Monday, 2014-01-06

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tanghusNaïvely I thought this search would lead to some relevant docs - it doesn't ;)
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mfulzdoes someone know how I could list the interface of a dbus method?01:29
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mfulzmy problem is that I want to remove via connman (net.connman.vpn.Manager.Remove) a vpn connection01:35
mfulzbut I don't know how the object should look like01:35
mfulzJust always receive ConnectionsModel::ConnectionsModel:275 - QDBusMessage(type=Error, service="", error name="org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod", error message="Method "Remove" with signature "(oa{ss})" on interface "net.connman.vpn.Manager" doesn't exist01:35
mfulzbut I don't find anywhere how the signature should look like :(01:36
celeron55gdbus introspect --system --dest net.connman.vpn --object-path /01:46
celeron55that gives something at least01:46
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mfulzthanks that's what listed in the api docs as well but what is o exactly!?01:47
celeron55this is the doc on the same thing01:47
celeron55it's "object"... i have no idea what that is 8)01:47
mfulzyep that's exactly my issue :/01:48
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celeron55it's a string that is a "a syntactically valid object path"01:54
celeron55maybe you could listen on one of the signals that give out those "o"s and see how they look like01:55
mfulzafaik it should be the remove method inside this file
mfulzbut how can I pass a objectpath to dbus in qt :/02:01
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mfulzah found something I'll give it a try02:04
celeron55QDBusObjectPath sounds "a bit" like it02:05
mfulzyep but you need to to do call(type, method, qVariantFromValue(QDBusObjectPath))02:06
mfulznow I just need need to find a solution for the generell issue I've got with connman not getting the interface up and ready02:07
mfulzthen my client is nearly finished in the first version :)02:07
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artemmaI set QMAKE_RPATHDIR to /usr/share/myApp/lib and .so files are present there, yet at runtime app fails to locate them :/04:25
artemma /usr/bin/harbour-libTrial: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory04:25
artemmalaunching same using LD_LIBRARY_PATH works fine: LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/share/harbour-libTrial/lib/ /usr/bin/harbour-libTrial04:29
artemmaapp's makefile seems to mention it fine too: LFLAGS        = -Wl,-rpath,/usr/share/harbour-libTrial/lib04:30
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artemmano worries, re-running qmake and cleaning solved it :)04:40
krigwhat's the right way to play sound on the jolla? SoundEffect from QtMultimedia plays at full volume and acts strange04:42
krigfound this thread from 2011 with exactly the same problem:
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SvioxWhat's a proper way to access and modify cover page from the actual page? Let's assume we want to change one of the buttons based on a property of the active page.10:06
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SvioxOr just simply change the label on the cover..10:08
ElessarSviox: there several ways, firstly you can give your applicationwindow a unique id and access it's properties from the cover like 'text: application.someTextProperty"10:11
Elessarsecondly you can assign cover property not by url but by Component object, so you will have direct access to context object10:12
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SvioxDo you know a good example from either? I'm still trying to piece together the basics of QML ;)10:16
SvioxFor example, since the ApplicationWindow is defined in [packagename].qml, can I just add an ID there and then access a property of it on any subpage/cover?10:17
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SvioxDo I need to import the main qml file to the page files to access it using the id?10:19
SvioxOr do some other similar trick..10:20
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mohjiveI downloaded and build a project, but when launching it in the emulator I get "Cannot exec /opt/sdk/MyProject: Permission denied"10:25
mohjiveanyone seen it before or know what to do about it?10:26
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mohjivealso, if anyone can describe for me how one defines different include paths/variables depending on choosing x86 or arm7 build10:30
mohjiveI have an external library that I need to link with and I want to know how to automate the -lexternal_library part for the linker (or search path)10:31
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SvioxElessar: ping10:32
ElessarSviox: sure, take a look: ,
SvioxThanks, I will10:33
