Thursday, 2014-02-27

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artemmaTrying log4Qt with Sailfish. First trials seem to be positive (properties, file output and some other stuff are yet to be tried), but library size.. several megs to add to your project00:16
artemmajust sharing00:16
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unheedinganyone have any news on the Nexus 5 port?00:58
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sledgesunheeding: stay tuned01:12
unheedingsledges: will do ;)01:12
sledgesgood :)01:12
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m4g0gwhat do you think about 6 menus in context menu in SilicaListView?07:50
Accem4g0g: quite much, but if it fits nicely to the screen, should be okay07:53
Armadilloin the guidelines the absolute maximum is 407:53
AcceI thought that was for pulley menus07:54
Armadillothe recommended maximum the mention is 307:54
Armadilloforget my lines07:54
* Armadillo is getting coffee07:54
Accewell, I think the lines could be applied here too.. less is more07:55
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Accethe fewer options, the easier it is to click the one you want to click and remember it's position07:55
m4g0gand what I should do?07:55
m4g0gcreate one more page with actions ?07:56
m4g0gi don't thinsk that is't good07:56
Accehow about opening a page which is the context menu?07:57
Armadillomaybe you can combine several functionalities07:57
Accedo the other items have to be visible07:57
Armadillofor example slide out a docked panel by a context menu, where the user has more options07:57
Armadillolike it is done in the mail client for example07:57
m4g0gI have list of urls. ANd now there are 3 actions in menu (mark as read/unread, mark as favorite/unfavorite, remove). Users want to have more 3 actions: copy to clipboard, open in external browser and share07:58
m4g0gon click I open embeded webview and load this url. May be I should open page by clicj where is will be checkboxes and buttons for all actions? But This is durty way, imho07:59
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Accem4g0g: yes, I would say opening a page with the actions is better than too long context menu08:00
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Accewhy do you think that way is not good, btw?08:01
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Acceit might not work out, but you'll know it when you can test it08:02
m4g0gI add context menu with Detail info menu which will be open this page08:02
Acceso maybe write a simpler test listview and test menu08:02
Armadilloyou could also add a "more..." context menu item, which opens a page for the new actions the users want to have08:02
Acceand try how it feels08:02
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Acceanother options would be putting some options to a pulley menu in the webview page08:04
Nichopem4g0g: maybe you could add a kind of icon (like a star) to the items of the list to favorite/unfavorite, and a tick for read/unread, so the context menu would have only 4 options08:05
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Nichopeidk if that would fit in the list, thought08:05
Accejust my personal opinion, but marking read / unread would be good there, maybe favoriting even. opening in external browser fits there nicely too, copying and sharing are something I want to do quickly, so they would be nice in the listview contextmenu08:05
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Armadilloread/unread could be done via a Textswitch08:06
Armadillothe favorite thing could be solved with an image of a star behind the textswitch08:07
AcceNichope: that idea is nice, immeadiate feedback whether it's already favourite / read or not too08:07
Armadilloboth clickable to get those options out of the context menu08:07
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Nichopeyeah, that's what it thougt. Because without them you could know wether it's read or not (by highlighting the text) but no way to know wether it's favourite or not08:11
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Nichopewell, in fact as they are your favs, I don't think that you will forget them, but anyway :P It's more a kind of extra feature with the icon actions08:14
cos-i'm afraid my jolla is breaking down. it started rebooting itself randomly yesterday and is having connection issues almost alwats.08:15
pp_tried the battery away for 10 mins trick?08:15
cos-nope.. should it work?08:16
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pp_it seems to be an official fix for poweroffs (until next release) and it seems to have helped for me08:16
pp_so worth a try08:16
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Nichopeyup. That bugs happened to some people since
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Nicd-the 10 minute thing fixes my phone for a few days08:17
Nicd-so I have to do it every 2-3 days08:18
cos-i'm going to france and i'm afraid of the "something's wrong with connection" bug08:18
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pp_exact technical reason would be nice to know :-)08:18
pp_(suppose some battery calibration thing)08:18
