Sunday, 2014-02-23

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N-Mihi all00:21
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N-Mistruggling to make a first pyOtherSide app on Sailfish SDK, but I'm a newbie with qtcreator. I added a Python file in my project, but I can't find what file I need to modify to install it in target00:24
N-Mitried to add in the "Files" section in the .yaml file, but the path I tried to provide is wrong. On my computer, the .py file is in MyProject/src/myfile.py00:25
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Agatha18 Here some videos. I hope you like them!
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Ashley27 You can find funny videos here.
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Natalia21 Hi! I give you some videos. I hope you like!
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ericccf  u  c  k06:14
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AL13Nhow do i get a qmlscene argument in qml ?08:00
AL13Ngoogle tells me about a ubuntu Arguments type08:00
AL13Nbut that's obviously not it08:00
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Agatha20 You can find funny videos here.
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coderusAL13N: Qt.application.arguments08:23
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mikmawhat's "adopter"09:18
mikmayou guys have interesting race against ubuntu mobile at the moment09:20
mikmalet's see who will win09:20
tbrmikma: race? one of both has a product shipping in numbers, the other has announcements09:21
Stskeepswell, last year they showed a tech demo which was practically qt5 on top of surfaceflinger and a bunch of cardboard apps (ie, looked like they launched, but was actually just screenshots/mockups)09:21
mikmatbr: yes, but the race is on with the os', not the products.09:21
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katy24 Here some videos. I hope you like them!
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sledgesmikma: but with product out in the wild, for which that OS was tailored (hence best performing), is much easier to get feedback and improve on, from community10:12
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sledgeseee macarena - mwc2014 :))11:01
* tbr ponders what's going to be the summer dance hit this year11:02
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kimmoliquick help needed. building fails with error QQuickItem - not found  (#include <QQuickItem>) what is missing?11:05
m4g0ghow to send ussd request via c++ or qml?11:06
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jpnurmikimmoli: try adding "QT += quick" in the .pro file11:10
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kimmolithere is ... will recheck (completely different results on win / ubuntu)11:21
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jpnurmikimmoli: also pkgconfig(Qt5Quick) in the .spec file's "BuildRequires" section?11:24
jpnurmior something similar in the .yaml file if you're using that11:25
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Andy80morning guys11:29
Andy80anyone else is having this problem ?11:29
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wickwireHi guys, I'm trying to work with the TOH SDK, I'm trying to create new ambiances11:31
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wickwirebut just building the template, I'm getting build errors11:31
wickwireit seems that the qmake step doesn't work properly11:31
wickwireand consequently the rpm build fails11:32
wickwireI've seen this working on windows, I'm actually using linux11:32
VenemoAndy80: either "wait for it", or re-login in Settings -> accounts11:32
Andy80Venemo, I've tried both... I've waited one whole day, I've rebooted the device at least 3 or 4 times and I've deactivated/reactivated the account11:33
Andy80it simply doesn't work :(11:33
Venemowickwire: why do you run qmake?11:33
Andy80I've tried to create also other new contacts on Google Contacts and none was synced11:33
VenemoAndy80: it usually worksforme, but it takes a couple of days. I'm not sure the trouble is with jolla, even11:34
wickwireVenemo: I'm guessing it does that based on the stock spec file included in the template with the TOH SDK11:34
coderusm4g0g: no public apis for ussd11:34
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VenemoAndy80: but I upvoted your question nevertheless11:34
coderusStskeeps: looks promising :)11:34
m4g0gcoderus: ((11:34
tbrhmmm maybe you could talk to ofono over dbus11:34
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wickwireI was assuming it would work since it is the default template shipped with the SDK11:35
Venemowickwire: qmake won't do anything unless there is a .pro (Qt project file) in the folder you run it in11:35
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Venemowickwire:  purpose of qmake is to create a makefile from the project so that make will know how to build it11:35
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wickwireVenemo: there is a pro11:35
coderustbr: sure, all other ways like telepathy and ofono need more investigation :)11:35
Andy80Venemo, wtf... I've jus restarted again my phone and now it worked -.- I've all contacts back11:35
VenemoAndy80: it may be google's fault for all I know... but I agree it's very annoying11:36
wickwireand somehow, files are built11:36
VenemoAndy80: to be honest, I'd very much prefer to sync with something else other than google, like owncloud or something11:36
wickwireon windows, I managed to confirm that the qml file for the ambiance is converted to a qm11:36
wickwirea binary11:36
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wickwireand also, it seems that a template.ts file is expecte11:37
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coderuswickwire: rcc converted to qm11:37
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wickwireI tried using a yaml file from a traditional project, with the ambiance11:37
m4g0gcoderus: I want to create current balance checker :-(11:37
coderussorry, ts converted to qm, not qml :)11:38
coderusm4g0g: reasonable :)11:38
coderusyou need to investigate it yourself11:38
wickwirehoping it would generate a proper spec file11:38
wickwireI'm basically using the template spec file that ships with it11:38
wickwiremy fear is that somehow, under recent updates to the mer sdk, the shipped spec is no longer valid11:39
wickwireif I could either confirm or dismiss that,11:39
wickwireit would help11:39
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Andy80Venemo, surely there are problems.... I've deleted one test contact on Google and it disappeared from Jolla (and this is correct), but I've renamed another one and it disappeared too from Jolla11:40
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Morpog_PCkimmoli, you there?11:41
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kimmoli_jollaMorpog_PC: jes11:43
Morpog_PCI found your and coderus discussion on ML about accessing theme colors inside JS with pragma library11:44
*** jjanvier has joined #sailfishos11:44
Morpog_PCdoes that mean tehre is no solution for this, as I see you didn't use theme colors in heebo after all11:44
kimmoli_jollai dont recall the outcome11:45
Morpog_PChaving the same issue atm with tweetian :)11:45
*** qqK has joined #sailfishos11:45
Morpog_PCkimmoli, I checked your code on github, you didn't use theme colors in the end11:45
kimmoli_jollayes ok11:45
Morpog_PCyou didn't ivestigated further I guess :D11:46
Andy80Venemo, Google may have problems, but for example the same changes reflected imediatly on my Lumia and not at all on Jolla11:46
*** jpnurmi has quit IRC11:46
*** zhxt_ has joined #sailfishos11:46
kimmoli_jollai didnt. used fixed ones where couldnt use themes11:47
VenemoAndy80: I was just saying. the thing is, it's entirely possible that jolla just screwed it up11:47
Morpog_PCdamn :D11:47
*** zumbi has joined #sailfishos11:47
kimmoli_jollaor did i oveeride them on qml?11:47
*** mhall119 has joined #sailfishos11:47
*** jpnurmi has joined #sailfishos11:48
*** dhbiker has joined #sailfishos11:48
Morpog_PCdoesn't seem so11:49
*** VDVsx has joined #sailfishos11:49
*** Thoric has joined #sailfishos11:49
kimmoli_jollaok (waiting pizza, no access to code)11:50
*** freedomrun has joined #sailfishos11:51
kimmoli_jollawas there any help for my qquickitem issue? this happens on linux. on windows, same project says qmake fail, error in lune 34 of some tmp file. (had same wiht communi-sailfish. now making qmlplugin for keyboard11:52
*** fracting has joined #sailfishos11:53
*** bnvk has joined #sailfishos11:55
*** zhxt__ has joined #sailfishos11:56
Andy80is there any availability date for the new stable fw?11:56
tbrearly march11:56
*** suy_ is now known as suy11:56
tbraccording to TJC11:56
Andy80I'm guessing it will be released in these days, for MWC, but there aren't any dates ...11:56
Andy80ah ok11:56
*** mk2soldier has joined #sailfishos11:56
*** zhxt_ has quit IRC11:58
Andy80another bug I've noticed... in this moment for example all my contacts appear offline12:00
Andy80even if they are online12:00
*** vesurivs has quit IRC12:00
coderusMorpog_PC: no problem in using qml imports in js12:01
*** vesurivs has joined #sailfishos12:01
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos12:01
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos12:03
*** zetaz has joined #sailfishos12:03
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*** edgar2 has joined #sailfishos12:03
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*** zhxt has joined #sailfishos12:03
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*** zutto has joined #sailfishos12:03
*** Yaniel has joined #sailfishos12:03
*** jpnurmi has quit IRC12:04
*** jpnurmi has joined #sailfishos12:04
*** Sandy28 has joined #sailfishos12:05
Sandy28 Here some videos. I hope you like them!
