Thursday, 2014-01-16

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taixzoHello! I am trying to make an XKCD reader app. I want to make a list of comics; I'm using a SilicaListView with Item as delegate, but I can't figure out how to make the elements clickable.03:47
Elleotaixzo: have a MouseArea inside the item with anchors.fill: parent03:48
Elleothen use the onTriggered signal from the MouseArea to do stuff03:48
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taixzoMouseArea doesn't seem to have an "onTriggered" signal?04:00
Elleosorry, onClicked04:02
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narchiecoderus: reading your issuetracker08:19
narchieis it true whatsapp just recently changed sync mechanisms?08:19
narchie I'm getting 404 although a week ago everything was working perfectly08:19
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KhertanAtworkStskeeps, sorry for the tweets mass spamming :) i ve included you as you helped me yesterday.08:27
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KhertanAtworkthat was not a fair gift :)08:27
KhertanAtworkI'm currently trying to automate a bit the release of one of my apps after having made crappy release with different release version in different place.08:28
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KhertanAtworkso i m using the git commit comment and tag to generate changelog and version but how can i get the release version from the .pro in the .yaml ?08:29
KhertanAtworkany idea ?08:29
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radiofreewhere do i report bugs to?09:40
radiofreefound quite a few, a lot in the browser09:40
radiofreewell, the browser fails to render a couple of websites incorrectly, e.g the tables on the mobile version of
radiofree(not sure how to link the mobile version)09:42
radiofreethe tables for the squad render off screen, and you can't move around to see it09:42
radiofreehave noticed this behaviour on a few tumblr pages as well09:42
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KhertanAtworkmany site using Bootstrap2 tend to have not usable scroll down nav bar09:43
Sidderadiofree: i've notised that tables and divs can start floating on top of each other. For example in Plex Web09:43
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Nicd-radiofree: you can make posts on together.jolla.com09:47
radiofreethe battery life is pretty poor as well, is NFC running all the time?09:48
Nicd-yes, that is a known bug09:49
mibruninradiofree: yep, you can disable it by stopping and or disabling the tohd service09:49
Nicd-the bug is that instead of shutting off NFC when OH is connected, it actually turns it on AFAIK09:49
radiofreenumerous wifi issues as well, to the extent where i just use 3g, however i'll test them more over the weekend and see if i can came up with a proper test case09:50
* mibrunin thinks there should be a setting to disable NFC as there was on the N909:50
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eppe( Jolla phone ) After a couple of unsuccessful recovery attempts, and 1 successful i am still in a boot loop. Anyone have an idea what todo next?09:54
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tbreppe: what made you try recovery initially?09:59
eppephone started to be unresponsive looonger boots, random reboots etc10:00
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tbrand you didn't do a factory reset instead of recovery first?10:00
eppeoh sorry factory reset trough the menu on the phone. Then trough telnet10:01
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thesignalis there anyone from the jolla devs? my app is "published" since ages, it does not show up in store and nobody answers my emails10:49
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zuhthesignal: define "since ages"?10:56
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thesignalzuh: two weeks, it was even published a month ago, but i resubmitted because someone told me the package-naming could be a problem11:02
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kontiothesignal: what is the apps name?11:07
thesignalkontio: "Ohm"11:08
kontiothesignal: let me check with the guys...11:09
thesignalkontio: thanks11:09
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kontiothesignal: hmm seems your app is playing hide and seek, seems the app is not in the queue at all, what does the webui say about your app, in which state is it?11:12
thesignalkontio: "PUBLISHED"11:12
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kontiothesignal: and it didn't show up in Store yet?11:14
kontiowhat was the package name?11:14
thesignalkontio: no, nowhere. also tried searching it11:14
thesignalkontio: harbour-ohm-1.0.1-1.armv7hl.rpm11:15
kontioso far that looks ok... but it seems your resubmission was not successful, can you please go to the apps upload page in harbour and remove the Binary (click on the cross), upload the latest version of your rpm again, and click the "Submit to QA" button on the left again...11:16
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kontiothesignal: ^ and ask around what happened otherwise with your app...11:17
