** Pat_o has quit IRC12:22
B-ZaRsailfihs doesn't have QtGraphicalEffects?12:24
coderusJonni: libexif working, thanks :)12:25
*** M4rtinK has joined #sailfishos12:27
*** khertan has joined #sailfishos12:31
*** jjarven has quit IRC12:32
*** martyone_ has quit IRC12:34
*** macben has joined #sailfishos12:36
*** wickwire has joined #sailfishos12:36
*** macben has quit IRC12:36
*** macben has joined #sailfishos12:37
*** paju has left #sailfishos12:37
*** macben has quit IRC12:38
Morpog_PCB-ZaR, it has, just not accepted in Store yet12:38
*** onurati has left #sailfishos12:40
celeron55how do i make a regular (non-qml, non-silica) qt gui application go into landscape mode?12:42
*** dhbiker has quit IRC12:42
B-ZaRMorpog_PC: should I delay porting my app then?12:42
Morpog_PCI dunno, ask Jolla guys :)12:43
HurrianSailors: any blockers for hot-swapping SIM cards? The N9 could do it - is there more to rebooting the baseband after a SIM switch?12:43
Morpog_PCor release on openrepos12:43
*** b0bben has quit IRC12:43
tbrB-ZaR: if your app is open source, you are welcome to submit it to the official sailfish community repository on mer obs12:46
B-ZaRit is
Superpelican_Hurrian: Is it necessary, Jolla's boot so fast :P12:47
*** dhbiker has joined #sailfishos12:48
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos12:48
coderusceleron55: rotate view?12:48
celeron55where do i get view12:49
*** mk2soldier has joined #sailfishos12:49
coderusMorpog_PC: maybe you can edit your icon for mitakuuluu?12:50
*** martyone_ has joined #sailfishos12:50
coderusceleron55: what is your base gui class?12:50
Morpog_PCcoderus, sure what do you want edited?12:50
coderusgradient to be 45 degrees12:50
*** Zotan has joined #sailfishos12:51
celeron55coderus: QMainWindow -> QWidget -> QBoxLayout12:51
coderusand export to png with smooth edges. your icons are not so smooth as original and rounded top have sharpening12:51
celeron55and QApplication12:52
coderusceleron55:  rotate QWidget12:52
Morpog_PCcoderus, maybe you have missed my messages a few days ago12:52
*** leinir has quit IRC12:53
Morpog_PCI already made them with 45 degrees12:53
coderusMorpog_PC: good to see. please make proper icon for mitakuuluu then ;)12:53
celeron55coderus: how? i can't find anything like that in the docs12:53
Morpog_PCcoderus, look that icon and in subfolder solidgreen
Morpog_PCI can edit more when you want, like less bright gradient, etc.12:55
*** jjarven has joined #sailfishos12:56
*** dirkvl_ has joined #sailfishos12:57
celeron55if i make the qmainwindow contain a qgraphicsview and then add the widget to the scene, that might work12:58
HurrianSuperpelican: but then you have to reboot :(12:58
celeron55i wonder if input is handled correctly and i'm pretty sure the on-screen keyboard can't cope with that (i.e. it's still in portrait)12:58
coderusceleron55: hm12:59
coderusceleron55: maybe rotate painter?12:59
YanielQt widgets are not supported on sailfish12:59
Superpelican_Hurrian: Yes, but they reboot fast :)12:59
coderusYaniel: its supported on sailfish :)12:59
Superpelican_it's just amazing how fast they boot13:00
coderusYaniel: its not allowed to haurbour13:00
Superpelican_similar Android phones are much slower13:00
YanielI would consider that equal to not supported13:00
coderusMorpog_PC: good, i'll grab it and test on device13:00
coderusYaniel: its not equal13:00
Morpog_PCok, I make you one with inverted gradient too and one with less bright gradient, all in subfolders there13:01
coderusMorpog_PC: ah, can you move inner icon tail to look at outer tail to be more symmetric?13:01
*** dirkvl has quit IRC13:02
tbrHurrian: hot swap sometimes works for me, but not always. if it doesn't (esp, if you changed operator) then a reboot seems to be the only thing to fix it. but I haven't tried how low I can get in the telephony stack with manually restarting.13:02
Hurriantbr: ah. Does the Jolla ride on top of Android RIL stuff? Currently playing around with a friend's Jolla, first time I've used a real one.13:03
HurrianYaniel: Radio Interface Layer13:04
tbrHurrian: yes13:04
tbrHurrian: first thing to try would be to restart ofono though, then to look if you manage to restart ril13:05
*** dirkvl_ has quit IRC13:05
tbrbut RIL is probably married tightly to the modem13:05
*** wickwire has quit IRC13:07
Hurriantbr: makes more sense now - Android's RIL doesn't like SIM swapping.13:07
*** wickwire has joined #sailfishos13:08
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos13:08
*** macben has joined #sailfishos13:09
*** macben has quit IRC13:09
*** macben has joined #sailfishos13:09
*** _miqu_ has joined #sailfishos13:11
*** macben has quit IRC13:11
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC13:12
tbrHurrian: yeah, replugging of same sim works, but other things are hit and miss13:12
*** faenil_ has joined #sailfishos13:13
*** faenil has quit IRC13:13
coderusmy icon dissapeared from menu. just label ;(13:13
Morpog_PCok coderus reworked icons, less bright gradient, inner tail symmectric, both with 45° gradient:
*** b0bben has quit IRC13:23
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos13:25
