Friday, 2014-01-17

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TumeezHow i can  take logs?03:02
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supauliHey all, has anyone stumbled upon 'building apps for sailfish without qt-creator' document? Problem is that my qt-creator setup (from sdk installation) is not working at all. My guess is that its due my configuration here /home is symlink to /data/home/.07:45
supauliI did try to install the SDK on both /data/home/pauli and /home/pauli and it fails on both cases (project is outside of src folder) or fail during compiling ( cd /home/data/mersdk/<build dir> : no such directory )07:46
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Nicd-did you notice the difference between /home/data and /data/home?07:57
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supauliNicd-: you mean /data/home/pauli and /home/pauli (where on '/' home is symlink to data/home/, due weird partitioning) installations? Yeah, they failed in different way: /data/home failed on compiling ( the qmake cd to /data/home/mersdk if i remember correctly) and /home installation before build ( project is outside mer src directory '/home/pauli/', what is not true, but i tought this is due symlink?)08:03
supauli(the "cd /data/home/mersdk/<build-dir>" seems like bug to me)08:05
Nicd-just noticed the cd path in your message was different08:05
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coderusthp: send pull request to fingerterm. mimeData always null with empty clipboard.08:59
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thpcoderus: looking...09:07
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coderusthp: thanks :)09:11
coderusthp: btw, need help with silica settings page?09:12
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thpcoderus: contributions welcome there :)09:16
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faenilcoderus, why did you get rid of the check?09:20
faenilcc thp09:21
coderusthp: as far i understand there are troubles with mixing gestures/selection with pagestack navigation?09:21
coderusfaenil: if clipboard have no data mimeData is null09:21
faenilcoderus, oh :(09:22
faenilcoderus, I added that check because mimeData was always null when there was no support for clipboard in QPA (read my comments in the code)09:22
coderusand hey, if in any platform will have troubles with QPA/Clipboard we dont care about everybody. My position :)09:22
faenilcoderus, one thing is not caring, one thing is making it the code less robust on purpose :D09:23
coderusmimeData have value if something put inside09:23
faenilcoderus, but if you're 100% sure that it's supposed to be null when clipboard is empty, then it's okay09:23
coderusi removed checking only for set data to clipboard09:23
thpfaenil: if mime data is null, then setting the values will still not crash the code? it will just have no effect?09:23
coderuschecks for paste from clipboard are here ;)09:23
faenilthp, that is after qtwayland fix09:23
faenilthp, before, it would crash, that's why I added the check, and left it there to protect from other parts like qtwayland from misbehaving09:23
coderusand if text copied to clipboard mimeData is not null ;)09:24
faenilcoderus, yeah I'm just saying I'm not 100% sure that should be null when there is no text09:24
coderusfaenil: yes i checked both cases09:24
faenilcoderus, I understood that it's the way it works *now*09:24
faenilcoderus, but I'm not sure that's the way it *should* work09:25
coderusfaenil: why not?09:25
coderusclipboard is active09:25
coderusin any way terminal have only text data :)09:26
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faenilcoderus, I think it should return a QMimeData() with no text... what do you think thp ?09:28
thpfaenil: we shouldn't be working around qtwayland bugs in fingerterm when the bug has been fixed in qtwayland already09:30
faenilthp, read the comment, that happens if the clipboard plugin in QPA has not been done09:30
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faenilthp, if we want to assume that fingerterm will always be used with qtwayland, ok...09:31
faenilbut you're still making the code weaker, imho. It's not working around, it's a check for a null pointer which shouldn't be there09:31
thpfaenil: can we have a solution that works and doesn't crash?09:32
faenilthp, it wasn't crashing already09:32
thpfaenil: also, for the generic (non-silica) fingerterm, we might want to be a bit more inclusive, for the silica one we can i think safely assume that we run under qtwayland (or possibly X11 on the desktop during testing, for which clipboard should also be implemented?)09:33
faenilthe problem is that when clipboard is empty that pointer is null, and my comment is, there is a chance that that is not intended09:33
faenilthp, sure, but again, but getting rid of security measures you already have in place..09:33
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thpfaenil: ok, so i guess we should revert for now and think of a better solution?09:36
thpcoderus: what do you think? ^09:36
faenilwell, before reverting, I would like to make sure that my theory is right09:37
faenilwhich we dn't know, atm09:37
faenilthat's why I was asking your opinion, do you think it's okay for it to return a null when clipboard is empty, or do you agree that it should return a QMimeData() with no text09:37
faenilI'm asking for a clipboard, you shouldn't return a null if *there is* a clipboard, even if it doesn't have any text in it09:38
faenilwhat do you think coderus09:38
w00tif it returns a pointer, then a NULL return is possible09:38
w00tand from looking at the implementations in various platform plugins, there's a lot of them09:39
faenilw00t, but it returns a pointer to a MimeData, not to the text buffer itself09:39
faenilso why should I expect a null, if *there is* a clipboard active09:40
thpfaenil: if you could investigate, that'd be great :)09:42
faenilthp, I'm looking for the platform code because I forgot where it is09:42
faenilon qt side,
faenilso it returns 0 if the mode is not supported, which is okay.09:43