kontiothesignal: once done, ping me, then I ask if it showed up in the queue...11:17
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thesignalkontio: uploaded and submitted11:18
kontiothesignal: ok it's now in the queue... why the already approved did not yet show up in the Store I have to ask the admins, if they see something...11:22
thesignalkontio: thanks for investigating that11:22
kontiothesignal: np11:23
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leszekhow can I access my view (QQuickView) from a class where I put my slot for a qml signal in cpp ?12:36
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ericcc    a  nice app12:48
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tanghus_ericcc: thanks :) Current version is a bit battery hungry and will probably be rejected in harbour. Currently working on next version.12:49
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ericcctanghus_: hi  how  can  put it to qt-create   and   run build12:51
tanghus_ericcc: you should be able to just open
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ericccand  then12:54
tanghus_Set as current project and run select build12:54
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BeholdMyGloryWhen launching a QML-only application using  sailfish-qml $appname  it seems that the paths provided by StandardPaths are based on 'sailfish-qml' rather than '$appname', e.g. returns ~/.local/share/sailfish-qml instead of ~/.local/share/$appname. Similarly, LocalStorage.openDatabaseSync creates the database file in ~/.local/share/sailfish-qml/QML/OfflineStorage/Databases. Is there any way to make the paths use the13:01
BeholdMyGloryapplication name instead?13:01
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jake9xxthp: ^13:04
ericcctanghus: I  CANNOT  BUILD13:07
tanghusericcc: No need to shout ;) What error do you get? Disclaimer: I'm very new to qt-creator.13:07
thpBeholdMyGlory: yeah, this probably should be fixed in libsailfishapp directly. for now, you should be able to use as a workaround13:08
ericcctanghus:  see it
thpBeholdMyGlory: i.e. app->setApplicationName("harbour-myapp"); - this is probably what the launcher should do, anyway13:09
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tanghusericcc: your link has no image in it13:09
thpBeholdMyGlory: can you confirm that with this change, the storage paths are the correct ones?13:09
BeholdMyGlorythp: Do I need to write a C++ launcher to run setApplicationName?13:09
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tanghusericcc: try to click the icon to the left and select build options.13:11
thpBeholdMyGlory: good point ;) so yeah, we'll need to fix this in the launcher13:11
BeholdMyGloryAny idea when I can expect it to be fixed?13:12
thpBeholdMyGlory: i'll fix it right away, but it needs to trickle into the release repo. for now, use a c++ launcher (at which point it will actually work again, as sailfish-qml isn't used)13:13
ericcctanghus:  select build options.  i  put the  green  build button ,but  noting  happen13:14
ericccon  it  send me  分析文件C:/Users/Administrator/kitchen-timer-qml-master/kitchen-timer-qml-master/harbour-kitchentimer.pro时发生错误,放弃中。13:14
BeholdMyGlorythp: Aight, thanks13:14
tanghusericcc: you need to start the build engine and emulator first.13:14
ericcconly  the  sdk   not  see   engine13:15
ericccsee  pic13:15
ericcc   C:/Users/Administrator/kitchen-timer-qml-master/kitchen-timer-qml-master/ An error occurs, abandon the.13:16
tanghusericcc: they both need to be red. When they're green they're not running.13:16
ericccnew  pic
tanghusericcc: Have you following the introduction and tried to create your own app first?
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tanghusI can't read the Chinese(?) error messages, so can't help you there, sorry.13:19
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ericccyes   i  can create new app ,and  it is can run.but  you code  which   i  downd  is  can not  run13:19
tanghusCan you translate the error messages to English. please?13:20
jake9xxericcc: can you look at the window 'Compile output' plesae13:21
ericcctranslte  it :13:21
ericccC:/Users/Administrator/kitchen-timer-qml-master/kitchen-timer-qml-master/ An error occurs, abandon the.13:21
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ericccjake9xx: yes  i  can see   but  it  had  noting13:23
ericccjake9xx: you  can   down it
tanghusericcc: please do as jake9xx suggested and look under 'Compile output' and also 'Issues'13:24
ericccand put  in the  qt-create13:24
jake9xxissues is just overview, in compile output you should see what is going on13:25
tanghusericcc: you can also try last release:
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tanghusericcc: can't you scroll in the output? Otherwise check under 'Issues'. The first tab from the left.13:29
ericccok   i will   redown zip13:30
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leszekhow can I access the QQuickView from main.cpp in a subclass myClass which acts as slot handler class ?13:32
*** Venemo has quit IRC13:33
ericcc  noting13:33
ericcc   :(13:36
leszekthats the code I use. Anyone an idea ?