Morpog_PCcoderus, did you exchange icon on device? that sometimes happens, restart lipstick13:25
*** fk_lx has quit IRC13:27
coderusalready fixed, thanks :)13:27
coderuspust missed permissions bits after copying new icon13:27
coderusicon still have small sharp on top13:28
coderusMorpog_PC: check it on device yourself13:28
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos13:29
*** faenil_ has quit IRC13:31
tbrB-ZaR: is the target repository.13:31
tbrB-ZaR: you can start out and make it build on OBS, which should be fairly easy as it even supports automatic git checkouts.13:32
*** faenil_ has joined #sailfishos13:32
Morpog_PCcoderus, all icons have that, sure i can fix that by not touching top, but I think Jolla has to fix that. Even stock icons have that. Put icon in top 4 favourite line and you won't have that artefact13:32
tbrB-ZaR: ping me once you have a package building and I can pull it in.13:32
Morpog_PCbut if you want, then I fix it13:32
*** wickwire has quit IRC13:33
B-ZaRtbr: k13:34
*** Yaniel has quit IRC13:34
Morpog_PCcoderus, have added fixed versions in own folders, same link13:38
*** Morpog_Jolla has joined #sailfishos13:40
*** s1gk1ll_ has joined #sailfishos13:41
*** s1gk1ll has quit IRC13:42
w00tc0d3I once spoke with a security researcher, which hacked the modem of his Galaxy S III to change the IMEI to his old phone's :D13:42
w00tc0d3he reversed engineered a good part of the modem13:42
coderusMorpog_PC: jolla icons have no that sharp on buildin icons ;)13:43
Morpog_Jollasure, on my Jolla I see it on every stock icon13:43
Morpog_Jollaeven made a bugteport on jolla together13:44
coderuson my N9 i see no sharp on stock icons :)13:44
w00tc0d3and, does the Jolla Sailfish phone run Sailfish on top of Android? :O13:44
*** fk_lx has joined #sailfishos13:44
coderusw00tc0d3: no13:44
coderusdalvik in standalone service13:45
w00tc0d3<Hurrian> tbr: ah. Does the Jolla ride on top of Android RIL stuff? Currently playing around with a friend's Jolla, first time I've used a real one.13:45
w00tc0d3<tbr> Hurrian: yes13:45
*** PeterPark has joined #sailfishos13:45
coderusdepends on part you want ;)13:45
Hurrianw00tc0d3: running libhybris, it can be said to be running on top of an Android hardware adaptation ;)13:46
Morpog_Jollacoderus, maybe becausr of different resolutuon. I guess it's a bug with antialiasing. But try the fixed icons.13:46
w00tc0d3Hurrian: libhybris is a wrapper to use glibc, instead of bionic?13:46
Hurrianoh, and the IMEI on Galaxy phones can easily be changed - the /efs (configuration area) is completely unverified lol.13:46
*** Yaniel has joined #sailfishos13:47
w00tc0d3well, Hurrian, he added some code to the modem, so he could issue a command to set the IMEI :P13:47
w00tc0d3really awesome13:47
Hurrianif you wanna do it yourself though, it's just a grep and sed away ;)13:48
coderusMorpog_Jolla: trying now13:48
w00tc0d3Hurrian: But, if you use libhybris, you use glibc, and then? it's compiled against the Android framework etc13:49
Hurrianit allows Bionic programs to function in a glibc environment.13:49
w00tc0d3but that doesn't automagically make everything work, right?13:49
Hurriantarget glibc when building, anything that you need from Bionic (usu. video drivers) gets wrapped in hybris13:50
Hurrianw00tc0d3: it makes... enough things work.13:50
w00tc0d3i really need to learn how it works13:50
w00tc0d3could be handy, I suppose13:50
Hurrianhaven't played with it myself - Android devices I have on-hand already have glibc drivers for hardware ;)13:50
*** Superpelican_ has quit IRC13:51
w00tc0d3"In order to allow using Android graphic drivers to run on Wayland-based systems, Hybris can also translate Android’s EGL calls into Wayland EGL calls. This feature was initially developed by Collabora's Pekka Paalanen for his port of Android to Wayland.[5][12][13][14]"13:51
w00tc0d3last time I checked13:51
w00tc0d3it hadn't wayland support hehe13:51
Hurrianw00tc0d3: that'd mostly be useful for things like Alien Dalvik13:51
coderusMorpog_Jolla: sharp became thinner :) thanks :)13:51
Hurrianbecause then you can start up a full Android system, then draw the fake display13:52
w00tc0d3Hurrian: Sailfish uses Wayland, am I right?13:52
Hurrian*fake display's EGLSurface straight onto a window on say, Sailfish13:52
Hurrianyep, Sailfish as it ships uses Wayland.13:52
w00tc0d3is it trivial to wrap my Nexus 4 egl libs (Qcomm Krait S600, Adreno 320, IIRC) around glibc and wayland with libhybris?13:53
Hurrianyep, it would be - the Jolla also uses an Adreno13:54
w00tc0d3did you know all the Adreno 3xx drivers are inter changeable, last time I checked?13:55
w00tc0d3that's what makes Qcomm chipsets wonderful13:55
w00tc0d3for hacking13:55
Hurriannever knew that - I don't have any Qualcomm devices ;)13:55
Morpog_PCcoderus, I can fix it even more if you want, but icon will get smaller13:56
Morpog_PCoh and look how stock icons look on my Jolla:
Morpog_PCespecially look at the settings icon, as it uses same shape as mitäkuuluu icon13:57
*** ericcc has quit IRC13:57
HurrianI've only got Tegra, OMAP and Exynos devices - Exynos totally sucking eggs for development use.13:57