*** Sandy28 has quit IRC12:05
*** leinir has quit IRC12:05
*** leinir has joined #sailfishos12:05
*** FireFly has quit IRC12:06
*** shadeslayer_ is now known as Guest5828612:06
*** mpr is now known as Guest693412:06
*** FireFly has joined #sailfishos12:07
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*** m4g0g has quit IRC12:08
*** BeholdMyGlory has joined #sailfishos12:09
ericccoh  my god bot12:12
tbryeah, it's a general problem on freenode12:13
ericccsome  channel had  bot12:15
*** fenix_fx has joined #sailfishos12:18
kimmoli_jollaBeholdMyGlory: help me.... please?12:21
*** fenix_fx has quit IRC12:23
BeholdMyGlorykimmoli_jolla: Why me specifically?12:24
kimmoli_jollaqmlplugin for maliit keyboard....12:24
BeholdMyGloryOh wait, you're that guy working on the software side of the QWERTY other half?12:25
*** plfiorini has quit IRC12:25
BeholdMyGloryWhat do you need help with?12:25
kimmoli_jollabasics. i started with your libanthy qml plugin, but sdk claims qquickitem -file not found...12:26
BeholdMyGloryWhat are you trying to do specifically? Are you trying to get the Japanese input method working, or do you just need to know how input handlers work in general?12:27
kimmoli_jollagenerally. before i tested using uinput, got something but didnt like to create new uinput for every char12:28
*** Zucca has quit IRC12:29
*** magog has joined #sailfishos12:29
BeholdMyGloryAh, all right12:29
kimmoli_jollai had to start from somewhere and your plugib seemed reasonable point..12:29
BeholdMyGloryWell, the very simplest input handler you can find in /usr/share/maliit/plugins/com/jolla/InputHandler.qml12:30
BeholdMyGloryProbably the only interesting parts there is the com.meego.maliitquick import, and the MInputMethodQuick methods12:31
kimmoli_jollathat i know. i need some way to pass keypresses from my daemon, e.g. over dbus.12:31
*** cyb has joined #sailfishos12:31
cybsomeone here?12:32
Morpog_PCwell coderus, as soon as I import Sailfish.Silica.theme I get this:12:32
Morpog_PC[W] unknown:20 - qrc:/qml/tweetian-harmattan/Utils/Parser.js:20: SyntaxError: Unexpected token .12:32
Venemocyb: yes12:34
cybshort question: how can I edit about:config for the sailfish browser?12:34
Morpog_PCyou could edit prefs.js in /home/nemo/.mozilla/mozembed/12:36
cybthanks :)12:36
BeholdMyGlorykimmoli_jolla: Take a look at this:
*** Zucca has joined #sailfishos12:37
kimmoli_jollacontext , i was lookin the server12:37
*** dhbiker has quit IRC12:39
*** RobertMe has joined #sailfishos12:41
*** Hurrian has joined #sailfishos12:42
*** disharmonic has quit IRC12:44
*** Makinit has quit IRC12:45
*** mk2soldier has quit IRC12:45
*** Zincoshine has joined #sailfishos12:45
*** mk2soldier has joined #sailfishos12:45
kimmoli_jollaBeholdMyGlory: i assume keyEvent is interesting one?12:46
*** Makinit has joined #sailfishos12:47
BeholdMyGloryNo, you'll probably want commitString12:47
BeholdMyGloryupdatePreedit is interesting as well, for more advanced input methods12:47
*** piggz has quit IRC12:49
*** mk2soldi_ has joined #sailfishos12:49
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos12:50
*** kimmoli_jolla has quit IRC12:50
*** mk2soldier has quit IRC12:51
ZincoshineHmmm, I'm a nemo mobile and sailfish enthusiast. I've heard that there is sailfish coming out for the nexus 4.... I have a nexus 4. I'd sure like to try out this on my phone.12:51
tbrAFAIU, 'very soon now'™12:51
*** cyb has quit IRC12:52
*** bnvk has quit IRC12:53
Zincoshineis there any way I could try it out?12:53
sledgesZincoshine: if you would like to be an early adopter, pm me your name and email, as well as what you hope to do with it12:53
*** lsme has quit IRC12:56
*** onurati has quit IRC12:58
*** lsme has joined #sailfishos13:01
*** Kail-2i3 has joined #sailfishos13:01
sledgesZincoshine: thanks for the info :)13:01
Sail0rI think my colleague should write to you, too.13:04
sledgesvery welcome Sail0r :)13:04
Sail0rhe's waiting for sailfishos on his nexus since he saw my jolla *g*13:05
slateI was just browsing for 2nd hand nexus..13:05
slatebetter hw. :)13:05
*** lbt_away is now known as lbt13:06
*** fenix_fx has joined #sailfishos13:06
*** juke is now known as Guest3209113:08
*** Kail-2i3 is now known as Nichope13:08
*** Kabouik has joined #sailfishos13:09
*** c0ck4m0u53 has joined #sailfishos13:09
*** Zucca has quit IRC13:10
*** djselbeck has joined #sailfishos13:11
*** Aoyagi has joined #sailfishos13:12
*** fenix_fx has quit IRC13:14
kimmoliBeholdMyGlory: ok, that seems to be it. any more tips? do i need to connectInputMethodServer, haven't yet found suitable stuff from dbus itself13:16
*** thrakcattack has quit IRC13:17
*** thrakcattack has joined #sailfishos13:18
BeholdMyGlorykimmoli: No idea. I can't find a relevant DBus service running on the Jolla either, and I don't know how to get it running13:22
BeholdMyGloryYou might get more out of studying the QML plugin for Maliit:
BeholdMyGloryLooking at how e.g. sendCommit is implemented13:23
BeholdMyGloryAlternatively, the easiest solution might just be loading a QML file directly in the daemon13:23
BeholdMyGloryThat in turn imports com.meego.maliitquick13:23
*** Jurre has joined #sailfishos13:24
BeholdMyGloryOh yeah, I forgot to mention, you *will* need to use sendKey/keyEvent to send e.g. a backspace13:26
kimmolii learned that from arrow-keys qml layout13:27
*** fenix_fx has joined #sailfishos13:28
*** Sir_herrbatka has joined #sailfishos13:28
kimmolimy (earlier) plan was to make the qml-plugin to listen my dbus signal from daemon, and pass it to the inputhandler qml (or something like that)13:28
*** tanghus has joined #sailfishos13:29
*** piggz has quit IRC13:29
*** fenix_fx1 has joined #sailfishos13:31
*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos13:31
*** RoKenn has joined #sailfishos13:31
*** disharmonic has quit IRC13:31
*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos13:31
*** fenix_fx1 has joined #sailfishos13:31
*** RoKenn has joined #sailfishos13:32
*** fenix_fx has quit IRC13:32
*** disharmonic has quit IRC13:33
*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos13:33