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ericccsomebody  have teamview?13:37
tanghusericcc: click on tab number 1 which has 21 written. It means there are 21 issues/errors.13:38
*** KangOl has quit IRC13:38
tanghusYou used ?13:39
ericcc It means there are 21 issues/errors.  nonot   it  is  my  code  is  run13:39
ericccnot  you code run. you  code  not  errors13:39
ericccyes  i  redown
*** CoderCandy is now known as GrannySmith13:40
tanghusAh, sorry I can't be of more help. I don't know qt-creator good enough to remote debug.13:40
*** GrannySmith is now known as CoderCandy13:40
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ericcctanghus:  i rebuidl the code  see  the   err:Qmake source directory is not supported under the build directory.13:50
ericccmy pc  is    win713:50
ericccDEPLOYMENT_PATH = /usr/share/$${TARGET}....13:51
ericcci found it13:51
tanghusericcc: sorry, I don't know that error message, but it sounds like you need to change the build options.13:51
*** qwazix has joined #sailfishos13:51
Custodianericcc: enable shadow build at build settings13:51
*** KangOl has joined #sailfishos13:54
ericcctanghus:   you code   developer on  linux?not  win?13:56
tanghusericcc: yes, I develop on Linux13:56
*** Xruxa has quit IRC13:59
ericccso  you  code  cant  run  on  win714:01
ericccneed  change  anythind:)14:01
*** Xruxa has joined #sailfishos14:02
tanghusericcc: I don't know about Windows. You should ask on the mailing list. I've seen some others struggling with the SDK on Windows14:04
kaltsithere's nothing wrong with windows sdk14:04
kaltsisame sources can be compiled in windows, in linux and in mac14:04
*** KangOl has quit IRC14:05
kaltsiit's not possible to see what is wrong in this case from the provided screenshots14:05
*** macben_ has quit IRC14:07
ericcckaltsi  can you  have  teamview14:07
kaltsisorry, no14:08
ericcci put  his  code and  can see enginer14:08
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*** clau2 has joined #sailfishos14:10
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ericcckaltsi:  can you see  the  machine is  display  only Emulator14:13
ericcc machine is  not display14:14
kaltsiericcc: you have 'arm' target selected, it has no emulator.. see the red circle over the "play" button.. that indicates that you have an arm target selected14:14
*** jmlich has quit IRC14:14
kaltsiericcc: emulator is an 'i486' target14:15
*** macben has joined #sailfishos14:15
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javispedroSoo... I think xwayland on lipstick will be hard (TM)14:17
Stskeepshow come?14:18
javispedrothe differences between qtwayland and weston seem to be many14:18
Stskeepshave you considered running weston nested underneath qtwayland?14:18
* w00t twitches14:18
leszekis there any possibility to clear the cookies from a webview without manually removing them from ~/.local/share/ ?14:18
w00tStskeeps: you're demonstrating the principles of computing (nothing that can't be solved without another layer of indirection) rather well :)14:19
* javispedro pokes w00t and hopes he has some comments14:19
Stskeepsw00t: mir under xwayland under weston under weston under hwcomposer!14:19
w00tjavispedro: unfortunately I don't have anything of substance to offer - I've been x11-free ever since we switched in 2013 and I totally plan on keeping it that way for my sanity14:19
javispedroStskeeps: no, and atm I have got no idea how would that even work =)14:20
ericcckaltsi: yes   how  i  add 'i486' target14:20
Stskeepsjavispedro: well, weston as a wayland client..14:20
javispedrowayland+weston over wayland+qtwayland14:21
Stskeepsso x clients -> xwayland -> weston -> qtwayland14:21
*** KangOl has joined #sailfishos14:21
kaltsiericcc: in qtcreator, on the left side there is "Projects" tab.. select it, and then from that view, "Add Kit" and select the i486 kit14:21
Stskeepsthere's no way that couldn't perform14:21