*** rashm2k1 has joined #sailfishos13:57
*** b0bben has quit IRC13:57
*** ericcc has joined #sailfishos13:58
w00tc0d3Hurrian: My broter has got an OMAP, I have a Qcomm and an Exynos - the last SUCKS for development, tho it got better13:58
w00tc0d3TeamHacksung made huge leaps on opensourcing it13:59
HurrianOMAP3 is a pretty fun platform.14:01
w00tc0d3Hurrian: I take it you'd still need the Android kernel for utilizng libhybris? (And so, indirectly Android's egl drivers)14:03
Hurrianw00tc0d3: Android drivers you mean - that usually depends on what you're wrapping and what it depends on.14:04
w00tc0d3Hurrian: often the Android drivers are entangled into the whole kernel ;)14:04
Hurrianwhen experimenting on my devices, I usually just turn off the PARANOID kernel config - the Android drivers are negligible even when enabled14:04
w00tc0d3PARANOID Rom Kernel thing? do you use stock config?14:05
tbrwell, vendor kernels are a sad reality14:05
Hurrianw00tc0d3: no, the PARANOID NETWORK configuration or something, too sleepy to remember what.14:06
Hurrianyep, the vendor kernel.14:06
Hurriandon't have the time to split it into patches, etc14:06
*** freedomrun has quit IRC14:06
*** CraigA has joined #sailfishos14:06
*** CraigA has left #sailfishos14:07
*** cardinal has joined #sailfishos14:08
*** macben has joined #sailfishos14:08
*** cardinal is now known as kardinal14:09
*** macben has quit IRC14:10
*** kardinal is now known as hcarrega14:10
*** rashm2k1 has quit IRC14:10
*** macben has joined #sailfishos14:10
*** Andy80 has joined #sailfishos14:11
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos14:11
*** macben has quit IRC14:12
*** b0bben has quit IRC14:12
*** _miqu_ has quit IRC14:15
*** Andy80 has quit IRC14:21
*** macben has joined #sailfishos14:23
*** synchris has joined #sailfishos14:26
*** synchris has quit IRC14:26
*** synchris has joined #sailfishos14:26
*** Andy80 has joined #sailfishos14:30
*** jjanvier has joined #sailfishos14:33
Andy80is it a know bug the fact that QtCreator tells you there is a bug at line x and the line of code is at n+1 ?14:36
Andy80example: [W] unknown:52 - file:///opt/sdk/harbour-sailsoma/usr/share/harbour-sailsoma/pages/ChannelPlayer.qml:52: TypeError: Cannot set property 'text' of null14:37
Andy80but the line of code where I set .text is at line 5314:37
Andy80and it's not the first time I notice this14:37
celeron55where the hell are qt's standard qml modules documented? like the interface that you get with "impport Qt"?14:38
PeterParkAndy80: "Real Coder start counting on 0" ;)14:39
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos14:41
B-ZaRoops, old doc14:44
celeron55how did you find that?14:45
B-ZaRgoogle, qt global object14:46
*** krnlyng has quit IRC14:46
*** dharman has quit IRC14:48
*** b0bben has quit IRC14:48
*** stephg has quit IRC14:50
*** jjarven has quit IRC14:50
*** leinir has joined #sailfishos14:55
w00tc0d3Hurrian: how do I use hybris?14:56
w00tc0d3does anyone have the / folder of his Sailfish? (Or an image?)15:02
*** jjarven has joined #sailfishos15:03
*** zbenjamin has joined #sailfishos15:03
zbenjamincoderus: ping15:04
*** wickwire has joined #sailfishos15:05
*** _miqu_ has joined #sailfishos15:05
*** faenil_ has quit IRC15:14
w00tc0d3I take it I have to use an ARM toolchain? for compiling hybris?15:15
*** zhxt has joined #sailfishos15:16
*** jjanvier has quit IRC15:16
*** sequantz has joined #sailfishos15:18
*** zhxt_ has joined #sailfishos15:20
*** krnlyng has joined #sailfishos15:21
coderuszbenjamin: pong15:21
*** zhxt has quit IRC15:21
zbenjamincoderus: just installed your nice whatsapp client on my Jolla and i wondered if there is a way to migrate messaged from my whatsapp msgstore.db15:22
coderuszbenjamin: you welcome to make import class for mitakuuluu15:22
w00tc0d3coderus: which ARM toolchain am I supposed to use to compile libhybris? linaro's?15:23
zbenjamincoderus: ok so not yet :).. Should not be too hard i'm currently looking at your and whatapp's db structure15:23
coderusw00tc0d3: dont ask me, i'm ftontend guy :)15:23
w00tc0d3I cross compile, don't have an ARM device with GNU/Linux handy15:23
w00tc0d3ah ok15:23
coderuszbenjamin: yes, it should be easy15:24
Andy80fk_lx: your example about the Cover updating was very helpful. Finally I found time to read it and apply the same thing to my app, thanks :)15:24
w00tc0d3coderus: Oh, are you the guy of the Mitaakooluu app or something? :D I thought you are a Sailfish developer :p15:24
coderusw00tc0d3: i think mer arm target is enough anyway :)15:24
zbenjamincoderus: do you store media in the same way as whatsapp does? or is there a difference betweenthe fields15:24
coderusw00tc0d3: no, i'm just power user :)15:24
coderuszbenjamin: sorry, never used official whatsapp :)15:25
zbenjaminhehe lol :)15:25
coderusthe only phone i have is nokia n9 =)15:26
zbenjaminwait a second15:26
coderusV mitakuuluu O French, portuguese croatian slovenian chinese languages should be finished in next 1 hour to be included in future release15:27
zbenjamincoderus:  thats the schema whatsapp uses to store messages15:29
zbenjaminlooks a lot like yours ;)15:30
fk_lxAndy80: hey, nice I could help15:30