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SvioxElessar: Nice, I got it working10:37
SvioxNext question: Can I move UI object from the page I'm showing to the Cover? I'm asking because it would be nice to show a preview of a web page currently shown on the page on the cover while app is inactive.10:38
Bloobif you don't specify a cover, it should automatically use the page iirc10:40
ElessarBloob: if cover is not specified it fallbacks to "private/DefaultCover.qml"10:41
SvioxOkay, in that case, bad example. I actually only want to do this dynamically on certain occation.10:41
BloobElessar, okay thx for clearing it up10:41
SvioxAnd with actually letting the web content know that it's "minimized" to show different content in some cases.10:42
ElessarSviox: may be you want to use ShaderEffectSource10:42
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Elessarit can "copy" visual data from items10:42
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SvioxI see, interesting..10:43
Elessarso you can pass your active item to it and cover will show it10:43
SvioxSo how can I access item with id x on my page from the cover?10:43
Svioxare the ids global?10:43
Elessarnot global, the are in hierarchy10:44
Elessarso child see all id's of it's ancestors10:44
SvioxIn this case, what is the relation between a page and the cover page?10:45
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Elessarthey both are silbings of ApplicationWindow10:46
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coderus_i'm getting this when using ssu:10:52
coderus_[D] NetworkService::setPath:447 - void NetworkService::setPath(const QString&) "Method "GetProperties" with signature "" on interface "net.connman.Service" doesn't exist10:52
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SvioxShould I be able to get this kind of reactive mode to work on the cover page qml: application.onNameOfProperty: { /*Do something*/}?10:54
SvioxOh wait, I guess it needs Changed to the end..10:55
ElessarSviox: use Connections object for it10:55
SvioxI tried that first but didn't get the reaction called10:56
SvioxI'll try again with the Changed at the end of the property name..10:56
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SvioxBtw, why does "Project ERROR: Could not connect to MerSDK Virtual Machine. The remote host closed the connection" always keep appearing after a while?10:57
coderus_you need onXXXCHanged ofc. :)10:57
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SvioxHmm, still not working11:00
Svioxunless.. damn, yet another typo11:01
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SvioxElessar: I now have the webview shown on cover via ShaderEffectSource, but I use application.webView as a source and I set thet in my page QML. How do I point directly to the webView? Something like pageId.webviewId?11:25
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ElessarSviox: you can create "property WebView webView: webviewid" in you page11:26
SvioxOkay, that's what I did on the applicationWindow11:26
Elessarand access it for example by application.pageStack.currentPage.webView11:27
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SvioxJust what I was looking for :)11:30
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tortoisedocahoi all11:57
tortoisedochas anyone ever noticed in qmlextensionplugins11:57
tortoisedocif no qmlRegister is called in the registerType, initializeEngine is not executed?11:58
tortoisedocis this intentional?11:58
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SvioxWhere can I find the icon-cover-x icons coming with theme to pick from?12:03
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SvioxElessar: There is one issue with using ShaderEffectSource. It doesn't seem to repaint itself when the webView is modified. Any ideas why not? I.e. it shows the same old thing even if the webpage itself is changing.12:13
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SvioxDoes sailfish disable somehow the items on pages when app is not active?12:18
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w00tSviox: define disable12:19
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SvioxWell the ShaderEffectSource seems to redraw (or rather, reaquire content) only when I visit the page again or in some way manipulate the size of it etc.12:22
Elessaryes, looks like it'c caching data12:24
Svioxthe 'live' attribute is enabled already12:24
SvioxYou mean the page or the SHaderEffectSource?12:25
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jmlichHi, can anyone help me with Jolla Harbour QA? My app was rejected because of not allowed dependency (qt5-qtdeclarative-import-positioning)12:31
SvioxElessar: lol, got it to work by creating timer that decreases webview size by 0.01 every second, which seems to force it to redraw :P12:32
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SvioxThough there must be a better way..12:32