coderusMorpog_PC: read later messages13:36
BeholdMyGlorykimmoli: You could always try loading e.g. /usr/share/maliit/plugins/com/jolla/InputHandler.qml using a QQmlComponent directly from the daemon and see what happens if you call the _handleKeyClick method13:36
BeholdMyGloryIs the code for the daemon available on e.g. GitHub by the way?13:37
*** clau has quit IRC13:37
*** Jurre has quit IRC13:38
*** Jurre has joined #sailfishos13:38
kimmolinot at the momeny13:42
BeholdMyGloryAre you planning on releasing the code?13:43
kimmolii am13:44
kimmolimeanwhile i did locate possible way to change vkb layout viw org.gnome.GConf.Database /org/gnome/GConf/Database/0 org.gnome.GConf.Database.Set13:44
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos13:45
*** fenix_fx1 has quit IRC13:46
kimmolii just want to get it into some level before pushing there., i should have hw proto keyboard next week,. but plan was to have something to show on MWC13:46
*** Guest32091 is now known as juke_13:47
kimmolibut i will now retry with the uinput stuff. i already got something to screen with that...13:48
*** schabi_ has joined #sailfishos13:53
*** KangOl has quit IRC13:53
*** SeekingFor has quit IRC13:54
*** SeekingFor has joined #sailfishos13:54
*** fenix_fx has joined #sailfishos13:57
schabi_Looking for TH13:58
schabi_the files for sailfish os on the nexus 413:58
sledgesschabi_: if you would like to be an early adopter, pm me your name and email, as well as what you hope to do with it13:59
schabi_is there a flashable version available yet??14:00
*** schabi__ has joined #sailfishos14:03
*** Zoe19 has joined #sailfishos14:05
Zoe19 Hi! I give you some videos. I hope you like!
*** Zoe19 has quit IRC14:05
schabi__sry for the stupid question but how do I send you a personal message?14:06
sledgestype /msg sledges14:06
*** DarkSim has joined #sailfishos14:06
sledges /msg sledges <message>14:06
sledgesor open conv window with /q sledges14:06
*** bnvk has joined #sailfishos14:06
* tbr wonders if it's too early to tell people about:14:07
tbr/quit playing games with my heart14:07
*** Aoyagi has left #sailfishos14:09
*** Aoyagi has joined #sailfishos14:09
* kimmoli learning python and dbus . duh14:11
*** martyone has joined #sailfishos14:15
*** Andy80 has quit IRC14:15
*** mk2soldi_ has quit IRC14:15
*** KangOl has joined #sailfishos14:18
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*** sequantz has joined #sailfishos14:24
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*** leinir_ has joined #sailfishos14:28
*** leinir has quit IRC14:28
*** leinir_ is now known as leinir14:28
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos14:29
*** phaeron has quit IRC14:29
*** raa70 has joined #sailfishos14:33
*** NoGy has joined #sailfishos14:33
Venemowhy would you want to learn python?14:36
Yanielis there something like qmlviewer on sailfish?14:38
Venemoyes there is14:39
Venemothe QtQuick2 version is called qmlscene14:39
Yanielthen I can play around without fiddling with c++ code14:39
Venemothe sailfish version is called sailfish-qml but I'm not sure what it adds to qmlscene14:40
Yanielsailfishapp maybe?14:40
Venemoyes, or similar bloat14:41
*** KangOl has quit IRC14:41
*** KangOl has joined #sailfishos14:41
Yanielbehold, the bloating has started14:41
*** zippo has joined #sailfishos14:41
*** Guest58286 has quit IRC14:42
Yanieljeez, maybe I should get a new nick, this one is too often mistaken for a realname14:42
kimmoliVenemo: fast way to test dbus stuff, then i turn it into c++ with also limited skills14:42
*** shadeslayer has joined #sailfishos14:42
VenemoYaniel: I didn't mistake it for a real name, why?14:43
*** Sir_herrbatka has joined #sailfishos14:43
Venemokimmoli: ah, ok14:43
*** jjarven has quit IRC14:43
*** freedomrun has quit IRC14:43
Yanielwell it used to be somewhat google-unique but then brazil found facebook and it is apparently a relatively common first name there14:44
*** touparx has joined #sailfishos14:48
*** zippo has quit IRC14:51
*** zhxt_ has quit IRC14:57
*** radekp has joined #sailfishos14:58
*** miksuh has quit IRC14:59
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*** freedomrun has joined #sailfishos15:01
*** martyone has quit IRC15:01
*** jjarven has joined #sailfishos15:03
*** rashm2k has joined #sailfishos15:06
*** Zincoshine has quit IRC15:07
*** fracting has quit IRC15:09
*** mk2soldier has quit IRC15:10
Morpog_PCwtf you guys are not using real names on here? :( I always thought were your real names!15:11
* Morpog_PC giggles :D15:11
Yanielomg someone on the internet lied15:12
kimmoliHere is one stupid video..:  i got something working ´, fyi BeholdMyGlory15:19
Yanielwhat sorcery is this15:21
*** piggz has quit IRC15:21
VenemoMorpog_PC: actually you can /whois to find out my real name15:22
*** touparx has quit IRC15:22
*** ovonuk has joined #sailfishos15:23
Venemokimmoli: controlling Maliit over SSH?15:23
Morpog_PCor by his TOHKBD15:24
*** leinir has quit IRC15:27
*** sequantz__ has joined #sailfishos15:27
*** sequantz has quit IRC15:28
*** leinir has joined #sailfishos15:28
*** fenix_fx has quit IRC15:33
*** Jurre has quit IRC15:40
*** Jurre has joined #sailfishos15:40
*** mk2soldier has joined #sailfishos15:42
*** schabi__ has quit IRC15:42
*** schabi_ has quit IRC15:43
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos15:43
kimmolisimulated tohkbd15:46
kimmolibut the real proto seems to also be able to write on screen (not in android though)15:49
*** bnvk has quit IRC15:52
*** Zesty_ has joined #sailfishos15:52
*** s1gk1ll has joined #sailfishos15:54
*** s1gk1ll_ has quit IRC15:54
*** s1gk1ll is now known as Guest7410415:54
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*** leinir has quit IRC15:58
*** bnvk has joined #sailfishos15:59
*** leinir has joined #sailfishos16:00
*** maxime_wixiweb has joined #sailfishos16:00
*** Amy22 has joined #sailfishos16:05
Amy22 Here some videos. I hope you like them!