zbenjamincoderus: you use a table per chat right?15:30
zbenjaminthey use one table for all messages15:31
*** zhxt_ has quit IRC15:31
zbenjamincoderus: is your code available somewhere?15:33
coderuszbenjamin: yes, table for each chat15:33
zbenjaminor is there some sort of plugin API?15:34
coderusonly gui available:
zbenjamincoderus: ok lets say i write a class to migrate it. Basically its just selecting from the old messagestore and reordering messages. You could integrate it. Anything i should know?15:40
zbenjaminor consider when writing it?15:42
coderuszbenjamin: nothing. just create conversatino tables and add contact to contacts table. its enough.15:45
zbenjamincoderus: ok i'll give you a func that takes the name of the file to import and a destination QSqlDatabase15:46
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos15:48
zbenjamincoderus: btw a nice feature whould be if you could color the messages from the user differently than the messages from the chat partner. WhatsApp uses a from_me flag to know the difference15:48
*** onurati has joined #sailfishos15:50
matokingCan you pass something like QMap<QString, QString> to QML from C++ and have it parse correctly?15:51
matokingWell, I could use JSON but I figured I'd ask first if I need to take that extra step :P15:52
*** mk2soldier has quit IRC15:52
*** mk2soldier has joined #sailfishos15:53
zbenjamincoderus: last question, is the table for group chats different?15:54
zbenjamini have 2 group chats in my old db but none in the mitäkuuluu db15:54
*** _miqu_ has quit IRC15:55
coderusmatoking: there is QVariantMap for that15:57
coderusmatoking: and in qml just map.value, map.value2 etc.15:57
jpnurmimatoking: you can pass QVariantMap:
coderuszbenjamin: same15:57
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos15:59
*** mk2soldier has quit IRC15:59
*** mk2soldier has joined #sailfishos15:59
zbenjamincoderus: ok! only drawback is , to get the data from the Android phone you need to root it. The backups you can create with whatsapp are encrypted.16:00
zbenjaminmaybe i can find something about that16:00
*** piee has joined #sailfishos16:01
*** b0bben has quit IRC16:03
*** _miqu_ has joined #sailfishos16:06
*** macben has quit IRC16:07
*** macben has joined #sailfishos16:12
*** Eztran has joined #sailfishos16:13
*** Sarvi has joined #sailfishos16:18
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos16:19
walokrahmm, can't seem to get gif images either to show (animatedimage) or to play. is there some trick?16:27
*** b0bben has quit IRC16:29
coderuswalokra: qt5-plugin-imageformat-gif16:30
walokrahas it then changed as previously it worked without it16:31
*** core_01 has joined #sailfishos16:31
*** master_o1_master has joined #sailfishos16:31
walokrahmm, my project specs have changed, that might explain it16:32
zbenjaminhmm is there library on sailfishos to decrypt a file encrypted with AES?16:34
*** master_of_master has quit IRC16:34
*** sudanix has joined #sailfishos16:35
zbenjamincoderus: do you link to some sort of crypt library?16:36
zbenjamincoderus: i found a way to decrypt the whatsapp backups but they are encrypted with AES16:36
*** dotty has joined #sailfishos16:37
*** paju has joined #sailfishos16:40
*** tardypad has joined #sailfishos16:42
*** dotty has quit IRC16:42
*** katomu has joined #sailfishos16:42
coderuszbenjamin: not ready, but should exists in nemo: QCA16:44
zbenjamincoderus: ok, would you consider linking to QCA for the import feature? That way a user can just throw in his backup file instead of rooting his android phone to get the unencrypted version16:45
zbenjaminalternatively i found this:  but i don't know if it supports the AES features i need yet16:46
tardypadHello all16:48
tardypadCan anybody point how to use a ContextMenu within a SilicaGridView?16:48
tardypadlike it is done on the phone for photos/notes/clocks16:49
tardypadI manage to display the menu16:49
tardypadbut the following grid items are not moved16:49
tardypadto fully show the menu16:50
tardypadwhat is the trick for it?16:50
katomuhmm, I have only used the ListView, yet16:52
tardypadme too :)16:53
katomuand there it works?16:53
tardypadseems like tricky for grid views16:53
tardypadfor ListViews yes16:53
tardypadfor GridViews as well actually16:54
*** arcean_ has joined #sailfishos16:54
tardypadbut the menu is not fully shown16:54
tardypadi mean it is hidden by following delegates16:54
coderuszbenjamin: no i dont, make standalone tool for now then16:56
coderustardypad: /usr/share/jolla-gallery/pages/GalleryGridPage.qml16:56
*** Morpog_Mobile has joined #sailfishos16:56
zbenjamincoderus: i'll use a standalone MIT AES implementation   since i just need it to decrypt the file and nothing more.16:57
*** arcean has quit IRC16:57
zbenjaminits GPL ok16:57
coderustardypad: its for you16:58
coderuszbenjamin: oh wait16:58
coderusyou might to use mozilla libraries16:59
*** louisdk has joined #sailfishos16:59
tardypadcoderus: thanks a lot!!!!!!!16:59
*** kor has joined #sailfishos16:59
zbenjamindo you have a link?16:59
tardypadcoderus: I didn't think of looking there17:00
coderuszbenjamin: i'm searching17:00