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cos-i also think that the power button on my device is starting to fail. in some situations it seems to get stuck in the bottom and shutting down the phone08:21
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SeiloriGood morning! First time here while testing irc for sailfish. :) Question: Distances in maps are presented in Miles. Can I get them in Kilometres while having English as system language? Thanks!08:40
Juuba(i mean, i have the same issue) :)08:40
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pp_good old lack of "International English" in Linux :P08:44
SeiloriThanks Raim :)08:46
tj______en_DK.UTF-8 rules08:47
ln-i've been wondering why does en_DK exist in the first place, e.g. in Debian.08:47
tj______it's a hack08:48
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pp_because they refuse to implement/standardize something proper :-)08:48
Juubawhoa, cheers! thanks for the locale-setting tip!08:48
pp_hmn, looks like sailfish doesn't ship it either08:49
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Sp4rd34Does anybody know how I can make onLinkActivated work properly in TextArea ?09:16
Sp4rd34It works, but I cannot use "link" parameter09:18
Sp4rd34I don't know how to acces url of clicked link09:19
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mvdanHello, is anyone at MWC?09:27
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Sp4rd34or maybe I can use TextArea from QtQuick, not from Silica?09:34
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roborodoes anyone know how to get an SVG file to render in QML?09:56
roboroI have read but I'm not quite sure how to implement this properly09:57
YanielI have used svg files directly as the source for Images09:58
roboroI tried that... but I just get: QML Image: Cannot open: file:///tmp/tmprys9v6.svg09:59
roboropermissions on the file are fine09:59
roboroand I can open the svg on a linux box with no problem09:59
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m4g0gArmadillo:  Acce  Nichope so, you think that I should add read/unread and favorite/unfavorite icon to list view delegate directly and remove, share, open in external - ot context menu?10:04
ArmadilloI would do it like that, yes10:06
roborommm Yaniel... the qml documentation says that image should handle svg... so you're right...10:06
roboroI don't know why this is failing10:06
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stephgI know absolutely nothing, but I know that not all SVGs seem to be equal10:07
stephgdoes it render something else if you put it there, png etc.?10:07
roborommmm good question... I'll need to change out some code to pop a png in there10:08
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Armadillom4g0g can you give me a code example how you solved the covered cover actions issue on your app? I'm not really satisfied with my solution :-/10:17
m4g0g- Armadillo10:18
Accem4g0g: yes, that sounds reasonable to me10:18
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Armadillodirectly settings the height to the delegate really works?10:19
Armadillocrazy :D10:19
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ArmadilloI thought I already tried this10:20
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roborostephg: yep... png renders fine10:20
Armadillobut you set a hard height to the ListView10:20
stephgtry a different svg?10:20
m4g0gArmadillo: yep. For 8 lines of items10:21
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Yanielor svg support is disabled because svg rasterization would be too slow10:21
roboroYaniel: how can I check that?10:21
w00tif SVGs aren't working, suspect #1 would be that the SVG image format plugin is either not installed or not available10:21
stephgmay be a red herring but I know I've seen plenty of times svg produced in software A not rendering/incorrectly rendering in software b10:21
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roborow00t: ah... just search for the plugin and it wasn't installed10:23
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roboromeh... installed and it still doesn't work... do I have to import something to get the plugin to work?10:24
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roborommmm time to do some code debugging10:28
ArmadilloI'm surprised that there's no documentation how all those system applications use the smal notification bar at the top10:31
ArmadilloI already tried to find, how this can be used through QML, but it's not easy to find on the tons of code in /usr/share10:32
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ChimChimHows it going here?:D10:50
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* roboro is stupid... typo in my code was naming svg's slightly differently to what I expected :D:D:D11:02
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roboroSVGs loading beautifully now11:02
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roborothanks for your help everyone11:03
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Yanielfilename..svg? :D11:03
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roborodamn incrementor11:04