*** Amy22 has quit IRC16:05
*** maxime_wixiweb has joined #sailfishos16:07
*** triggerhappy_ has quit IRC16:09
*** thede771 is now known as thedead144016:12
*** ovonuk has quit IRC16:13
*** plfiorini has joined #sailfishos16:18
*** ovonuk has joined #sailfishos16:20
Sail0rsledges: is the sailfishos image for nexus4 fully functional?16:23
*** martyone has joined #sailfishos16:25
*** rashm2k has quit IRC16:27
sledgesSail0r: would it be called "early adopters" then? ;)16:29
Sail0rdunno how it is called ;)16:30
*** leinir has quit IRC16:31
*** KangOl has quit IRC16:31
*** piggz has quit IRC16:32
*** leinir has joined #sailfishos16:33
sledgesi'll rephrase: we would't be calling early adopters if it was fully functional, we'd just release it ;)16:34
tbrsledges: I'm sure it is, for values of "fully functional". *giggles*16:34
Sail0rah :)16:34
*** KangOl has joined #sailfishos16:35
Sail0rare there other early adopter images? xD16:35
Morpog_PCi know of at least 1 more16:36
Sail0rnexus7 ?16:36
sledgesJolla phone :D16:36
Morpog_PCahahaha :D16:37
Sail0rbut it's better for my finances if there is no image for nexus7 ^^16:37
Sail0rthat would be the only reason to buy one16:37
fenix_fx_what about nexus 4?)16:37
Morpog_PCmy n7 is just lying around and waiting for it :D16:37
sledgesa package for early adopters is not about images or set of phones, it depends on what you want16:38
sledgessome people want to port to new devices16:38
sledgesanother clue:
*** danielwf has quit IRC16:38
Morpog_PCnow that is a nice clue :D16:39
Morpog_PChopefully that chart is as outdates as the nemomobile ones :D16:40
sledgesMorpog_PC: yes16:40
sledgesbecause nemomobile is up-to-date :DDD16:40
*** sequantz__ is now known as sequantz16:40
*** martyone has quit IRC16:41
sledgeslibhybris enables re-user of android drivers, so most of red boxes simply mean - "we haven't had time to spend a day on this one" :)16:43
Sail0rI try to get my boss buy some jolla phones for work16:43
Sail0rI cannot work with the android phones anymore16:43
Sail0ralways try to wake it with double tap16:43
sledgesSail0r: nice work you do then :)16:43
Morpog_PCyou need to get faenil to finnish studies, he is the porting king on steroids :D16:44
sledgesthat's where community steps in16:44
Morpog_PCSail0r, there are some LG phones now with that feature. They even say they invented it, lol16:45
*** martyone has joined #sailfishos16:45
*** ericcc has quit IRC16:46
Morpog_PCsledges, well hopefully we have some bigger community around when you start to release some stuff to public16:46
Sail0rlol Morpog_PC16:46
*** magog has quit IRC16:46
*** AlmAck has joined #sailfishos16:46
sledgesMorpog_PC: sure, already got a few adopters just over past couple of hours16:46
Morpog_PCKnock is distinctively an LG UX and a great example of what happens when you marry the latest in mobile technology with consumer-centric insights. No one ever thought that a power button needed to be improved until our engineers wondered why they couldn’t turn the entire screen into a power button.16:47
Sail0rI am also going to invent something totally new it's for making phone calls while you are on the road and i call it hmmm how to call it ^^16:48
Sail0rsounds good ;)16:49
Morpog_PClets call the PR department we invented something revolutionary!16:50
Yanielhmm wasn't Nokia classified as a patent troll just a while ago?16:51
Sail0rnext time lg invents a gesture driven phone16:52
sledgesdid they join rockstar?16:52
YanielI recall they might have some patents loosely related to tapping the screen to unlock it16:52
*** bnvk has quit IRC16:55
*** rm_work has joined #sailfishos16:56
*** rm_work has joined #sailfishos16:57
zetazHas anyone considered porting sailfish or nemo to an Eink display based reader ? I have a Kobo here with debian, and I must say it is a lot better than what I expected. But for sailfish, with all its graphical effects, it would probably not be that good on a slow display like that ?16:57
Yaniellikely not as-is16:59
sledgeszetaz: twobob has tried on kindles, but yes, trimmed down versions16:59
sledgesof mer/nemo16:59
Yanielbut you could do some tweaks end get something really cool otu of it16:59
sledgesthis is hillarious :)17:01
kimmolibut that is fast for eink17:03
*** leinir has quit IRC17:03
zetazsledges: thanks for the link. Damn, mine is a lot slower.... never though of playing angry bird with it ! :D17:04
*** mentos1386 has joined #sailfishos17:05
sledgesfound it finally:
*** leinir has joined #sailfishos17:05
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos17:07
sledgeswrite him a message on youtube, to ask for status, let's kick it :)17:07
*** stephg has joined #sailfishos17:08
zetazit's good to see that it is possible, but the good point of eink being that the less you refresh it the less it consumes. I imagine that with refresh rates like this, and lcd screen consumes less or equals ?17:08
*** mentos1386 has quit IRC17:08
sledgeswell, those are just funny videos17:09
*** arcean has quit IRC17:09
sledgeshe's working for small community who are developing a fresh OS for kindle17:09
sledgesand he looked into mer/nemo as strong option17:09
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos17:09
*** spiiroin has joined #sailfishos17:09
kimmoligwtting eink timings correct in first place is pain int there, and getting it working this fast and nicely might get you insane...17:09
zetazmost apps are "static" : maps, IRC, messages... and so could benefit from eink.17:09
sledgeszetaz: e-ink TOH ;)17:10
zetazsledges: I was looking at what OS to put in my e-reader in fact, but yes eink TOH would be a nice addition to the Jolla phone. Too bad Jolla didn't provide SPI for the OH connection...17:12
* SpeedEvil looks at his nook simple touch17:13
kimmolibut you can put there small microcontroller to make "conversion"17:13
kimmoliand housekeepint the eink screen, taking out some payyload from i2c17:13
kimmoli(or at least i will)17:13
*** juhe has joined #sailfishos17:14
zetazkimmoli : yep. laziness is my main skill ;)17:14
*** arcean has quit IRC17:14
*** kyssis has joined #sailfishos17:15
kimmoliThat requires academic education to be lazy :)  .anyway,  "proof of concept" is done with arduino listening i2c and driving eink.17:15
*** bnvk has joined #sailfishos17:17
zetazkimmoli: I have followed your work. Great work by the way for all your OH.17:18
*** hcarrega has quit IRC17:20
*** cardinal has joined #sailfishos17:21
*** capcolors3 has joined #sailfishos17:21
*** martyone has quit IRC17:21
*** cardinal is now known as hcarrega17:22
*** capcolors3 is now known as capcolors17:23
*** reviewjolla_ has joined #sailfishos17:25
*** reviewjolla_ is now known as reviewjolla17:26
*** ccha3 has quit IRC17:28
*** Yaniel is now known as tsukimori17:33
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*** w00t has joined #sailfishos17:36
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*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos17:37
*** martyone has joined #sailfishos17:38
*** Sail0r has quit IRC17:38
*** Jurre has quit IRC17:39
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos17:40
*** Sir_herrbatka has joined #sailfishos17:40
sledges+1 kimmoli !17:41
kimmolihumble thanks17:44
*** disharmonic has quit IRC17:44
*** maxime_wixiweb has quit IRC17:47
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*** Sail0r has quit IRC17:55
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*** piggz has joined #sailfishos17:58
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*** Isabella27 has joined #sailfishos18:05
Isabella27 Hi! I give you some videos. I hope you like!