zbenjamini think i had a MIT style AES implementation used somewhere in my old projects. currently searching for it17:00
coderuszbenjamin: there also in system: /usr/lib/ /lib/
coderusdidnt found mozilla ones17:01
*** Morpog_Mobile_ has joined #sailfishos17:02
zbenjamincoderus: i thought harbour does not allow to use them17:03
*** Morpog_Mobile has quit IRC17:03
zbenjamincoderus: i'm going to try this library:
coderuszbenjamin: you can use them without listing in requires, because it preinstalled on device17:04
zbenjamincoderus: ah ok ;)17:04
coderustry with openssl-libs or libgcrypt17:05
coderusif it have aes decryption17:05
*** wickwire has quit IRC17:09
*** sudanix has quit IRC17:10
*** sudanix has joined #sailfishos17:12
*** paju has left #sailfishos17:17
*** _miqu_ has quit IRC17:21
*** piee has quit IRC17:21
*** mk2soldier has quit IRC17:28
*** jjanvier has joined #sailfishos17:29
*** paju has joined #sailfishos17:29
*** piee has joined #sailfishos17:29
*** nicu has joined #sailfishos17:32
*** pemontto has joined #sailfishos17:32
*** pemontto has left #sailfishos17:32
*** itbaron has quit IRC17:36
*** ericcc has quit IRC17:39
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos17:40
*** triggerhappy has quit IRC17:41
*** tortoisedoc has joined #sailfishos17:43
tortoisedocahoi sailors17:43
tortoisedocI have noticed17:43
tortoisedocusing qml plugins17:44
tortoisedocthat initializeEngine is not necessarily called17:44
tortoisedoccould this be related to :
*** _miqu_ has joined #sailfishos17:44
tortoisedoc(specifically I am loading qml plugins into the transfer-engine)17:44
tortoisedocregisterTypes however is correctly called17:45
*** s1gk1ll has joined #sailfishos17:45
*** b0bben has quit IRC17:45
*** s1gk1ll_ has quit IRC17:45
*** macben has quit IRC17:45
Andy80I need some help to fix some warning errors if anyone is available. I'm getting this and the whole qml file is this one please note that these events are perfectly working as expected. They're not declared in QML files because they're declared in servercomm.c/.h file. Any idea how to fix these? Thanks17:46
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos17:47
jpnurmiAndy80: the problem is that createView("main.qml") is loading the QML (and referencing the context property) before the context property is actually set in main()17:55
Andy80jpnurmi: I see... but how can I access view->rootContext()->setContextProperty("serverComm", &sc); if I haven't created the view object yet?17:56
jpnurmiAndy80: 1) createView() without passing a qml file 2) set the context property 3) setSource()17:57
Andy80jpnurmi: oh thanks! :) let me try...17:58
Andy80jpnurmi: probably I'm doing some newbie mistake.... I've written: view->setSource(QUrl("main.qml")); but I get [W] unknown:-1 - file:///home/nemo/main.qml: File not found18:02
Andy80the path of course is wrong...18:02
Andy80but I don't remember how to tell it to read from application path18:02
jpnurmiAndy80: try view->setSource(SailfishApp::pathTo("main.qml"));18:02
jpnurminot sure where i found that but it worked in my app :)18:03
jpnurmiperhaps it was in the template comments18:03
Andy80jpnurmi: ../sailsoma/main.cpp:19:21: error: 'SailfishApp' has not been declared18:04
*** DarkSim has joined #sailfishos18:05
Andy80do I have to import something else?18:06
jpnurmilooks like we are using a bit different templates18:06
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has quit IRC18:07
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos18:07
jpnurmiSailfish::setView(QQuickView* view, const QString &) looks promising18:07
*** tardypad has quit IRC18:08
Andy80jpnurmi: I've tried with Sailfish::setView(view, "main.qml"); but I get ../sailsoma/main.cpp:19:39: error: cannot convert 'QScopedPointer<QQuickView>' to 'QQuickView*' for argument '1' to 'void Sailfish::setView(QQuickView*, const QString&)'18:10
Andy80maybe wrong syntax...18:10 should work18:10
*** macben has joined #sailfishos18:11
Andy80jpnurmi: it worked!!!18:12
Andy80I grap dinner and I test later, thanks for now :)18:12
jpnurmiyay! np :)18:12
*** macben has quit IRC18:12
*** mk2soldier has joined #sailfishos18:12
*** Andy80 has quit IRC18:22
*** Kabouik has quit IRC18:24
*** Andy80 has joined #sailfishos18:24
Andy80it worked, no more warnings :)18:26
*** mfulz has joined #sailfishos18:37
*** Pat_o has quit IRC18:37
*** martyone_ has quit IRC18:40
*** macben has joined #sailfishos18:43
*** martyone_ has joined #sailfishos18:44
*** atiti has joined #sailfishos18:45
artemmaDoes anybody have an example of using an own library the way harbour wants it?18:48
artemmashipping your own library together with your app and linking to it18:48
*** macben has quit IRC18:51
*** sletta has joined #sailfishos18:53
*** onurati has quit IRC19:02
*** Zotan has quit IRC19:07
Andy80is there a reference table where I can find the relative values for fontSizeSmall, fontSizeMedium, etc... ?19:07
*** artemma has quit IRC19:11
zbenjaminjpnurmi: heya, you are here? Do you work on sailfish?19:12
*** everett has joined #sailfishos19:20
*** piee has quit IRC19:21
jpnurmizbenjamin: nah, i'm just a user. playing and having fun with the sdk19:22
jpnurmizbenjamin: are you working on any apps? :)19:24