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suyArmadillo: you mean how apps display the bar at the top, even when not focused?11:11
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suyIf you mean that, I think that's a d-bus API, and it was standard, even among desktops.11:14
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condo43hello all, since few days, I can't deploy anything with SDK, I reinstalled it, but allways the same problem... If I tried to generate RPM, rpm command fail, If I want to deploy to Emulator deploy --rsync fail...11:15
kaltsicondo43: linux/mac/win?11:16
condo43I have no good traces on qt-creator console... how can I know exactly what command Qt-creator run, and how run the same mayself to debug this issue ?11:16
kaltsicondo43: try this, exit from qt creator now and then rm -rf ~/.config/SailfishAlpha311:17
kaltsithen start qt creator again and try11:17
condo43when I re-installed it, I delete this folder... I retry it....11:17
sjtoikand ensure, that you are running the qt-creator located in the directory SailfishOS/bin/11:18
kaltsioh.. ok, can you paste the compilation output where rpm or deploy fails to for example ?11:18
condo43yes, this is the case ...11:19
condo43I run it with the in the SDK11:19
kaltsicondo43: hmm try without sh11:19
kaltsishould not make a difference though.. but if it worked for you before, then it should be possible to get it working again11:20
condo43no, same problem11:20
kaltsiok can you pastebin the compile output?11:21
condo43I'm in french... if you want I can set local to english...11:21
kaltsiFatal: Too many spec files - please use -s to identify which to use11:22
kaltsithat's the problem.. check your project's rpm directory.. there are more than one spec file there11:22
kaltsiyou have probably renamed your application recently11:22
kaltsithis only works if it sees one spec file in the rpm directory11:23
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*** javispedro has joined #sailfishos11:23
condo43hooo yes, I still have the old spec file... I didn't see it ;-)11:24
kaltsiok :)11:24
kaltsiyw.. now off to lunch11:24
Armadillosuy I meant the notifications for example for low battery, usb and wifi connection status changes11:25
m4g0ghow to access to clipboard from qml?11:25
suym4g0g: Clipboard object11:26
suyArmadillo: give a try to org.freedesktop.Notifications then11:26
ArmadilloI'll do, thanks :)11:27
stemidis it not yet possible to show the sd card from the jolla in macintosh os?11:27
stemidbecause mine does not show up, even with data connection selected in usb11:27
stemidit's formatted with vfat and it works for media11:27
stephgstemid, no11:27
stephgnot yet11:27
stemidok thanks11:27
stephgit's not exported by MTP yet11:28
stephghopefully will be in the future11:28
stemidfine, as long as I know it's a feature I need to wait for11:28
stephgyour options are sshfs or rsync over ssh to the jolla11:28
stephgor taking the card out and putting it in a card reader11:28
stemidright, I could access it over ssh.11:28
*** mk2soldier has quit IRC11:29
stemidunfortunately this is at work and our 802.1x cert does not work yet either. but once it does, I'll be able to access ssh.11:29
stephgand the usbnetworking11:29
stemidoic, thanks I'll try that11:29
*** xchatterme has quit IRC11:32
Armadillosuy is there a difference between the notifications which are shown on the notification area of Sailfish and those who are displayed at the top of the screen independent what is focused? I would also appreciate a solution which only works if my application is focused, that would also fit me needs.11:36
suyArmadillo: mm, I don't know, I actually haven't even tried that. I just know that lots of stuff use d-bus to do actions or display things, because it's separate processes and stuff. And as such, I usually browse what dbus services are available (I even wrote a dbus viewer :P), and I saw that org.freedesktop.Notifications is there.11:40
suySeems like the logical place to display notifications when your application is not focused, though.11:41
*** djselbeck has quit IRC11:41
ArmadilloI think so too, but I'm not sure, if it's a bit overpowered to display a error notification which happened within the process of my app via dbus11:42
ArmadilloI'm wondering how other developers deal with in app notifications11:43
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condo43I have another problem, I renamed my application to be harbour compliant (from CarBudget to harbour-carbudget), in order to keep upgrade compatible, I added in spec CarBudget = %{version} and CarBudget < %{version}, but, if I send the new RPM to openrepos, the update is not see by warehouse11:45
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condo43I need to rename manually the RPM generated with the old name ?11:46
*** mornfall has joined #sailfishos11:47
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Nicd-how do I send a signal from QML page B to QML page A?11:54
Nicd-where B is a dialog which was opened from A11:54
*** Klarre_ has joined #sailfishos11:57
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Armadillosuy this works great for me:
Armadillothanks for your help :)12:00
ArmadilloI hope this is accepted at harbour :-/12:00