*** Isabella27 has quit IRC18:05
jake9xx_kimmoli: saw your proto the other day. Hats off, dude. Respect with capital R.18:07
*** leinir has quit IRC18:08
*** KangOl has joined #sailfishos18:08
*** leinir has joined #sailfishos18:10
*** martyone has quit IRC18:10
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*** bnvk has joined #sailfishos18:14
*** disharmonic has joined #sailfishos18:15
*** martyone has joined #sailfishos18:18
*** RobertMe has quit IRC18:28
*** bnvk has quit IRC18:29
*** c0ck4m0u53 has quit IRC18:31
*** rashm2k has joined #sailfishos18:33
*** aard_ is now known as Aard18:34
*** qqK has quit IRC18:41
*** leinir has quit IRC18:41
*** leinir has joined #sailfishos18:42
*** bnvk has joined #sailfishos18:45
*** Klarre has joined #sailfishos18:48
KlarreHi! I'm looking for a place wherr I can read about upcoming release versions gor Sailfish. Is there a web page for that?18:50
*** cnuke has joined #sailfishos18:52
sledgeswelcome Klarre :)18:53
*** mk2soldier has quit IRC18:55
*** mk2soldier has joined #sailfishos18:55
*** mk2soldier has quit IRC19:00
*** zen|merge_ is now known as zen|merge19:02
*** zen|merge has quit IRC19:04
*** zen|merge has joined #sailfishos19:04
*** piggz has quit IRC19:05
*** Venemo has quit IRC19:06
*** furikku_ has quit IRC19:06
*** Venemo has joined #sailfishos19:07
*** Flynn has joined #sailfishos19:07
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos19:10
*** leinir has quit IRC19:14
*** leinir has joined #sailfishos19:14
*** qqK has joined #sailfishos19:20
*** master_of_master has quit IRC19:21
*** andorreta has joined #sailfishos19:25
*** yves__ has joined #sailfishos19:25
*** tango_ has quit IRC19:26
sledgeshello yves__19:26
*** freedomrun has quit IRC19:27
yves__there is a port for the nexus 4 is that correct?19:27
yves__how well does it run?19:27
*** tango_ has joined #sailfishos19:28
*** netzvieh has joined #sailfishos19:29
*** master_of_master has joined #sailfishos19:29
sledgesyves__: you've seen the video, right?19:30
sledgesthings like wifi/gps are not yet working, but it's work in progress19:32
*** piggz has joined #sailfishos19:32
yves__thats very cool, i hope all features are there at some point19:32
sledgesgiven the fact that the same technology was used to make accelerated graphics stack work, will be used for other hardware bits as well19:32
sledgesso in theory, it should work as full-fledge as cyanogenmod on it, in practise it will depend on enthusiasm+manhours spent by community with jolla's help19:33
yves__nice, thanks for the info19:34
*** M4rtinK has joined #sailfishos19:34
sledgeswelcome yves__ :)19:36
kimmoliI did just watch one funny video: and then it did hit me... i have this UDOO iMX6 quadcore, .. Any thoughts ?? worth of porting ?19:36
*** Archyman has joined #sailfishos19:37
ArchymanI am interested19:37
sledgesthe music is funny ;) ahhh good ole times19:37
jake9xx_kimmoli: does freescale give any modem i/f's ?19:37
sledgeskimmoli: more funny vids:
*** Zotan has quit IRC19:38
*** Zotan has joined #sailfishos19:40
sledgesjake9xx_: slap on a usb umts modem19:40
*** louisdk has quit IRC19:40
ArchymanSo dumb question time... Is Sailfish dual bootable? Or can I try it on apk I am fairly lost right now19:40
sledgeshuawey are linux friendly19:40
sledgeshuawei even19:41
*** dharman has quit IRC19:41
jake9xx_sledges: I meant real modem connectivity ;)19:42
jake9xx_sledges: btw, what's the trick with SGX, nemo and existing hardfp ?19:42
jake9xx_or doesn't imagination care anymore?19:42
*** reviewjolla has quit IRC19:42
kimmolijake9xx_: dont know - my "modem" is something that you hit your colleague with ..19:44
*** freedomrun has joined #sailfishos19:44
ArchymanSo uhhh any help :(19:44
jake9xx_Archyman: no, sailfish is not dual bootable yet19:45
tsukimori"try sailfish on apk"?19:46
*** andorreta has quit IRC19:46
tsukimoriwhat is that supposed to mean?19:46
*** leinir has quit IRC19:46
sledgesthere's a sailfish emulator app, to try how it feels on your android19:46
ArchymanI am honestly new to android but I just got a new phone and wanted to use sailfish... I apoligize for my ineptitude19:47
*** joonahoi has joined #sailfishos19:47
*** piggz_ has joined #sailfishos19:48
*** mhall119_ has joined #sailfishos19:48
*** edgars_ has joined #sailfishos19:48
*** zchydem_ has joined #sailfishos19:48
*** s1gk1ll has joined #sailfishos19:48
*** Mnsu_ has joined #sailfishos19:48
*** ShadowJK_ has joined #sailfishos19:48
*** s1gk1ll is now known as Guest5452319:48
*** Makinit has quit IRC19:48
*** jukkaeklund has joined #sailfishos19:49
*** reviewjolla has joined #sailfishos19:49
jake9xx_Archyman: the apk you refer 'is' running sailfish code but it ain't the sailfish OS - it runs on top of android and gives you look and feel of what sailfish is19:50
*** Guest74104 has quit IRC19:50
*** Mnsu has quit IRC19:50
*** joonahoi_ has quit IRC19:50
*** Tazca has quit IRC19:50
*** slate has quit IRC19:50
*** zchydem has quit IRC19:50
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*** gigetoo has quit IRC19:50
*** edgars has quit IRC19:50
*** martyone has quit IRC19:50
*** piggz has quit IRC19:50
*** zenvoid has quit IRC19:50
ArchymanSo is there a way to install sailfish on an android phone?19:51
jake9xx_plus you cannot access all features of sailfish with that19:51
*** Tazca has joined #sailfishos19:51
*** leinir has joined #sailfishos19:51
*** jukkaeklund has quit IRC19:51
*** martyone has joined #sailfishos19:51
*** RoKenn has quit IRC19:51
*** zenvoid has joined #sailfishos19:51
*** RoKenn_ has joined #sailfishos19:52
kimmoliI did skip Android phones completely - (Time when they were called just "phones") -> WinCE -> Meego -> Sailfish19:52
*** Makinit has joined #sailfishos19:52
*** slate has joined #sailfishos19:53
*** gigetoo has joined #sailfishos19:53
*** plfiorini has quit IRC19:54
*** mk2soldier has joined #sailfishos19:55
sledgesArchyman: instructions are being prepared, you can also become an early adopter for nexus419:58
*** juhe has quit IRC19:58
* kimmoli thinks should i go and buy Nexus4 just for this ??19:59
*** plfiorini has joined #sailfishos19:59
sledgeskimmoli: someone commented on video exactly the same just now :))19:59
sledgessomeone from the US20:00
*** arcean has quit IRC20:02
*** onurati has joined #sailfishos20:02
tbrkimmoli: I'd rather make it work on something like the nexus5 or nexus7-201320:02
tbrthe nexus4 really sucks with the glass back...20:03
*** isthatme|openSUS has joined #sailfishos20:03
*** zhxt has quit IRC20:04
*** zenvoid has quit IRC20:06
*** Emily19 has joined #sailfishos20:06
Emily19 You can find funny videos here.