tanghusIs it possible to make shell substitutions in .pro files - like in TRANSLATION=`ls translations/*.ts` ?19:27
*** lbt has quit IRC19:28
*** lbt has joined #sailfishos19:29
*** piee has joined #sailfishos19:29
*** furikku has quit IRC19:30
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos19:32
*** gigetoo has quit IRC19:33
*** sletta has quit IRC19:34
*** gigetoo has joined #sailfishos19:34
*** Morpog_Jolla has quit IRC19:36
*** Eztran has quit IRC19:37
*** Morpog_Jolla has joined #sailfishos19:42
krigis there documentation on how the Clipboard object works somewhere? I want to paste some text when a button is clicked19:43
krigfrom qml, that is19:44
*** _miqu_ has quit IRC19:45
*** lobo has joined #sailfishos19:49
*** Tumeez has quit IRC19:49
*** b0bben has quit IRC19:50
*** ajalkane has quit IRC19:50
*** macben has joined #sailfishos19:51
*** macben has quit IRC19:52
*** ajalkane has joined #sailfishos19:52
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos19:53
*** jjanvier has quit IRC19:57
*** macben has joined #sailfishos19:59
katomutanghus: I've seen OTHER_FILES += qml/pages/*.qml in the componentgallery19:59
*** macben has quit IRC20:00
zbenjaminjpnurmi: i look into a migration tool WhatsApp -> Mitäkuuluu20:00
*** faenil has joined #sailfishos20:01
zbenjaminor better i want to write a module that can be integrated20:01
tanghuskatomu: It works fine for that, but lupdate/lrelease don't expand wildcards, so I have to explicitly add every translation20:01
*** macben has joined #sailfishos20:01
*** faenil has quit IRC20:02
*** macben has quit IRC20:02
*** Tumeez has joined #sailfishos20:02
*** onurati has joined #sailfishos20:03
*** macben has joined #sailfishos20:04
*** macben has quit IRC20:05
*** macben has joined #sailfishos20:06
*** core_01 has quit IRC20:08
*** mn has joined #sailfishos20:14
*** piee has quit IRC20:17
*** piee has joined #sailfishos20:17
*** tortoisedoc has quit IRC20:19
*** macben has quit IRC20:25
*** c0ck4m0u53 has quit IRC20:35
*** sequantz has quit IRC20:36
jake9xx@seen msameer20:41
jake9xxno bot ? nice20:41
PnuuMerbot: msameer20:45
MerbotPnuu: Error: "msameer" is not a valid command.20:45
*** cdp has joined #sailfishos20:45
FireFlyMerbot: help20:45
MerbotFireFly: (help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin.20:45
FireFlyDoesn't respond to CTCP VERSION ,_,20:45
mfulzMerbot: hello20:51
Merbotmfulz: Error: "hello" is not a valid command.20:51
mfulznot very polite this bot :(20:51
*** katomu has quit IRC20:52
*** nibbler has joined #sailfishos20:54
Morpog_Jolla!seen Msameer21:12
MerbotMorpog_Jolla: Msameer was last seen in #sailfishos 2 days, 21 hours, 2 minutes, and 27 seconds ago: <MSameer> looks handy21:12
qtassistantMorpog_Jolla: Msameer was last seen in #sailfishos 2d 21h 2m 27s ago: <MSameer> looks handy21:12
DevBotMorpog_Jolla: Msameer was last seen in #sailfishos 2 days, 21 hours, 2 minutes, and 27 seconds ago: <MSameer> looks handy21:12
*** macben has joined #sailfishos21:12
coderusPeekFilter built into compositor or imported outside?21:12
Morpog_Jolla jake9xx21:13
coderusi'm hacking lipstick21:13
*** sudanix has quit IRC21:17
coderusfixed gestures orientation in N921:20
coderusnow need to fix default notifications orientation21:21
*** piee has quit IRC21:24
*** piee has joined #sailfishos21:26
Morpog_Mobile_Cool, they will love you on TMO :)21:26
*** martyone_ has quit IRC21:29
coderusi think i cannot publish that21:30
coderusi hacking binaries :)21:31
Stskeepslipstick or jolla-home?21:31
Stskeepslipstick is open source, why don't you just build it?21:31
coderusi mean21:31
Stskeepsokay, that's a bit more complex :)21:31
Stskeepshow about you raise a together.* item on what you did and we'll see if it can come into an upcoming version?21:32
Stskeepsthere's qml available of things around the place, but admittedly not lipstick-jolla-home-qt521:32
Stskeepsunless you've been haxxoring the binary21:32
*** artemma has quit IRC21:33
*** cdp has quit IRC21:33
coderusStskeeps: i'm hacking it, yes :)21:33
coderusbtw, how to display journal for only my process?21:36
*** mk2soldier has quit IRC21:37
*** jjarven has quit IRC21:38
*** Sarvi has quit IRC21:38
*** mk2soldier has joined #sailfishos21:39
MSameerMorpog_Jolla: pong21:41
*** mk2soldier has quit IRC21:41
Morpog_Mobile_MSameer: can it be that video recording uses noise cancelation?21:51
Morpog_Mobile_could explain the worse sound21:51
Morpog_Mobile_And how can I set fps and audio bitrate in that gstreamer prest for video recording? Changing video bitrate ws easy21:53
*** jjarven has joined #sailfishos21:55
*** faenil has joined #sailfishos21:56
*** faenil has quit IRC21:56
*** atiti has quit IRC21:58
*** wickwire has joined #sailfishos21:59
coderusfine, fixed notification orientation21:59
coderusfinally, fixed switcher preview orientation22:02
*** edgar2 has quit IRC22:03
*** Finleida has quit IRC22:03
coderussailfish lipstick home on my N9 now perfect :)22:03
coderusthe only question remain: i cannot show it to public?22:04
Morpog_Mobile_You can show it on youtube22:05
coderusand no, you can't simple add it to upstream, unless you add option to check framebuffer orientation22:05