javispedroI was also thinking about a KDrive derivative that just renders to a wayland surface (that seemed like few LoCs)14:21
Stskeepsjavispedro: isn't there like SDL x backends?14:22
Stskeepsfwiw, just so you're aware, libx11 is gone in next sailfishos update, but, this of course doesn't stop chroot like setups14:22
Stskeepsand in practice you'd want to have a debian chroot or whichever anyway14:22
javispedroI have some experience with kdrive (I once made a (indirectly) accelerated one for webos)14:22
javispedroStskeeps: yeah, that's the goal14:22
javispedro(or X11 redirection)14:23
Stskeepshave you looked at glamo or what was it14:23
javispedronot yet, kdrive doesn't use glamor at all (for all I know)14:23
javispedroaiui glamor is just a "generic" 2D driver for the full xserver that uses gl14:23
Stskeepsit also exists in a glesv2 form.14:23
javispedrobasically if one was going to use the full xserver (or xwayland) he'd need that14:24
javispedrobut that's way too complex for me atm.14:24
Stskeepswhat's the specific x11 interest fwiw? sw collection?14:26
javispedromostly, running the debian/gentoo chroot14:26
Stskeepspractically i'd just suggest having something x11-y that makes wayland shm buffers14:27
javispedroyeah, that's kdrive :)14:27
ericcckaltsi: thank  much .it  can  run14:27
kaltsiericcc: good :)14:27
ericccand  thank you  tanghus14:27
javispedroStskeeps: but your idea of x11 over wayland over wayland might work too, even if it's ideologically much more complex it may be doable with 0 LoCs.14:28
javispedrowell.. maybe input handling...14:28
*** ckaktus has joined #sailfishos14:29
tanghusericcc: You can build it? That's great :)14:30
*** Sfiet_Konstantin has joined #sailfishos14:32
*** Zucca has quit IRC14:33
*** qwazix has quit IRC14:35
zmcAre there any publicly available jolla builds that I can experiment with on my various arm devices yet?14:37
*** KangOl has quit IRC14:37
*** itbaron has joined #sailfishos14:41
*** Khertan_Atwork has joined #sailfishos14:41
*** KhertanAtwork has quit IRC14:42
*** qwazix has joined #sailfishos14:49
*** qwazix has joined #sailfishos14:49
narchiewhere is the mail logging file located14:52
*** roboro has quit IRC14:52
narchieincredibly annoying to configure mail accounts when the error messages are cryptic14:52
*** fk_lx has joined #sailfishos14:53
*** KangOl has joined #sailfishos14:53
joonahoidoes someone have an idea about python3-base package (from mer-python3 repo), is there going to be an package compiled with SSL anytime soon?14:54
*** roboro has joined #sailfishos14:55
*** leszek has quit IRC14:56
Elleojoonahoi: I suspect thp would be the person to ask14:56
kelvanif anybody knows it it's thp :)14:57
*** IgorSK has joined #sailfishos14:57
Elleojoonahoi: filing an issue on might help too14:58
kelvananybody interested in nmap, libpcap and tcpdump on sailfishos? just finished building at it seems to work14:58
thpjoonahoi: use the nemo repos instead;
Elleoah, my mistake15:00
*** ZioBilly has joined #sailfishos15:00
joonahoiok, cool. will do15:00
*** gabriel9 has quit IRC15:00
*** gabriel9|work has joined #sailfishos15:00
ZioBillyHi, i have a boot loop problem, i've been told to show up in here and to contact @Stskeeps but he doesn't reply to my messages.... if you are busy at least say it to me.. i have my device down for two weeks til now, and i still haven't received any answer..15:04
StskeepsZioBilly: is it and the recovery method doesn't help / says invalid argument?15:04
ZioBillyi installed the last update,  the recovery says [CLEANUP] Starting cleanup! [CLEANUP] Umounting top volume... [CLEANUP] Deleting /mnt [CLEANUP] Cleanup done. Mounting /dev/mmcblk0p28 on /mnt mount: mounting /dev/mmcblk0p28 on /mnt failed: Invalid argument [ERROR] Can't mount '/dev/mmcblk0p28' to '/mnt' [CLEANUP] Starting cleanup! [CLEANUP] Umounting top volume... [CLEANUP] Deleting /mnt [CLEANUP] Cleanup done. Connection closed15:05