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sharpneliYou never know if there is some error in clipboard which practically forces them to return null. You can never ever use a lib and not do basic null checks.09:44
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faenilsharpneli, thanks :)09:46
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faenilfwiw, this was the qtwayland fix
kontiothesignal: there is now a version of Ohm in the store, can you please confirm that the version in store and the one which is currently still in the queue is the same, we think so, since it has the same version number? so we could remove the one in the queue?09:50
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thpfaenil: let me know when you have a solution, not tagging fingerterm right now09:54
faenilthp, yeah I'm having a look at the code, not sure there *is* a solution, but I'll let you know09:55
faenilit's all about this09:55
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thesignalkontio: it's the correct version, thanks. what was the problem? will it occur again if i submit an update?09:58
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faenilthp, so, after following the path, we're back to square,
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faenilif that's what Qt decided...10:16
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faenilso basically there is no way to tell an empty clipboard from a non-existant clipboard...okay... :/10:20
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faenilcoderus, so, final comment, there's nothing we can do without changing Qt code, so I guess we have to accept it :)10:25
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thpfaenil: so no need to change something? (i.e. no revert, but keep the patch and tag)10:27
faenilthp, yeah well Qt sets mimedata to 0 in clear()10:27
faeniland then it null-checks on text() and similar10:28
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faenilso basically "mode not supported" and "clipboard empty" both return 0 :/10:28
valdur55faenil: was your comment about lipstick's peek orientation patch ?10:28
faenilvaldur55, no we're talking about a small fingerterm thing ;)10:28
faenilvaldur55, I'm not inside jolla, fwiw :)10:29
valdur55faenil: ok :)10:29
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kontiothesignal: ok in that case we are gonna reject the current submission in the queue... the problem was one of your first version had a problem with the rpm name or file name (I don't know the details), and our admins blacklisted it by hand in the store back end, when you submitted the corrected version, our tester approved it in Harbour, so it was out there from the queue, but the store back end still had it black listed, so it kind of "disappeared",10:42
kontio now your app is removed from the black list... it should not happen again with the next update you submit, a big sorry (also from our admins) for the circumstances...10:42
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benthorbenso, how do I actually join ?10:50
benthorbenI can sign in but not sign up10:50
benthorbenah, apparently I am stupid10:51
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thesignalkontio: no big deal, thanks ! glad it works now10:53
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radiofreeoooh just lost a text message, unless i'm going mad11:54
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CazouIn every exemple I found, the Constructor QQmlListProperty::QQmlListProperty(QObject * object, QList<T *> & list) is used12:27
CazouBut the documentation states that it should generally not be used12:27
Cazouis it safe ?12:27
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Cazou(sorry, wrong channel)12:32
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CazouA friend sent me this, saying that "We actually should avoid using anything usefull with Qml" :
CazouIn fact, avoid using particles, using Rectangle, using graphical effects, and so on...13:59
CazouIf we were working on a game, (a card game for instance), can we still use shadows and animations to make it look a bit more user friendly ?14:00
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lbtCazou: absolutely14:03
lbtI use particles and shadereffects in a couple of apps I'm working on14:03
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lbtwithout more context "We actually should avoid using anything usefull with Qml" sounds very much like FUD14:04
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andrilhello all14:06
CazouThanks, so, those can be considered as general guidelines and information on which parts of QML are consuming more resources14:06
lbtyes - but on-device testing is the only reliable way to judge14:06
kaltsisupauli: we can make your home dir setup work.. there was just a similar case with cos- the other day14:07
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Cazoulbt: yes, we ae still discovering, the sentiment was more like "QML provides lots of great features but we should avoid using them for perfomance reasons, what is the point in using it on mobile applications ?"14:08
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Cazoulbt: That's what I told him14:08
Cazouwe will soon be able to try that on his brand new Jolla :p14:08
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supaulikaltsi: Yea, i bet there is just some silly string wrong. I'll give it a new try when i get home -- i can anyway install the whole thing in say /data/jolla/ and that should be hopefully fine (unless the symbolic link home still causes problems)14:12
supaulikaltsi: If it was similar issue and fix was done on the channel i might be able to find it from logs?14:13
kaltsisupauli: yes.. hmm where are the logs, search for kaltsi and cos wednesday night14:17
kaltsisupauli: but the basic idea was to configure /data/home as an extra source folder for the sdk14:18
kaltsisupauli: starting time 19:4014:20
kaltsisupauli: check if that applies to you, if not.. let's debug more14:21