*** m4g0g has joined #sailfishos12:01
m4g0gWhere I should place changelog?12:03
ArmadilloI have it in the README.md12:03
m4g0gI am new in rpm and packaging12:03
*** triggerhappy has joined #sailfishos12:03
m4g0gI haven't readme too, lol12:03
*** artemma has quit IRC12:04
Armadillothe best way would be a seperate CHANGELOG file I think12:04
condo43What is the good way to rename an application on OpenRepo ? I need to rename from MyApps to harbour-myapps and if I put the new RPM with new name on OpenRepo, warehouse seem to not see the new verison12:04
*** artemma has joined #sailfishos12:04
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*** Sailor5543_ has joined #sailfishos12:14
Armadillocondo43 maybe this helps:
*** roric has quit IRC12:16
condo43hum... I do all this... I think my problem is I bump only release number, and not version number, I will try to bump version number12:16
m4g0gwhat do you use for notifications in your apps?12:17
ArmadilloI just tested this one:
Armadilloand it works fine12:18
Armadillobut maybe this will not be accepted by harbour12:18
*** Venemo_j_ has joined #sailfishos12:19
*** Venemo_j_ is now known as Venemo_j12:20
Armadillowe just discussed notifications some minutes ago12:20
ArmadilloERROR [/usr/share/harbour-tasklist/qml/pages/TaskPage.qml] Import 'org.nemomobile.notifications 1.0' is not allowed12:21
Armadillogot this from RPM validator12:21
Armadilloso this is no solution :(12:21
m4g0gthere is no InfoBanner as in harmattan12:22
Armadillowhen I searched the system app's qml files I found some DBus Objects which are used in many applications12:23
Armadilloso this will be my next try12:23
m4g0gArmadillo:, use this, Luke =)12:25
ArmadilloI want to avoid to code my own notifications12:26
juke_and so should everyone imo12:26
ArmadilloI want to use a standardized system API for notifications12:27
*** juhe has left #sailfishos12:27
ArmadilloI also found many projects implementing their own notifications, but all of them were different12:28
Armadillothis is not the experience I want to give the user with my app12:28
Armadillobut as there are notifications from the system apps, there has to be a way to user them which is not documented yet12:28
ArmadilloI hope that the next big thing is a better dev documentation :-/12:29
Acce> has import org.nemomobile.notifications 1.0 and is in Jolla store12:31
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ArmadilloAcce thanks, I'll give it a try, when my current update has been released13:05
*** condo43 has quit IRC13:06
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*** jjarven has joined #sailfishos13:21
*** roric has joined #sailfishos13:22
m4g0gwhat is rpm check and how I can use it?13:24
*** BeholdMyGlory has joined #sailfishos13:25
kaltsim4g0g: what do you mean?13:27
Armadillogo to SailfishOS in QT Creator13:27
Armadilloat "Harbour Tools" you can validate your rpm13:28
*** flotron has quit IRC13:29
*** flotron has joined #sailfishos13:30
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m4g0gArmadillo: thx. Verification passed =)13:51
ArmadilloI already added a new version with the notifications, hope it will also pass :)13:52
*** amizraa has joined #sailfishos13:52
m4g0gArmadillo: with what notification? nemomobil?13:53
*** fracting has joined #sailfishos13:54
m4g0gI will test it later13:54
Armadillooh, I thought you were talking about this :)13:55
*** wickwire has quit IRC13:55
*** m4g0g has quit IRC13:55
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*** kuadrosx has joined #sailfishos16:07
kempeis it possible to have both click action and menu on items in a SilicaListView? Cant seem to get it to work16:08
ZuccaI have a Nexus 7, the older one. KitKat is really lame and is constantly asking me to allow it to track me more. So... basically I'm full of that sh*t. Can someone point me to Sailfish installion guide for Nexus 7? If one exist...16:10
*** Seilori has quit IRC16:10
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Accekempe: yes it's possible16:28
*** Turski has joined #sailfishos16:28
Accedid you get it working yet?16:28
*** bnvk has quit IRC16:33
*** bnvk has joined #sailfishos16:34
m4g0gdevelopers! I want to add share button to my app. How I can call share menu? And I want to add plugin fot browser or add aplication to list of account with what url can be shared. WHat I should read?16:35
*** eppe has quit IRC16:37
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kempeAcce,  yeah my mistake i was using a mousearea, but i didnt really need it i just needed onClick16:38
*** reviewjolla_ has joined #sailfishos16:40
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Accem4g0g: this might be of interest:
*** Fryella has quit IRC16:42
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Accem4g0g: also (or moreover)
*** ahjolinna_on_jol has joined #sailfishos16:44
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m4g0gbut How I can call share menu from my app?17:02
*** jjanvier has quit IRC17:03
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Accem4g0g: sorry, no idea.. looking at the gallery qml files might give you a hint17:08
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Carmen28 Here some videos. I hope you like them!