ZioBillythanks for answering =)15:05
Stskeepssadly you have to send your device to service, there's no other way15:05
ZioBillyhow can i contact someone to send the device? where do i have to send it? shoud i pay the spedition?15:06
Stskeepsyou have to go through care@jolla.com15:07
ZioBillyi emailed them 2 weeks ago and still have no answer15:07
Stskeepsthey have a bit of backlog15:07
fluxbtw, did someone already provide steps on how to make an image of the phone and restore it?15:07
*** macben has quit IRC15:08
*** macben has joined #sailfishos15:08
*** wickwire has quit IRC15:08
ZioBillythe fact that after installing the update it keeps saying that there was an update may change something?15:10
StskeepsZioBilly: not really no15:10
Stskeepsthat's just a bug15:10
ZioBillyah ok.. so if sending to service is the only way, i have to keep waiting, i hope that will not pass too much time and that i will not have to spend other money..15:11
*** VDVsx has quit IRC15:12
Stskeepsjust a SW R&D person here, care is not visible to me :/15:12
Stskeepsjust saying diagnosis15:12
ericcctanghus: yes  it  looks nice  on win715:13
*** ZioBilly has quit IRC15:14
*** flyapen has quit IRC15:26
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TumeezHmm.. How I can fix Jolla-account login problem?16:23
TumeezMy friend Jolla store not working.16:23
*** Shaan7 has joined #sailfishos16:25
*** Shaan7 has joined #sailfishos16:25
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*** softmetz has joined #sailfishos16:33
*** Bysmyyr has joined #sailfishos16:35
BeholdMyGloryDoes anyone know if it's possible to set the maximum width of a Label, i.e. not a constant width but a limit on how wide the Label can be?16:35
BeholdMyGloryNever mind, I just noticed that Item has an implicitWidth property, so I could set the Label's width to Math.min(implicitWidth, myMaxWidth)16:39
*** IgorSK has quit IRC16:44
*** stephg has joined #sailfishos16:45
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joonahoiElleo, thp, thanks. works like a charm17:19
*** VDVsx has joined #sailfishos17:26
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rcgit's just a proof of concept right now but it works20:12
*** KangOl has joined #sailfishos20:12
rcgone thing to take into account: the discovery does not work, at the moment20:12
rcgseems to be a driver or api issue but i am not sure20:13
rcghowever, entering the address manually and then connecting works20:13
*** rashm2k has joined #sailfishos20:14
rcgfrom there it essentially is just a matter of re-implementing the functionality as showcased in libpebble in qt20:14
*** javispedro has quit IRC20:15
*** planasb has joined #sailfishos20:18
*** arcean has quit IRC20:19
*** ckaktus has quit IRC20:19
alightanyone knows if it's possible to get access to the headphone jacket to check signals from headsets with buttons and stuff?20:21
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC20:23
*** M4rtinK has joined #sailfishos20:23
*** ckaktus has joined #sailfishos20:23
*** clau2 is now known as clau20:23
*** Custodian has quit IRC20:25
attahalight: pretty sure Elleo does it here:
*** tortoisedoc has joined #sailfishos20:29
*** tortoisedoc has joined #sailfishos20:29
*** Finleida has quit IRC20:32
leszekanyone knows how to handle cookies on the silicawebview or normal webview ? It doesn't work like it used to be on qt420:32
alightI'm pretty tired of headphones and headsets not working20:32
attahhmm, yeah maybe it's not in the OS yet20:32
tortoisedocsomeone ever tried to put qml files in extension plugins?20:33
tortoisedoc(perhaps an obivious question, but for me it does not seem to work)20:34
tortoisedocqml in ressource -> ressource in plugin20:34
tortoisedocto access qml: qrc:/qml/myqml.qml20:34
tortoisedocqml not found :(20:34
alightI'll check the git repo and see if I find anything, thanks20:34
leszekdamn it the documentation is so damn bad that I am sitting 2 days on doing only cookies in qt5 webview. I just give up it isn't worth it20:36