Morpog_Mobile_Or tell people what and where to change22:05
coderusi have no idea how i can check default root window orientation to make proper fix22:05
Morpog_Mobile_But I wouldn't share the binaries22:05
MSameerMorpog_Mobile_: yes there is noise cancellation22:06
MSameerMorpog_Mobile_: otherwise the sound would be worse. there are improvements which I think were released in the last update22:06
MSameerMorpog_Mobile_: i am not sure though (I am on vacation and have not checked)22:07
Morpog_Mobile_msameer, it kinda ruins sound recording for anything else than voice22:07
MSameerMorpog_Mobile_: even with the latest update?22:07
MSameerlet me try to check22:08
Morpog_Mobile_Tried to record video with music and didn't hesr any music at all :)22:08
MSameeri don't have the last update (bad connection here)22:08
coderuswell, simple: hack binary to extracr rcc, extract rcc and get qml content, patch lipstick and liblipstick to load qml files from filesystem, not qrc (as option you can also disable loading qrc in lipstick). patch qml files to have rotated actions for Peek and change compositor topmost window angle to be angle between Landscape, and finally change switcher item rotateCoverContent to true22:09
arcean_coderus: thx :)22:09
Morpog_Mobile_now share that on tmo too22:10
*** matoking has quit IRC22:10
coderusi know only one man who know how to extract rcc from binary: Jonni. anyone else?22:10
Morpog_Mobile_coderus: i think vesuri is responsible at jolla for homescreen22:10
* Stskeeps gives coderus a hug22:10
Stskeepsfinally a real community hacker22:10
MSameerMorpog_Mobile_: there are some improvements which will come in the next update (I hope but don't take it for granted)22:11
coderusStskeeps: :D22:11
Stskeepscoderus: i've waited since first alpha release for somebody that would actually try that22:11
Morpog_Mobile_ok MSameer, any idea about that gstreamer preset?22:11
coderusStskeeps: .____.22:11
coderusthats it :D22:11
MSameercoderus: if you release a lipstick with external qml loading, I will contribute applets support :p22:11
Morpog_Mobile_20mbit video bitrate look ways better than 12mbit btw22:12
MSameerMorpog_Mobile_: fps i think cannot be changed because qualcomm camera produces variable frame rate :(22:12
coderusMSameer: yeah22:12
MSameerMorpog_Mobile_: you want to change the video bitrate?22:12
coderusbtw, what is Sailfish.Weather missing component? :D22:12
coderusalso Sailfish.Dropbox :D22:12
MSameerMorpog_Mobile_: rpm -ql jolla-camera | grep prs22:13
Morpog_Mobile_Msameet, it sems to be fixed at 30 or 12 fps (nightmode), but in europe 25fps would be common22:13
Morpog_Mobile_MSameer: i already changed the bitrate22:13
MSameerMorpog_Mobile_: could you post on together about the framerate ?22:14
Morpog_Mobile_Just wonder3d about the low bitrate jolla uses22:14
MSameerMorpog_Mobile_: so you want audio bitrate?22:14
coderusand yes, most of home qml files copyrighted by Vesa :)22:14
Morpog_Mobile_Preferably such stuff would be in camera settings22:14
MSameerMorpog_Mobile_: nothing prevents raising the bitrate but please push it to together22:15
MSameerMorpog_Mobile_: it uses the default gstreamer provides22:15
coderuswell MSameer Stskeeps you telling me i can publish binary with qml files?22:15
MSameercoderus: no I am not telling you that you can do it22:16
MSameerI am saying: _if_22:16
*** nk1ox__ has quit IRC22:16
MSameerMorpog_Mobile_: default is 128000, do you need more ?22:16
Morpog_Mobile_200000 looks fine22:17
MSameeri think there is a limit for aac22:17
coderusMSameer: aha :)22:17
Morpog_Mobile_ah, for aac22:17
MSameerI think it was 19200022:17
Morpog_Mobile_256000 would be fine22:17
coderusMSameer: if anyone anonymous release lipstick with external qml loading, right? :D22:18
MSameerMorpog_Mobile_: it's possible I think by editing the preset files (I can dig it up for you if you ping me in 2 weeks) I will be back to finland with better internet22:18
MSameercoderus: hehe22:18
MSameercoderus: it's easy to extract qml from stuff22:19
Morpog_Mobile_Sure no problem MSameer22:19
MSameerMorpog_Mobile_: i think we need to extend the current encoder profile and preset and get what we want22:19
MSameerMorpog_Mobile_: we are using ffenc_aac for aac encoding22:19
MSameerMorpog_Mobile_: but allowing it in the UI settings is beyond me. the ui and MW team + ui design should approve it and the best way to get there is via together.j.c22:20
Morpog_Mobile_Ok, will push there too :)22:20
MSameerMorpog_Mobile_: sorry I could not help you much :/22:20
coderusMSameer: yes, its easy22:21
Morpog_Mobile_no problem, enjoy your free time :D22:21
MSameercoderus: problem is lipstick will be overwritten when a new update gets released22:21
MSameerMorpog_Mobile_: thanks :)22:21
coderusMSameer: right22:22
coderusthats community for :)22:22
coderusMSameer: just ask vesa to add option for loading qml from outside :)22:23
MSameercoderus: why don't you ask ? :)22:23
Morpog_Mobile_Or have that values for orientation stored in some conf file22:24
Morpog_Mobile_Would be handy for sailfishos on other hw too22:24
Morpog_Mobile_If that still is a target of jolla22:25