*** M4rtinK2 has joined #sailfishos20:06
*** Emily19 has quit IRC20:06
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC20:08
*** zenvoid has joined #sailfishos20:10
vgrade_tbr: n5 fairs no better aparently, tweeted I'd picked one up yesterday and got replies from friends to say "buy a case" as 3 of them in the same company had smashed theirs20:10
tbrouch :(20:11
*** KangOl has quit IRC20:12
vgrade_tbr: thin may be sexy but not robust20:12
*** Sail0r has joined #sailfishos20:13
*** manjaro_user has joined #sailfishos20:14
*** piggz_ has quit IRC20:15
*** KangOl has joined #sailfishos20:15
coderussledges: sailfish adaptation contains hardware acceleration and sensors?20:16
sledgescoderus: contains everything what cm has to offer20:17
sledgescurrently status varies per device, is a matter of time20:17
isthatme|openSUSvgrade_: well, the nexus line is designed for devs20:21
*** mk2soldier has quit IRC20:21
stephgn5's have faired much better than n4's did at one of the places I'm at20:21
*** mk2soldier has joined #sailfishos20:22
stephg(not a small sample too, like 10 of each)20:22
isthatme|openSUSyeah, n4 has a glass back20:22
isthatme|openSUSit makes you very paranoid to carry it in your pocket20:22
stephgn4s have this uncanny ability to slide off *any* surface without even being touched20:22
vgrade_isthatme|openSUS: nexus one was solid,20:22
isthatme|openSUSstephg: especially when vibrating20:24
isthatme|openSUSand it's a b*tch to find a case for one20:24
isthatme|openSUSvgrade_: okay, but still my point remains20:24
isthatme|openSUSthe n4 was meant to be a dev device20:24
isthatme|openSUSso it doesn't really matter if it has a glass back20:25
*** M4rtinK2 has quit IRC20:25
*** mk2soldier has quit IRC20:26
*** Archyman has quit IRC20:26
*** phaeron has joined #sailfishos20:27
*** zhxt has joined #sailfishos20:28
*** radekp has quit IRC20:29
kimmolitbr: point taken - Skip Nexus4.20:30
isthatme|openSUSkimmoli: it's a good phone, just get a case for it20:30
tbrI managed to break the screen and the back glass on mine20:30
zetazI'm waiting for the nexus 3310 then ;)20:31
kimmolishould put 6mm hardened on both sides20:31
*** Sir_herrbatka has quit IRC20:31
*** Guest95298 has quit IRC20:33
*** Guest95298 has joined #sailfishos20:33
*** Guest95298 is now known as netchip20:33
netchipSailfish has been ported to Mako?20:35
netchipI wanted to do that :P20:35
netchipOh well - let's go for Nemo Mobile then.20:35
*** itbaron has quit IRC20:36
isthatme|openSUSare the images up yet?20:36
netchipsledges: Could I be an early adaptor?20:37
sledgesnetchip: yes20:37
netchipsledges: You're a Jolla developer, aren't you?20:38
*** RoKenn_ has quit IRC20:38
sledgesnetchip: pm me your name and email and how you intend to participate :)20:39
*** ShadowJK_ is now known as ShadowJK20:42
kimmoliUsing uinput now ... and when i send EV_KEY KEY_LEFTSHIFT and i got ? on screen. And it actually works, if i send KEY_A after i get uppercase A. KEYA --> a, KEY_LEFTSHIFT, KEY_A --> ?A20:42
kimmolisame for KEY_RIGHTSHIFT, KEY_CAPSLOCK. works but s**ks20:43
coderussledges: sorry i never used android and cm, just asking about capabilities :)20:43
sledgesnp coderus, never too late to ask20:43
*** RoKenn has joined #sailfishos20:43
coderussledges: sure20:44
coderusjust tell the best one20:45
*** piggz_ has joined #sailfishos20:52
*** Anarky has joined #sailfishos20:54
*** Sailor-2gether has joined #sailfishos21:02
*** Sail0r has quit IRC21:02
kimmoliabove uinput: the questionmark ? does not appear on terminal, only on sailfish app text inputs21:04
*** stephg has quit IRC21:06
*** Chrls has joined #sailfishos21:09
*** martyone has quit IRC21:11
*** Chrls has quit IRC21:21
*** piggz_ has quit IRC21:22
*** kyssis has quit IRC21:23
*** xnbya has joined #sailfishos21:28
*** cxl000 has quit IRC21:28
*** piggz_ has joined #sailfishos21:30
*** Nekron_ has quit IRC21:37
*** mulin0 has joined #sailfishos21:38
KlarreDo anyone knows what a constant LED flickering in red or green means?21:39
KlarreMy Jolla device has made it twice.21:39
tbrapparently ui restart21:40
KlarreAh, ok.21:40
*** stephg has joined #sailfishos21:47
*** Sailor-2gether has quit IRC21:50
*** djselbeck has quit IRC21:51
*** clau has joined #sailfishos21:52
*** piggz_ has quit IRC21:52
*** gusek has joined #sailfishos21:53
*** eppe has joined #sailfishos21:55
*** eppe has quit IRC22:01
*** Eismann_ has quit IRC22:02
*** isthatme|openSUS has quit IRC22:03
*** Kistelini has joined #sailfishos22:03
*** eppe has joined #sailfishos22:03
*** Kistelini has left #sailfishos22:03
*** mk2soldier has joined #sailfishos22:03
*** zetaz has left #sailfishos22:05
*** Ashley25 has joined #sailfishos22:05
Ashley25 Hi! I give you some videos. I hope you like!