*** jjanvier has joined #sailfishos20:42
*** boud has quit IRC20:45
*** boud has joined #sailfishos20:46
Elleoattah: I only have some stuff for bluetooth buttons ported over from meego (which doesn't actually work in sailfish yet)20:47
Elleoalight: ^20:48
attahaligt: sorry :(20:48
Elleoalthough bluetooth buttons seem to be usable somehow as the official player supports them20:48
*** boud has quit IRC20:48
*** itbaron has quit IRC20:48
attahokay :) and those qmls are on the device..20:49
*** dafox has joined #sailfishos20:50
ElleoI think that's handled in the c++ side of the media player20:50
Elleoalthough I haven't looked in detail20:50
Elleothe media player qml does lots of stuff through the com.jolla.mediaplayer qml plugin20:50
*** boud has joined #sailfishos20:52
*** fk_lx has joined #sailfishos20:52
*** leszek has quit IRC20:58
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos20:58
*** Kabouik has quit IRC21:04
*** winfriedd has joined #sailfishos21:05
*** tortoisedoc has quit IRC21:06
*** alight has quit IRC21:08
rcgElleo, while you are around21:09
Elleorcg: yep?21:09
rcgdo you, or anyone else, happen to know if it is possible to send commands to the mediaplayer?21:10
Elleorcg: it's currently not, but I've been pestering people to add it :P
rcgi know that it doesn't send info on its own, e.g., via dbus and i also know, at least some, of your posts at but i wonder if there is at least some way to, say, do next, prev, pause :)21:11
Elleonot as far as I know, you can pick up some now playing data by look at the meta data information on the pulse streams iirc21:11
ElleoI think that's what the scrobbling client does21:11
rcghmm ic21:11
Elleobut nothing to actually control it so far21:11
ElleoI don't know if faking the equivelant of bluetooth media key presses is possible, if so that might work21:12
Elleoalthough probably wouldn't be harbour safe21:12
rcgwell, in the current state i don't care for harbour-safe a lot21:12
Elleoif it was X I'd say try sending XF86AudioPlay/Pause/Next key events and see if those are picked up21:13
rcgbluetooth isn't allowed anyhow, so the hacks can get as ugly as it goes :)21:13
Elleodunno how wayland does that sort of thing21:13
Elleoah, heh21:13
rcghehe, indeed, if it was X :)21:13
rcgi guess i need to learn much more about the new stuff :)21:13
*** ericcc_ has joined #sailfishos21:14
rcgElleo, btw., did you see the link above?21:14
rcgall help is appreciated to re-coding the libpebble functionality in qt :)21:14
Elleorcg: oh no, missed that21:14
Elleowill take a look now21:14
rcgif you have any preferences license-wise, just let me know21:14
rcgi assume that this may be useful for a bunch of others too, if we could come up with some qt implementation of the pebble protocol21:15
Elleorcg: well rockwatch is GPL, so anything GPL compatible (from a linking standpoint) is fine with me21:16
*** ericcc has quit IRC21:16
*** mk2soldier has joined #sailfishos21:16
rcgalright, then i will stick with gpl for now21:16
rcgi might change it to 2 as i have 3 right now and some people don't like GPLv321:17
ElleoLGPL or BSD/MIT/whatever might be more appropriate for a library since then anyone writing BSD/MIT/whatever licensed things can link against it too21:17
rcgthen, otoh, the actual protocol implementation might become even more open21:17
rcgwell, right now, it is not even in the state of becoming a lib but well, i just looked at it for some hours now21:18
rcgideally, as much as interaction should be possible via qml imho21:18
smokexhow about a decent file system monitoring library that supports subdirectories21:18
rcgthis way you don't need to re-compile all the time but just hack-away in qml :)21:18
smokexthat a nice library21:19
Elleorcg: iirc javispedro was working on a Qt based bluetooth low energy lib, dunno if its worth looking into that (although I'm not sure sailfish supports lower energy stuff yet)21:19