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ElessarSviox: erm12:34
Elessarlooks like it's better to call ShaderEffectSource's scheduleUpdate()12:35
SvioxI tried, no luck12:36
SvioxTo me it seems like the problem is not the ShaderEffectSource but rather the (Silica)WebView itself12:37
Elessarhm, by default ShaderEffectSource's live property is true, so it should be up-to-dated12:37
SvioxYes, and as I said, I tried setting it to false and running scheduleUpdate() once per second with a timer --> no dice12:38
ElessarSviox: did you try to call WebView's update method?12:38
SvioxDoes it have one?12:38
ElessarQQuickItem has it12:39
Elessarand it's a public slot12:39
Elessarso it can be called from the QML12:39
SvioxI'm trying12:39
Elessarno luck?12:40
SvioxCalling it within same timer where the height trick works via application.pageStack.currentPage.webView.update();12:40
SvioxNo :(12:40
Elessaris it expensive to create second WebView?12:40
SvioxIt's a no go because I would need to have the same javascript context12:41
SvioxI'm planning on creating a JS event sent to the page that tells that the viewmode has changed from 'fullscreen' to 'minimized'12:42
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ElessarSviox: sailfish default browser has this: "cover: undefined"12:43
Elessarif it can help12:43
amccarthyjmlich: Qt Positioning is not API stable until 5.2. It won't be allowed until Qt is updated to 5.2.12:44
jmlichamccarthy, what can I do?12:45
jmlichIs there an workaround?12:46
amccarthyjmlich: wait :)12:46
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Pnuujmlich: perhaps disable the part needing the feature needing that dependency?12:48
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ElessarSviox: and it has CoverActionList defined right as Page's child12:50
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tuukkahjmlich, *maybe* via which is allowed13:01
jmlichtuukkah,  wow seams like challenge ..13:02
tuukkahjmlich, exactly =)13:03
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coderus_hey sailors14:27
coderus_did you ever got text zoom bug in applications?14:27
coderus_when you choosing selected text14:28
coderus_interface zooming it14:28
coderus_but not zooming out when you releasing14:28
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tortoisedocany qml expert here?15:15
tortoisedocif no qmlRegister is called in the registerType, initializeEngine is not executed?15:15
tortoisedoc(of a qqmlextensionplugin)15:16
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SvioxWhere can I suggest libraries as told on ? I would very much like to get libarchive into the whitelist since that's a very stable API/ABI and commonly available. Also, I don't know if there is currently any other way to unzip packages within app..15:29
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wellu_Apparently I cannot have import qrc://... in my Harbour app. Took 6 *days* to get rejected by that.15:30
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wellu_Pnuu: I hope this kind of thing is checked by a script.15:31
wellu_anyway, I couldn't find a reason for rejecting qrc:// imports.15:31
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wellu_if one has to *prefix* imports with harbour.APP then how do I import directories?15:41
wellu_I cannot prefix directory path with my APP name...15:42
wellu_so I cannot really build a modular app where QML files are in different directories as I cannot import them without violating Harbour rules. Does not make sense.15:43
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Elessarwellu_: what's about import "harbour-myapp/some/other-strange/qml" ?15:45
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Elessaralso why to you need to import by absolute path?15:46
wellu_Elessar: what about "import ../module" ?15:46
Elessarwellu_: import "../module" ?15:47
wellu_yes, it breaks the rule.15:47
wellu_it is QML directory import15:47
wellu_"give me all the QML elements one directory down in 'module' subdirectory"15:48
Elessarharbour rejects any directory imports?15:48
wellu_I got rejected by having qrc:// type of import in my code.15:49
ElessarAt least example and sailfish browser have 'import "pages"'15:49
Elessarwellu_: store files in /usr/share/your-app/ directory15:49
wellu_Now that I read the FAQ it states that " But you have to prefix the name of the imports with your $NAME..."15:49
wellu_How do I prefix a directory import?15:50
Elessarit consumes less memory than qrc15:50
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Elessarcan you give me link please?15:50
wellu_with qrc you compile the plain text QML files within the binary. They need to be loaded anyway so there is no memory impact either way.15:51
wellu_It is not clearly stated at all that qrc: is not allowed.15:52
wellu_they only talk about "prefixing"15:52
Elessarwellu_: why can't you install your qml modules to /usr/share/harbour-yourapp/imports/harbour/yourapp ?15:54