sjnis there an overview somewhere of the meaning of LED signals that a Jolla device might make?22:05
*** Ashley25 has quit IRC22:06
*** gTan64 has joined #sailfishos22:06
*** bnvk has joined #sailfishos22:07
*** lbt has quit IRC22:08
*** lbt_ has joined #sailfishos22:08
*** lbt_ is now known as lbt22:08
*** Zotan has quit IRC22:09
gTan64sledges, I've been working on my own port of Sailfish to the Nexus 4 for the last week or two, and I had it mostly working with Freedreno drivers at one point (font rendering issues, probably due to the above)... I never got hybris to work. I was contemplating releasing my port, but I wasn't sure if there were legal issues with redistributing Jolla's closed source apps. What are your plans wrt releasing your port?22:13
*** fenix_fx_ has quit IRC22:15
*** Zucca has joined #sailfishos22:16
*** DarkSim has quit IRC22:17
*** eppe has quit IRC22:19
*** AL13N_jolla has joined #sailfishos22:20
*** onurati has quit IRC22:20
AL13N_jollaanyone know how to use cli arguments fron qmlscene?22:21
AL13N_jollaGoogle only found ubuntu Argument22:22
*** ah- has joined #sailfishos22:23
*** virtapoika has joined #sailfishos22:24
virtapoikaHi, could you help me to connect Jolla via usb to Ubuntu 13.10 in dev mode?22:25
virtapoikaNow I'm only getting the timeout error22:25
juke_i could, but i'm not at my desktop now :/22:26
virtapoikaOkay :/22:26
virtapoikaI just checked that my ifconfig command doesn't prompt usb devices ip22:26
juke_but the main thing is that you need to use network manager to do it. add a new interface for it and set ip manually from the usb-device's network.22:27
juke_also there's some option in routing so that that interface is only used for local resources, which means it's not trying to use that for facebooking22:27
virtapoikaHmm is network manager the same as "network connections" or should I install some software22:29
juke_that's the same22:29
juke_ looks like this22:29
virtapoikaThank you :)22:30
*** Flynn has quit IRC22:30
virtapoikaWhich type of connection I should use for the Jolla? There's no usb option in the list when I'm adding a new connection22:32
juke_is the phone in developer mode?22:32
juke_the interface doesn't show up without it22:32
juke_it's called usb:<somehexstringhere>22:33
virtapoikaThe phone is in Dev mode22:33
virtapoikaand password is set22:33
virtapoikawait... I maybe got it22:34
juke_ah right. ethernet22:34
virtapoikaNow the ifconfig give my Jolla ip:
juke_and then in the ethernet tab set device mac address from the dropdown22:34
juke_you need to manually set the ip in ipv4 settings tab22:35
juke_choose for example, netmask /24, gateway doesn't matter, it's not used22:36
juke_and then in the same tab set in routing -> use this connection only for resources on its network22:36
*** Tofe is now known as Tofe|Away22:38
virtapoikaand when choosing mac address I choose usb? (not ethernet)22:38
*** gusek has quit IRC22:40
*** mk2soldier has quit IRC22:40
*** mk2soldier has joined #sailfishos22:40
* kimmoli says goodnight!.... can't sleep.. too exited... my proto is at MWC.. WTF moment... pakko nukkua22:41
virtapoikastill the same :/22:42
virtapoikaSetted everything as u said22:42
juke_how about unplugging?22:42
virtapoikagives me the ip which I putted into the interface setup22:43
virtapoikatried twice22:43
juke_like it should22:43
juke_that's your ip in the network between your computer and the phone22:43
juke_the phone is
juke_if your ip is now in the same network, try pingin the phone22:44
virtapoikaI tried ssh connection via ssh nemo@
virtapoikainstantly connection refused22:45
*** Kenny has joined #sailfishos22:45
virtapoikapinging works22:45
juke_then it's not about network configuration22:45
juke_try rebooting the phone, if you have just enabled developer mode for the first time, you need to reboot to get it working22:45
AL13N_jolladid you allow it in dev mode?22:45
Kennyhey guys, how do I sign up to be an early adopter for sailfish OS for my nexus 4?22:46
juke_or tthat's what i've had to do to get it working22:46
virtapoikaI'll reboot22:46
AL13N_jollasounds like firewall is blocking or sshd not running22:46
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos22:46
virtapoikaKenny the android support is coming maybe 2morrow so wait patiently ;)22:47
artemmaI seem to remember people saying that Sailfish scheduler is based on same timed as in Harmattan times, but can't quite see references to it in the SDK. Could somebody point me closer?22:47
AL13N_jollaanyone know how to use arguments in qml?22:47
artemmaAL13N_jolla: you mean function arguments? Same as in javascript. Well, it is just a javascript22:48
juke_don't you have a main function in c++?22:48
AL13N_jollai cant just use argv, that would be too easy22:48
AL13N_jollaqml only via qmlscene22:49
AL13N_jollaGoogle found something Argument, but it was ubuntu specific22:50
AL13N_jollaartemma: juke_ ?22:50
juke_i'm pretty new to qml myself22:50
*** sequantz has quit IRC22:50
artemmaAL13N_jolla: I know nothing about command line qml in Jolla times. In Harmattan I just used qt creator qmlproject.. and didn't care about command line ags either actually22:51
artemmaAL13N_jolla: actually.. why do you need it at all? I understand the wish for command line args in general, but your final app will have c++ wrapper anyway, won't it?22:51
artemmaso for now you could simulate arguments22:52
AL13N_jollaI'm trying to make a .desktop file linked to video mime types22:52
virtapoikaHas someone been a part of "devaamo" hackday?22:52
artemmavirtapoika: I was22:52
AL13N_jollabeen using the Sailfish.Media objects22:53
*** reviewjolla has quit IRC22:53
virtapoikaOkay I'm 15 yrs old so can I join the next hack day? I have programmed in Java and C++ before. The Qt environment is new to me.22:53
*** Sazpaimon has joined #sailfishos22:54
artemmavirtapoika: sure, we don't have any age restrictions. Beer supply might need to go around you, but no other descrimination should happen :)22:54
virtapoikaMy java knowledge: I have finished mooc java course (not offically)22:54
virtapoikaOkay thanks :) I would really like to learn programming Sailfish Apps22:55
artemmavirtapoika: cool!22:55
*** qqK has quit IRC22:56
artemmavirtapoika: you don't even have to wait until the event :D Though it's more fun to do it together22:56
artemmaI am pretty sure "teaching" part will stay pretty much the same -
artemmathat was used mostly as a warm up, the rest of the day was coding/soldering with more skilled guys walking around and answering questions22:57
virtapoikaHmm... I've done that long time ago So is there any "more advanced" sailfish programmers teaching?22:57
virtapoikaOh okay :)22:58
*** gabriel9 has joined #sailfishos22:58
*** ovonuk has quit IRC22:58
artemmaI seem to remember people saying that Sailfish and Nemo scheduler is based on same timed as in Harmattan times, but can't quite see references to it in the SDK. Could somebody point me closer?22:59
virtapoikaMy next goal is to understand qml&c++ integration so maybe someone could help me there/then22:59
*** RoKenn has quit IRC22:59
artemmavirtapoika: this channel should be of good help too22:59
virtapoikaYeah, but I think no1 cares about youngster asking something so basic23:00
artemmavirtapoika: nobody sees your age here :D23:00
AL13N_jollaanyone know of a way to make it less bright?23:00
AL13N_jollasomething more aggressive?23:00
artemmavirtapoika: and actually I find whole Qt-Mer-Nemo-Sailfish world very friendly for newbies23:01