decibyteI've managed to compile and run squeezelite on my Jolla without any errors. Playback seems to be working, but i get no sound. Do I need to do anything special to allow an application run from the terminal to play audio?
*** Carmen28 has quit IRC18:05
AoyagiCan't you make a filter that kicks everyone who is "<female name>??"?18:05
*** simbrown has quit IRC18:07
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TurskiAoyagi: +r would be good18:20
*** plfiorini has quit IRC18:21
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elcidiihi everybody18:29
*** stephg has quit IRC18:30
*** reviewjolla_ has joined #sailfishos18:30
elcidiicould someone tell about this new update that people are talking about?18:31
slateelcidii: ?18:32
*** reviewjolla has quit IRC18:33
elcidiiI'll check it18:33
*** onurati has joined #sailfishos18:36
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elcidiijust in the beginning of March18:39
*** reviewjolla_ has quit IRC18:39
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IRC2312hi, can someobe tell me what is the use of the first desktop screen when i unlock the device?18:46
*** AlmAck has joined #sailfishos18:49
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cakethefuseIRC2312 it's the multitasking place18:53
*** reviewjolla has quit IRC18:54
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IRC2312cakethefuse: no, i mean the one with the wallpaper19:09
cakethefuseIRC2312 its the lockscreen19:09
IRC2312i think that it is more or less useless19:09
cos-ok, looks like my jolla is totally breaking up19:10
cos-it's rebooting randomly very often, sometimes in middle of a call19:10
cos-and i can confirm that removing battery for 10 mins does not help19:10
IRC2312cakethefuse: after unlocking i dont need it as it does not contain any informations, right?19:11
*** arcean has joined #sailfishos19:11
IRC2312cakethefuse: unlocking to the multitasking screen would do the job too19:12
*** cybrNaut has quit IRC19:12
*** antoniolatiano has joined #sailfishos19:14
IRC2312cakethefuse: the shortcuts for settings, phone and so on could be added above the clock19:14
cos-has it been confirmed that the shutdowns are really a software bug? it sounds strange to me, as my jolla worked fine until about a week ago19:14
IRC2312cakethefuse: dropping the lockscreen would make the ui much slicker19:16
AcceIRC2312: there has been lot of talk about it in tjc19:17
*** master_of_master has joined #sailfishos19:18
cakethefuseIRC2312: I kinda like the lockscreen.19:18
AcceI like it too, it shows the stuff I look most often at; clock, and has phone calls / messages come19:19
Accebut, there is always room for improvement / customizability19:19
IRC2312Acce: You are right, there are some threads on tjc, maybe we will see some apps using this lockscreen19:21
*** KangOl has quit IRC19:21
*** bnvk has joined #sailfishos19:21
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IRC2312Acce: for the moment its just enjoying my wallpaper19:21
*** Eismann has joined #sailfishos19:23
Acceyep :)19:23
*** antoniolatiano has quit IRC19:27
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skvarkif I set a DialogHeader to my dialog I get this error: file:///usr/lib/qt5/qml/Sailfish/Silica/DialogHeader.qml:88: TypeError: Cannot read property 'width' of null19:58
skvarkany help?19:58
*** b0bben has quit IRC19:59
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos19:59
*** clau has joined #sailfishos19:59
*** clau has joined #sailfishos19:59
Armadillowhat's your code?20:00
*** spiiroin has quit IRC20:00
Acceskvark: I get that error too, but it doesn't do anything critical20:00
*** eppe has joined #sailfishos20:00
skvarkAcce: ok20:01
AcceI'm assuming it's a bug in DialogHeader, but haven't noticed anything wrong with the actual functionality20:01
skvarkArmadillo: this is not the latest but if I put the DialogHeader in the Column in that code it gives that error20:02
nightmare__put it into the Dialog{}20:03
nightmare__that code works for me:20:03
nightmare__Dialog {         id: diaSettings         anchors.fill: parent         canAccept: true         DialogHeader {             acceptText: bSave.checked ? "Set as Default" : "Apply"         }20:03