Elleorcg: yeah, having it build as a qml plugin would be pretty sweet21:19
rcgElleo, yeah, gato or something, i think21:19
Elleoyeah, that was it21:19
smokextracker is terrible21:20
*** eppe has quit IRC21:20
rcgin the current state, i still need to get a better overview of the pebble protocol and how it works21:20
*** raven24 is now known as raven24^{off}21:20
rcgwhat i want to find out primarily is, how to minimize the c++ part and implement most stuff in qml21:21
Elleorcg: yeah, you might want to poke at some of the 2.0 stuff as well, as I know some stuff is changing a bit (it's not 1.x backwards compatible apparently)21:21
rcgoh, i see21:21
*** raven24^{off} is now known as raven2421:21
rcgwell, those are all big plans and i'll do one small step after the other :)21:21
Elleointerestingly 2.0 adds a standardised javascript component to pebble apps that gets hosted on the phone, which could probably be quite nicely handled within QML21:21
Elleorcg: yeah, of course take things in small chunks :)21:22
Elleojust wanted to make sure you didn't accidentally end up implementing a bunch of stuff that ends up deprecated in a few weeks ;)21:22
rcgsound interesting21:23
*** promulo has quit IRC21:23
Elleoyeah, I haven't looked at it in detail yet myself though21:24
rcgaye, the heads up is definitely highly appreciated :)21:24
*** lizardo has quit IRC21:28
*** alight has joined #sailfishos21:30
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos21:35
*** alight has quit IRC21:38
*** clau is now known as clau-afk21:38
*** ericcc has joined #sailfishos21:41
*** ericcc_ has quit IRC21:44
*** ckaktus has quit IRC21:45
*** eppe has joined #sailfishos21:45
*** mohjive has quit IRC21:46
*** nk1ox has quit IRC21:50
*** alight has joined #sailfishos21:53
alightsry, went afk a while. still there Elleo?21:55
*** javispedro has joined #sailfishos21:55
*** javispedro has joined #sailfishos21:55
Elleoalight: yep22:00
alightI was thinking of directly tapping into the hardware22:00
alightdo people even do that? :P22:00
alightI only played with an arduino and some connector boards22:01
*** John24 has joined #sailfishos22:01
John24good evening guys22:01
alightbut I guess the principles are the same? or is the headphone jack weird somehow?22:02
*** Vant has left #sailfishos22:02
John24is there any way to display alerts to users?22:02
*** ericcc_ has joined #sailfishos22:02
John24like connection lost? etc.22:02
*** radiofree has quit IRC22:03
*** ericcc has quit IRC22:03
*** radiofree has joined #sailfishos22:03
*** radiofree has quit IRC22:04
*** attah has quit IRC22:05
*** radiofree has joined #sailfishos22:05
*** SeekingFor has quit IRC22:05
*** SeekingFor has joined #sailfishos22:06
Elleoalight: sorry, I don't know what sort of signal the headphone stuff sends, it might be exposed by something in /proc/ I guess22:09
ElleoI'm only guessing though22:10
Elleoerr, /sys/ sorry22:10
alightnp, any pointers are good.22:10
Elleo/sys/kernel/debug/tracing/events/asoc/snd_soc_jack_* makes it sound like there might be an interrupt from the jack socket you might be able to listen for22:12
Elleobut you might do well to ask someone who actually knows about these things :P22:12
*** clau-afk has quit IRC22:12
*** KangOl has quit IRC22:13
*** KangOl has joined #sailfishos22:14
*** spider-mario has quit IRC22:14
*** Marenz has quit IRC22:15
*** stephg has quit IRC22:16
javispedroElleo: btw. If you were interested, Bluetooth low energy scanning is broken:
Elleojavispedro: thanks, I'll add that to my list of things to follow :)22:19
*** Pat_o has quit IRC22:19
John24so is it possible to display messages on the screen?22:22
*** jjarven has quit IRC22:23
*** promulo has joined #sailfishos22:25
faeniljavispedro, it seems none has a qualcomm android device to confirm that issue :/22:28
javispedroyeah, don't look at me :)22:28