artemmavirtapoika: trying doesn't hurt anyway ;)23:01
*** KangOl has quit IRC23:01
virtapoikaI've tried understanding this reference:
AL13N_jollaI bet the helloworld app is quite illuminating wrt qml & c++ integration23:02
artemmahmm, I don't think there is anything about qml-cpp stuff in helloworld. Maybe I should add something real simple there like passing a version number .yaml->.spec->.pro->.cpp->.qml23:03
artemmavirtapoika: so what's the question?23:04
virtapoikaHow can I call c++ function from qml code for example  in Buttons onClicked23:05
artemmavirtapoika: there are several ways of integration cpp and qml. For just now let's assume you went for that simplest context property way23:06
*** Aoyagi has left #sailfishos23:06
artemmavirtapoika: you will need to setContextProperty("rockerLauncherCppObject", &myRocketLauncher)23:07
artemmathen RocketLauncher class must be based on Q_OBJECT and have Q_INVOKABLE void launchNow()23:07
artemmathen from qml you will call rocketLauncherCppObject.launchNow()23:07
artemmabasically setContextProperty "injects" your cpp object into QML context and you can use all cpp object properties/method23:08
artemmawell, not exactly all, but ones marked as Q_INVOKABLE - that provides the run time wiring via method name23:09
virtapoikaOkay... maybe I got it :D23:09
* artemma is thinking about next Sailfish OS project. Either changing Ambience to some cool photos a couple of times a day or Telegram client. Tough choice..23:10
virtapoikaC++ side is much harder to understand for me because I've learned only basics (example) so using classes in c++ is to me "unkown". In java it is easy23:11
artemmavirtapoika: Qt way is way milder and easier then "normal" c++23:11
artemmaand then in QML world you don't really need c++ that often. Only when you need to communicate with the outer system (e.g. file access) or for performance reasons23:12
virtapoikaBut it is absolutely new to me (too). For a project idea: I have thought about a big wallpaper database. People can upload/download pictures there.23:12
* artemma is thinking about same idea and was just looking for some server-oriented partner in crime :D23:13
virtapoikaBecause for "normal users" changing background image aka ambiance is very important23:13
virtapoikaHaha :D I've used in Java sockets in near times23:14
virtapoikaDoes Java sockets & C++ sockets work together? Fastly thought yes23:15
virtapoikabut I'm not sure23:15
*** clau has quit IRC23:15
artemmavirtapoika: they do, but I don't think you really want to go that low-level unless you are critical on speed23:15
artemmaHTTP level comms can be just enough23:15
*** Iryus has joined #sailfishos23:16
artemmaif you just want to transmit files and votes23:16
virtapoikaHmm yeah true. Jollas screen resolution isn't even hd23:16
*** freedomrun has quit IRC23:16
*** Wh1tebird has joined #sailfishos23:19
virtapoikaartemma: Have you thought about making your own toh?23:19
Wh1tebirdI was directed here via the Sailfish OS on Nexus 4 video23:20
artemmavirtapoika: nope, hardware is not my thing23:20
artemmaWh1tebird: welcome23:21
Wh1tebirdInterested in the system, I like the gesture based navigation23:21
virtapoikaI think we ALL love it23:21
Wh1tebirdhaha, true, otherwise you wouldn't be here23:21
*** fengshaun has joined #sailfishos23:21
Wh1tebirdI assume there isn't an installable candidate of that rom?23:22
Wh1tebirdfor the nexus 423:22
fengshaunwhere can I find sailfish os's source code?23:22
artemmaWh1tebird: no official place. You should be able to google it though. And I dont think instructions are real easy yet23:23
artemmafengshaun: sailfish os is closed23:23
Wh1tebirdNo problem i'm familiar with getting my hands dirty on flashing23:23
fengshaunwell, ouch23:23
artemmafengshaun: large parts of Sailfish are open, but not all of it23:23
fengshaunwhat parts are closed?23:24
Raimfengshaun: it is largely based on Mer and Nemo, which are both open source. only the UI is not open.23:24
*** AlmAck has quit IRC23:24
artemmafengshaun: if you are into 100% open, #nemomobile is your friend. That is basically Jolla without sailfishos apps and gestures23:24
fengshaunso, just the sailfishos apps and gestures are closed?23:25
Wh1tebirdBSD license i see23:25
virtapoikaDoes someone know how much power Jollas i2c pins can give?23:25
artemmafengshaun: I am not and expert. To my understanding gestures and most apps are closed. But there are still holes. E.g. ui controls and web browser are open23:26
artemmanot an* expert23:26
fengshaunhmmm ok thanks, I was under the impression that it was fully open23:27
*** raven24 is now known as raven24^{off}23:27
artemmabut yeah, in general Sailfish OS is just nemomobile + silica controls (open) + custom apps (one of which are open) + device specific optimizations possibly23:27
artemmaactually more than one is open. Main app launcher is also open source23:28
virtapoikaI read from the copyrights in Jollas settings that you can ask for the source code but you have to snailmail about it23:28
artemmavirtapoika: not for apps23:28
Wh1tebirdCan't find the unofficial download though, I'm going to wait for a more stable release i think23:28
fengshaunI just don't want to go the sailfish os route and find it slowly close down like android did23:29
Wh1tebirdHow do you mean like android did?23:29
Raimvirtapoika: that is a legal obligation of the license and you only need to go that way if you really want to get the exact source that was used to build this release.23:29
fengshaunwell, google is slowly closing all of their apps (with google play and APIs)23:29
Raimvirtapoika: otherwise you find the source in Nemo/Mer repositories as far as I understand it.23:30
fengshaunthere are AOSP versions, but they are abandoned23:30
artemmafengshaun: I believe there are public explanations of Jolla's point of view. Something along that they do want to keep advantage against single-click copying by other companies23:30
artemmafengshaun: it may happen, but Jolla depends real-real heavily on fully open source project, while Android is 100% done inside google23:30
virtapoikafengshaun: Yeah, Google has totally lost its mind with the "open source"23:31
artemmaso these open source projects (nemo and mer) may stop supporting jolla at any point s they start being pissed off23:31
artemmasure Jolla can fork, but that's way different costs23:31
fengshaunartemma: that's a relief23:31
fengshaunvirtapoika: they sure did23:32
Kennybtw, will sailfish be available on tablets as well, like tomorrow or whenever it gets released for android devices?23:40
* artemma doubts that Sailfish OS UI makes a lot of sense on large screens23:41
* artemma knows that people were trying it though, technically it;s possible even if with some UI glitches23:41
Kennywas just thinking it could help breathe some life into my crappy, slow android tablet23:42
*** rashm2k has quit IRC23:43
virtapoikaBelive me you'll see it  booting in SailfishOS someday ;)23:47
virtapoikabtw does SailfishOS/Jolla support qt mobility library?23:51
*** fengshaun has left #sailfishos23:51
*** phaeron has quit IRC23:51
virtapoikaI've read something about that it doesn't23:51
artemmavirtapoika: QtMobility is deprecated in general since Nokia times. Most of its functionality is moved to the other modules. Something I think is completely lost23:52
*** wickwire has quit IRC23:53
*** Kenny has quit IRC23:55

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