Morpog_Mobile_!seen vesuri22:29
MerbotMorpog_Mobile_: I have not seen vesuri.22:29
qtassistantMorpog_Mobile_: I have not seen vesuri.22:29
DevBotMorpog_Mobile_: I have not seen vesuri.22:29
coderusMSameer: i dont know if he can do that.22:29
MSameercoderus: me too but I can always check (ping me in 2 weeks)22:30
MSameercoderus: I have a question: what's the difference between whatsap and indie whatsapp ?22:31
Morpog_Mobile_Reverse engineered protocol22:31
MSameeri mean there is one by tgalal and one by you coderus and yours claims to be an indie version22:32
MSameerso what's the indie version?22:32
Morpog_Mobile_Also it looks and works way cooler  than official whatsap22:32
MSameerI never used the official app :)22:32
jake9xxplus there is constant flow of improvements and bugfixes22:32
Jonnicoderus: well I'm not the only one who can extract qrc from binaries, I've seen that for example on N9 twitter client (which was not done by me) :-]22:32
coderusMSameer: my based on Scorpius Yappari engine, not tgalal22:32
MSameercoderus: so indie doesn't mean anything?22:33
coderusJonni: its me extracted twitter22:33
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos22:33
Morpog_Mobile_Jonni, that was coderus :)22:33
coderusMSameer: "indie" means by individual developer22:33
Jonniah, that explains :)22:33
coderusnot team or anything22:33
MSameercoderus: I thought it's related to india :D22:33
MSameerthat's why I got confused22:33
coderusMSameer: i thought same too 2 years ago :D22:33
jake9xxJonni: it's not that hard really22:33
Jonnijake9xx: well yes quite easy, if starting point has not been encrypted :)22:34
MSameerextracting qrc is not hard. the hard is to patch binaries to load the qml files from fs22:34
Jonniand the patching is quite easy too22:34
Jonnijust simple hexedit usually.22:35
MSameerJonni: an LD_PRELOAD bypasses the starting point22:35
coderusuntil binary nor encryptes its easy22:35
MSameerbrb food22:35
jake9xxbbl - vacation :)22:35
coderuswell, i'm extracting rcc fields and creating header by hands :D22:36
*** bara has joined #sailfishos22:36
*** everett has quit IRC22:37
*** pixraider has joined #sailfishos22:37
*** niqt has joined #sailfishos22:37
*** jstaniek has joined #sailfishos22:39
*** nk1ox__ has joined #sailfishos22:42
Jonniah that can be done in hard way too. I've created automated patcher which searches qrc main loading from main, injects extractor plugin which extracts files to filesystem and patches things back to normal :)22:44
Jonniso I just make target application to dump itself to filesystem.22:46
*** pixraider has quit IRC22:47
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos22:50
*** b0bben has quit IRC22:52
*** nk1ox__ has quit IRC22:55
*** fk_lx has quit IRC22:56
*** a3Dman has quit IRC22:57
*** onurati has quit IRC22:58
*** magegu has joined #sailfishos23:03
mageguhi guys, i just started the Qt5 creator the first time and deployed my sailfish app. Whats the preferred way to log debug strings to the IDE console from C++?23:04
mfulzsomeone here who knows about dbus / connman?23:05
mfulzmagegu: I'm just using qDebug() for that purpose and look the messages from the cli23:06
magegumfulz: thanks, i'll try23:07
magegumfulz: you mean the QML/JS Console?23:09
mfulzah no23:09
mfulzjust the bash on the client23:09
mfulzfor qml afaik you can use console.log()23:10
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos23:13
*** zhost has quit IRC23:14
*** lobo has quit IRC23:14
magegumfulz: ah ok23:14
coderushow to list all dependencies of package?23:16
*** spider-mario has quit IRC23:18
celeron55coderus: where?23:18
mageguis there any http library included in the base sdk?23:18
celeron55"pkcon get-depends <package>"?23:18
mfulzdunno but afaik libcurl is installed by default?23:19
*** Hurrian has quit IRC23:20
Morpog_Jollazypper si   (? not tried)23:20
MSameerJonni: coderus claims to be able to "Browse the QResource tree and its content."23:21
celeron55magegu: this gives two options which both probably work:
coderusmagegu: QNetworkRequest for example. Please press F1 in QtCreator and learn it. Please :)23:21
magegumfulz: thanks, i guess i'll have to set up some paths to include libcurl right?23:21
mfulzah see even better :)23:22
mageguceleron55: thanks!23:22
JonniMSameer: intressing, have to try that to see if it can bypass my obfuscator :)23:22
magegucoderus: thanks, i'm digging into it23:23
*** piee has quit IRC23:24
coderusJonni: btw, can you show me good obfuscation techniques?23:24
*** lobo has joined #sailfishos23:28
*** piee has joined #sailfishos23:30
*** piggz has quit IRC23:36
*** macben has quit IRC23:44
magegumfluz: is there any Dokumentation on the log thing? how to get the lots where? i connected to the device via ssh but need to get to the lots now23:44
*** Andy80 has quit IRC23:44
*** piee has quit IRC23:45
mfulzdon't know I'm just using the stdout23:47
mfulzwith qDebug()23:47
*** DarkSim has quit IRC23:48
*** Andy80 has joined #sailfishos23:48
*** wickwire has quit IRC23:48
*** M4rtinK has joined #sailfishos23:54
coderusmagegu: onSomethingHappened: {23:59

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