javispedro*cough* technically the jolla itself is a qualcomm android device, though.22:29
faeniljavispedro, of course...that is the reason of the request...22:29
*** Marenz has joined #sailfishos22:33
*** Blizzz has quit IRC22:33
*** dafox has quit IRC22:36
javispedroalarmingly, HTC says the HTC Mini 8930AA does not support BLE.22:36
javispedroerr.. the HTC Mini One, which has a 8930AA.22:37
javispedrothough as I just wrote on together.j.c connecting to BLE works fine, it's just scanning22:37
*** jjarven has joined #sailfishos22:37
javispedroeven passive scanning, which should not actually transfer anything22:38
*** John24 has quit IRC22:47
*** macben has quit IRC22:49
M4rtinKany official way to run a qml file by path ?22:53
M4rtinKwithout that retarded "has to be in /usr/share/<name>/qml/<name>.qml" policy ?22:54
M4rtinK& would also like to add custom import paths22:54
ElleoM4rtinK: there's qmlscene but I don't think it's officially supported22:54
M4rtinKyeah, I've been using it till now and I think it might have some issues22:54
Elleoyeah, iirc it doesn't set some of the stuff sailfish-qml does, so covers aren't quite right for example22:55
M4rtinKspecifically not shutting down the application once the window is closed22:55
M4rtinKbasically the app is not getting the shutdown event22:55
Elleoah, haven't noticed that, but I tend to just use it for some quick testing that gets ended with a ctrl-c22:55
M4rtinKyeah, might be another artifact of not running it through the "official" app22:56
M4rtinKqmlscene ignores that :)22:56
Elleoyou could probably make a more generic qml loader quite easily though22:56
M4rtinKat least in my case22:56
M4rtinKyeah, basically already working on it22:56
M4rtinKon device :)22:56
M4rtinKdon't want to bother outdated SDK22:56
M4rtinK*to update22:57
M4rtinKI think I'll just hardcode the paths to binary for the time being :D22:57
M4rtinKProject ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: quick gui23:00
*** Tomiol80 has quit IRC23:01
M4rtinKhmm, looks like I'm not able to install qtgui and qtquick devel packages...23:03
M4rtinKdue to missing libEGL-devel23:03
*** raven24 is now known as raven24^{off}23:03
*** rcg has quit IRC23:05
winfriedd@John24: notifications are following free desktop notifications23:06
winfrieddThere was some info about it on the devel mailing list some 10 days ago23:07
*** rashm2k has quit IRC23:07
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M4rtinKmanaged to run it with original sailfish-qml in the end23:33
M4rtinKwith HUGE hacking :)23:33
M4rtinKexport QML_IMPORT_PATH=/usr/share/modrana-test/qml/UC; export QML_IMPORT_TRACE=1; sailfish-qml modrana-test23:33
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M4rtinKsubjectively feels faster23:33
*** nodevel has joined #sailfishos23:33
M4rtinKbut the shutdown bug is still there23:34
M4rtinKcovers look the same23:37
M4rtinKI though I've spotted some slightly better performance23:37
specialwhat are the problems you're trying to solve, exactly?23:37
M4rtinKbut doing a blind test did not confirm that :)23:38
M4rtinKspecial: I'm working on a Python & QML application (modRana)23:38
M4rtinKspecial: and I have lately had some issues with not getting the shutdown signal when the window is closed23:39
M4rtinKspecial: co I have been investigating if it is perhaps caused by using qmlscene23:39
specialqmlscene is probably not ideal.. how are you using qmlscene if you're using python?23:40
M4rtinKwhen you use PyOtherSide, you load the ml first, the io.thp.pyotherside QML plugin gets loaded and starts the embedded Python interpreter23:41
M4rtinKthen you can use it to import Python modules, run code (a/synchonously), etc.23:41
M4rtinKand Python code can import the pyotherside module23:42
M4rtinKand use it to send events to QML :)23:42
M4rtinKPyOtherSide is both a QML plugin & Python module23:42
M4rtinKvery VERY cleverly done by thp :)23:42
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