*** cakethefuse has quit IRC20:04
Accenightmare__: if it's direct child to Dialog, clicking on the accept navigation indicator doesn't work, or does it?20:05
*** Custodian has quit IRC20:06
AcceI had some problems until I put the DialogHeader into the same column with my other content20:06
nightmare__it does20:06
skvarkwell it doesn't seem to work in the dialog either20:06
skvarkI mean it works but gives always that error20:06
Acceskvark: just ignore the error, since the functionality works20:07
nightmare__i only noticed that error when i was assigning a " " or "" to header text20:07
skvarkI'm not good at ignoring errors :D20:07
*** jpnurmi has quit IRC20:07
*** wickwire has quit IRC20:08
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*** jpnurmi has joined #sailfishos20:08
nightmare__btw a header text as child of Dioalog{} can be a really ugly language mess up, if your apps lang is not your phones lang20:10
skvarkyeah I'm fixing that atm :)20:10
*** rashm2k has joined #sailfishos20:12
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walokraare you all getting the width error with dialogheader?20:30
Accewalokra: I am, and apparently others too20:32
walokrasame here20:32
*** piggz__ has quit IRC20:32
artemmaEvery second time I try to install package from Qt Creator, it fails with Fatal error: Failed to cache rpm database (1).20:33
artemmaand app store also installs not every time - possibly same problem20:33
artemmaany idea what it could be why?20:33
*** Fryella has joined #sailfishos20:34
Acceartemma: sorry, completely different thing, but could you write or point me to a tutorial which explains test-driven development in qt? I got interested in it recently and with your presentation20:35
artemmaAcce: QML-specific one - I think my old-old ppts are still the best start (maybe there are better ones, I just don't know) -
Acceartemma: Thanks!20:37
*** b0bben has quit IRC20:38
artemmaas for c++ side, I am still looking for Qt-fine unit-testing framework that doesn't suck and doesn't need hell a lot of code (QtTest is okayish as a test framework, but I failed to find a well working mock library for it)20:38
*** b0bben has joined #sailfishos20:38
artemmamy projects are 90-95% QML usually, so I just suffer with cpp part20:38
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M4rtinKif anybody is looking for an offline routing engine20:48
*** Sir_herrbatka has quit IRC20:48
M4rtinKI've just built routino for Sailfish OS20:48
M4rtinKit installs fine on the Jolla and both routing data generation and routing itself seem to work fine :)20:49
artemmaI set QMAKE_RPATHDIR . In one project it works always, in another one it has to be in a specific part of the .pro file (!) in current one it has no effect at all. WTF? What's so specific about its location in .pro?20:49
artemmasorry, seems to be my own fault, files are not deployed20:51
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M4rtinKrunning on Jolla, it processed a 359 MB OpenStreetMap data file (the whole Czech Republic) into 115 MB of routing data in 23 minutes21:02
M4rtinKnot bad :)21:03
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M4rtinKand even the routing speed is super fast, nice! :)21:09
M4rtinK(at least for 200-300 km stretches)21:09
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* kimmoli makes note to self : xxd is in vim-common21:22
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Agatha25 Hi! I give you some videos. I hope you like!
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nightmare__is it possible to check in qml if my app is minimized to multitasking area or shown in fullscreen?22:26
*** artemma has quit IRC22:33
Turskinightmare__: i think ApplicationWindow.applicationActive provides that information22:34
Turskiit just seems to miss any documentation:
nightmare__i'll try :D22:35
Turskinightmare__: ah,
TurskiQt.application.active22:36  works as expected, thx, is true while in fullscreen & peaking and false while minimized22:38
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Isabella18 You can find funny videos here.
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sledgesZucca yes, stay tuned23:01
sledges#sooned :)23:01
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