Elessarso it will be accessable by 'import harbour.yourapp'15:54
Elessarin case if you add this import path to your QQmlEngine15:55
wellu_hmm.. that could work.15:55
Elessarat least FAQ tells me right this15:55
w00twellu_: i'm reasonably sure that that rejection was a mistake15:55
w00twellu_: which application is this15:56
SvioxIs ALL resource file usage forbidden then or just QML?15:56
w00tresource file usage is fine15:56
wellu_I got rejected by having an import clause in QML that was not *prefixed* with my app name.15:56
w00twellu_: again, which application was this15:57
wellu_w00t: Bitcoined15:57
w00tI can't do anything about it without knowing what to ask about15:57
w00tok, thanks15:57
wellu_What I'm after here is two things: 1) is qrc://... imports illegal and 2) how do I do relative directory import with the current Harbour ruleset15:58
w00twellu_: I already said that they aren't15:58
entiloh god, spent a couple of hours importing phone calls from the n900 into jolla and only now it turns out a) the n900 doesn't store phone calls lengths b) jolla tells the difference between outgoing calls and aborted outgoing calls by whether or not startTime = endTime :D15:58
w00trelative paths are ok, provided it stays inside your folder15:59
entilmaybe every phone call will have lasted a second15:59
wellu_w00t: yes of course.15:59
wellu_w00t: but none is then prefixed with harbour.bitcoined15:59
w00tentil: yeah, commhistory is a little .. special15:59
w00twellu_: doesn't matter15:59
entilhehe yes15:59
entilI'm going to publish rpms and I really hope people aren't dismayed by fake-duration calls16:00
entilanyway, no evidence anyone would ever run this but me :D16:00
wellu_having these import rules is kind of silly as people can do whatever inside main.cpp16:00
*** stephg has quit IRC16:00
Elessarwellu_: they can be checked by strace16:01
wellu_Elessar: not really, if you do them, say 24 hours *after* the installation.16:03
wellu_even linking can be done runtime16:03
wellu_so I don't really see the point of checking how people name their *private* QML files. Nothing to do with making the device better.16:04
wellu_Elessar: what I meant was saying that most problematic part for the whole system is the native part that gets run. I don't see any harm what "wrong" import can do.16:07
*** stephg has joined #sailfishos16:08
wellu_almost like someone would check the order of includes in the C++ side :)16:09
*** stephg has quit IRC16:09
*** matoking has joined #sailfishos16:13
*** Xruxa has quit IRC16:14
matokingWhat's the best way to dynamically add menu items to a pulley menu?16:14
matokingI thought I could either add menu items using a method or by binding it to a model, but neither one seems to be possible16:14
*** he1kki_ is now known as he1kki16:17
Elessarmatoking: model + repeater16:17
*** jmlich has quit IRC16:20
SvioxHow do I disable/hide a CoverAction? What's the correct attribute?16:20
Svioxvisible seems to break the thing and use default cover instead..16:21
*** stephg has joined #sailfishos16:25
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*** master_of_master has joined #sailfishos16:31
*** marcellux has joined #sailfishos16:33
wellu_w00t: I just removed the qrc: import. I still do have couple of import "../pages" etc. type of relative directory imports. Those should be ok?16:33
*** marcellux has quit IRC16:35
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tortoisedocwellu import qrc:// from qml I assume?17:10
tortoisedocdang too late :P17:10
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SvioxHow can I display my own application icon on app cover?17:23
SvioxOr rather, how do I point it out..17:23
Svioxicon.source: "image://theme/icon-cover-play" works for icons coming from theme, but app icon is another story..17:24
*** martyone has quit IRC17:25
ElessarSviox: file:///usr/share/applications/....png ?17:26
SvioxOh.. okay :)17:27
*** Pat_o has joined #sailfishos17:29
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coderus_Sviox: image://theme provider working for any cached icons18:00
coderus_its not strict to themes directory18:00
coderus_image://theme/harbour-yourapplication will display your launcher icon18:00
*** opt1mus has joined #sailfishos18:03
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Elessarcoderus_: oh, haven't known it18:06
*** jluisn has quit IRC18:10
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*** jluisn has joined #sailfishos18:13
coderus_its why harbour asked not to use full path to icon in your desktop files18:17
*** macben has joined #sailfishos18:19
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coderus_its why harbour asked not to use full path to icon in your desktop files18:24
coderus_oops sorry :)18:24