supauliI do think so , seems very similar situation. I'll thank you more when i get that tested out.14:22
supauliThough: it does not explain why the thing tried to compile in directory /data/home/mersdk when i had the installation on /data/home directory14:23
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kaltsisupauli: the virtual machine has a user 'mersdk' and mounts YOUR host home directory as /home/mersdk14:23
supauliyeah, but it tried to do cd /data/home/mersdk inside the sdk if i interpretted the messages properly14:24
kaltsiand it might have something to do with resolving symlinks14:24
supauliya. I'll do same as cos did and it will just work fine.14:24
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raa70is there .mp4 supporting player for jolla, got a video from mitäkuuluu and can't play it =(15:59
tbryou could try android VLC16:01
*** jardous has quit IRC16:01
*** ericcc has quit IRC16:02
raa70download on google play =(16:02
tbrraa70: fdroid store should have it too16:04
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Jonniraa70: .mp4 is just container, it depends on codec inside if its playable or not.16:30
*** Pat_o has quit IRC16:31
Jonnias some codecs are not included in normal distribution because of licensing issues.16:31
*** Kabouik has quit IRC16:33
raa70"xdg-open found no preferred application"16:33
*** Snurppa has joined #sailfishos16:33
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Bloobis there a specific reason why doing .text = ""; in JavaScript function sometimes leaves a word or two behind? :o17:19
Bloobthis is for a TextField17:19
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evk_Anyone around who knows pulseaudio?18:02
*** martyone_ has joined #sailfishos18:03
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coderusfaenil: thp sorry, was away :)18:05
faenilnp ;)18:05
coderusi told from beginning about null metadata with empty clipboard18:05
*** meShell has quit IRC18:05
coderusyou cant test if clipboard working or not by checking metadata ;)18:05
faenilcoderus, working or not is different from empty or not18:08
faeniland with the current code, you can't say if it's null because the clipboard adaptation is broken18:09
faenilor because the clipboard is just empty18:09
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SiddeI can't get any value from position.speed in QtPositioning. Is there any known problems with it?18:37
Siddeor i can get one value. "0"18:37
*** KangOl has joined #sailfishos18:42
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Siddea localstorage database in qt. Is it saved only for that application and if i remove the application. The database removes as well?19:53
*** rashm2k has joined #sailfishos19:53
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khertanIs there a way to define the pkg version number from a define in the .pro ?21:42
*** roric_ has joined #sailfishos21:52
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kaltsikhertan: no, it's all in the yaml or spec22:01
coderusfaenil: i know. and you shouldnt disable clipboard fetures if you dont know is clipboard working or not :)22:03
coderuskaltsi: btw can we get version from spec in pro/cpp files?22:04
kaltsiyou could write a pro/makefile rule that reads it22:05
coderusparsing spec? o_O22:05
kaltsirpmspec command does it for you22:05
coderusoh, okay :(22:06
coderusbad way, but okay :(22:06
kaltsirpmspec --query --srpm --queryformat="%{version}" specfile.spec22:06
khertanoh so i do it the wrong way ...22:08
kaltsior your spec file could write it to a tmpfile in %install22:08
kaltsior %build22:08
khertani'm already writting the .pro and changelog with a python script based on git commit22:08
khertanso i ll write the yaml too22:08
khertankaltsi, thx22:08
kaltsiok :)22:09
*** mk2soldier has joined #sailfishos22:10
coderus /away22:12
khertancoderus, failed22:12
*** jstaniek_ has quit IRC22:21
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tanghus_Why is it that every time I write to the sailfish-devel list I get:  <>: Recipient address rejected: Over quota (in reply to RCPT TO command) ?22:34
*** alight has quit IRC22:38
tbrtanghus_: sounds like a subscriber has is over quota and the bounce isn't going to the MLM but to you instead22:38
tanghus_tbr: yeah, thought about that right after I wrote it :P22:39
tanghus_Bad, bad mailer-daemon that doesn't respect Reply-To ;)22:40
tbractually it's IIRC part of the envelope, not reply-to where the bounce should go to. but would need to read up myself and CBA right now.22:41
tanghus_CBA? Yes, there is a Errors-To: devel-bounces@lists.sailfishos.org22:42
tanghus_Ah, took a look at UD for CBA - did not know that one :)22:50
*** winfriedd has joined #sailfishos22:50
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faenilcoderus, and you shouldn't accept null pointers if you don't know if the clipboard is working or not (which is what fingerterm does with your patch)22:59
faenilbut the Qt QClipboard code doesn't seem to give many alternatives22:59
*** jjarven has quit IRC22:59
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Turskii don't think fingerterm should be used at all with sailfish23:37
*** eppe has quit IRC23:38
Turskithere should be terminal layout to native virtual keyboard and terminal emulator that uses it23:38
*** meShell has quit IRC23:38
*** nodevel has quit IRC23:39
*** nodevel has joined #sailfishos23:39
Turskiif i knew QT a bit better i would be at least trying to do it23:39
Turskibut probably it just isn't that trivial since there isn't such terminal emulator23:40
*** Tomiol80 has quit IRC23:41
*** DarkSim has quit IRC23:44
faenilTurski, it's all a matter of "is it worth it" imho23:45
Turskifaenil: i think it would be23:45
faenilI think jolla has to focus on the bugs and features now, I'd put fingerterm "kbd layout" at the end of the list23:46
Turskifaenil: i didn't say jolla should do that23:46
faenilTurski, now you're talking ;)23:46
Turskinow you understood me ;)23:46
faenilyes, it would be good if someone would do that ;)23:46
faenilbtw, good night o/23:47
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