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Hartzicoderus_: how you have done the contact list in mitakuuluu? I'm trying to make a similar list with pic, title and subtitle but I can't find a reference from your github :|19:25
Andy80coderus_: I never remember... what is the url where to download mitakuluu from?19:27
Andy80nope found :)19:29
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Andy80uff... I was just trying openrepos to eventually host my app, but it's so slooooooow :/20:14
*** amonk has quit IRC20:15
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*** John24 has joined #sailfishos20:28
John24hello guys :)20:28
John24got  a question about icon.source: "image://theme/icon-l-repeat"20:28
John24does anyone have  a list of all the icons in "image://theme/ ???20:29
John24I am adding player controls but I am just blind guessing what's in there and what's not20:29
celeron55what kind of submission requirements do have?20:29
HartziAndy80: can you give a reference code how did you make that channel list?20:30
Andy80Hartzi: full source code is available
Andy80celeron55: ehm.... you just subscribe and upload your rpm :P20:35
celeron55though so; they don't state anything anywhere so had to make sure20:36
HartziAndy80: channelDelegate defines how the info is seen?20:36
Andy80Hartzi: how the info is seen... inside a ListView component, of course the item is repeated for each channel in my case20:37
*** arcean_ has quit IRC20:38
*** amonk has quit IRC20:38
*** stephg has joined #sailfishos20:41
ElleoJohn24: ls /usr/share/themes/jolla-ambient/meegotouch/icons/20:42
*** tuomasjjrasanen has joined #sailfishos20:42
ElleoJohn24: just remove the .png from the end and add image://theme/ to the beginning of any of those files20:42
John24cool would you happen to know if I coudl see them on the PC are their part of the sdk?20:44
ElleoJohn24: they're on the emulator, but they're not identical20:45
Elleoseems some have changed since then20:45
Elleoyou might want to just scp them all from the device20:45
John24yeah i'll have to20:47
John24thank you for the help though :)20:47
Elleono worries :)20:47
*** Tegu_ is now known as Tegu20:49
*** amonk has joined #sailfishos20:51
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*** sudanix__ has joined #sailfishos20:51
coderusHartzi: you cant make delegate or what?20:51
coderusJohn24: find /usr/share/themes/jolla-ambient/meegotouch/icons/20:52
coderusso slow me :D20:53
*** ILEoo has quit IRC20:53
*** ILEoo has joined #sailfishos20:53
John24don't worry :) thanks for posting though20:53
John24how you do add padding from the left?20:54
coderusspecify please20:54
John24I got row{ button, button}20:54
*** sudanix_ has quit IRC20:54
John24but their all the way to the left edge20:54
John24I want them away from the edge by 20 pixels20:55
coderusRow { anchors.left: parent.left; anchors.leftMargin: Theme.paddingLarge; Button {}; Button{}; }20:55
coderusand same for right20:55
coderususe anchors20:56
coderusalways use anchors20:56
John24i see i've been looking at Jolla example code and their not using them all20:56
John24well a bit their using sections and rows alot20:56
*** winfriedd has joined #sailfishos20:56
John24before I can my whole ui using anchors20:56
coderusin most cases you'll set anchors to parent item20:56
John24ahh i see I will try that now, Thank you :)20:57
coderusand all childrens will be anchored20:57
John24yay it worked like a charm20:59
John24Thank you coderus, I am learning so much every day20:59
John24really fun20:59
Hartzicoderus: I just wasn't sure how to do it21:00
John24also does qml string have a replaceAll command like c++ does? I can't seem to find it21:01
ElleoJohn24: I expect you could do it with a regular expression, QML is javascript based21:04
*** Bloob has quit IRC21:05
John24ah I see I'll look it up, thanks21:06
Elleono problem21:06
*** stephg has quit IRC21:06
*** Svioxi has quit IRC21:09
coderusHartzi: just try, its easy21:10
*** jluisn has quit IRC21:13
Hartzicoderus: tried many times :D but now it seems to work21:13
*** jjanvier has quit IRC21:17
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John24does anyknow know if the sailfish icons have to folow the power of 2?21:24
John2432 64 128 256 etc?21:24
*** cargocult has quit IRC21:24
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Hartzicoderus: how I can make similar hilight effect when a list item is clicked?21:55
*** Bloob has quit IRC21:57
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artemmais it possible to check if network connection is up and running? If there is non-essential part of app that benefits from network (I am into porting Mixpanel app stats package), I don't want to start connection just for myself and can wait until user goes online anyway23:34
artemmaI think in Harmattan there was something for bundling such non-essential network access needs together. Anything like that in Sailfish?23:35
*** miksuh has quit IRC23:36
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